This is a question I asked myself when I received the new, very covetable Sensai The Lipstick that retails for R975.

Aside from providing the lips with colour, what benefits does this lipstick have?

Sensai The Lipstick contains the brands iconic ingredient: Koishimaru Silk.

Once reserved for the imperial family, Koishimaru silk – when used in skincare –  works by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid, bathing the cells in an ocean of moisture. All Sensai products contain Koishimaru Silk, including the make-up.

Formula wise, this Anti-ageing lipstick contains orange pearls and silky lustrous powders that (& I’m quoting the press release here) “dress the lips with just the right amount of radiance for a full & sensuous look.” To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what this means, but I think, in simple English terms, the formula  coats lips in colour while giving them a radiant quality.

Also contained in The Lipstick formula is “Silk Drape Technology”.

Again, I’m quoting directly from the press release, “Senasi’s state-of-the-art re-crystallisation powder process and 100% silk derived powders marry together as Silk Drape Technology – a powder complex that ensures smoothness & comfort of silk draped on the skin.” Decoded, this means the silk ensures the lipstick applies smoothly & easily.

Included in the formula is a Lip Care Complex of Apricot pulp extract that repairs roughness, Yuzu Extract that promotes skin activation (unsure of what this means, but Yuzu is a great antioxidant) and moisturising agents that condition & hydrate.

Think of The Lipstick by Sensai as serious skincare for the lips with added colour.

I received two shades of The Lipstick to try: Sakura Red – a full on, blue-toned red & Nadeshiko Pink, a lovely wearable pink that’s a similar shade to my natural lip colour.

I’ve worn both a few times & like how incredibly soft, lightweight & smooth the formula feels on the lips. It’s also super hydrating and wonderfully creamy. Even though I didn’t use a lip pencil, the formula didn’t bleed at all (this was amazing as most creamy formulas tend to bleed into vertical lip lines).

The gold packaging is gorgeous, and the lipstick comes in a velvet pouch that adds to the luxe experience.

I had tons of fun playing around with  the Sensai Virtual Make-Up AppHERE. 

Using the Virtual Make-up App wearing The Lipstick in 01 Sakura Red 

Using the Virtual App Wearing The Lipstick in 09 Nadeshiko Pink

The Sensai Virtual Make-Up App allows you to try out the brands lipsticks, eye make-up & blushers. Simply upload a picture of yourself (preferably makeup free) and select which makeup items you’d like to try.

I also tried out the Sensai Total Lip Gloss (R850) and was immediately drawn in by the cool, simple packaging.

The formula is based on the Sensai Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment and combines Koishimaru Silk with a complex that hydrates lips while smoothing vertical lip lines. Again, it feels lovely on the lips, and when worn alone, gives them a slightly iridescent shine. It also works well over lipsticks to give the pout a glossy finish. If I were to choose between The Lipstick or the Total Lip Gloss, I’d choose the gloss.

I’m interested to hear, would you spend R975 on a lipstick or R850 on a gloss, even if you had the cash to spare? Leave a comment below telling me your feelings on this.


Mmmm if it was really really good. There is so much more I could buy for that money 💴 however I do LOVE a good lipgloss.

Don’t think I could justify spending that on a lipstick. I would spend that on skin care or perfume though.

If I won the product as a prize I would be ecstatic… however, it’s my personal opinion that no lipstick or gloss could possibly warrant these prices. Even if I had the means I could never justify the price tag.

These shades are so pretty!

Candice x

It looks beautiful, but I wouldn’t buy it. It’s too expensive. I would expect my lips to plump up, gloss up, be hydrated, with colour stay for ATLEAST 148 hours😂😂😂…If I made that financial commitment, i would also name it, and maybe buy it a pillow.

Beautiful!! Eek but personally I find that these types of items I like to spend much less money on compared to foundations, blush etc

Hi Sarah, I agree. One can buy budget products that are comparable to the very best top end luxury makeup. What I do like about this lipstick is that it has skin-beneficial ingredients, so while you’re wearing colour on your lips, you are treating them as well.

After reading your comment, you had me in a fit of laughter, Faatimah! For that price it should also do my makeup after it’s well rested on it’s pillow!

Hello Natalya, lovely to see your face pop up in the comments. They are very pretty indeed & feel incredible on the lips. And the gloss is truly AMAZING.

Preach Kim. I’m with you. I would rather spend that money on a good serum (also, you can absolutely use serums on the lips!), but I have to add that they do feel incredible on the lips.

You & me both, Shel.

Hey Mandy, look the formula is superb – like skincare for the lips with colour. If I had the cash, I could be convinced to spend the R850 on the lipgloss cos’ it’s just DIVINE!!!

If I had the cash to spare regularly then I would definitely on lipstick but not gloss. I’m a lover of lipstick it’s my staple .

I hear you. However, I’d spend on the gloss because it’s just so divine. And, I didn’t include it in the images, but the lipsticks come in the most beautiful velvet pouch. So much of #LUXE

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