My beloved hairstylist, David Gillson, has been jet-setting (actually, he’s just opened a salon in Belgravia in London), and I haven’t seen him for almost two months. I’m usually in the salon every four weeks to get my colour done and, most importantly, my roots touched up. I’m 45 years old next month, and my grey hairs are taking hold big time. What’s a gal to do as a temporary solution?

Luckily there is a fabulous new product by Schwarzkopf on the market called Root Retoucher (R99.99). It’s THE perfect thing for women like me looking for a quick colour solution. Essentially, it’s a temporary root cover spray that instantly covers any root regrowth or grey hairs.

Now, I’ve tried two other root retouching products but haven’t been impressed. The first one felt sticky & left my roots looking greasy. The other, I used just before a VERY important meeting with a major beauty brand. It was raining and I had to park outside. I ran a short distance through a light drizzle to the brands offices, and, on arrival, I quickly popped into the bathroom. To my horror, when I looked in the mirror, I noticed the product was running down my face and had left two dark brown marks on either side! Worst of all, it was almost impossible to remove the streaks!

So, understandably, it was with caution that I tried the Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher. Thankfully, my experience has been nothing short of fantastic!

The formula uses micro-fine mineral cosmetic colour pigments that instantly covers roots by enveloping & linking with the hair fiber, and because it has a dry finish, doesn’t leave roots looking oily.

It dries within seconds and covers all regrowth and/or grey hairs. I like the ultra-precise nozzle that allows you to apply colour precisely where you need it. And, the soft pressure spray enables you to control how much product you spray onto the roots.

I love how quick & easy this spray on root retoucher is – you can literally touch up anywhere, even when you’re on the go!

To use, simply shake well (like for a good 30 seconds), position the spray nozzle about 5cm away from roots and spray using a quick back & forth motion. The colour is easily washed out with just one shampoo.

My perfect shade is brown, but there is also dark brown, light blonde, dark blonde, red and black.

The Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher retails for R99.99 and you get 25 applications out of one 120 ml bottle.

Ready Set Spray


You’ll find the Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher line up at Clicks, Dischem & selected pharmacies.


I love it? it definitely is one of the better root touch ups?

Hi Janel, without a doubt. I’ve tried two others and really have not been impressed (both left a sticky residue & made my hair look a bit oily). This one is excellent and I like how it’s dry to the touch & washes out after just one shampoo. Such a winning products and only R99!

I love your hair color. Would love to know what the base color is. I realize there are highlights but just love the actual color.

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