Last year ELEMIS launched their Superfood skincare range: a nutrient dense, Vegan Friendly range that included a face wash, day & night creams and a facial oil (read about the range HERE).

I loved the range because the formulas use Super greens & Super grain complexes, are rich in antioxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins & minerals – all feeding the skin with nourishment. Also included was a Prebiotic designed to support the good microflora on the skin’s surface, helping to balance & maintain its delicate ecosystem.

I’m pleases to announce that two new products have been added to the range: A Superfood Vital Veggie Mask (R720) and a Superfood Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator (R670) both are Vegan too 🙂

Top: Vital Veggie Mask / Bottom: Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator

First up, I’d like to chat about the Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask, which is formulated for all skin types. It works to nourish, hydrate and brighten the skin.

It contains Vitamin C and Passionfruit Acids to help gently slough away dead skin cells & reveal a smoother, brighter look. Omega-rich Avocado and Chia Seed oils help support the skin’s moisture barrier, while Wheatgrass, Kale and Nettle extracts – all rich in chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals and vitamins – leave the skin hydrated with a fresh glow. There is also a naturally sugar derived prebiotic to help maintain balance in the skin’s microflora.

You use it twice weekly, applying a coin size amount to face & neck.

The Elemis Superfood Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator can be used daily, or as needed.

This is a wonderfully revitalising facial scrub packed with anti-oxidant rich fruit extracts that gently exfoliate the skin, leaving the complexion smoother, softer and hydrated.

This scrub is formulated with sustainably-sourced Blackcurrant particles to gently yet effectively exfoliate the skin, whilst a prebiotic (naturally derived from sugar) helps to maintain balance in the skin’s microflora.

This gentle exfoliator removes the build-up of dead skin cells that can leave the complexion looking dull and lacklustre. The moisturising, glycerine base leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, without stripping natural oils. I really like that one can transform this nourishing jam-gel to a milky scrub by adding water for a more robust exfoliating treatment.

To use, simply dampen the skin and gently massage the exfoliator in light circular motions. Add water to transform the texture into a milky scrub. Remove with warm water and a dark cloth. This scrub can be used on all skin types.

ELEMIS is available to purchase at selected spa’s, Edgars stores and online at


Hey Candice,

I actually wonder if this will work for my skin as I have a relatively younger-looking for an almost 40-year old but I have been trying to source natural exfoliators and masks for my skin, and this sound just like what I’ looking for. I am trying to go the “au-naturelle” route with almost my entire product range because some of these chemicals and AHAs can be pretty hectic on one’s skin.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see 🙂

Hi Buhle, thanks for the comment. Interestingly enough, it’s the AHA exfoliators that have been proven to be MORE GENTLE than the granular ones. Often, dermatologists will tell clients with sensitive skin types to rather opt for an AHA over a granular scrub. AHA’s dissolve the upper layer of cells to trigger repair, and, unlike with scrubs, the skin is not damaged by abrasives. So if you have sensitive skin, acids are actually a good choice. Saying that though, this scrub is super gentle & would work for even a very sensitive skin. If you’d like to chat more about this, please email me on & I’ll happily give you further suggestions 🙂

Both sound absolutely incredible. I tried the Superfood face oil last year after I read your blog & can honestly say it was the best oil I’ve ever used! It transformed dry my skin.

Mh! This mentions my concerns exactly.

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