Happy Friday to you all!

I thought I’d do a quick blog post on the Desray Flash Knitwear sale that started on Wednesday (5th June) and ends this Sunday (9th June). If you purchase two or more items, you get a 30% discount!

The sale is happening in stores and online HERE

Below are some of my favourite styles:

First up is this Rock & Roll jumper that retails for R1350.00BUY HERE

It’s made using a blend of yarns including lamb’s wool and 5% cashmere (which ensures there is less pilling). Aside from having a real Rock & Roll vibe (pun intentional), it’s super warm & cozy, has a subtle slouch fit and drop shoulders with unique drop stitching detail. The back is slightly longer than the front with side slits at the ribbed hem, and the sleeves have a ribbed stitching detail from the elbow to the cuff.

How sweet is this cardigan adorned with flying ducks? (R1350.00BUY HERE)

I love how beautifully soft this cardigan is. It features a round neck, fitted sleeves with ribbed cuffs, mother of pearl buttons and a ribbed hem.

You could pair it with jeans and a basic tee, wear it to keep warm over a LBD or pair it with a grey or black suit for an element of interest and fun.

I didn’t think I’d wear this grey, long Cardigan coat (R1400.00BUY HERE) quite as much as I am.

To be honest, it’s the perfect lounge-wear piece and just seems to work with everything in my wardrobe. I like the slim silhouette that keeps one warm, without the bulkiness of having to wear a coat. Also, because of its midi length, it puts a chic spin on whatever you pair with it.

There are two front pockets and a ribbed detail on the cuffs and hem. But really, in terms of styling & wearable practicality, it offers a wealth of versatility.

I’ve had my grey and acid yellow polka dot knit (R1150.00BUY HERE) for two months now and wear it regularly.

I like it’s oversized, stretch fit, wide neckline, raw edges and exposed seams. Also, the colour combo of grey and acid yellow is band on trend. I love how super soft it feels on the skin and how it keeps me warm and cozy. For a casual look I wear it with either blue or grey denims jeans and a tee. If I’m going for a smarter look, I pair it with black trousers or my knee-length black leather skirt and heels.

How to care for your knitwear

Unless you spill something on them, wash your knitwear every 3-5 wears. Remember, knits can withstand more wear than delicate pieces like shirts because they are often worn over tops and t-shirts. Cotton, viscose and cashmere blends should be washed after 3 to 4 wears, while wool and wool blends can be stretched to 5 or more wears.

Take care when washing your knitwear and ensure you use a mild detergent (I like Woolite). I personally prefer hand washing my knitwear, however some can be machine washed – just ALWAYS check the care label. Knitwear should be dried on a flat surface to avoid it stretching.

Ideally, you should fold your knitwear and not hand them up. Hanging knitwear stretches out the shoulders and can make the style shapeless.

Sadly, pilling happens to most sweaters, especially under the arm area due to friction. To remove those annoying little balls of fuzz, simply shave your knits with a cheap, plastic razor from time to time.

To prevent moths nibbling holes in your knitwear, invest in some cedar blocks (Woolies sells them) and chuck them into your sweater draw or cupboard. When summer rolls around, store your knitwear in Zip-Lock bags.


Candice, you rock that Rock & Roll sweater out of this world! Going to buy some cedar blocks now. Love you – thank you! x

You have the best style Candy. Love the Rock & Roll jersey and both cardigans are stunning. Off to shop.

How did I not know about Desray clothing? Gosh but their stuff is gorgeous. That rock & roll jersey was made for you.

Just popping by to say a Desray giveaway would be the ultimate spoil for your readers 🙂

Looking great, Candice-Lee!

Loooove ?

Grey and acid yellow is my favourite.

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