I promised you all an update after a month of using Elancyl products, and here it is (brace yourself for butt pic’s).

To recap, Elancyl asked me if I’d be keen to try a few of their products over a 28 day period and report back. You can read my initial thoughts on the product HERE.

It’s been a bit longer than 28 days (almost 2 months), but I’m THRILLED with the results and I have before & after pic’s (un-retouched) so you can see the difference.

As I explained in my previous post, when I’m asked if cellulite or slimming products work, I always explain that they can make a difference to tone & texture – but only for as long as you use them. Also, body products that work to firm or tone will be far more effective if  you exercise & eat correctly.


I’m actually pretty chuffed at how good my butt & thighs are looking. I can see a vast improvement in firmness and the texture of my skin seems A LOT firmer (please also bear in mind, this ass is a whole 45 years old!)

A recap of the products I’ve been using:

Elancyl Energizing Foaming Scrub (R165) preps the skin so the products you use thereafter perform even better. The new exfoliating micro-particles are plant-based and derived from apricot kernel powder for eff­ective exfoliation. It has ivy extract that helps with toning and a very invigorating scent. I love that this scrub foams too, and often find myself using it as a replacement for my body wash. It’s advisable to use it two to three times a week.

Elancyl Slim Massage Device & Gel Set (R495) and Slim Massage Refill Gel (R195)

Out of all the products available in the Elancyl range, this is my favourite! Its effectiveness lies in the massage method that was developed in collaboration with a physiotherapist as a natural extension of the hand. The combined action of the rollers, which grip and roll the skin simultaneously while maintaining the ideal pressure results in more toned skin and less visible cellulite. When I use it, I can actually feel a tingle on my skin – a sure sign that my circulation has been stimulated.

Used in conjunction with the Anti-Cellulite Concentrate Gel (which smells AMAZING), it reduces the appearance of cellulite, assists with micro-circulation and detoxification and refines the silhouette. Really ladies, I’ve convinced all my friends to buy one of these and they all feel the way I do. I HIGHLY recommend you try this.

Elancyl Slim Design Flat Stomach (R395)

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never have washboard ab’s (I like carbs waaaaay too much). If I’m honest, my tummy is my number one problem area and when I put on any weight, it goes straight to my mid-section. I do not believe that any cream (or laser slimming method) will slim my tummy, but, like I said in my previous post, I’ll give this one a try.

The key ingredient is PCA which is an acid that firms and tightens thanks to its retracting effect on the dermal matrix. Its action comes from the ingredients ability to reorganize the collagen fibers in the skin. There’s also caffeine (stimulates blood flow) and Xanthoxylin (natural ingredient from the Sichuan pepper) that prevents cellulite from recurring. I’ve been applying 2 pumps to the stomach area every morning using the recommended massage technique.

While my tummy circumference hasn’t changed, my waist does look a bit more refined. However, I think that again, this may be down to Elancyl’s brilliant massage methods they suggest one uses when applying the products. Would I purchase this product again? Yes, I probably would.

Elancyl Slim Design Stubborn Cellulite (R395)

At 45 years old, you could call my cellulite “stubborn”. This product was a joy to use and it works to reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite for 24 hours. “But how?”, I hear you asking.

 It has a caffeine complex that stimulates circulation, contains Salacia that de-hardens, Ivy for firming and Phloridzin to drain pockets of fat. It’s also not sticky and also has a slight light-reflecting quality that has a visual smoothing effect.

Elancyl Firming Body Cream (R290)

This is a maintenance product that is applied daily to firm & nourish the skin. I adore its light and non-sticky formula that gives the skin a velvety feel. It contains Ivy extract to firm, Safflower Oil to nourish and Vitamin C to help restructure the skin. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: This is one of the nicest slimming maintenance products I’ve ever used and, considering the price (when compared to more high-end brands like Clarins) it’s well worth R290.

Win an Elancyl Hamper!

I have one Elancyl hamper up for grabs containing the Slim Massage Device & Gel Set and the Energizing Foaming Scrub.

To stand a chance of winning it, leave a comment in the comments section below this b log post telling me why you’d like to win this hamper. Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it), so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

The winner will be announced on In My Bag’s Facebook page (FOLLOW HERE) next week Monday 3 June.

This giveaway is only open to South African residents.

You can learn more about the Elancyl product range and their effective massage methods HERE

*This blog post is sponsored by Elancyl*


Because it is agreat product

I would love to win these amazing products bcs my boddy is sagging and i am plus size would really love to try these products please..

Wow I would so love to win this awesome hamper because i need to work on and tone my skin and really need help with working on visible cellulite. It’s also amazing that it helps with circulation… we all need help with blood circulation.

Would love to win as I have recently lost a fair amount of weight and now sit with flabby skin that could do with some extra help to firm and tone better (as 42 extra help is always welcome!)

I would love to win this because… who wouldn’t want a few less bumps and a little more firm ?

I would love to win this prize.

I would love this because it would be perfect to tie up with my diet and exercise that i have started, to loose the mummy tummy

I’d like to win because I need all the help I can get….

I would so love to win this amazing product for my 50-year old Cellulite “butt” – can for definite see the difference and would love to try it out 🙂

Wowee! I’d love my 45 year old ass to look even a bit like yours! ?

I would love to win this prize as I am moving to a beach side town and could do with more firmness and better texture!

This is a well known product I would love to try it for myself and see a difference I have been to the gym but can’t seem to get rid of the cellulite please help

OMG ? looks amazing! I’d absolutely love to win this product. I’ve lost a good few KGs in the gym and I’m really trying to tone up my thighs but I can’t seem to get rid of the cellulite ? I just want to confidently wear my bikini again.

Ive never been able to wear anything short due to my orange peel legs, Im tired of wearing pants all the time, would love to show off my legs that I work for so hard at gym , but even gym doesnt help with cellulite hopin ths might make a difference if I win

Being a 20 year old who is over sized, and have never looked my age, and on top of that having cellulites has always had me insecure. I’ve been saying I’m over it, I am now confident in my own body but it still bothers me. So having to win this product in which I can never be able to afford on my own would be a dream come true, and maybe a step away to the firm skin I’ve always wished for. Please please please choose me ??

Firstly, your results are amazing! I’ve struggled with cellulite on my thighs almost all my life due to poor diet,lack of exercise etc. I would love to try this product as your results are a true testimony to how well it works.

Wow been wanting to get my hands on this for ages. Cirsten.wall@gmail.com

I would really love to win this amazing prize because I can’t afford one
This will be a perfect gift for me please
Emai address lethabomaphanga30@gmail.com

After having my 2nd child, my body changed drastically. Cellulite has taken over my midsection, thighs and arms. This product will be a great confidence boost and I will be able to walk around in shorts for my hubby.

My legs have always been my problem area…. I seldom (actually never) wear anything showing my legs. Would love to get a little bit of confidence to reveal a little skin on my legs ?

I have being trying all sorts of products to firm up my tummy and butt. Even Vaseline vapor rub. I also use shezen chest and neck firming cream on my tummy. I do ballet, Pilates and yoga so work hard on getting my tummy toned and firm. Nothing is working as I hoped. Would love to you Elancyl.

It will be a absolute delight to win this hamper it will be my lifesaver to help with my wobbly and sagging tummy ,my thighs needing firming as well as my cellulite which looks like road maps. My skin is becoming wrinkly, crinkly, wobbly and flabby and heading south faster than the speed of light.

This products review is amazing thank you love the effect it has had on your skin.

I would love to win this amazing product as due to me having polycystic ovarian syndrome I am overweight and I carry most of my fat around my belly and thighs I have extra flab, stretch marks, uneven, saggy skin. I have tons of cellulite, due to this I lack confidence and I am very insecure about myself. These products will definitely help me with many of my body issues as well as give me the much needed confidence boost.

I’d love to win after having baby number town my post oarrum body never regained itself..I’ve been feeling really down about it and very skeptical to try weight loss products as a result of eating clean I’ve drop a of or two but my tummy bis still flabby and saggy and soft I need to firm it up this would be so perfect honestly I’d be in the clouds Winning such an amazing product with proven results… thanks for the awesome competition ?

Oh my goodness! I could so do with a dose of these products! A much anticipated (but also slightly dreaded) beach trip is on the horizon later this year, and I need to start preparing now!

It’s been such a problem area for me post baby and would love to give it a boost!

I’ve only heard great things about this Elancyl range of products and when it’s reaffirmed by a great post on In my Bag, i know it would help in my Firming.

Hi Candice I would love the Elancyl products because when I was younger I totally loved it from the very first application! and it Works like a charm – 100%

This products would assist me in getting back my pre baby body. Its been a struggle to get my thighs, stomach firm after my c section.

Would love to win this… Jeeeezzzz them hail damage to my bumssssss! That’s literally how it feels somedays hahaha!

I am one week into a 12 day body challenge, training 5 days a week and would love my after photo to be vastly different from my before photo!! My issue is firming up, sure if I use the products in conjunction with training I will have a great result!!!

I would love to win this as remember using these products in the eighties.. And also with great success and remember they also smelt very nice..but that was almost 40 years ago, and this would be a challenge on the 60 year old bod, but am always up to a good challenge… So pick me…

Glad it works you look good!! Well I have cellulite who doesn’t haha…but would love for my legs to look better in shorts.

Please please please my podgy butt and tummy need these products so much

Heard about these products a few weeks ago and didn’t believe that they truly work. But after seeing your post, I’m starting to believe that they work. I’d loooove to win this hamper because I’m only 19 years old but I have so much cellulite on my thighs, also stretch marks and high pigmentation mostly on my thighs because I’m quite thick. I’d love to try out this products because I’ve tried almost everything and nothing works. I also have “chicken skin” so that adds more to my insecurities and my low self-esteem, I’ve recently joined the keto/banting diet to try and tone my body but that is taking it’s own time. My goal this year is to be healthy, both emotionally, physically and spiritually and that involves me having great skin. I’d really appreciate it if I’d win this hamper, not only because I want to improve my skin but because I live on a student budget so I can’t really afford it.

This is my email: phushperry@gmail.com

After four kids? I need all the help I can get!

I’m a 20 year old, with stubborn cellulites on thighs and butt which makes me feel so uncomfortable with dressing up infront of my friends and hinders me from wearing shorts and dresses ……so I would really love to win this hamper because i it’s something that I really need and can’t afford at the same time


These naughty forties are cruel hey. I’ve got lumps and bumps from my belly all the way down to my knees. Would love to try Elancyl

I NEED this prize. I’m having the worse skin of my life, jumped through different products/recipes and still no luck! I’ve practically given up and accepted my very unfortunate skin state.

Simply because it seems to work AND I’ve used it before after my third kid. Now after 5 I need it more than ever.

I need it !!!!!

I would love to win this because, although I’m confident in the size of my body, it’s the cellulite that holds me back from showing it off. I dread seeing those stubborn lumps and bumps (always the last to go), so would definitely appreciate this help to kickstart!

I would love to win this as I just had a baby 7 weeks ago. I gained 25kgs during my pregnancy and i already losy 15. My skin around my butt anf thighs definitely need some firming.

Me please! My butt is my BIGGEST challenge.

This product would be amazing to win. It would be perfect to transform my butt and thighs! I think I will see myself like I’ve never seen myself before. ?

Toned legs of my twenties are my fantasy!

I’d love to win because I love taking care of myself and making improvements ?

I would love to win this prize because I have always been insecure about my cellulite and what it looks like. I would love to try products that will genuinely make me feel secure in my own skin by minimizing the appearance of my cellulite on my legs and bum. I have been working super hard in the gym but my cellulite just won’t budge. Fingers crossed!

I would love to win this because I hate my cellulite! I feel so uncomfortable in my own body and this will give me a nice confidence boost. #NEED??

I have read so many great reviews about this brand but just can’t afford it. It would be great to win the hamper to see for myself what the fuss is all about.

I have recently worked really hard and lost some weight! I would love my skin to also look a little firmer so that I can be even happier with my weight loss! ⭐️⭐️✅✅✅

My thighs and but have stubborn cellulite. Its really a struggle. I workout and eat right but perhaps and just missing the right topical product. My face is another area of concern with dehydration, uneven skin tone, lack of glow and plumpness I want one struggle atleast, not2.

because baby got back

I’ve tried MANY cellulite products, you name it, i tried it!
Nothing has ever worked, my thighs are literally too stubborn. I’d love to try something this HIGHLY recommended ??

I would really love to win this hamper because my skin is my biggest struggle. After 3 months of going to gym, eating healthy to lose weight and tone my body I am struggling to see results in the texture and firmness of my skin. I would really love to test out these products.

When you always put everyone before yourself, a little pampering will be such a great “ pick me up”
Will be great to feel good about myself again!

I would love to win this hamper because of my young career in taking modelling,when taking shoots I would try pose at a certain angle,trying not to expose those parts with cellulite…i would really appreciate it cause it would really help with my modelling

Why I would love to WIN – I mean now who would love this amazing prize a full set of Elancyl products to help you out with that stubborn cellulite, this is such a major struggle for me no matter how hard I work out I will always have cellulite. And clearly you get amazing results with these products, fingerscrossed I would love love love to win.

Please 🙂 Like they say Summer bodies are made in Winter so I am ready to take on Winter full steam ahead to be summer ready 🙂

Like you I am quite skeptical about cellulite products but this one looks like the bomb. Very keen to give it a try. Your before and after pics look amazing

This will boost my self esteam. Being 47 exercise alone does not help.

I would love to win this product as a Mom of two with so much loose skin, so much cellulite and feeling that I’m never going to look okay naked ever 🙁

This product will assist me in starting to gain my body confidence back again. Plssssssss

Since I turn 40 my body have changed allot my skin really need this product.

Because I’m ten years younger than you but I’m still jealous of your bum!

This would be greaaaat because wow, I’m only 21, and already struggling with cellulite by my thighs and bums. These products would be of help to minimise the appearance and give me confidence in showing off my legs!

After 2 kids & my weight up & down due to health issues, Ive become so concious of my body, especially the thighs & bums, I no longer show these areas even at the beach. I would really like to try these products to get the firmness & smoothness back.

Despite many attempts I am stuck with trying to get rid of stubborn cellulite on my thighs, especially the front from just above the knees and upwards. I have tried brushing religiously and cutting out carbs etc and it will not shift. I have tried Elancyl before and it did make an improvement but I think you really need to use the combination of the above products as well and the massage device, to make it work. I would really love to try this again.

Awesome product! I would love to be able to wear shorts again without feeling self conscious about my dimply thighs. Despite weight loss it is really hard to tone my thighs and make improvement to reduce the cellulite.

Pick me please. I really want the new massage set?

Yes please! I’ve wanted to try these for ages!

Would love to win this set. Really want to improve my dimple thighs.

Love your review, we can be very sure the product works after yourbefore and after photos have proved it.

Wow, this product sounds absolutely amazing. I have a 4 month old and my body really got butchered with my last pregnancy and this beauty will be perfect to help with my skin texture, especially on my tummy, legs and upper thighs. One step closer to getting my body back…

This is a well known product I would love to try it for myself and see a difference I have been to the gym but can’t seem to get rid of the cellulite. It would be truely amazing and my pkeasure to try these wonderful products. ❤❤❤?

I would love to win because I am on my weightloss journey and lost about 17 kg so far and I have terrible cellulite. This would help me become confident enough again to wear my shorts and short dresses that I haven’t worn for the past 6 years.

I’ve never used any cellulite treatment. All my researching has definitely convinced me to try this product. I’m definitely going to either buy it or be the lucky winner!!

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