Are you battling with a dull, uneven looking complexion that lacks radiance? If yes, you need to try the new Filorga Oxygen Glow Skincare line. Aside from it’s gorgeous, Millennial pink packaging (can you even?), it’s also priced slightly more affordably than the intensive anti-ageing Filorga ranges. All the products are a joy to use and the textures are sublime.

There are four products in the Oxygen-Glow line which includes an eye cream, moisturiser, cleanser & mask. Each product contains a core formula that includes the following ingredients:

  • Nasturtium extract that acts as an oxygenation booster, helping to energize the skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid to plump fines lines & wrinkles while boosting moisture reserves.
  • L-Enzyme detoxifies the skin.
  • Photoperfector-HD that utilizes soft-focus agents & skin brightening pearlescent particles to give the skin a glow.

Oxygen-Glow Super-Perfecting Radiance Cream (R725)

This moisturiser works to plump, smooth & detoxify the skin. It can be used for both day & nighttime and, you can mix a little with your foundation to create a lovely tinted moisturiser. In addition to the ingredients listed above, it also contains a colour-control peptide that helps unify the complexion, giving it a real glow. This cream is non-comedogenic & suitable for all skintypes.

Oxygen-Glow Clean (R360)

Oh, my word but this is SUCH a lovely cleanser. Essentially, it’s a gel that transforms into a cleanser, effectively removing dirt & make up (even waterproof mascara). It can be used on wet or dry skin. I apply it before jumping in the shower, gently massaging it into my skin to help it lift dirt and oil. The formula contains Niacinamide, which has an anti-pollution action, helping to eliminate impurities in the skin. And the fragrance…it’s just sublime.

Oxygen-Glow Mask (R610)

Use this mask as a super-perfecting express treatment when you really need your skin to glow! It contains a trio of gentle peeling ingredients that includes gluconolactone, grapefruit extract & papain, all which work to reveal a glowing complexion in just 10 minutes. You can use it up to 3 x a week, or daily for a seven-day intensive treatment.

Oxygen-Glow Eyes (R555)

Looking for an eye formula that minimizes the appearance of dark circles? If yes, you’ll like this product. The formula contains a Tripeptide that works to diminish dark circles while also moisturising & detoxifying. I really like the cream-gel texture of this eye treatment that can also be applied under the brow bone for a highlighting effect, thanks to the pearlescent particles. And even though this product is fragranced, it can be used on sensitive eyes.


I have one full Filorga Oxygen-Glow Hamper valued at R2250 up for grabs.

To enter, like In My Bag Blog on Facebook HERE and leave a short comment below this post telling me why you’d like to win this hamper.

Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it), so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

The winners name will be announced on In My Bag’s Facebook page on Tuesday 20 May 2019

This giveaway is only open to residents of South Africa. 


My skin is so dry lately would love to win this for extra moisture and nourishment of my skin

I love how the Nasturtium extract acts as an oxygenation booster, helping to energize the skin – as I have terribly dry skin so this would be awesome.

I would love to give this gorgeous skin treat to my daughter who always wants to look Insta- perfect. I trust Filorga with my heart and soul and I know that these products would suit her skin type perfectly and would give her that ethereal glow. I know this would be the best gift I could ever give her.. the gift of excellent skincare.

I suffer from dry skin, especially through the winter months. Nasturtium extract that acts as an oxygenation booster, helping to energize the skin sounds like exactly what my skin needs.

Thank you for a great blog!

I would especially love the Oxygen-Glow Eyes, as I really battle with dark rings under my eyes due to a chronic illness.
I would love to win this hamper.


I generally have dry and dull skin, and even more so as the winter months approach ?

I would love to use these products to make my skin look and feel energised and radiant, and to get a natural glow, despite the colder weather.

I also love anything with Hyaluronic acid.. and as those pesky fine lines start to make an appearance, I need all the help I can get to minimise them!

Winter is approaching which takes a toll on my skin. My skin becomes flaky, dull and dry in colder seasons. These products would be ideal in combating my skin concerns and help my skin look radiant and healthy.

These products have amazing benefits and would surely help with my uneven skin tone and dryness. ???

This range sounds amazing. I can’t really afford nice nice skin care and really need a bit of a glow boost so would love to win this! Also the need to tackle fine lines is getting quite desperate.

I’ve recently turned 40 and suddenly have all sorts of skin drama… Which includes dryness and spots … I filorga is just what I need ??

OMW i need this for my dehydrated skin . since i had my baby girl my skin is gone dull and dehydrated and so unfresh . i would love to win this product for my skin . being a mother is not easy plus u dont g3t much time to look after ur self or go for a facial etc.
BUT if my skin can glow with FILORGA in just 10 minutes than y not ??
would love to win this product
looking fwd to it ..

My skin has been rather dry and dehydrated due to allergies and the changing seasons. I tend to get very blotchy and dry around this time of year, and it sounds like these products would be just the thing to fix it!

I am currently really struggling with my skin, its dry and flaky but most of all very dull and washed out. I really would love to bring back the glow and not look like an extra on “Walking Dead”

I am spending all my money on our baby arriving in September, so this will be a REAL treat!!

Would love to try this brand, I’ve really been struggling with my skin for the last few months and just haven’t found a product that does the job.

My skin is in desperate need of some TLC. Completing my honours this year has definitely had an impact on my skin with all of the late nights and diet changes. This would be the most amazing boost for my skin ???

The Tripeptide in these amazing products is just what the dark circles under my eyes need. My skin is in serious need of TLC and saving.

Thanks so much for this post! Growing up in the harsh South African sun, I’m already starting to see the effects of sun damage and aging skin! These products sound incredible – I’d LOVE to try them 🙂

My skin is so dry & sensitive, I’d love to try these products out, JHB winter is just cruel #winteriscoming

Hi, I am a single mom of two young boys, I am 37 and Been out of work for almostrich a year now, and close to losing almost every thing, I am now lucky enough to be employed again, and need this for myself esteem and motivation to look and feel good and do better at my new job..please bless me with this in my bag..thank you so much..Charlene from Durban

Of all your giveaways, I need this Candice! My 43-year old peri-menopausal skin is has become so dull and lackluster, I want to just hide for days! Especially keen to try the Super Perfecting Express Mask!

I am finding the older I become the more anxious I am regarding the moisture, tone and texture in my skin, not knowing what products would be most beneficial. Filorga certainly sounds like the answer to this older looking skin. Thank you most kindly Candice and Filorga x

I NEED that super glow? My skin lacks radiance and it’s not even winter yet..? Such an exciting range?

1st of All I would like to Thank you for this amazing giveaway to the public so the everyday gal can ENTER. Being a single mom I’m in a shoe string budget that’s why I ENTER daily ? mostly skincare giveaway? which I won’t be able to afford otherwise . Iv ononly heard amazing reviews on the Filorga skincare ?

Like I said so many times on your skincAre giveaway I suffer from dull dehydrated .. Ageing Skin ?wth hypertension.. But I’m sure these products will come In Good use for my Dull …thirsty ..Ageing Skin☹️.

That Oxygen Glow Mask sounds like flippen Magic to my eyes? Use this mask as a super-perfecting express treatment when you really need your skin to glow! It contains a trio of gentle peeling .??

And…the Magic potion of Hyaluronic acid to plump fines lines & wrinkles while boosting moisture reserves Noow we talking my language for my Ageing skin ??

Last but not least this would be a dream come true ? to win this giveaway

Hi Candice. I’m in my early 40s and let me tell you, things are changing lol. Skincare is changing and too be honest, it can sometimes be so daunting. What to use to brighten up my skin has been an endless journey For once I would like this anxiety to move along swiftly Ive heard many great reviews about this brand so I’d love to have opportunity to try it out. Thanks a bunch Xoxo

My skin is looking rather dull and uneven. Filorga would be perfect for my skin! As we get older we need to start using different products. Filorga looks like the perfect treat for my skin to getting it glowing and even toned once more.

Me, me, me! I’m 50 years old and I need more GLOW in my life! My skin is Cape Town dry and would love to try this range!

My skin has been lackluster lately and I need to GLOW.

As I am approaching 34, it is becoming more difficult for me to keep my skin hydrated and dewy – I need all the help I can get!

Now that Im in my 40’s the hunt is on for products that manifest their claims and restore my glow that younger me used to have.After reading the ingredients I have such high hopes for these products

I think my skin needs a boost and this sounds like just the thing

At 35 my skin is starting to look tired, dull and aged. I wish I still had my youthful but the unfortunately can’t reverse time so instead I definitely need a proper skin care regimen which would plump up and boost my skin which would make me look and feel more Alive !

These products look just heavenly – and sound as if they would be the perfect nourishing treat for my very dull and tired looking skin! Could definitely do with the boost ~ and its such a treat to be able to pamper yourself with some gorgeous new products once in a while! The thought alone makes me glow!

Really really want to try this product on my skin, it sounds amazing!!!

I could really do with some glow and brightening ??. The dark circles under my eyes are illegal and some Oxygen Glow eye cream would be a life saver. Long hours in the office followed by studying and air conditioning the last couple of months have left my skin in a terrible state so I can’t wait to try the new Filorga Oxygen Glow range or win some ???.

I’m fairly new to your blogs but I’m loving it, keep it up ?.

I’m loving anything in that colour that can make my skin glow as well!! Would also like to have lady luck on my side and win something for a change!

I’m a sucker for good skincare products! I love looking after my skin. This would be an absolute treat!!!

I really want to win this hamper because I have dehydrated skin and I’m sure this will help as it contains hyaluronic acid. My skin has been looking rather lifeless lately and could definitely do with added glow and radiance ?

Yeahhhhh…after moving up to JHB from Cape Town 3 months ago, I’m really struggling. The dry air up here is wrecking havoc with my skin, and I’ve yet to find “the one” in terms of a good moisturizer!

You had me at PINK?

A Super-Perfecting Radiance Cream that Smooths, Evens, Plumps and Detoxifies?

YES Please?

Before using ANY product theres a few boxes I like to check off?

Are they experts in the field ✔
Are they against testing on animals✔
Are their ingredients listed on the product for transparency✔ and finally
Is it Non-comedogenic✔

This product ticks all the boxes, Ive used Filorga products in the past so I know this new range is probably amazeballs!

I would definitely lurv to use this, at that stage where we need to take care of those little fine lines popping up! And my skin is in severe need of a boost, esp now that winter is coming?.

Oh and my birthday is coming up so that would be another great reason to spoil me @inmybag? #justsaying?


This would be an amazing prize, I’m far too young to have skin that looks this old, dull and lifeless, I definitely need a glow-up! I’m struggling to find the holy grail for my skin type, this could be it!

With winter coming up & my skin drying out, I’m in desperate need of it needing some nourishment! Also, the bags under my eyes are absolutely massive from all of the late nights of studying!

My skin needs a boost needs a boost to survive this winter! Also I love your page ?

What a fantastic sounding range of products! Anything that that can give my dull skin a glowy boost and reduce my dark eye circles has got to be worth a try!

the change of seasons has been rough on my skin- long hours working full time and studying part time & I really need the skin boost & something to hide these dark circles

My skin is going through the most as im currently pregnant. Its super dry and dehydrated. I would love to try this range.

I would love to try the Oxygen-Glow Eyes … Those dark circles never seem to go away, it doesn’t matter how much concealer, moisturizer and face masks I try.. I still end up looking like raccoon 🙂

Um….GLOW! Need I say more!

Need all the glow I can get this winter.

I recently had some bad luck where change of season left me with Pneumonia. For some reason, my skin is looking very uneven, dull and tired. I would love to try the product as I am a believer in Filorga?
I’ve had my eye on this range for a while and would love the chance to try it on my dry and damaged skin to get it looking good again.

I turned 40 in Feb and i have become more aware of my aging skin. I would love clear, even skin tone

I have heard amazing things about Filorga. I am so keen to try them.

I would love to have glowing skin. I like the look of the mask

This mama has tired, dull and dehydrated skin that could do with all the glow from these amazing Filorga products. Xx

It looks absolutely heavenly!

I’ve heard so many great things about Filorga and I’m on the hunt to try a new skincare brand and range and Filorga seems ideal.

Dry and dull skin is what I currently have.

My dry patchy skin is in real need of some pampering, especially with winter approaching. I have faith that the Filorga range of products will do this perfectly.

Let’s not beat around the bush, who doesn’t want to win a hamper of amazing beauty products!! Everyone loves winning and then winning products I would love to try out…promising glowing skin and I have just turned 40 and let’s be honest my skin needs every bit of rehydration it can possible get. Im a massive fan of a cleanser that removes make up, especially water proof mascara as I truly hate panda eyes and struggling to remove make up. Im a Mom to a toddler I just don’t have the time to fight with my make up.

Basically I need all the help I can get ?. To tell you the shameful truth I have only just started a proper skin care routine this year and I am now 34! I’m loving the results I am seeing and the change in my skin since I have started giving it some TLC and I can only imagine what these beautiful products would do for me. Would LOVE to try them.

My skin is very dry and dull and with winter around the corner I need extra help!

The new Filorga Oxygen Glow Skincare, it’s gorgeous, Millennial pink packaging, it’s also more affordably than the intensive anti-ageing Filorga ranges.

I’d love to treat my 35 year old skin which is looking dull and tired. Please please please ?

The the Filorga product range is excellent and would be very much appreciated,especially for this winter.

My skin is dehydrated, dull & my complexion is in the gutters! I’m always on the look for skincare that can add a beautiful glow and bring my skin to life. 🙂

Hi there
I have good skin and i want to preserve it
Would love to have a change in the products im currently using
Eager to try the Filorga range

Simply because I have two boys on the autism spectrum. I don’t have time or money to spend on myself and this is the only brand that actually works for my skin. Even if I don’t win, I would strongly recommend filorga. It’s an amazing product

I would love to win this because I’ve been trying everything to help with my dark circles and uneven skin tone. I don’t like to put on makeup everyday so if there is something that can help it would be awesome. So far I’ve used Eucerin and Dermatologica but it’s pricy and my skin is too sensitive so I can’t use cheaper options.

I would love to try these products. I recently turned 38 and I have certainly noticed a difference in my skin. For some inexplicable reason, my skin has taken a turn for the worst and I am experiencing the dull, uneven complexion as well as a few breakouts. I feel that this is just what I need to rejuvenate my skin and my spirit.

I have never tried Filorga products and my skin sure could use a treat!

A pleasure to read this review about this amazing products thank you.
Due to severe depression and being on medication my skin was effected due to neglect. It is dry, flaky and looks dull. I will love to win and use these products to revitalize my skin and make me feel confident and proud of my skin. Will be so grateful .

My skin is dry from 12 hour nightshifts and stressful job , I just need a good pamper and my confidence is down in the dumps with my skin looking so dull. can see Im starting to get fine lines …. and something like this is a good start at 34 😉

Being a paediatrician and working over 24hour shifts. My skin takes the toll and never gets a chance to get spoiled as often as it should. Dark circles are the norm. This range would be a daily pamper session that will bring the glow and sparkle back to a busy doctor ?‍⚕️

This year I should definitely then yesa of skin for me. I’m trying my best to take extra good care of my skin because it’s never too early to start! ? I have tried multiple products but I have never heard of this one! I don’t know where you find all these things Candice. You’re an product hunter!

Interesting that such effective ingredients have been formulated and are agreeable to even sensitive skin types like mine. It’s never too late in the year for a skin pamper…. the cooler, dryer weather is on its way, and this would be such a gorgeous skin spoil!!!

Hi,my skin is uneven, pigmented and very sensitive, I would love the opportunity to try this amazing range and see how it improves and oxygenates band evens out my skin.

I’ve been suffering with acne prone, dry, uneven skin tone, and the texture is just so bad since I was 14. And I’m 19 now. It’s difficult going through your teens, especially as a girl with skin like mine. My skin doesn’t have a glow, it looks dul, and that ruins my mood and lowers my self esteem so much. I use moisturisers but it only helps my skin for like 20 minutes before it becomes dry again. I deserve to win this because I deserve to feel confident in my skin.

I look forward to the few minutes of zen in the mornings and evenings which is my skincare routine.
I’d love to try out the dark-circles eye treatment. These products sound like they would be a heavenly addition to my daily skincare moments!

I have ineven skintone for thr longest time, I have tried everything on the market but nothing works. I have dark circles around my eyes and my skin get extra dull and dry during winter. I sure would like to try this product,, love the review and packaging.

I am in my early thirties and have never had problem skin. The last few years I have been noticing more and more that my skin has become dry and need some extra tlc. This would be a perfect product for me!

For the last few weeks my skin has lost its ‘oomph’ and I’ve developed a dull complexion, with my pigmentation standing out more. I’ve tried a new product which did not yield great results. This brand and the products sound amazing, and would address many of the issues my complexion/skin is going now, most importantly getting my glow back 🙂

My skin has taken a toll this year as a result of stress and just loosing everything. It’s hard as a beautician to look the way I do now. My skin really needs some tlc.

I would love to try the Oxygen-Glow Eyes, as I suffer with dark rings under my eyes.

I would love to try the Filorga Oxygen Glow Skincare line to help me combat dull, uneven looking complexion that lacks radiance.

It would be great to test out the eye cream, moisturiser, cleanser & mask so that I can look forward to:
energized skin
really moisturised and plumped up fines lines and wrinkles
detoxified skin
a skin a glow


I have tried so many products and still my skin is dull and uneven. I would love to try a product that can show my inner glow on the outside.

I’m looking for the best brand for my skin, I’d love to give Nivea a try!

My skin is so incredibly dull and drastically needs a boost. Id like to win this amazing 4 product hamper to reboost and energize my skin, in time for winter. Also passing the 35 year old mark has had some drastic changes, please help me hold on to my 30s.

I am pushing 60 already,no I can’t believe it and I need to look young and radiant as I am doing the online dating thing!My skin is also dry and feels so tight so this hamper would be just what the doctor ordered.

Wow! These Filorga products sound just the right tonic for my dehydrated skin.

I d like to win this for myself as I ve been going through a hard time personally and professionally lately and my skin and confidence is suffering. Would love to win this for a boost!

I read your posts religiously, I enter pretty much all of your give aways and I have never won anything, plus I have a birthday coming up and I would love a little TLC.

I have been undergoing a lot of personal stress and it has taken a toll on me physically. I am drained, my skin is dry and dull. I am in desperate need of a makeover.

the Photoperfector-HD that utilizes soft-focus agents & skin brightening pearlescent particles to give the skin a glow thats pretty interesting.

I’ve turn 40 last year and started showing ageing signs , fine line and there is very dry spots on my face . I think these products is just what my skin need

I was never ready for the drastic body and skin changes that come with the #naughtyforties and I really hoped my good genes would see me through. Boy, was I wrong. My skin is dehydrated and flaky…and don’t even get me started on my eye bags and dark circles. I really need this #prettyplease

I would love to win this because I have tried a small sample and loved it. But even with the more Affordable prices sadly family responsibilities trump my dark Mark’s and dull skin.

would absolutely LOVE to win this range, the skincare looks so fresh and rejuvenating!

My skin is tired and dull. With hormonal changes and pigmentation I need a product that can assist me getting a back a radiant and glowing skin.

Age 40 plus 5 has really challenged me with dark circles under my eyes. This package especially the Oxygen-Glow Eyes will really help with this!

I have recently fallen in love with skincare and I am on a mission to trial many brands and see what works the best for me. This would be a great helping start for me.

Any product recommended to combat the signs of ageing gets me excited. I am also looking for a great product that will boost my skin radiance and work on uneven skin tone. The Oxygen-Glow Mask sounds absolutely amazing and definitely at the top of my wish list! Thanks for the fab review.

These products sound amazing. I would love to try to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes and could do with boost for my dull skin. I suffer with PCOS and I am outdoors a majority of the week and the weather has not been kind to my skin despite using a SPF50.

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