My favourite time of day is late afternoon when I take my dog for her walk. In addition to the the fresh air clearing my head, I also get a chance to bond with my fur child.  We spend a good hour and a half in our neighborhood park, walking, running and throwing ball. It’s a joy in summer, however, in winter, it gets seriously chilly. Along with rain, there’s often and icy wind that cuts to the bone, and if I’m not properly wrapped up, I freeze!

So, I was very happy when I was sent a brand-new Mac-in-a-Sac Polar Jacket to try out. Also, the fact that’s it reversible is such a bonus!

This ultra-light puffer style jacket is insulated with ethically sourced duck down and made from environmentally friendly water repellent material. The jacket is reversible, and comes in a range of colours that allows you to switch from visible to understated sophistication in an instant. It also packs down into its own pocket so is great for packing when you are short on space (wish I had one two years ago when I was in NYC).

The retail price is R1499 and you can purchase one from

Mac-in-a-Sac Polar Jacket folds into a convenient pocket to keep on hand of any situation. The jacket is available exclusively through Trappers – visit for more information.

Want to win a Mac-in-a-Sac?

Of course you do!

To stand a chance of winning a Mac-in-a-Sac valued at R1499, leave a comment below this blog post telling me why you’d like to win one & which colour way you like best.

Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it, so I can contact you should you be the winner).

I’ll announce the winners name on In My Bag’s Facebook page (follow here) on 23 May 2019.

This competition is only open to South African residents.


Coz I’m freeeeeezing!
And the black and grey would look great.

Just love the name. Plus my German Shepard’s name is Mac, so I figure it’s a sign! Would love a black one if I’m the lucky one.

Pink/black- I had one of these, and lost it on my travels, would really love to have it back, to keep me nice and warm.

This looks lovely! Love that it’s reversible too! Since my kids were born, they get everything first, which eats into most/ all of the budget and this mamma is in need a of new, warm and stylish winter jacket!

I’d love to win so I can thoroughly enjoy the Cape Town winter without dreading the cold Black and pink

I’d love one just to wear to work. Pink & navy…

I’d REALLY REALLY LOVE one in black size 5 (mens) because Joburg gets cold. And when I get cold, I get sad. And sad spelt backwards is das. and das not good to be sad! Thanks for making me happy 🙂

I’m not built for the cold… so with the colder months on their way this would be the perfect for me! Loving the Black Mac-in-a-Sac ?

Forgot to comment which colour – Purple/ Green combo is fun!

I love the black and pink! I love to go put walking in the early evenings and I love winter… this jacket would be perfect for my evening walks!

Because 12 years of school sports await me, and I need to keep warm on the side of the field! I’d go for blue or black.

Would rock the green and purple jacket as I travel worldwide as a Tour Director! Just since April have toured Brussels, Antwerp, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, NYC, San Francisco, LA and now in Nashville! And wow Europe was cold Check out my page! And what better way to promote Mac in a Sac!

I would love to win the black and pink jacket to help keep me warm during my family’s weekly weekend early trip to our local “Boeremark”.

I’d love one for walking my gut babies! We walk them on the beach here in Jeffreys Bay and it gets cold out there on the sand in winter! Pink/black would be my pick!!

This is sooo nice wow…also stunning pics… i would love to win one for those ice cold morning school runs and the cold evenings out by the braai. Love the black/grey combo

I would love to win one as the convenient fold up to pocket size functionality will be perfect when travelling! Love both the grey and the black options!

I totally admire this jacket its even on my bucket list to have this winter. I would love to own one. The pink and royal blue one.

Cape Town is cold …..I would love the pink and dark blue

The navy and pink for the brutal jozi winters

Well, let’s see…my newfound commitment to my gym routine means very early mornings in the icy cold (ditto walking my dogs too). No excuses to stay in bed and forgo exercise this winter! The grey/black is uber versatile but the navy/hot pink is such fun!

Why do I want one? Bacause I really really really want one! Like since for ever! I love the feeling of them, they are super soft. If I’m in Trappers trading I just have to go touch one, I’m that weirdo. Plus thay are feather light so you are always comfortable and they keep you super snug and warm. I’m a plain Jane so the black ? one is my favorite.

The pink and dark blue is stunning. The colors you got on also fabulous. It’s on my list of things I really need. A light easy to store but warm for any winter day.

Love the pink and black. Why would I like it – to confuse the twins lol. Go to checkers wearing it black and then while they are eyeing out the sweets I’ll change it inside out hehe ??

I really need this, working two jobs and my kids always need something so I haven’t been able to get me a proper winter jacket. I’d appreciate any colour but the black and grey would look great.

Would keep me warm when I walk my fur babies. Love the purple/green jacket?

Its almost winter time and i would be absolutely be thrilled to win bcs i really need this prize..I would like black please??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Mac-in-sac is unique and I love being different which is why I would love to flaunt this super comfy jacket around for the whole world to see. I also watch alot of sports at the Newland stadium and simply cannot find a warm enough jacket to keep out those freezing cold winds. The Grey and black one looks like it would be just perfect!

I would love to win this coz I will never afford this jacket. Black colour

Love the pink and blue!! This will be great for my morning runs in the park!!

Would sure get me to venture out on long walks. Love the Grey and Black combo.

I would absolutely love to win this jacket ? it looks super cozy and comfortable and I as a student I will probably not be able to afford buying one for myself this winter ?. My favourite colour is definitely the black one because it will go with everything in my closet. Pretty please can I win this one ? I’ve never won a competition before

Cape Town’s winter is very cold I would love the pink and black jacket ?❤️?

I have to walk my daughter to school every morning for a good ten minutes, she is sorted with a great jacket I am not because the good jackets are so pricey! So it would be great and even better in that stunning lumo orange.

I was retrenched from work three years ago and can hardly afford food for daily living.
Would love to be spoilt with a black jacket…

I want it because it looks super comfy and warm, perfect for winter? I would pick the black and pink jacket. Holding thumbs

I mean Yellow….and purple. Xx

Perfect for chilly winter days tramping around the farm! Black/grey combo is divine

I would LOOOVE the black and grey one, as I have just moved to Cape Town and as much as I am enjoying being a lot more active (Parks, Parks, Parks!), it is waaaay more freezing than I thought it would be.

It look’s great and the material is environmentally friendly! Love the black combo, very versatile.

Winter is already here. I want to wear this jacket while walking in the beach.

O my goodness!! This is just perfect. My children moved temporarily to Belgium and we will be visiting them over Christmas. Lots of expenses, but cannot be without them and my grandchild at Christmas. I would absolutely love to win this! The purple/green is my favourite ?

Luv the fact that it is reversible, water repellent & made from environmental friendly fabric. The black & grey is perfect & very versatile.

They are so pretty and perfect for windy Cape winters. Love the black ??

This is a new brand to me. The beach is on my doorstep. It would be perfect for leaving the home early and coming home warm and snug. It’s pretty trendy too. Winter may just be sorted with the win!

I would like to have a decent warm jacket for winter please

Navy and pink. These puffer jackets are so much in fashion right now and I don’t have one yet

Pink and Black! I deserve this Jacket for Mothers day!

Wow! Love the fact that Mac-in-a-Sac is reversible! The black / grey option would be amazing to keep me warm this winter and still being able to have an active outdoor lifestyle. 🙂

Park visits with my grandson will be a pleasure in a nice grey and black one

Oops forgot to mention that the navycolorway is lovely

For the bitter cold jhb school run mornings – where I normally look like a shambles…this will keep me warm and stylish (and I won’t embarress the kids) pink and black for me

I’m obsessed with the pink/navy combo! So gorgeous… I’d love to win one of these because in all honesty, I’m unable to afford one currently. Holding thumbs!

Would love it for motivation to continue walking on the promenade in winter. Love the black and grey.

I would Love to be a winner because this amazing Polar Jacket looks super warm and comfortable, and the variety of colours are beautiful!! I really can’t afford to buy myself a super jacket like the Mac-in-a-Sac jackets ? if I’m a winner it would be such a blessing for me…..
Love the Black and Grey. ?❤️?

I have a few freezing holiday plans coming up and can SO do with a mac-in-sack!!

Hi there would love to win the pink and black . Im an educator who only wears formal coats. I sure would love to surprise my high school kids and show them that i can gel with their style as well and be a bit more casual with a formal pants and the stylish Mac- in- a -sac padded jacket .
Awesome giveaway

I work in an office that’s absolutely freezing! This looks like just the jacket I need to keep warm.

Oooh the black one is so pretty! It would be perfect for my upcoming holiday (for which I don’t have a suitable jacket!)!

I would love this beautiful jacket which is kind to the ducks. I have never owned anything like it. I love the turquoise.

I love the fact it’s reversible! I love BLACK, and I think I would step out of my comfort zone and choose the shocking pink inner… black for when I want to look stylish and elegant, and pink if I felt like a bit of a fun splash… also fantastic as a safety feature to have a bright option available. Imagine being stranded or stuck somewhere! I could just reverse my jacket and keep warm knowing I was more visible!!! (Do you think too many adventure movies?) ????‍♀️?

Gauteng is cold and dark. The pink and black jacket looks so good. Would brighten any cold day to a fun day. ??❄️❄️

So I can indulge in the comfort, looks so cozy 🙂
The neutral Black/grey Colour is my favorite

I love the pink one! This is so pretty, but also super functional. Reversible, so it would seem one has more than one of these gorgeous jackets! I would love to win one. Here in Bloem it gets super, super cold. And this would aid so much on the cold early mornings when i head out.

I like the black/grey. I would love to win this jacket. We love to go 4x4ing and being outdoors. Absolutely love nature. The jacket would be perfect for the upcoming winter, to wear on our 4×4 trips.

Perfect to stay warm out on the boat on chilly waters. Love that it folds into a compact size. Colour preference is black/blue.

I love the purple / green combo . I would give my eye teeth ?( not quiet ) for one

I would love to win this for my trip to the UK in June. Pink/Black is gorgeous ???

I would love the pink/black combo. Living in Cape Town the weather is so unpredictable and with 3 young kids I’m always on the go and need something that’s light and easy to fit in my bag

I absolutely love the black ?It looks super comfy, cosy and very trendy. I have to use public transport for the next few weeks until my car troubles are sorted. I leave the house at 04:45 in the morning and wait quite a while in the bus queque in the freezing cold most days, so it would really come in handy. It would also be so fitting to wear on my weekend walks, hikes and Friday night and Saturday morning school rugby matches, it gets super chilly sitting next to the rugby field.

I have met the love of my life who lives in Melbourne, a place that gets seriously cold… we have just spent a crazy amount of money on our visa to be together, so buying anything new is a no-go… AND this would be a lovely little South African memory being far away from home ♥️

This looks perfect for our cold winter Cape Town days! Definitely on my wish list ? This would be so lovely to keep me warm while I watch my son at soccer practice three times a week….I would go for the black ?

Would love to get the grey & black for our minus winter temperatures and it ia looking great also. Luvit… luvit….luvit….

I forgot to mention I would love a black & grey one ??

Would love to win this amazing prize for the winter as i dont really have anything a warm and as nice as this jacket. Would be amazing to win this and i can then use money i save to buy my son some winter clothes.

Love the pink and navy combination as it is so versatile. Have my first grandchild arriving in London in November and the jacket would come in so incredibly useful whilst we go for walks with the baby every day in the fresh cold air!

Purple / green … omw I am up at the crack of dawn with a new born , then it’s the toddler run to get ready in the morning I would like something that looks stylish when I am looking hobo chic …. also I need some color in my wardrobe

I love the Pink & navy for those cold evenings and mornings watching my 3 boys play sport.

I would love the black/pink combo!
I’ve always wanted a super warm down jacket cause I’m someone who really feels the cold ☃️❄️

I would love the navy/pink one….why? Cause every women deserve to be warm AND look good at the same time 🙂

Would really love to win this.This would protect me against the Cape winter chills when my daughter take part in cross country through the winter season.Pink and black

Pink and blue, it looks amazingly warm and funky

This is perfect! I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s syndrome, which means my fingers “freeze” in the winter and can turn to gangrene if left cold too long. Not playing the sorry card, this would just really be perfect for me. Working early mornings on the farm during winter is not a joke. Even if i don’t win this, I’m investing in one. I love the pink/black one.

I would love the pink/navy one because I get cold so easily and the fact that it folds away makes it SO much better!!

I would like to win the Fuchsia Navy Jacket. They are so versatile being reversible and they are of very high quality materials. Would love to try this out and recommend to others.

I would love to win as I started a new job and this will be perfect for winter and love the pink/blue

It would be am absolute dream to have one of these in black (so I can use it with everything I wear,obviously :)) this winter as I suffer from poor circulation and as a result I am always FREEZING. This would be the best and most stylish addition to my closet and it would put my constant cold chills at ease ??

I love the outdoor and with winter approacging quickly this would be so awesome. Would love black

Love the pink and navy xx Super warm and snuggly for all the outdoor adventures we do. Love Trappers clothing and already an exsisting customer so winning this would be a cherry on the top xx

Would love to be part of the puffer jacket crowd! ? And for those cold days when we are watching our daughter play sport matches ….and Black is best of course!

I’m the coldest person I know and I absolutely dread winter, not wanting to go out and do anything unless I’m bundled up. This would be perfect for me so I could still go out and fun with my family and more outdoor activities with kids this winter!❄️

Oops forgot to mention that I love the Navy & Pink as well as the green & blue! It’s tough to make choices lol!

Besides that it’s my birthday month, haha? I’d love the pink and black (my two fave colours) and it will come really handy when traveling. Being reversable, it would be like I packed in two different jackets!

I absolutely love this concept. It’s ideal for any occasion. It can be stashed in a hand bag or baby bag and take up no space. The fact that it’s reversible means it’s two jackets in one. It’s ideal for travel, camping or just a mom on the run. It would be perfect for this beach babe that’s just relocated to freezing Jhb. I’d love to take it to Kruger, Jhb zoo and the park with my baby and fur kid. It would take me anywhere. Please please pick me!

Because it’s cold and these are gorgeous

Totally need this jackie to brighten up the deary winter mornings.. The navy and hot pink will do just that!

Great for travelling. Love the fact that its two jackets on one and of course its light and warm

That lime and aubergine would definitely brighten up my walkies with my fur children. Also I freeze standing on the side of the hockey pitch watching my son – CT winters are brutal! (lime and aubergine please)

Would love to take this lightweight jacket on my trip to Italy. The black / dark grey will match well with my clothes

Because it’s cold and these are gorgeous.. forgot to add, I’d love the black and grey please x

I’m going on vacay end August into September to my favorite place ? Pinelake Marina ⛵ Sedgefield and it does tend to get very chilly in the morning and late evenings so that is why I would LOVE the Black/Grey Mac-In-A-Sac Polar Jacket ? please

I’ve always wanted one of these. It’s perfect for my Sunday morning hikes or when we’re on the baseball field during winter. I’d like black jacket. ♥️

Sorry, two jackets in one…:)…black and aubergine would be awesome

Oh you look gorgeous in those! My daily 1hour plus commute to work on the Myciti bus leaves me cringing in winter! Black please?

The Navy and the Black…but I like the pink too ? I am off to the UK in December to see my daughter (who moved there recently for work) and my parents and sisters who also all live here and this jacket would be ideal for those cold UK days (and our winters!)..will take a look at investing in one for sure!

Owning this jacket would change my world . I have an adventure-seeker little boy who adores being outside in winter ( I am a summer person love the sun ). Yet I always find myself outside freezing , ensuring my son gets enough fresh air . So at the drop of a hat I need to be ready to roll for our next adventure …… CHOOSE meeeeeeee ???? I simply love the pink & black , I’m a girly-girl after all ? ?

With my job, my office is above a cold warehouse in winter or I’m all over the place even outside so this jacket would keep the chill away. I would love black to go with any outfit

Oooh love the black and grey one. Need to uh, stock up on some warm winter clothing, and this would be ideal!

I’m moving to New Zealand soon, and need this. I’ve been torn between Mac in a sac, and Kway down jacket. But the main reason I haven’t made that purchase yet, is the price! I just can’t see myself spending that amount of money in a jacket, but I know it must be done. Sigh. The black and pink is my favourite

This is so cool!! Love the black and grey one! I get really cold often, and sometimes it will look like a beautiful day and then change cold so I’m not always prepared! This would be ideal to take with wherever we go

I’ve wanted one for ages! !!!
I love the black!

Absolutely would love to Win the purple and green jacket. This will keep me looking hot and funky to the gym and back at 5 o’clock am on winter mornings. And my friends would envy me at the Parkrun every weekend. I live for gym and sport and the outdoors so this will be a wonderful present to me from me for mothers day. Holding thumbs #win

Purple n lime green would love to win is cuz Intel really.cold and it’s nice n cosy . Need tht for winters ???

I will look so trendy!! Every girl deserves one.!

I love the black and pink jacket…

I also walk my doggie so the bright pink would be perfect to keep me warm and for me to be seen.

And because it’s reversible I would use the black side to wear to work as I work in a huge shed which gets sooo cold in winter.

It would pack neatly away for when it gets warm on on those winter afternoons ready for me use all over again.

I would absolutely love to win this jacket!! I promised myself that I would get one this Winter so here ‘s holding thumbs.

I’m loving the black and grey. This jacket would be perfect for the ice cold Cape Town weather and it’s even more perfect because the jacket is able to fold away, as we tend to have all 4 seasons all in one day… winning this amazing jacket would ensure I never get caught off guard…

I would like to win one please as I’m not a Winter person and I’m tired of having to put on many layers to try and keep warm. I find Jozi winters are cold.
I would love the Navy/Pink please

These lightweight jackets are so warm without being bulky. Pink/ navy looks great!

Cos winters are too cold and I cant wear heavy jackets. And the pink and black is very pretty

I’m not a winter ❄️ person… that’s the understatement of the century… I am currently sitting in my office squeezed in between two heaters. My husband is forever finding it hilarious how I wear jerseys in any temperature below 30 degrees…so this green & blue jacket would be so awesome to stash permanently in my handbag!

Winter is the worst so one of these would make it a whole lot better!!! I love your combo the best. I would most likely wear the black most often though.

I really really can’t afford this jacket and would ❤ to have one.

My mom is a nursing sister and works shifts. She has to leave home some mornings from 6am and gets home some evenings only after 8pm. She would love a jacket that is lovely and warm to wear over her uniform but once at work she has limited storage space so this jacket will be perfect for her.

I would to win one of these beautiful jackets in black ?Easily matchable with my wardrobe (Of 10years ago) ?!!! I know I would not afford to purchase myself one of these anytime soon kids decent jackets are going for R499 and I have 3 please do the math ??.

I absolutely would love to own the black and grey jacket. It’s fabulous, comfy and perfect for winter.

Western Cape is cold and wet , the jacket is just the thing. Lime green and black/navy looks fresh and different

Wow, how stunning! Love that it is reversible! I am in serious need of a warm and comfy jacket for winter. As a single mom the teenagers’ needs always take priority. It will be a dream come true to sport one of these babies this winter! I love the black and plum coloured one.

Looks great for hiking, small, light and warm. And walking the dog. And looking fab 🙂

I’d like the black and pink or any. They are all gorgeous:)

Black please. I have always wanted this type of style
Jacket, but never could find one in my size.

I am the mom of 4 children aged 9, 12, 14 and 16. Our family love the outdoors and find ourselves at late evening soccer practices and early morning matches. A beautiful jacket like this would be lovely to make sure mom stays warm as she supports and has fun with the family.
I really like the cerise/black combination.

As a Mom of four with a full time job and no car, I leave the house at 06:00 in the morning and get home after dark from work. I would love the navy/pink jacket as it would be perfect for the Cape Town winter when I travel to work and back home.

This is basically 2 jackets in 1. What an absolute investment for winter that I’d love to add to my winter collection.

Grey and Black is just stunning

I am a preschool teacher and we believe in giving our little ones the opportunity to play outside every day ☔️?☃️❄️?☀️.
They run around and do not feel the cold like we do. So having a MacIn a bag would be awesome. It being reversible absolutely amazing.
Johannesburg’s winter next to the Melville koppies dressed like an oros man can totally be a thing of the past with a mac in bag.

I would Love to have one of these jackets. Fingers crossed

I seriously need this pink/black jacket for these chilly early mornings please.

Dear In My Bag Blog

I’ve been following your posts and content for a while now and found myself looking at products I wouldn’t normally look at. We as woman tend to find our comfort zones and stick to it. Reading your reviews and insights has really made my look outside my comfort box and try new things.

I absolutely love the black and maroon/purple jacket. Love the versatility of the jacket. We are heading in Kruger National Park next month and this would be amazing to have.

I don’t normally shop at Trappers but now will go and have a look at what is in store. Thank you for the great content and giving us honest and fair advice. Holding thumbs

I would LOVE to win this amazing jacket because I don’t like to let winter keep me from my life!! I’d love to be able to sail outdoors from inside without fear and trembling (literally)!? I think I’d choose the pink/black one so I can match the colour to my mood? say no more ?

I would love a black and grey jacket. My days are not spent in an air conditioned office but outside exposed to the elements. I am a pre-school teacher who spends time building sandcastles with my “chickens ” in the sandpit. Rescuing damsels in distress are part of my portfolio. I am always there for cuddles and snuggles. My “chickens” would love my warm polar jacket. I often have two or three on my lap looking for love and affection. I would happily share my jacket with my 22 “chickens”.

I would love to win the beautiful black and grey jacket for my mom!? She’s a runner and needs something to keep her warm for her early morning winter races!??‍♀️

I would love the black and grey one. I always end up with to many jackets when going away. This would be my one and only to keep me warm?

Because its freezing cold in jhb. And I need to brighten up my days. I love love love the blue and green

This jacket is gorgeous. I love the outdoors, taking our dogs for walks and live in chilly Eastern Cape so this would be so perfect for me! I think the pink/black would suit me best, it’s 4211 on the website 🙂

I would love this because I go camping often so this would be amazing for all the hikes and just packing in a bag since it is not bulky… I love the black and pink….will match my pink “one life live it” sticker on my Landy.

Would love to brave the “Cape Doctor” snuggly kitted out in the Pink/Navy!

I need this to update my Winter wardrobe and I don’t own a cool jacket like this, love the fact that it’s reversible! Pink/black please.

Love the Black and Grey Combination perfect for use when on walks with my furbaby to weekend getaways to my favourite hiking destination etc.
Thank you for the awesome giveaway and post on this amazing prize.

Would love one of these jackets to brave the Cape Town icy and wet winter, especially on the sidelines of all the evening soccer games I go and support friends at. Loving the black and grey combo. Love Mac in a Sac!

Definitely the black – because winter is going to be cold!

Since the 10 of February I’ve lost in weight, purely from walking my fur friends every morning for 30 minutes seven days a week. Would love to to have a Mac-in-a-Sac Polar Jacket to keep me warm and walking through winter morning in JHB.

If I have a choice I’d love a black one, as my fur friends love to swim in the retention dams at Emmarentia Dam and usually are full of mud,but i’d be grateful for any color I was offered.

How can anyone not covet this winter game changer after seeing how good you look in it?! I love the fold up element to this and it’ll be perfect when I’m doing farm run-arounds – can start with it on in the chilly morning and stash in the bakkie cubbyhole when I’m pacing the sun-drenched lands. Love both black options and the plum-lime is great too. Perfect for chasing the winter blues away.

Would love one for the cold Cape Town winter. Love the purple/green combo

My baby boy has just started walking so my after work hours are spent outdoors running after his cute little waddle so i am expecting a winter outdoors despite the cold weather!

Oops and the black grey combo would be my fave!!

I would love the Green/blue one! Bright colours for gloomy winter days. I’m getting a puppy this weekend so this jacket would really help me when playing outside and puppy training in the early winter mornings!

It would be perfect for those cold Saturday mornings next to the rugby field cheering my son and his awesome team on. In the purple and green colours so I won’t be overlooked, LOL!

Oh I’m so in love with the black and ceres pink. I’m a winter gal. I’ve bad eczema and therefore stay indoors to avoid the extreme heat but come out to play in winter. I love hikes and trail blazing and just a fresh blast of winter. This would be a heaven sent gift.

I’d really love to have this. In my 20’s I had a down feather jacket that saved me from many a cold varsity winter day. I wore it until it died ?
I’d be so excited to own one again to keep my cold bones warm ?
The black/grey is the sensible choice but I’m in love with the pink/navy so much more ?

I want to start hiking with my man and it seems so much more inviting when I have something to keep me warm and can fit easily in a backpack. And it will give me a chance to enjoy nature. I absolutely love the grey and black one?

Because it will be wonderful for winter! The blue one please !

I would absolutely love one of these. ? Mainly because I’m such a coldie and don’t have a nice winter jacket that’s actually thick enough to keep me warm. It would do so nicely for park walks with the kids and dogs. I LOVE the turquoise colour you are wearing in the photo, but from the pics – def the black/pink. I’d wear the pink on the outside so the kids could spot me from a mile away ??

Please, please, please let me win this! I have been wanting a jacket like this forever. It will keep me warm on those chilly winter mornings up here on the highveld. Black would be my colour of choice as it is so stylish and would go with everything I have in my wardrobe. Thank you ??

Stylish and trendy but still keeping me warm?! Yes please! I’m a summer baby and this jacket would help me be a normal active civilian this winter and keep me out hibernation ?. I love the black and dark purple.

Oooh. I’d be ‘down’ with the pink!! ; )

Wow how awesome!! This is a super clever design ?

Well being a preschool teacher, i get to be the one who plays outside with my little ones on the cold winter mornings while mommy and Daddy get to sit in warm offices!! ?

I really love my job as a teacher but I would love yo feel a bit warmer in the winter months!!

#pickme I would love the pink and navy blue its such an awesome jacket! #macinasak

Because I spend waaaaaaayyyy too many hours on the side of a hockey Astro cheering on my two hockey-mad girls and my hockey-mad husband! Seriously feeling the chills! Love the happy pink/black combo!

This would be so great for our chilly morning family walks to the beach & for our mountain trail walks. Loving the black/red colours.

Ooooh I adore that they are reversible! It’s like business outside and party inside or the other way around! Also that depends on the colour and that’s why I am torn between that gorgeous pink one and the greyish one… I would love to have an inside party but I’m also a sucker for grey… Seriously holding thumbs coz I need a cozy winter jacket to keep me dry and warm! Xx

Early morning school runs can be freezing!!!!! Need to keep warm in one of these! Love the Black and Pink combo!

I love the black and pink it looks cool an i would love to win this for the winter to keep my nice an warm while on the road

I would love to win the Mac-in-a-Sac jacket because I like the comfy, warm feeling it can give me! It’s perfect for chilly days and it’s super fashionable. The grey/black jacket is classic and elegant.

Winter in Johannesburg is the worst and I’m already starting to go into popsicle frozen mode. This will really help.

Purple please ?

Would love to win this as we travel frequently and with two little girls in tow. That leaves me with very little packing space for myself so I always sacrifice and skip a jacket for myself and just throw a shawl in ! This would really help me keep warm and save space

Forgot to mention that I would love the black and grey combo

I would love to win one as I need a good winter jacket please.Would be great to use on hikes as well. I like the black and pink jacket.Thank you.

These are just stunning! I’m a plus size and haven’t been able to find a puffer that fits me well – these look absolutely perfect from what I’ve read! I’d love the blue & black as it’ll go with everything!

Black is a classic. This would be a magnificent prize to keep me warm in the very cold German winter where we are headed to for Christmas.

Getting up super early in the mornings to start my day is getting harder, and colder! Would love one of these babies to keep me warm! Loving the black/grey one!

Yet another amazing giveaway ? .. I hope this time IL be lucky to win 1 of your giveaway ?? .. on a serious note.. this would be Super Puuurrfect for me?? I travel by public transport … And work right on the Foreshore in town. . This jacket will keep me dry.??.. no umbrella helps when the wind is strong. Nd rainy??.. it’s hectic.. I loove the cerise pink / black . & On top of ity birrrrthday is next Month ????.. Soo good luck everyone ?❤️? ..

Fingers XXXX

Well 1st I uv the look an style of this jacket ?I travel early in morning to work an its becoming very cold in the mornings. I would luv 2 win this pls #warmandcosy?????

I am sure I am part reptile as I always get cold, so having a yummy jacket like this that folds down means I could always have it with me. Yay, win. I really like the black/grey combo

Because pleeeeeese!!! It’s so beautiful and versatile

I get cold in summer, my nickname is “koulike ysbeer” 🙂 and I’m pregnant. Three great reasons to win!
The black/grey one is my favourite.

I need this jacket so I don’t feel like a misfit on weekends when I walk to my closest coffee shop sans puffer.

As a cruelty free makeup artist my heart is warm to read that there are finally jackets on the market that are made from ethically sourced duck down and environmentally friendly water repellent material. This is revolutionary! I would be happy to work on set with my black and cheeky pink reversable Mac in a Sac while telling everyone that they should also look into investing in a brand that’s making a change in this world. Well done to them.

Forgot to add that I like the black grey combo best as it will go with my dark grey Nike leggings because I’m basic like that.

I am so unmotivated to go to gym in the cold. A Mac-in-a-Sac Polar Jacket would definitely help me to stay warm during my walk to the gym.
And obviously black – so it can compliment my bright gym clothes. 🙂

I would really love to win this jacket in black. As a mum of 2 girls( 2.5 years old and 3 months old), it would be a lovely spoil for myself with mothers day around the corner!

Years of seeing the kids get clothes first leaves me in dire need of warm tops and jackets this season. It woukd be wonderful to have sonething so versatile. The grey/black combo would slot into my wardrobe nicely.

There are these surreal moments on icy winter Sat mornings when I stand in a very long and slow line for pre-rugby coffee – my children’s rugby that is. My mind wanders to those forgotten (and longed for) Sat morning lie-ins, coffee in bed, brunch with friends, hikes in the mountain …… forsaken in the name of love for aforementioned children; to watch a game I quite frankly cant abide.

I want one of your pink/black Mac-in-sac jackets to warm my bruised sensibilities on those Sat mornings ….. not to mention I would channel you in these pics – cool, sleek and chic!

2 jackets in 1 what every Mom wants and it’s pretty! Black&Grey Please

I would love to win this fan jacket because winter in Namaqualand is icy cold. I’d love the pink one please. Email:

Will keep the Ct chills at bay when I walk my dogs Lucy and Sadie

What a fabulous prize! I would choose the purple/lime version! Why should great winter clothes be in dull colours? When I go for a walk in the park, everyone will notice that fab little lady in the purple jacket and blue shoes! In any case the Europeans always seem have the best bright colours on their ski jackets! No more grey – there I said it!

Cape Town winters can be a drab! Certainly will have a better time in one of these lol. The pink and black would be fabulous!

Ooh, that black and pink Mac would be perfect for when my pooches drag me around a freezing Rondebosch Common!

Oh yes pretty please ? It is on my list of items to purchase for my trip to Peru (to complete a 300hr hour Yoga teacher training course along with other important holistic trainings). It is so cold there (and here) especially at night. This would be amazing to tick off my never ending and expensive mandatory list of items. Crossing all the fingers and body parts. Namaste

I would love to win one for my daughter. The teal colour. It’s her birthday on the 24th and I simply cannot afford one ?

The name alone makes me want to get 1 . Black ?

“JUST BECAUSE THE ARE STYLING” was my daughter’s answer to why she would love to win one. ❤❤ She has been begging for one of these for so long…..we just can’t afford it. Would love to surprise her with one as a belated birthday present?? A black one would be amazing??

Ooooh I would love one of these to keep me warm in winter…I think I’m probably the coldest human around ☃️? They look amazing and would definitely choose a black one ?

I live the black/grey one ?

I’d love the black one. It’s an ingenious idea and concept.

I’d love the ?

I’m the tiniest person who absolutely layers & layers till I’m an OOMPALOOMPA every winter! This jacket would totally help in winter especially the freezing cold mornings at Uni! I’d love to feel all snuggled up in this jacket ?
Black & Grey would be SO ideal!

Would love to win the black and grey jacket as my two French Poodles Luna and Abby loves to go for their early morning walk and definitely need this jacket to keep the cold air out.

It’s deathly cold in winter, I’m anemic so I suffer extra lol. This jacket is stunning, I love the black and grey one 🙂

Wow!! Love the pink & black/navy – I am visiting my son in the Limpopo area this winter and would love a jacket that can keep me warm!

What a gorgeous looking jacket! Absolutely love the look of the navy blue/pink one, this would be perfect for icy cold winters here in JHB, i’m from the UK and thought I could handle Winters but SA Winters have kicking my butt!

navy & pink please

I’d love a Mac-in-Sac. I walk my old 15 year old spaniel twice a day on his terms and its starting to get chilly and drizzly. A dog’s got to walk when a dog’s got to walk so this would be perfect to keep at the front door. Pink and blue would make my day.
Glen Hutchinson

I cannot think of a better way to shake off post-election Blues than to snuggle in a Mac-in-a-Sac: it is light where there is heavy and its bright where there is dark. The blue/black combination is wow

Ooh I’d love to win the grey and black one for my trip to Ireland in June. Although it’s summer over that time, they advise to always bring a coat or jacket and this could roll up nicely into my bag ??

Come this Winter, I will be a SAHM. I will need to look good, while playing Mommy’s Uber. ?

Oh my Gosh!!! I would do anything for this beauty! The black and grey one is my fav! Ive been wanting one for ages now and this popped up in my newsfeed! Its cant be a coincident! 🙂

The leaves have turned orange and now are getting brown.
Do not be deceived by the bright blue sky!
Its more than a chill in the air…its blerrie cold here in Jozi
Between early morning gym visits and school drop offs, and trying my best to support my kids and the endless soccer matches , when I would rather be curled up in bed with some masala chai and a homemade rusks.
I am a skinny bean with not a lot of meat on my bones so yes I need about 8 layers ( I kid you not) to keep me toasty.
I am so over thick, heavy jackets that weigh more than me!!
So yes, a lovely down jacket would be fabulous , thank you. I love that these are lightweight and can be easily fold up to fit into a handbag. I especially love that they are reversible, the outer layer is water repellent and it has reflective branding. how awesome is that? I am impressed with the elasticized cuffs so that cold air cannot travel up your sleeve (such a bonus).
I think I would totally rock the black and pink one.
Thanks for any awesome giveaway.

So we can match not only with our dogs at Liesbeek Park but also in our Mac-in-a-Sacs ? lol! ❤️

Hi. Travelling to NYC in 3 weeks time and would love to have the black / grey one to take with. The idea of folding it into a small pocket (travel friendly) + water resistant is perfect.

I love that being reversible makes it so versatile. It looks stylish and so comfy. I’d love the black and grey option.

It love the fact that it’s reversible so versatile. I love the grey and Black

It’s a versatile jacket and will keep me warm as I really battle with the cold! Black and grey

Oh wow!!! I would absolutely love to win this prize since I will be traveling to Europe soon and this will fit perfectly into my bag ? Pick me please!!!
#anycolourwouldwork but #blackandpinkforthewin

Love the pink /black. My 4 year old is such an outdoor kid which is great…unless it’s cold! One of these jackets would be great for those chilly days where I have to keep up with him 🙂

Jozi winters one freezes to the bone, especially here in Barkhurst ? The classic black/grey works for me ?

I am always cold because of certain medications I am on and it cuts me to the bone.I like the black and grey colour combination

I would love the green and purple one! I need it coz when I get home from work I immediately take of my pants, T-shirt and bra! But then I am cold. At least if I have this jacket I can be super warm on my upper body that I won’t need pants. #pantlesslife #jacketssavelifes

Because i think it will make me feel all cosy and warm and the red and black colour will make me look stunning!!

I’d love the black/grape coloured Mac-in-a-Sac. Would be perfect for the icy Johannesburg winter. I won’t need to hibernate if I have the perfect puffer jacket.

Id love the black . Im not a winter person.i hate feeling cold and uncomfortable when im out and about. It will be a good item in my closet as i dont own anything like this

I would love to win this jacket because I’m a studying at the moment. Studying in bellville and living in athlone the weather is bipolar either the weather lied to me or I dress to lightly because I miss judged the weather. Dressing in this winter I have to wear atleast 5-6 layers of clothing because I don’t like getting cold. Winning this jacket would mean I can could shed some clothing Maybe and even I will never afford this jacket until I work.

I am needing a light weight warm jacket for the outdoors for this winter . Would be thrilled to own a pink one, it’s bright and girly which I love and adore!

Well if I get to look as good as you do in it then I NEED one! Looks super comfy for running errands this winter. Would choose the black one x

I hate winter cause I get unbelievably cold. And it’s so hard to find a good jacket that the wind doesn’t just blow through. I like either of the color ways that have black. Pink and black would be nice ?

I don’t have a funky warm jacket to watch my son’s early morning soccer matches so this would be much appreciated. Any colour would do?

As a Cape Town newbie, I need protection from the wind ? and…. it’s Cape Town, I want to look trendy and there’s a high style standard here ? black one for me!

I love the black jacket,its stylish cosy and I can wear it with anything.I’m in need of a new jacket but my budget doesn’t allow.

I love the black jacket,its stylish cosy and I can wear it with anything.I’m in need of a new jacket as winter is approaching but my budget doesn’t allow

Winter has arrived in the midlands and it snuck up on me so sneakerly (not sure that’s a word), that I had no time to prepare. I have only one decent jacket in my cupboard so I could really do with a Mac-in-a-Sac jacket ? I love the black and dark purple one – so versatile! Love the fact that it’s interchangeable! Fingers crossed ?

I would love to win the black one. I arrive at work almost 45 minutes before anyone everyday. This would be amazing to keep me warm on the chilly freezing mornings.

I would love to because I don’t have a warm puffer jacket.I’d love it in navy so I can wear it with anything.

my daughter would love this jacket as it is an awesome colours. i can see her wearing it to all her winter matches.

Would love the navy,perfect for Winter.

Would love the pink/black one. Perfect to keep me and my baby warm on winter walks!

The jackets are lovely. I love the black and pink. The pink will brighten up those cold and gloomy days during the winter. I live in Hogsback, we have all the seasons here in a day. So its a jacket i would use weekly if not daily.
We are also travel to London next year so would be a great jacket to pack in my handbag… and will be ready for the change of weather there while roaming the city.

The Jackets are beautiful . I would love a black one.

Hi there, I would like to win this beautigul jacket as I cannot afford it and its getting cold ?
Dark blue and red is the nicest to me.

I love the pink and black ! It’s so versatile and I really feel the cold so I would love to win this jacket to keep me snug in winter

I am going to England in October! My very first overseas trip! This would be amazing to take with! All I own is cardigans! And i am saving so hard for this trip, i won’t be able to buy a proper warm jacket. Pleaaase pick me! I would love a Black/Grey one!

I would love these for going on my walks now that Winter is creeping in. My 6 year old son says the Pink and Navy would look best on me so I am going with that one 🙂

I would love to own one of these stylish jackets. I will need it for the cold winters dark mornings out in the mist, wind and rain. Perfect for indoor and outdoor winter weather. I would like to have the blue jacket. I’m hoping to be the lucky winner. Holding thumbs?

I would legit kill for this pink jacket

My husband has recently bought a down jacket ans he LOVES IT!!!! I would love one as well, I love the purple one or the black and grey version. It will be a great treat. Everyone I know that has a down jacket loves them, I want in on the action please.

Would love the black and grey one for those chilly beach walks!

Always wanted a down jkt. will be perfect for those chilly doggy walks. I love the black 🙂 thanks

It’s the perfect chic jacket to go with winter. I would love the pink one!

Off to see the snow in Lesotho this year and I’e been looking for a great jacket – I think I’ve found it. Crossing fingers

Wow I would Love the Black and Purple. I would literally never leave the house without it, I think my husband would also be relieved because I would take my own jacket out to gatherings in stead of “stealing” his every time.

Gone are the days of cosy lay-ins on a chilly Saturday morning! With a busy toddler and fur child, its coffee to go and off we head for a very early, very fresh walk – and I. Freeze. This would be so perfect to keep warm without compromising my style ? Love the navy and pink combo. XXX

I would love one as then I would no longer be able to try and convince my dog that a run around the lounge constitutes a walk in winter (bad fur-mom I know!). As for colour navy & pink.

Would lurve a black/grey one – ‘garden duty’ as a preschool teacher on cold winter days is not much fun when you’re cold!

A week later and just forgot to comment black

I would love to win because it looks super warm and comfy, love that it is reversible so I would be able to get two looks out of it, I would love the navy/pink one.

Off to see the snow in Lesotho this year and I’e been looking for a great jacket – I think I’ve found it. Love the Black/Purple one Crossing fingers

How awesome that is can fold into its own pocket. So great for travelling in winter. I have no good winter jackets and this would be so great. I love the black & deep mulberry combo. I just love my daily emails from you!

Would love to win to keep warm this winter black/grey

Black and grey for sure! Will be so nice to be toasty warm this winter 🙂

Grey Black #MacInASac love this what a brilliant idea #InMyBag .I’m in love with color you wearing but I need to be practical

Of course I do! Just what I need to keep cosy
and comfortable for my son’s upcoming soccer matches at the crack of dawn in a Wintry Johannesburg! I would love to sport the blue and green Mac – and the blue will be the best colour with my jeans!

A Mac in a Sac…love the name! I need this as 1) my other jacket toooo big due to weight loss… 2) only ever wear black but love the pink one, what a great way to have both options and also hoping that with the pink my boys don’t wear it. That’s right Jerseys and jackets seem to have no gender in my house! And most of all have to keep warm in a Joburg winter. ?

What an awesome polar jacket and perfect for the upcoming Winter trip up to the Drakensberg. I absolutely love the Teal/Jet Black one

I adore the Teal one you are wearing in the pic. This would be so perfect for a Winter getaway to the Midlands and when I go to the UK for 6 months next year.

I love the black and grey, perfect for the stormy winter mornings

i love the black and grey jacket. i would love to win this as i really need a warm jacket. it would be a great birthday gift to myself (today is my birthday and i recieved no gifts?) ,secondly winter is around the corner and a good jacket is quite pricey amd things have been tough lately.

Stylish and ethical fashion at it’s best! I would love the black and grey jacket as the colours are so versatile and perfect for winter 🙂

Lightweight, reversable, packable and water resistant – what more could you ask for – ideal for those misty cold cape winter mornings. The colour combinations are all so nice, its hard to pick one – but I guess I would choose the black and pink.

I neeeeed this in my life! Joburg winters are freezing and I think we’re in for a particulary cold one this year… eeeeek!
Pink and black is stunning, love that.

the black only colour will match my wardrobe items. who says winter is here when I could have this jacket to keep me warm in this winter? The flu and colds will be a thing of the past.

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