I get asked a lot of questions about mature skin. How do I know if my skin is mature? From what age is skin considered mature? What typical traits does mature skin have? When do I begin treating it?

From around 35 years, skin is considered mature. However, skin ageing is really dependent on each person’s history and genetics. I’m 45 years old, but I don’t have any deep wrinkles thanks to genetics. One has to take into account things like how much sun exposure you’ve had, lifestyle, emotions and environment. As we age, our face and skin reflects our lifestyle choices.

As we grow older, collagen synthesis slows, resulting in visibly slackened skin. Cell turnover slows down, and this can result in the skin looking dull and lackluster. Mature skin is also typically drier thanks to the reduction of the vascularization and sweat and sebum secretions. Conditions like pigmentation and age spots also become more prominent.

Below are some typical signs of mature skin:

Lack of Luminosity

Dry or dehydrated skin

Lack of tone & firmness

Deep Wrinkles

Enlarged pores

Hyper pigmentation & age posts

A month back I was sent the DENSITIUM range with French skincare brand, SVR to try out – a range dedicated to mature skin. The range  is dedicated to re-densifying and firming mature skin.

The range contains Ultra-fragmented Hyaluronic Acid that plumps wrinkles and increases skin density.

How does it work in the skin?

It works to re-densify the dermis and also acts deep within the skin’s connective tissues. Hyaluronic Acid (HA), for those who don’t know, is a naturally occurring substance in our skin that helps keep it hydrated and plum. As we get older, our natural production of HA slows down, so we need to choose products that contain this ingredient. The HA molecule holds a thousand times its weight in water to not only retain all that moisture in the skin, but also prevent it from evaporating into the air.

Also contained in the range is Bio-calcium.

How does it work in the skin?

It re-enforces the skin barrier, combats skin slackening and re-densifies the epidermis. It works by reinforcing support tissue, almost acting like a scaffolding.

I tried 4 products from the range:

DENSITIUM CRÈME (R330 for 50ml)

This is a lovely, rich and hydrating moisturising cream that firms and strengthens the skin. It can be used day or evening. The formulation doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily, but rather nourished and cared for. It also works well as a makeup base, and, I’m convinced, is partly responsible for my skin’s lovely glow.


This ultra nourishing crème has the same  forming & strengthening actions as the DENSITIUM CRÈME above, but is even more nourishing, making it a great option for those with very dry or dehydrated skin. It can be used both day and evening as it does not contain an SPF.


This eye contour cream helps reduce slackening of the eyelids, reduces wrinkles and works to eliminate under eye puffiness and dark circles. It has a lovely velvety texture that’s not sticky and is suitable for even sensitive eyes. You apply it daily to the eye contour, smoothing in a circular motion.

DENSITIUM BI-SERUM (R900 for 30ml)

This serum contains a dual formula made up of an aqua-gel and oil. It boasts a very high level of active ingredients – 45%, and is especially formulated for the face and neck area to tackle sagging skin, wrinkles, dryness and a double chin. Immediately after application, the smoothing effect is noticeable and the skin feels a lot more supple.

I’ve only been using this serum for a month, but, with prolonged use, it claims to lift the contours of the cheekbones, reduce the look of a double chin as well as re-densify the skin & smooth out wrinkles.

It really is a lovely formula and one I’m enjoying using. It certainly has help with hydration and radiance, thanks to it’s four lipid-replenishing oils that quickly work on the skin’s surface.

Laboratorie SVR is a visionary French pharmacy brand that was established in 1962 with a single aim in mind – to create beautiful skin. SVR products are renowned for their effectiveness and tolerance. SVR is 100% free from allergens and parabens and the brand is cruelty free.

To learn more about Laboratorie SVR and get regular updates on specials and new product launches, follow the brand on Facebook HERE

The SVR DENSITIUM range is available at Clicks stores nationwide as well as at select Salons, Doctors and online. For a full list of stockists, visit www.labo-svr.co.za or call 012 548 0725

Win a SVR DENSITIUM hamper valued at R1980

I have one SVR DENSITIUM hamper up for grabs containing all 4 products.

To stand a chance of winning this hamper, leave a comment below this blog post in the comments section telling me:

  1. Your age
  2. What your most pressing skin care concern is

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*This blog post is sponsored by Laboratory SVR*


I am worried about my skin aging, fine wrinkles around the eye area and dark circles under my eyes. I am now 37 and I try my best to ward off wrinkles.

I’m 28,turning 29 in December. My main skin concerns are premature aging. Growing up, my mom never taught me anything about skincare. So when i was in high school i had terrible skin conditions. I didn’t use a proper face wash or cream and never used SPF. Today the results of that are clear and now I’m struggling with premature aged skin. I’ve been on a good skincare routine for 2 years now, but still not happy with my skin. So i am very curious to see how this would work.

I am 40 years old. My skin concern is fine lines and wrinkles. Would luv to try these amazing products.

Im 23 suffering with enlarged pores and dehydrated skin
Awesome competition I would really love to win this

Im 23 suffering with enlarged pores and dehydrated skin

I am 37. My biggest skin concerns are ageing, pigmentation and fine wrinkles and dark rings under my eyes …

Im 28 and my concern is skin aging and wrinkles around my eyes ☺️

I am 41 and suffering with very dry and sensitive skin, fine lines and are very worried about the start of wrinkles around my eye area.

I am 44. I have a dull, dry & dehydrated skin. I have always tried to make good lifestyle choices & use good products on my skin but I definitely have started to see deeper lines & saggy skin. My neck area bothers me the most.

I’m 32 and wrinkles and sun damage are my main concern… I used to fry myself in the sun with baby oil when I was a teen #regretmuch

I’m 53 years of age. My skin concern is that I have dry skin. Age is showing by the wrinkles around my eyes.

I am 41 and my skin care concern is the fine lines around my eyes and mouth area. My skin is also becoming unusually dry and this gives my skin a dull appearance.

I am 38 and my biggest concerns are pigmentation, fine lines around my eyes , enlarged pores , dehydrated skin and so much more.

I am 29 years old and my skin is always dry, I have tried different products but nothing is helping

I’m 40 years old and my main skin concerns are dry skin and fine lines. I would Love to receive this hamper to spoil my skin

Lack of firmness! Sagging skin is a problem for me and it is all going downwards quickly. I have never heard of this range and would love to try it. I am 50 years old.

I’m 50 years old and have a very dry dehydrated skin and puffiness under my eyes.

I am 36, and my biggest concern is fine lines and wrinkles. Lagplooitjies is niks om oor te lag nie 🙂

I am 46 and starting to notice deep lines appearing. Would love to try minimize more.

newly 40, fine lines and spots

I am 25 years old. My skin concerns are pigmentation, scars, ENLARGED PORES, and pitted ugly looking skin.

47, always concerned about when the fine lines are going to appear!!!

I am 42 years old. My most pressing skin concern is dull skin with lack of firmness. Also have issues with fine lines, pores and the occasional bout of redness/spots

I’m 55 years old and whilst I’m happy with my skin texture and smoothness I have always suffered from a dry skin and more recently sun spots. I look after my skin and would rather spend money on skin products than lots of make-up. It has started to pay off.

I’ve just turned 40 … and my skin is very dehydrated!

I’m 65,most pressing skin problem is laxity in the jowls,

I’m 42 and concerned about dry areas of skin and wrinkles and dark circles around my eyes.

I am 64 years young!😉
I have fine lines & suffer from very dry skin especially in winter. Need to feed & re plump my skin. This product sounds like the answer.

I am 69
Lack lustre dehydrated skin with puffy eyes and deep wrinkles!!

I am a whole 48 *;-)
My main concern is enlarged pores, the start of fine lines around my eye area and generally dull looking skin. I can’t seem to find the correct balance. What a lovely prize! x

46. Hormonal break outs, fine lines and age marks

Hi Im 42 and Im struggling not only with wrinkles around the mouth area but pigmention and dry skin, nothing seems to help

I am 41 and am worried about my crows feet and frown lines. My son’s Matric Dance is in September and would love to look more radiant and frown free in the photo’s.

41, my main concern is maintaining the elasticity in my skin.

Hello, hope you’re doing good! Thanks for the info! I’m 30, my skin has been a problem for me for ages, it’s not too bad but it’s never been great you know? I’ve had some deep wrinkles for a while now, that’s my biggest concern. I’m looking for a great product…. these seem amazing I must say! Keep well💕

I am 45 and i really don’t enjoy the crinkles around my eyes.

I’m nearly 36 and my concern is combination skin that’s losing firmness and fullness, and fine lines around my eyes.

Have just turned 49 and am launching a battle against the sun spots, I refuse to call them age spots just yet! Wrinkles are not really an issue yet, thanks purely to genetics not the haphazard skin care of my youth…

Skin concerns: discoloring

I am 49. My biggest concern is dry skin and lately red patchy cheeks 🙁

I am 31 (almost 32 years old). My greatest skin concern – at this stage of my life – is that’s it’s dry and dehydrated. I try to drink plenty of water every day but alas I can’t seem to escape the dryness. Given my age, I’m going to assume that it’s a genetic ‘flaw’. Really hoping this SVR range can assist with the dryness.

I turned 40 in Feb. My skin is awful and embarrassing🙈 my main skin concerns are dehydrated skin, a Lack of tone & firmness,Deep Wrinkles on my forehead which is annoying, Enlarged pores, Hyper pigmentation & age posts. I have combination skin. Really oily TZone. This would be amazing to try💜

I am 63 years old. Wrinkles especially around my eyes and dry skin is my major concern.

61 yrs and lack of tone and firmness are my biggest concern.

Lack of elasticity, fine lines, mouth lines and dehydration

40 years old
Fine lines and uneven skin tone

I really, really, really need this. I’m 37.5 years. And I struggle with hyper pigmentation and dark age spots. Laboratoire SVR Densitium Skin care will change my life completely with self confidence.
#MatureSkincare #SkinCareOver40 #SVRDensitium #SVRSouthAfrica #FrenchSkincare #Sponsored

37 years
hyper pigmentation and age spots

#MatureSkincare #SkinCareOver40 #SVRDensitium #SVRSouthAfrica #FrenchSkincare #Sponsored

45 years old. I have a definite loss of tone.

I’m 56 and my main concern is pigmentation. Struggling for years. What an awesome giveaway.

41 years old
Uneven skin tone and fine lines around my eyes

Hi my name is Onah Pennel I am 77 years old and have always looked after my skin I moved to Pretoria from Durban in Dec after my husband died The weather here is playing havoc with my skin Suddenly new wrinkles are appearing and my skin is dry and very sensitive I think this range will be the answer to all my skin problems

I would love this for my mom – she is 72 years old. Would be great for wrinkles and firming sagging skin – love the hydration too

I am almost 32 and very dry skin it feels leathery , also I am worried about wrinkling of skin.
My gogo had wrinkles from 40 yrs old and I am worried I could be like her skin.

I am 39. My skin is slowly but surely starting to mature with hyper pigmentation being my main concern.

I am 71 so I really need these products!
Concerns are wrinkles, dry skin & age spots !

Dryness, fine lines around my lips and eyes and pigmentation: 53.

I am approaching 35 and am very active. Being in the sun, coupled with being on a contraceptive, I’m worried I’m pigmenting and my collagen production is slowing 😿I want to protect myself and invest in good products that are also accessible xx

1. 50
2. All of these: Lack of Luminosity, Dry and dehydrated skin, Lack of tone & firmness, wrinkles, Enlarged pores, Hyper pigmentation & age posts

Hi Candice! I’m experiencing a lot of dryness, particularly at night and I’m only 25. But I’m told it’s never to early to start taking care of your skin! I’m not sure if the dryness is as result of using makeup during the day and not giving my skin enough breathing time or just not having the right night skin care. Would love to sort this out! X

l am 56 and my main concerns are dark circles around my eyes and as well as pigmentation that needs to treated before it gets worse. lt would really be amazing to win this awesome prize that sounds so amazing and l would love to try for myself.

I am 44 years old and my skin concern is dry skin, wrinkles and senstiveness to sun . Would live to win these amazing products

I’m 54. I have very dry skin.

I’m 24. I have a combination dry/ oily skin and I am prone to eczema.

I’m 30 years old and my concern is enlarged pores 🙁 and dehydrated skin , I just haven’t found a product that works yet , I would loooovvveeee to win this , it looks amazing

Thank you for this opportunity! I am 69 years of age. Although I am fortunate to have good genes and look younger than my age, I am concerned about damage from a skin decease called PLEVA, due to stress, and the lines around my mouth are deepening rapidly.

I am now 45 and my biggest concern is wrinkles. I am pretty lucky and don’t have too many, but have seen some appearing around my eye area. Always looking for a good product to keep them at bay as long as possible.

I’m 34, my biggest concern is the Lack of Luminosity on my face dehydrated skin, deep wrinkles enlarge pores, age spots. I don’t believe myself when they always telling me that it’s with the age all this change! I would love to win and try it for my skin and show to the world that with the right product and taking care of my skin it’s not with the age when it’s comes to have a beautiful face. ❤️❤️❤️

Im 36 year old who sorely misses her twenties when my skin was the least of my concerns. From 30 onwards I noticed dullness, pigment marks & an overall unhealthy, dehydrated look. Trying to cover it with make up has not been successful! Not sure what my 40’s has in store for me 😥😣

Hi. I am 35. I seriously feel that I have the worst skin. I have all of these (minus the wrinkles):

Lack of Luminosity

Dry or dehydrated skin

Lack of tone & firmness

Enlarged pores

Hyper pigmentation & age posts

These products would be a Godsend and skin saviour for me!

I’m 41 and struggle with dry, sagging skin and pigmentation.

I m 34. Main concerns are fine lines, hydration and some congestion

51 years old
I want my mojo back!

50 years young! Main concern is hydration and pigmentation.

I am 31, my biggest issue is dryness, skin is dull and lifeless. With enlarged pores 😭

32 Dry skin is my biggest issue

42 – my skin tends to be very oily

I’m turning 40 in November. Thanks in part to oily skin and genetics my skin looks fairly good but I’m worried about when it starts showing my age.

I’m 43 and my main skin concern is dehydration and sagging plus wrinkles around the eyes.

59 years old with some deep wrinkles

I’m 37 and WHOA the amount of pore filling primer I have to use due to enlarged pores is a nightmare. Not to mention the sun damage. I do laser once in 3 months but I struggle with finding affordable maintenance products.

Hi I’m 48 years old and am concerned about fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin.

I’m 59 and is very concern about my fine lines that show if i get older and would so love to make a difference about the fine lines to look and feel better

I am 47 and a runner. My concerns are sun damage and fine lines

I am almost 57 and my most pressing concerns are definitely wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydration and lack of firmness.

I’m 25 and my concern is dry,itchy and dehydrated skin,growing up I was diagnosed with eczema so taking care of my skin is a battle.

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