Two weeks ago, along with a few beauty bloggers & editors, I was whisked off to Sun City for the launch of the Morgan Taylor African Safari Collection.

The Cape Town #BeautyMassive about to depart on a red eye to JHB. This pic was taken at around 5:30am

We were all super excited as not only were we about to learn more about this beautiful new collection, we would also be taking part in a once in a lifetime Rhino tagging.

The event was hosted by Sparkle Cosmetics – the company responsible for bringing Morgan Taylor & Gelish into South Africa.

Nicole Hoffman, Debbie Kayle & Romy Pfaff (#TheThreeSisters)

Sparkle is a family owned & run business headed up by three dynamic sister with many years of experience in the nail market. They are truly passionate about their brands & uplifting all who work for & with them.

Once we arrived at Sun City, we headed out onto beautiful grounds & enjoyed a picnic, coupled with a press launch.

Miss SA Tamaryn Green joined us for the two days, and what a lovely, gracious woman she is. She also had the coolest manicure.

Singer Tamara Day was also one of the guests. Can we just take a moment to admire her nails (obvs done by a Sparkle nail technician)?

The Morgan Taylor African Safari Fall 2019 collection is inspired by the sweeping landscapes & vibrant colours of the African planes.

Six gorgeous colours are available in this Morgan Taylor collection which is also available in soak off Gelish, and (my favourite), Gelish Dip Colour Powder.

I was treated to a Gelish mani & pedi using any colour I wanted from the collection. I chose ‘Off The Grid’ a deep, dark brown shade that reads as black.

After such an early start to the day and a few hours of traveling, we were in for a real treat come dinner time.

We feasted on a delicious, South African Shebeen dinner consisting of pap, braaied lamb chops & boerewors with sides of roasted sweet pumpkin & potatoe salad.

The lovely Tamara Day also treated us to an impromptu performance around the Bouma. What a treat!

We had a very early start the following day (wake-up call at 4:30am), but every single one of us were super amped as we were about to experience a Rhino tagging & nothching.

It’s a very sad reality that our precious Rhinos (and many other animals) are under immense pressure due to poaching.

Despite global awareness campaigns and intense anti-poaching initiatives, Rhinos are still being killed at an alarming rate. The reason for this is the ridiculous prices their horn fetches worldwide.

This is not to say that preventative actions have been unsuccessful. Effective management and data tracking of the Rhino crisis is essential because, the more we know about the Rhino, the better we can protect them.

The Rhino Tagging / Notching that we were lucky enough to witness, sponsored by Gelish, Morgan Taylor & Sparkle Cosmetics in partnership with the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust.

During a notching, a Rhino is located, darted and immobilized. Veterinary professionals ‘notch’ the Rhino’s large ears, making unique marks & shapes on them. DNA is collected & vitamin booster shot is administered. The Rhino is unharmed and suffers no trauma.

What an absolute privilege to get so close to this incredible creature! It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience – one that proved to be very emotional for all of us.

I took the pic below of myself & my good friend, trend analyst Nicola Cooper, just after the notching. Both of us had been crying our eyes out. We were covered in smears of dirt, had super dry lips and not a stitch of makeup on. To top it off, we’d both only had about 3 hours of sleep the night before #KeepingItReal

When Morgan Taylor & Gelish created the African Safari Collection (inspired by a 2017 visit to South Africa by Morgan & Taylor themselves), it was with wildlife conservation in mind. It was decided that the proceeds of sales would be used to towards the support of endangered species & their habitats.

A special thanks to Mankwe Game Trackers & everyone else involved who made this experience possible.

For more information on how you can donate to this essential NPO, visit or email


I’m running a giveaway over on my Instagram (Follow HERE) where one person can win a Morgan Taylor Safari hamper to the value of R1000 containing all 6 shades from the collection.

Head on over to @candiceleekan to see how to enter.

Photos: @imagine.native


oh wow … feeling al teary and excited that t you had the opportunity to see a real rhino , that is pretty much life right there , a bucket list item !!! this might be the first MT collection that I wouldn’t be able to choose which color id buy hehe … love the pinkish/copper on the most 🙂

you are always up to all the fun and exiting stuff , and love that you share the special moments with us!!! little bit jealous ( in a very good way)

Lol does this count as a entry????

That’s me asking

Wow what an awesome experience and learning trip. Thanks for introducing me to this range. Definitely a must have.

A blessed awesome experience …

It truly was, Seshnie. One I will treasure forever.

It was one of the best press trips I’ve been on, Leeann. And pleasure, so glad you like the range. I adore very colour in the African safari Collection 🙂

Yes Karin, we can count it as an entry. Please follow @morgantaylorsa @gelishsa & on Instagram too.

I tell you Karin, seeing & actually being privileged enough to touch a rhino was a profound experience. I’m now o a mission to do whatever I possibly can to draw more awareness to their plight. It’s just heartbreaking to think almost 9 rhinos are poached EVERY DAY in Southern Africa. The colour you like is called No Sudden Mauves. So glad you enjoyed the post & thanks for the comment 🙂

Their new range is amazing and the best part is the initiative behind it

Agree Janel. It cost the brand almost R70K to tag & notch just this rhino. Wonderful initiative.

Geez you girls sure had fun, great range on colors Candice.

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