I recently did a few Instagram stories outlining the difference between a serum & a moisturiser. I was astounded at the feedback – most of my followers & readers thought they were basically the same thing, which they are not!

A moisturiser sits on the surface of the skin and holds moisture in. The molecule is large, so it can’t absorb.

A serum, on the other hand, is designed with a much smaller molecule that can penetrate deep into the skin. Serums contain a host of active ingredients that once absorbed, can deliver visible results. The important thing to remember when choosing a serum, is to select one that’s designed to address your skins specific concerns like hydration, acne, dehydration, pigmentation etc.

I was excited to hear that Dr Alek Nikolic – a very well-known aesthetic practitioner from Cape Town – recently formulated a highly effective range of serums called sk.in (short for skin ingredients). In the range are 5 power packed serums that can be seamlessly integrated into any existing skincare routine.

Dr Nikolic says that most people, even those who take ‘good’ care of their skin, usually have a degree of impairment of the outer skin barrier. “If the skin barrier is not working optimally, even the best quality ingredients cannot reach their full potential and effect.” As a result, every sk.in serum is formulated to help protect and repair the outer layer as well as target and help prevent specific concerns: acne, ageing, texture, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

For me, the beauty of the sk.in line is that the serums are formulated to easily slot into any basic skincare regime. Each serum provides a powerful dose of ingredients that will target specific skin concerns, strengthen and repair the skin barrier, visibly improve texture and tone and, ultimately, give you the confidence that comes from a healthy skin. I love that the range is Vegan and there is no fragrance or colour used in the products.

I was fortunate enough to be sent 3 variations to try out & spent most of January & February putting them to the test. To say I’m impressed is an understatement!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the sk.in lineup:

sk.in pure / medi shot (R700 for 100ml) – BUY

This is a fantastic treatment for anyone struggling with acne and blackheads. It’s formulated with Salicylic acid, an ingredient that is gentle, yet super effective at cleaning out pores, calming inflamed skin and helping keep breakouts under control. Also included are pineapple & papaya extract – both wonderful to gently exfoliate. Nicinamide has also been thrown into the mix to improve the appearance of enlarged pores, lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and dullness. Lastly, there’s zinc, which aids in healing the skin & prevents acne by regulating the skins oil production. All in all, this is a beautifully formulated product that not only keep breakouts at bay but also has an exfoliating action, fades pigmentation marks and hydrates the skin.

The sk.in pure medi shot should be used at night-time only.

If acne is a concern, simply moisten a cotton pad with the sk.in pure solution and apply to the solution to the affected area/s every 3rd night for the first two weeks, then every second evening after that. ALWAYS use an SPF in the day when using this product.

sk.in marvel / hydro shot (R1050 for a 30ml OR R1900 for a dual pack) – BUY

The sk.in marvel / hydro shot is just the serum to counteract dehydrated skin, improve skin barrier health, reduce signs of ageing all while protecting against environmental damage. The formula is made up of ceramides (excellent for moisture), high strength hyaluronic acid that works to draw water from the air into the skin, lipid-soluble Vitamin C & E – both powerful antioxidant that protect the skin from free radical damage while stimulating collagen production & reducing hyper-pigmentation.

To use, apply to clean, dry skin morning and evening AFTER applying other serums (like sk.in flash, sk.in gloss, sk.in bounce & sk.in pure). Use two small pumps to cover entire face and neck.

sk.in gloss / radiant shot (R1300 for a 30ml) – BUY

sk.in gloss / radiant shot is one of my favourites. It delivers a powerful shot of antioxidants that counteract environmental damage, including hyper-pigmentation and general skin ageing. It contains high levels of Vitamin C & E and Ferulic acid ester – one of the most effective, yet gentle antioxidants. D-Panthenol & hyaluronic acid boost hydration while Niacinamide improves skin elasticity. Essentially, this serum works to stimulate collagen production, reduce pigmentation and improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

To use, apply 2 small pumps in the morning onto clean, dry skin before any other serums. Allow to absorb before applying before applying any other treatments. Always wear an SPF 30 or higher when using this serum.

sk.in flash (1,2 and 3) / repair shot (R88O per shot) – BUY

sk.in flash (1,2 and 3) / repair shot is the anti-ageing cocktail that includes Retinoate (the least irritating form of Vitamin A), Vitamins C & E, Ceramides and hyaluronic acid. It works to counteract the signs of UV damage and improve the look of fine lines & wrinkles. Powerful antioxidants protect the skin while hydrating ingredients boost hydration.

sk.in flash comes in three formulations. First time users of retinol should start by using sk.in flash 1, then progress to sk.in flash 2, and then to sk.in flash 3.

To use, apply to clean, dry skin at night before any other moisturiser or serum. Two small pumps are all that’s needed to cover face & neck. Always wear an SPF 30 or higher when using this serum.

sk.in bounce / combo shot (R1800 for a 30ml) – BUY

sk.in bounce / combo shot combines the most powerful active ingredients in the sk.in range for maximum benefit from a single product. It’s designed for those who want and prefer a single serum.

Formulated with high strength retinoate, lipid-soluble vitamin C, vitamin E, ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Not only does this serum counteract the signs of UV sun damage and ageing, it radically improves texture and hydration, reduces pore size, stimulates collagen production and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Apply to cleansed dry skin at night before any other serums and allow to absorb completely. Use two small pumps to cover face & neck. Always wear an SPF 30 or higher when using this serum.

When used correctly once a day, a 30ml bottle of sk.in should last 2 to 3 months.

My sk.in regime

I put the gloss / radiant shot, the bounce / combo shot and the marvel / hydro shot through their paces and was super impressed at the results.

My regime looked like this:

Morning: gloss / radiant shot – 2 small pumps onto clean, dry skin followed by two small pumps of the marvel / hydro shot. I’d then apply my sunscreen, which is quite nourishing, eliminating the need for a moisturiser.

Evening: bounce / combo shot – 2 small pumps onto face, neck & décolletage, followed by marvel / hydro shot. I’d then apply my very basic, unscented moisturiser.

I really like that these serums are formulated to be used around the eyes, thus eliminating the need for an additional eye cream.

Less than two weeks into my sk.in regime I noticed a marked improvement in my skins hydration levels. While I don’t really have very deep wrinkles, any fine, dehydration lines were gone. The texture of my skin looked better and there was less redness on my cheeks (something that’s becoming a bit of an issue as I get older).

The spreadability of the serums is great, and I’d describe the texture as a gel/cream. The formulas absorbs very quickly, and there is no product pilling when layering. I didn’t experience any reactions whatsoever and my skin seemed to really like the formulas.

Also, 10 out of 10 for the super cool, simple packaging.

Happy, healthy, glowing skin.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask Dr. Alek a few pressing, beauty related questions:

Q: It’s essential to use a good sunscreen daily. Since you haven’t developed one (yet) for sk.in, which would you recommend for: Dry skin, oily / acne skin; normal skin?

A: A good SPF is vital and should be applied several times daily for high UV exposure. I recommend a SPF 30 or higher, that contains zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. There are a number of great brands, of which my go-to are Heliocare, SkinCeuticals, Alpha-H, Dermaceutic and Mesoestetic. Each of these brands cater for dry, normal/combination, and acne/oily skins. The most important thing is to find out your skin type and only use products – including SPF – that are specific to your skin.

Q: There is an ongoing conversation in the beauty industry around eye creams and whether they are really necessary. Many dermatologists (both locally & internationally) say you simply don’t need them, and that your serum should & can be used around the eye area instead. Are you in agreement with this?

A: The case for whether or not eye creams are necessary is not cut and dried. In most cases serums are fine to use around the eye area. However, some people have very sensitive eyes and should consider a specific eye cream or serum to minimise spread or sensitivity, as some serums spread too easily and could irritate the eyes.

Q: Can your sk.in serums be used around the eye area?

A: Absolutely, sk.in serums are formulated to be used around the eye area. We recommend applying sk.in to the upper and lower eyelids as this is the thinnest skin in the body and needs as much stimulation by active ingredients as possible. It’s important to introduce serums slowly to this area. I recommend every 4th or 5th day for 2 weeks, then every 3rd or 4th day for 2 weeks and so on until daily use is tolerated. Personally, I have worked up to applying sk.in gloss and sk.in flash 3 every day to the upper and lower eyelids.

Q: If your foundation has an SPF of 20 or more, do you still need to use a sunscreen under your makeup? If yes, why? Can we really ‘layer’ our protection?

A: My recommendation is to always apply a dedicated sunscreen before an SPF based makeup. This is to ensure adequate protection to UV and visible light. You can’t really ‘layer’ a SPF – you get the SPF protection of whichever product has the highest SPF. For example, if your sunscreen is SPF 50 and your makeup is SPF 20 you have SPF 50 protection.

Q: Which are you better off spending your money on: A facial at a salon, or a skincare treatment like DermaPen, peel or laser at a dermatologist / aesthetic practitioner? Often times, elaborate facials at a spa come in at a similar price to a treatment at a derm – sometimes they are even more expensive!

A: In general, a treatment such as Dermapen, with an aesthetic doctor or dermatologist, will far outweigh the skin benefits that can be achieved with a facial. However, facials are great to hydrate and clean the skin and can be very relaxing and beneficial for emotional and mental well-being, which impacts on natural healing and energy levels.

All sk.in products are Vegan and free of Parabens, Sulphates, Gluten, Soy & nuts.

The sk.in line is available from selected salons and aesthetic practices around South Africa. It can also be purchased on www.skiningredients.com, following an online assessment.

For more details visit www.skiningredients.com or email info@skiningredients.com or call 021 797 0960.


I have a sk.in hamper valued at R2350 up for grabs. 

To enter, follow these steps:

1. Follow @supersk.in on Instagram HERE & on Facebook HERE 

2. Tell me which of the sk.in shots appeal the most to you & why.

3. You’ll also need to tell me your age & skin concern so if you win, Dr Alek is be able to send you the serums / shots that suit YOUR PARTICULAR CONCERN. Please don’t forget to add your email address (only I can see it).  

I’ll announce the winners name on In My Bag’s Facebook page (FOLLOW HERE) next week Wednesday 3 April 2019.

Good Luck!

*This blog post is sponsored by sk.in*


For me, it’s definitely the BOUNCE/Combo shot – it addresses pigmentation, pores, sun damage, lines, whilst at the same time provides hydration, vit C, etc.
At 37, I can see wrinkles and trying my best to fight sun damage, this seems like a great weapon!

The flash (1,2 and 3) / repair shot shot sounds like heaven. At 46, I am all for feeding my skin for longevity! Anti-age every day!

The sk.in pure / medi shot as I struggle with acne and blackheads.
33 year old. Sun damage also a huge concern

AWESOME! My skin is incredibly dry so the sk.in marvel / hydro shot is just the serum for me!

sk.in bounce / combo shot combines the most powerful active ingredients in the sk.in range for maximum benefit from a single product. It’s designed for those who want and prefer a single serum.

Hi – for me it would definately be the Hydro Shot – 57 yrs old (days away 😉 ) and my skin barrier is totally compromised as a result of stress – it happens to me each time I go through a stressfull period. Stimulating my collagen production would go a long way to smoothing fine lines and winkles.

For me it would be Gloss! Have been eyeing that one since the range launched. It targets exactly what I’m looking for (my skin has started to age prematurely due to stress and trauma, I’ve just turned 29 and in the 2 years since the event that caused this my skin has lost all life and had aged dramatically, my forehead has deep crevices). I just want to glow and not feel like I need hair over my face to hide wrinkles (and on and off acne) that shouldn’t be this bad this young.

sk.in gloss / radiant shot as it seems to adress 2 of my problems,pigmentation and wrinkles , Im 42 goin on 43 and I hate that my face seems to give away my age

Sk.in gloss / radiant shot because it will help reduce my pigmention as l am getting older and this product sounds amazing and l would like to try for myself. l would love to win as l can only dream of buying these products as l am unemployed and cannot afford to take good care of my skin. Age 56

It is true what the say, turning 30 changes you and it has definitely felt like a new chapter, with new lines that have made their debut 🙂 All round normal skin but can feel and see that I need to spend more time and effort on my beauty routine and would enjoy trying something new that works.

I love the idea of the bounce/combo shot! I’m a big fan of an all-in-one product with multiple benefits. I tend to get a bit lazy, so if it’s one good product, I’m happy.

I’m 25 and I still struggle with occasional cystic acne and scarring. Despite this, I don’t have an oil problem. So I’m concerned with keeping the cysts and scars under control, as well as keeping my skin hydrated. I am also developing fine lines and forehead wrinkles, so I would like to address that too.

The sk.in bounce / combo shot sounds like the best product for me.

I like that the serum has so many benefits in a single product such as counteracting the signs of UV sun damage and ageing, improving texture and hydration, reducing pore size, stimulating collagen production and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

I prefer to use one product that tackles all of these as opposed to applying different products…

I like a quick and easy beauty routine!

I’m 38 years old

sk.in bounce / combo shot because it addresses all my issues in one shot :)- aging and dehydration and sk.in gloss / radiant shot for the hyper pigmentation – my issues are hyper pigmentation, dehydration & aging

i’m (gulp) 40

sk.in bounce / combo shot – definitely like the idea of so much good stuff in one serum. Hard to find in other brands. Love the sound of it! And anything with hyaluronic acid is good for me!

The sk.in bounce / combo shot as this sound exactly what I need in a product. Time saving and packs a punch.

I am 38 years old

The Bounce/Combo Shot sounds amazing. I love the idea of an all in one serum that does a bit of everything. I am 35 with some pigmentation concerns, and trying hard to combat the early wrinkles!

sk.in marvel / hydro shot for sure. I am 25 years old with most sensitive skin. I am as dry as the day is long but most moisturizers break me out. With winter around the corner I’m dreading it…

As always thank you for an insightful article Candice-Lee I was especially intrigued to find out from Dr Alek that you can use serum around your eye area.
I’m 32 year, turning 33 this year (I have to continuously remind myself, because I genuinely forget my age lol).

The sk.in bounce/combo shot sounded most appealing. I’ve honestly been neglecting my skin (trying to purchase different brands to try them all out). I even ventured on the only natural products route.
It’s not working out. My skin needs TLC. I also have big pores 🙁 which I know will never go away (so this shot would give my skin that extra boost). My skin also feels dry, the season is changing. So in between my eyebrows and around my nose is flaky.
Candice-Lee I’ve never purchased a serum, ever. Thanks for letting me know it’s a MUST.

They all sound amazing! I don’t know how I can just pick just one sk.in product as each one targets something I am concerned about. If I had to it would be the bounce/combo shot as it targets a whole range of issues. I’m 34 and looking for products that will help with dehydration, fine lines and pigmentation. Every now and then my skin tends to breakout.

Sk.in Bounce /Combo Shot ???? I’m 48 years old and this sounds like a great combination for me!! I worry a lot about skin texture, hydration and pore size on my t-zone. I try to take really good care of myself, but I must admit the little telltale signs of aging are not on my wishlist just yet.

I am 42 years old and my skin concern is that I have dry skin on my cheeks and enlarged pores on my nose (typical combination skin). This makes it difficult to get products that combat the dryness and at the same time reduce sebum production in my t-zone. The bounce / combo shot is my favourite serum because I have some minor sun damage and some fine lines and wrinkles as well as a combination skin.

The sk.in marvel / hydro shot most appeals because my skin is DEHYDRATED!
I am 46. Other than dehydration, I am also concerned about ageing(46!!!) and pigmentation.

sk.in gloss / radiant shot

My pigmentation is out of control. 33 years old and I can see my reckless days of sun bathing is catching up on me

Love the sound of the sk.in gloss/radiant shot – love incorporating vitamin c into my skincare regime and this serum sounds perfect! My skin type is dry/dehydrated with first signs of aging and generally looking a bit dull!

I’m 40 and my main concerns would be fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. I am a huge fan of Vitamin A and C so I love the radiant shot and the flash repair 1,2,3

The gloss shot definitely appeals to me. My skin texture is so dull and uneven and I think the gloss serum would be fantastic. I’m 43 years old.

I am 26, I have very fair combination/dehydrated skin with some uneven pigmentation so the gloss/radiant combo sounds right for me!

I think the Radiant and Hydro – because of pigmentation, sun damage, and hydration issues!

Medi shot
I’m 44 and have recently been having uncontrollable acne breakouts.. So would love to try for a problem free skin

I’ve always had fairly good skin but as I’m getting older (I’m 31), I’m all of a sudden noticing problems that I haven’t had to address before – dryness, a change in texture and some pigmentation. Im dying to try Bounce or Gloss, they both sound fabulous!

The sk.in pure / medi shot sounds amazing. I struggle with textured skin and diffused redness on my cheeks at 27 years old.

Love love LOVE that you find such amazing new products, thank you! And OMG the packaging is absolutely shelf-show-off-worthy , but the fact that it doesn’t mask an inferior product but rather is true to something amazing is even more awesome!
I am going to tag the Radiant Shot … to fight those pigmentation clouds and be my most radiant self!

The Bounce /combo shot definitely appeals to me. My greatest concerns are loss of volume, fine lines and wrinkles and my skin texture. I’ve been introducing Vit C and retinol into my skincare regime the last several months and have started seeing a difference. Would love one Serum that has multiple benefits though and am looking forward to trying this amazing range. I’m turning 42 in a couple of weeks.

Sk.in Bounce/Combo shot
I am 39 years old. I have tried so many products on the market. I have enlarged pores, pigmentation, dehydrated cheeks, visible lines
I have read so many positive feedbacks of this postive, and would love to try this Products ❤️

sk.in bounce / combo shot – definitely like the idea of so much good stuff in one serum. It has hyaluronic acid which is good for me as i am 59 years old already

This would be super amazing to win these amazing giveaway ?

I’m 50 yrs old . Due to stress .. hormones..meno menopause. I have terrible,?? pigmentation.. I’m at a stage I don’t leave the house without makeup ??.

Sooo my main concern is PIGMENTATION ?
Would Really Loooove to try these amazing products you’ve reviewed❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Bounce / Hydro combo Shot ???????❤️?

I’m definitely interested in the bounce/combo shot, I’m turning 30 and suddenly have really terrible hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture which makes me super self conscious.

Since I’m limited to what I can use during pregnancy ? I’m hoping the radiant shot can help combat or at least assist in keeping my hyperpigmentation at bay during this pregnancy.

I love this post, thank you ? Oh my word, these shots sound amazing. I’d love to try them!

I’m 36 and have quite dry and dehydrated skin. I battle with blackheads and dont love the pink undertone to my skin. I’ve got quite a few wrinkles around my eye area and deep smile lines!! I could use all the help I can get ??

For me the medi shot sounds great for my blackheads, but the hydro shot for a little added moisure would be great! And hey, the medi shot too for my wrinkles! So hard to choose!!! Not blessed with the best skin. I need them all!! ???

The sk.in marvel / hydro shot, 28 years old. My concerns are uneven skin tone,dark spots and dehydration.

Can’t choose one, but I would love the medi shot!! I am 32 and struggle with blackheads around my nose area and an oily T-zone with dehydration around my mouth and chin area and some pigmentation. Basically I need them all!! ?

I’m dyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiing to get my hands on the sk.in pure / medi shot, because you know, acne at 31 is SUCH a look. My main concern besides acne is pigmentation, because I really should’ve listened to my mommy when she said I should wear sunscreen every day… I’m ready to exfoliate and retinol my face up!

Hi! Name’s Nina, Age 30. I’d definitely be interested in sk.in pure / medi shot as I suffer from blackheads and pigmentation. Also love the sound of the sk.in flash (1,2 and 3)! Always looking out for a great UV protective serum. I’ve been following the sk.in story and love their ethos and offerings!

Sk.in flash / repair shot without a doubt. Desperately needed for fine lines & hydration too! Just turned 45.

Hi Candice-Lee!

I stopped using Roaccutane end of last year (1 pil per week) and since then my skin has not been able to recover. I am using products with benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid in but I struggle to find products that don’t contain sensitising frangrances and good ingredients with listed percentages ? I wanted to save up to buy the sk.in pure | medi shot at least when my products are finished (I am a student and I can’t just keep buying products untill I find the one that will work for me).

I have been looking at the sk.in products since it launched and I would love to try the sk.in pure | medi shot for my acne and scars. I think that this would be a great long term solution. I would also love to try out the sk.in gloss | radiant shot which also contains niacinamide which will enable me to treat my acne and scars in the morning as well and get a healthy glow from the vitamin C ?

I am 28 years old but need to stop using my current products because it is making me look older ? I have combination skin that tends to be dry and I am a religious SPF 50 user.

Thank you for giving us the chance to possibly try these products ?

I would love the gloss and medi shots as I suffer from both pigmentation and acne. I’m 30 and ready for perfect skin!

I’d say the radiant shot as I’m currently dealing with lacklustre skin. I’m turning 32 this year, hace sensitive and dry skin, which are my concerns as well as a bit of pigmentation.

I think the bounce/combo shot appeals the most. I’ve got big pores on my cheeks and i’m finding my skin is quite textured lately. Those are my two buggest concerns aside from scarring, blackheads and the occasional breakout. I’m 27 and try to follow a good routine, after terrible skin when I was a teensager, but i’ve never really used serums before though I do understand the benefits. It can also be nerve wracking adding a new product into my routine.

I would love to start using the gloss, marvel and flash serums.

I am 25, with dry skin and my fines lines have started to make an appearance. Thus, those three serums would be great to help slow down the aging process, hydrate my skin and make me GLOW! ?

Besides, all my fav bloggers are raving about these products, so they must be amazing!

Fingers crossed ?

I’ve just turned 28 and have normal/oily skin.

I would love to try the gloss, my hope would be to help with my uneven texture caused by Lupus, which I was diagnosed with last year. My whole body was covered in a rash including my face and I feel like now that the rash is gone my skin texture just isn’t the same. I also have a few pigmentation issues where I got a bit of sun on my forehead while I had the rash (while it was still mild and I didn’t know what it was) and I cant get it to go away! I was also on a high dose of cortisone which I think contributed to the change in my skin texture while it was healing.

The second one I’d like to try would be the pure medi shot to help with some hormonal breaks outs I’ve been getting since going off the pill (after getting diagnosed I decided to cut down on the pills I was taking that weren’t medically necessary)

Sk.in gloss / radiant shot because it will help my wife who has pigmentation problems. l love to win for her. She is 56 years old and deserves to be spoiled.

Hi Candice! Ahhh this is SO exciting! I was literally waiting for payday to get my hands on one of these babies and here we are!
I am 25, going on 26 in May this year.
I have had my eye on the Pure / Medi Shot, as I have been experiencing some hormonal breakouts the past little while. Marvel / Hydro Boost to bring my skin back to life with hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and e.
Gloss / Radiant Shot for the amazing glowing benefits of vitamin c, e and ferulic acid. Flash / repair serum to benefit from retinol to combat those little fine lines developing!
I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE the opportunity to try out some of these products.
I am getting married in December and have been working really hard at getting my skin PERFECT. My skin has been a tad ‘lack lustre’ lately and I have been experiencing hormonal breakouts and dry, dehydrated patches. I came across Sk.in and was blown away by the reviews and results, so it was only natural to think that these products would be the perfect way to get my skin back on track and looking GLOWING for my wedding day.
I absolutely love what this brand stands for and would be ecstatic to win this amazing prize! 🙂

With pigmentation being my main concern at the moment. Particularly post pregnancy. Skin.gloss is on my wishlist. I’m 35 years old and my skin is quite dry.

The pure/medi shot looks like a winner to me because I’m still battling with breakouts at 23… I’ve just gone off the pill which is making it even worse. The bounce/combo shot also looks great because it is packed full of amazing ingredients!

I’m 23, my main concern is acne, tone and getting my combination skin under control.

The sk.in bounce / combo shot sounds like the one for me. I like the concept of powerful ingredients in a single serum. I have just turned 50. My skin shows some sagging, fine lines around my eyes and a general lack of “bounce back” after stressful times.

Anti-aging combo all the way! Struggling with pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles coupled with dull,dehydrated skin. Definitely need a sk.in cardio workout! I’m 46 btw x

Gloss, Pure Medi shot & Flash 2.

Need to get this skin in it’s best possible condition for my wedding!

Aged 32!

I’m pretty sure the medi-shot would change my life! Over the last 6 months, I’ve been struggling with stubborn adult acne that has left scars on my chin, cheeks and forehead. I’m trying everything I can, starting from changing the food I eat, to my water consumption, to AHA serums. Then I try nothing at all because I wonder if that will perhaps help… Nothing has helped. I’m trying to be patient, but would LOVE to try out this brand since it’s local and made with love.

I’m 30 in June (and would LOVE to glowing and radiant when the special day comes).

Absolutely the sk.in pure / medi shot because my combination skin suffers from occasional breakouts. At 35, I’m also concerned with aging…

Oh wow they all sound like something I need! But I think the gloss/radiant shot would be the best for me. After having a baby my skin is suffering with some pigmentation and general environmental stressors. I’ve recently also noticed increased wrinkles under my eyes so I need to zap those!

I am 34 and my biggest concerns are dehydration, uneven skin tone, and fine lines (in that order).

sk. in bounce/combo shot is the perfect product for my face due to all the damage my skin endeared. My skins dehydrated, flaky, ageing, sun damage and feels rough when I wash it. I’m 40yrs old feel & look like a 60yr old. So I’m really struggling to find the right products for my face.

For me the sk.in bounce / combo shot because it addresses all my issues in one shot focusing on aging and dehydration and sk.in gloss / radiant shot for the hyper pigmentation – my issues are hyper pigmentation/melasma, dehydration & aging. Also sagging skin

I turn 50 this year.. Last of the naughty forties

Definitely the sk.in pure / medi shot! Does it come in an IV form? I’m 25 am doing I was promised there would be no acne… why is the acne and it’s much worse than “teen acne”. I have tried IT ALL! Roccutane, steroid creams, different types of face wash, changing make-up brands, no make-up, elimination date, herbal remedies, tissue salts, Homoeopathy, turmeric pastes, bicarb soaks, face masks, exfoliators… IT ALL! I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night. It’s gotta be strong, And it’s gotta work fast, And it’s gotta be fresh from the fight!

Definitely the Combo shot, I am 36 going on 37 and struggling to settle my skin.. one minute it is dry, next it is oily then it’s fine for a while. Think I have a combination skin so the Combo might be the answer I am looking for!

Defintiely sk.in gloss / radiant shot for current pigmentation and environmental damage. Seems to be going downhill now that i’ve hit my 30 because I haven’t had these problems before.

Also I’ve been dying to try these products by Dr Alek Nikolic!

Holding thumbs x

Sk.in pure /medi shot ,I need something that suits my skin at this age.my skin changes is serious.I need a good and deep cleansing my pores,need help with acne ,blackheads ,help to keep breakouts in control.will also help keep my skin hydrated and skin oil in control.i want to improve my lines,wrinkels and uneven skin tone.I will be turning 40 this year and need skincare that can give me a younger look in my skin and healthier. Sk.in Pure sounds like an amazing skin treatment.just what I need to help my skin looks pure and healthy.

Hi there! I was just on the sk.in website yesterday and after completing the questionnaire, I realised that I have dry skin with signs of early aging. I’m 29. The serum im most keen on is the gloss_radient shot. I love how accessible they make the serums, the packaging and that all the products have received really amazing reviews. Thanks for this post!

For me it is definitely the Medi shot, I am super prone to blackhead and mini breakouts, and also the hydro shot- I can definitely feel that my skin is a bit dehydrated! After having my little one last year , my skin care routine has been cut much shorter but this range is perfect for a skin revival ! 🙂 holding thumbs

I got so excited I didn’t leave my age ? I am 33 and I am definitely concerned about ageing and keeping my skin supple. My other concern is that my sling tends to be quite sensitive to environmental factors such as the sun. As per my previous post – the Medi shot and hydro shot look incredible , they all look incredible – holding thumbs!

28 years old with normal/oily skin

I go a lot of our door sports so the medi shot would be great for the environmental damage my skin has suffered. My face often gets dirty and my pores end up clogged so would be great to get the skin surface smooth again! The bounce also looks up my alley, being an all in one product.

Hope this is open for guys too!

Skin bounce combo shot. Boots collagen and reduce fine line and wrinkles.
I am 52 years old and shagging skin is a concern.

Definitely the Gloss and Flash 3 – I got pretty bad pigmentation during pregnancy and I’m sure a combination of these would go a long way in lightening that.

Gloss/Radiant Shot ?❤️ gonna be 33 this year.. Those pesky little lines and wrinkles could do with this serum. Also not married yet.. Hence gotta try keep the looks as long as possible haha.
Concern: aging, pigmentation


Sk.in pure/Medi shot.
I got combination skin in summer and dry in cheek area but still little oily in T-zone in winter.
I’m 31 years old. Sometimes still have small breakouts. And I love Salicylic acid.

sk.in gloss / radiant shot.
My skin concerns are mostly pigmentation and acne.I’m 28 years.

Def the Medi shot , suffering from hormonal skin ,very oily … and gets a bit embarrassing (at 34) work wise ,as I work in a uniform environment and people tend to make comments or give unasked for advice ( as in stop using skin products , I use just water and mine skin is fine …. ugh my list can go on. would love to try this!

The medi shot (for my black heads) and the combo (for the ease and for combatting pigmentation with the vit C). I am 28 and spend a lot of time in the sun for my job (essentially marine biology), I am not a skin care guru but want that glow real bad so steps that are quick and easy really blow my hair back.

The Marvel / Hydro shot sounds like just the remedy for my skin as it helps with dehydration a d pigmentation issues. That is my pet peeve with my skin – pigmentation and dry now that I am 59! Beautiful giveaway ?

My skin is in desperate need of them all!!!! My skin is full and full of adult acne!!!!

My skin needs them all! Tried so many new products and non are helping. Would love the medi shot.

Would love to experiment with the sk.in bounce/combo shot as it addresses a combination of skin problems in one. Im a busy mom with two teenagers and applying a range of products is time consuming anyway so im excited to try this range. 51 yrs

I would love to try this range! I’ve heard such amazing things. I would go with the Gloss/radiant shot. I’m 38 years old and starting to notice that my skin is aging and has pigmentation. I would like to counter this and start a skin routine that is not too complex and easy to maintain.

Amazing Giveaway !

I have been looking at these serums for ages. I am 29 years old and the Bounce/Combo Shot is the one product that I am most interested in. My skin seems to be prone to pigmentation and dark marks, especially from the sun. I have tried a variation of mela and milk peels but am looking for a daily product that will aid my skin in the long run. I also suffer from dark bags under my eyes.

I also like the idea of it being an all in one solutions.

Thank you for the insightful post on the whole range of products!

The Bounce Combo Shot sounds appealing yo me as my skin has really become dry with age. I’m 42 and also notice the pores around my mouth and chin area seem larger. And ofcourse I have fine lines around eyes and sides of mouth.

Hello! I have oily/combo skin, so I’m really keen on trying the medishot to deal with my blackheads and to control a bit of my oils. As I’ll be 32 in May, I would really like to start using a retinol/anti-aging treatment, so I’m also super interested in trying the Skin Flash.

My skin concern – basically just dealing with the oiliness so that my skin is more balanced and to start treating the first signs of aging. I have one or two pigment spots, so if Dr Alek’s products can address that as well, that would be amazing!

Liked on FB and following on Insta 🙂

The flash (1,2 and 3) / repair shot sound great!!!
I’m 40 with very dry, sensitive skin!!

Definitely the skin bounce/power shot. Being a mom I don’t have much time for a vigorous treatment regime as I’m trying to get done for work get baby done and then dropping her of. This sounds perfect to use 1 product that does everything. I’m getting older now, 34 years old, and ameyeing about fine lines and wrinkles noooooooo. This would be such a treat. Thank you

I am 42 and struggling with pigmentation and obviously ageing skin. The sk. in gloss/radiant shot would probably be my best bet as it will tackle both of my concerns in one serum!

I am currently 25 years old and work in digital marketing (which I absolutely love). However, if I could go into any other job it would have to be skincare. Love this new brand and everything about it. If I have to choose one product it would have to be the sk.in flash (1,2 and 3) / repair shot. I have never used retinol in my skin care routine as I have been researching on which product would be most suited for my concerns.

I have a few freckles on my face. I also have a very dry skin with fine lines and wrinkles- the sk.in flash/repair shot wil be able to boost my hydration and help reduce my fine lines and wrinkles that are already visible at my age.

Please bless me with the ultimate sk.in cardio workout.

Thank you

I like the Sk.in Gloss/Radiant shot as it sounds just right for my 45 year old skin. I have a few lines and wrinkles. Generally my skin is normal but I have been experiencing a few pimples below my chin lately. So irritating at my age.

Definitely the gloss / radiant shot for me please! This is exactly what I need.

I am 32 yrs old and as time goes on I am noticing more and more pigmentation.

Thank you for the chance and fingers crossed!

The medi shot would be appealing to me as I have an oily/acne prone skin and these blackheads and breakouts could do with some healing. The radiance or bounce/combo shot would also be great as the address pigmentation and have vitamin C and retinol to give me that glow and even skin texture. I am 27 years old and my major concerns are breakouts and hyperpigmentation at the moment. My complexion needs the Sk.In cardio workout! Could do with them all! Sounds like an amazing product line that I would love to try.

It’s so hard to choose but I think gloss and bounce combo for me. I’m 35 and have only just started learning about skin care and how important serums are. Gloss would be to protect my skin and help with sun damage and bounce would be to help with skin tone, aging and hydration.

I got so excited reading your review! I want to give it a shot! My 52 year old dehidrated combination skin would just marvel at the idea of some serum shots! I am most excited about the Sk.in marvel hydro shot and the Sk.in radiant shot. Imagine what it can do for the slight redness on my cheeks and tired and dull looking skin. I want that young radiant glow back!

The skin bounce/combo shot I just love… anything with vitamin c. And I am almost 40 , need some anti aging… ??

Skin gloss/ radiant – due to the high Vitamin C content which keeps the skin youthful

Combo Shot I think. What with being 40+ with combination skin, sun damage, enlarged pores and probably over retinising I think I need some super charged ingredients to get me back to looking fabulous again 🙂 Would love to try this range! Also interested in the sun block and Medi-shot as I’ve never tried niacinamide before…X

Skin gloss/radiant, I’ve had chloasma with both my pregnancies in 2015 and 2017 and my skin has not recovered. I love the skin gloss because it’s got vitamin c which will help brighten and help with pigmentation. I’m turning 29 in June.

Skin gloss/radiant, I’ve had chloasma with both my pregnancies in 2015 and 2017 and my skin has not recovered. I love the skin gloss because it’s got vitamin c which will help brighten and help with pigmentation. I’m turning 29 in June.

sk.in flash (1,2 and 3) / repair shot , I think because i am 34 and have a very dry skin and have pigmentation marks after my birth of my little boy.

Sk.in gloss / radiant shot – I am looking for a good antioxidant serum to protect my skin from environmental damage and this serum really appeals. As I’m turning 35 next month I would like to introduce Retinol to counteract aging, so the Retinoate in Sk.in flash 1 really appeals.

Forgot to say that I’m 30 ?

The sk.in bounce / combo shot appeals to me most as it addresses several skin issues and thus I can stick to one serum, making life easier. I am 46 years old and my skin concerns are hydration, red veins and pigmentation.

The sk.in marvel / hydro shot would be my absolute dream. Highveld winters absolutely annihilate my skin and this product sounds like the perfect solution.

I’m 35 years old, with a combination skin. My main concerns are fine lines/texture, hydration and pigmentation.

Please please please pick me!! ??????

sk.in flash-repair shot most definitely! It’s perfect for me!
Turning 30 in 4 month and my skin has suddenly decided to remind me. The anti aging affects could help me here!
Being fair skinned, I have a lot of sun damage and pigmentation on my face already despite being so careful about the sun and always using sunblock!
Fine little lines and wrinkles when I smile can be seen in photos, those never used to be there!
And lastly, living in JHB where the air is dry and pollution is high, my skin could do with some hydration and anti-oxidants.
I’ve been dying to try this range forever however having just moved, budget is super tight ?
I hope I can get a chance to use the sk.in products and have results that will make me glow with confidence ?

The sk.in bounce / combo shot definitely appeals to me because it has many great active ingredients in just ONE serum which is so beneficial for someone like me who cannot afford to buy multiple serums to combat all of my concerns.

I’m 22 years old, I have combination oily skin and I’ve dealt with acne for the past 4 years. Even though my breakouts subsided I’m now left with hyperpigmented, dehydrated, dull, texturised & prematurely aged skin.
I do everything I can & within my budget to achieve healthy skin but I haven’t found a serum that has the ability to correct all of my skin concerns.

As a Skin Therapist, skin is absolutely important to me therefore my skin should look the part when dealing with clients! 🙂

I would love to try the sk.in gloss / radiant shot because it counteracts hyperpigmentation. I’m 35 years old and struggle with uneven skin tone and dark circles.

I have the gloss and medi shot and I am in love with both. I have noticed an incredible difference in my skin and people frequently comment on how much I glow when I use the gloss in the morning. It’s nearly finished though and I would LOVE another one. Side note – I was so impressed with the service I received from this company. There was an issue with my delivery and they sorted it out within an hour. I also got an email from Dr Alek himself. BEST experience! My main concerns are pigmentation and fine lines. I’m 36 years old and have three kids. Age and pregnancy has been/were a bit hard on my skin. I’m definitely going to keep using these products though. The results are remarkable.

I generally get ready very quick in the morning, so the sk.in bounce / combo shot is great as a all in one serum

SK.in gloss/radiant cream sounds very appealing. I love the feeling of a robust cream that gets my skin going in the morning as Im always busy indoors and outdoors and the elements can wear it out and sk.in gloss can hydrate my skin and reduce pigmentation . Im 48 years old with normal skin. I pride myself in taking steps to rejuvenate my skin.

I would love to try the marvel/hydro shot and the gloss/radiant shot as I want my skin to look and feel bouncy and glows naturally
I suffer from pigmentation,dark circles and dull dry skin plus i live Close to an industrial area which makes everything worse.i could do with a kick start in the right direction.
I am 32 and need to start taking care of my skin,beter late than never???✨
Thank you

I would love to try the Pure/medi shot becuase I have acne prone skin.
Then I’d love to add the flash 3 and radiance shots to even out skin tone and reduce my pore size. I also think the radiance shot would help my hyperpigmentation a lot. I’m so prone to it. I don’t even have to pick a pimple to get a grey scar. I’d live the brightening effect of the vitamin C in radiance shot. So overall I have acne prone skin which comes with hyperpigmentation and a lot of oil. The combination of the pure, radiance and flash shots will deal will all my skin issues. ??

Ooh and I forgot to mention …. I’m 37 and I’m ready for a change to paraben free effective skin care.

Thanks for a brilliant article. The sk.in Bounce/combo would be my number 1 choice as it addresses a lot of my problems. I am 60 and have all the consequences of a youth spent sun worshiping on Clifton Beach

I’m 29 and for me it would definitely have to be the sk.in pure/medi shot. Whilst I dont have terrible acne (odd breakout along my jaw and some spots on my forehead) my biggest concern has always been blackheads and whiteheads on my nose, no matter how much I cleanse they just seem to persist and that has led to large pores which on my nose.

I’ve tried other serums but they usually seem to tackle dehydration which isn’t my biggest concern right now.

I’m 31 and a mom my skin is in terrible condition a lot of post pregnancy pigmentation and acne. Would def love the medi shot!!!! Tried so many different skin ranges and nothing seems to be working

sk.in flash (1,2 and 3) to improve fine lies and wrikles. I struggle with fine lines on my forehead and under my eays I would love to try this product.

Hello 🙂
I’m Kelly, I’m 27 years old and i have combination skin, prone to breakouts on my t-zone area.

While all of these products sound like a dream. I am particularly interested in the sk.in pure/ medi shot as my skin is acne prone. I also have stubborn black heads on my nose that won’t budge no matter what product I’ve tried in the past.

I am equally excited about the sk.in bounce/combo shot and I mean, who would be? Because of my breakouts, my skin could definitely do with reduced appearance of pores as well as some improvement in texture and also moisture as my focus often needs to be on treating breakouts that sometimes moisture can be neglected. This range seems to have much promise of helping me achieve the healthy, radiant skin I’ve always wanted.
Honestly, it was a struggle picking two out of this range because, wow.. this is what we have been waiting for! Also, the packing – perfection!

Winning this competition would be magnificent! (And so would my skin)

Hi there. I am 27 yrs old. My skin concerns are an oily T zone with early signs of aging. I have loss of elasticity and fine lines. I want to start using a retinol product. I would love to try the Skin flash 1 serum!

I am am 32 years old and my skin concerns are the reduction of pigmentation, evening out of fine lines and an increase in radiant skin Sk.in gloss/radiance shot would most definitely be perfect for me because it reduces pigmentation and I have light pigmentation on my face that it could most likely reduce.

Gloss is the one I love the most! I have some pigmentation and Inam always looking for something brightening for my skin. This one pooks fabulous!

The The sk.in pure medi shot would be great – in my 40s I have been getting the odd stubborn spot that just won’t budge – I need help and hopefully this is just the product to sort me out.

The sk.in pure medi shot would be great – in my 40s I have been getting the odd stubborn spot that just won’t budge – I need help and hopefully this is just the product to sort me out.

sk.in gloss / radiant shot sounds fantastic! with my job I am outside in the sun a lot of the time and at 31 pigmentation and fine lines are very much a concern with the effects of so much sun and cold wind exposure.

I would love to try the sk.in gloss / radiant shot because I struggle hyperpigmentation. and let’s not even talk about the sun damage… why oh why do we love being in the sun so much. I’m turning 28 in April and this would be such a awesome gift to receive as I seriously need to up my skin game.

Also you’r picture on this post is BEAUTIFUL vlip!

The Marvel / Hydro shot for my dehydrated 43 year old skin please.

I would love to try the gloss radiant shot. I am 30 with normal combo skin and since having children I have really started to struggle with pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

The sk.in flash (1,2 and 3)/ repair shot appeals to me so much! I am looking to introduce retinol into my routine and this seems like an excellent way to do it. Also, I love that this cocktail includes Vitamins A, C AND E as well as ceramides AND hyaluronic acid! Pretty much everything I am looking for in a serum. As I have very fair skin, something that counteracts UV damage is super important to me – even though I refuse to leave the house without SPF 50 on my face (no matter the weather), you can never be too careful.

PS. Great giveaway and loved the Q&A section! Really informative and answered a lot of questions I’ve had for a while. Thanks!

I love the sk.in gloss / radiant shot – pigmentation is a concern and I have not yet found something that really works well for my skin.

Age: 41

Hi Candice!
I think the BOUNCE/Combo shot is what I’d go for. It focuses on pigmentation and sun damage which I seem to be prone to and I’m starting to see fine lines and wrinkles starting which this will help towards. I love that this combo provides hydration and with the help of vit C, I think the results will be great!
I am 31 with a combination skin – typical oily T-panel and dry cheeks with fine lines around the eye area.
I’ve been dying to try this range, I’m holding thumbs!
~ Chanel ~

Sorry forgot to add – I am 33 🙂

BOUNCE/Combo shot – would address my concern with pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, as well as providing hydration and vit C to my 51 year old skin

I am 62 years old and my main skin problems are ageing and sun damage.The sk.in flash (1,2 and 3) / repair shot seems to be essential for my type of skin. The whole range seems to be awesome

I would love to try the sk.in bounce combo shot. I like the idea of a serum with all my actives combined into one as this will fit into my busy lifestyle.
I am 49 years old and am trying to maintain the current good quality of my skin while fighting signs of ageing.

Hi my name is Nashieta im 28years old And ever since i can remember i have had very problematic skin since my puberty days i suffer from breakouts that leaves behind the most horribly scaring and dark marks. Im a mom of 3 so im always on the go and busy so i know im not having a well balance diet that goes well with wanting a healthy skin And i don’t have nearly enough water as i should that explains the dehydrated skin. But right now after 3 babies i still suffer from breakouts around the cheek and mouth area and it leaves horrible marks and scaring. This would be so awesome to win so i can get a chance at having a healthier skin ❤️Im so conscious and aware that i constantly cover up with foundation and that makes it worse!!! As i have read above using SPF and proper moisturiser and serums can be life changing i have to admit i didn’t even know that there is any difference ?Thank you for educating us.

For me, the medi shot and hydro shot appeal most! I have combo skin (oily t zone and normal/sometimes dry cheeks and forehead) and clogged and enlarged pores. Skin also feels very tight after cleansing and sometimes during the day.

The sk.in marvel / hydro shot sound like the perfect serum for me to counteract my dehydrated skin and would love to try this one out for my ageing skin.

I’m 50 years old and the sk.in marvel / hydro set will definitely benefit my dehydrated ageing skin.

The Bounce Shot looks amazing. I’m 33 and my main skin concerns are pigmentation (melasma after pergenancy), dehydration and some congestion. My skin type is normal/combination.

The repair shot. Long days of lying on the beach with no sun protection have finally caught up to me so I need all the help I can get.

Would love the Bounce combo shot!
Baby number 2 is being born on 3 April and can definitely feel the effect it has had on my skin.
It’s dehydrated, but I also have an oily t panel – and I am seeing aging around my eyes, forehead and smile lines (sure to get worse after next week ?)
I’m 34 years old and have a combination skin ❤️❤️❤️

Hydro shot. Medi shot. Combo shot. My face is thirsty! I’m turning 35 soon and I want to pump up my hydration, zap all dem hormone bumps and delete all the fine lines.
I have some pigmentation which I have under control, and at this stage I’m doing preventative care.

I would love to win the sk.in bounce / combo shot to help improve hydration and texture of my skin. As my skin is dehydrated it looks and feels more aged than I would like. I try my best to look after it and am sure the combo shot will be a staple in my fight against the dehydration and texture ?

Would love the bounce shot! I m 34, main concerns are aging/fine lines and some congestion

I find that the combo shot would be great as it seems to target all the problem areas. I have pigmentation and am also starting to get fine lines and wrinkles along with loss of skin elasticity. Would love to give this a try. Holding thumbs!

I love the idea of sk.in gloss/radiant shot… my 38 year old skin suffers from areas of hyperpigmentation and could do with a radiant boost…

sk.in flash (1,2 & 3) repair shot appeals to me the most as I love the fact that it counteracts UV damage & boosts hydration.
I am 34 years old and my main skin concerns are pigmentation, sensitivity & dryness???

sk.in gloss / radiant Is the one I would like to try …. I have freckles freckles freckles but with those freckles come many problems ..,.. during this pregnancy I have noticed that I have been having pigmentation problems more then usual …. and now with my pregnancy over in the next few days …. I can start addressing the issue …. this sound like a great product to try ❤️

Ski.in gloss / radiant shot – years on the pill and sun exposure have taken their toll and I’d love something to combat pigmentation and environmental damage so the combination of vitamin c, ferulic acid and hydration sounds ideal. I’m 36 with combination skin and my main concerns these days are keeping a youthful glow and reducing signs of ageing.

Definitely would need the Medi Shot! I have struggled with Blackheads and pimples since I was 12. I thought I would have grown out of it, being 34 now, but it just doesn’t get better! I have tried all kinds of scrubs, masks, face washes, but I have never been able to get rid of my blackheads. They are especially visible on my chin and nose!

I also have super sensitive skin so if I can find a product that works and doesn’t damage my skin and cause an allergic reaction, they would have a customer for life!!!!!

Definitely sk.in bounce / combo shot – it seems to be an all in one solution for my current skin concerns being enlarged pores on the cheek area and fine lines around the eye area (i’ll be 30 soon and need to start addressing the invetible). Also balancing work, family (especially a baby under the age of 1) as well as trying to find the time to look after myself, I need a no fuss all in one serum!

I would just love a healthy glow and i know the bounce serum would work wonderfully, i’ve read so much about this new line and love the fact that it’s designed by someone local who knows our weather and skin concerns. It would also be great for in between my Dermapen treatments!

Forgot to say that I’m 35

The Pure /Medi Shot sounds like my dream. I’m 24 and I think the last time I had clear skin was when I was a kid. I consistently struggle with acne despite my numerous attempts to try get rid of it once and for all. The Pure /Medi Shot is right up my alley and would definitely help with some of my skin concerns.

sk.in flash (1,2 and 3) / repair shot As I am now am in my 60’s you can see the damage that UV did to my skin when I used to coach sport in the sun.

I’m 42 this year. The skin bounce/combo shit appeals to me . With aging skin and previous acne as well as sun damage in my youth, my skin needs all the help it can get.

I love the sound of the combo shot. I’m a 33 year old mom so the simplicity of only having to use 1 product makes sense to my life. I am an avid runner and spend a ton of time in the sun so the sun damage benefits are what I need.

My skin is prone to black heads and fine lines and I have never really looked after it (eeek) so this feels like a good place to start!

Hi there, I think I would need the gloss shot as I have terrible pigmentation on my face. The gloss shot seems to a the solution to my daily worry!

The two products that appeal to me the most are sk.in pure / medi shot as I struggle with acne and blackheads and the Gloss, Radiant shot for some brightening and addressing some pigmentation and scarring from breakouts. Would love to win this! Been eyeing these products for a while. I’m 27 this year and waking up to the importance of taking care of your skin! ??

Gloss/Radiant shot is so up my alley. I am pregnant and have a two year old. I need all the radiance and brightning my skin can get as sleep is not something I get alot off.

sk.in bounce / combo shot, I like the convince of 1 serum. Almost 44 and skin elasticity is my number 1 concern.

I’m 53 years old and I have dry skin.

Hi ? I’m definitely interested in the pure/hydro shot – I’m 27 years old and a new Mum so my skin has taken a bit of a seating recently! Living on a farm and being outdoors I tend to get a lot of blackheads and the odd breakout due to the nature of my work so I’d love something to help clear that up and keep it as clean as possible! Due to the harsh farming elements I find my dry gets dehydrated and dry, so a hydro boost is definitely in need!!

I would really love to try the sk.in marvel/hydro shot.
I struggle with dry skin, especially on my forehead and nothing has seemed to help. I have tried multiple serums.

I am 36, so another concern for me is anti ageing, trying to fight off the signs of wrinkles and ageing as best I can.

Great blog post. Have been hearing so many great things aboit this brand and products recently. I would really love to try them.

The ones that appeal to me are:
1) Medi shot: I am struggling to find a product that I feel cleanses my face properly. My pore could do with an effective cleaning out. Also something to keep the odd breakout under control.

2) Hydro shot: I feel my skin is constantly dehydrated skin and I think my skin barrier health needs some serious TLC. I am a runner so I am constantly out in the hot sun.

3) Bounce/combo shot: My skin texture can do with some improvement and pore size reduced. Something also to assist with the ageing process. Those dreaded fine line and wrinkles….urrrrgh!

I feel my skin need some serious TLC. A good cleanse. Work on the texture and fight the ageing process.

Crystle-Lynne Moore (31)

sk.in bounce / combo shot Love the vitamin E in there age 33 pigmentation concerns

I’m 29 turning 30 in 6 months and would love the Bounce Serum. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and think I do enough to care for my skin but I’m scared I didn’t start early enough with an anti-aging regime.

I am keen to try them all but especially the Medi shot. I am 27 years old and still struggle with breakouts and blackheads. Would love to have my skin clearer and calmed by the ingredients in the Medi shot.

I bet I may need more than one type but the shot that ticks most boxes is definitely the “sk.in gloss / radiant shot”.

I am almost 29 so I’m staring get fine lines. I have a normal-combination in general. It often becomes dehydrated due environmental factors and/or diet. Even though I am religious with using my SFP50, I still get uneven skin tone and marks from breakouts. I’m not generally prone to acne but I do get occasional breakouts. I yearn for a dewy youthful glow which you have convinced me, is achievable with the “sk.in gloss / radiant shot”.

Your reviews have changed my life.

Definitely the Medi! 30, still struggling with breakouts 🙁 Super interested to try this range, especially since it’s formulated here in SA, for our skin, and our climate!

Bounce combo! I have dehydrated skin and also sensitive skin, also really pale with freckles. I’m trying to minimize the sundamage by wearing spf 50 everyday but still have concerns about my wrinkles getting worse 🙁 damn you crows feet!!

For me, I’d love to try the sk.in flash (1,2 and 3) / repair shot because the words anti-ageing cocktail apply to me, one in the hand and one for the skin hahaha! I have dry, mature skin with pigmentation and enlarged pores and of course fine lines and wrinkles are part and parcel of it all at this stage of my life! This range sounds fabulous, I especially love the fact that you can use the serums around and on the eye area cutting out the need of eye-creams or gels etc. Great review!

The repair shot appeals to me most. I’m 37 years old, with skin that is getting drier and uneven by the day.

Sk.in bouce/combo shot sounds like the ideal product to counter a variety of concerns with just 1 serum! My main concern is blemishes and sun spots, and since I’ve hit 30 I realise I need to start incorporating anti-aging products in my skin care regimen

Sk.in bounce/radiance shot sounds like my cocktail.I am 59 and my skin is getting dull and loosing radiance and the colour is changing.The joys of aging !

I love the sound of the sk.in bounce/combo shot. I’m turning 40 this year and so anything to help slow down the aging process is a win!

Rehydration is a must for me at 47. Anti ageing/wrinkles are also high up there. I find a good serum really helps, but think a bit of retinal would give a much needed boost!

Hi! I’ve been hearing so much whispering about this product and need to finally try it! For me the sk.in marvel hydro shot would be the best because even though I’m only 23, my skin is always dehydrated and flat with lots of fine lines that I can’t seem to cure!
I also have lots of noticeable blackheads so the medi shot would work wonders xx

The Radiance shot. As this shot reduces pigmentation and improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles. I have been struggling with marks, blackheads and dark circles. Fingers crossed.

The sk.in gloss / radiant shot! Struggle with pigmentation, brown marks and want to improve look of fine lines! My age is 30 🙂

Oh oh my goodness how do you even choose! Been dying to try this range.
For me the “sk.in marvel/hydro shot” would be a first choice as my skin is quite dehydrated and drab and it endures quite a bit of environmental damage as I run a lot. BUT I have also just noticed my first patch of pigmentation and a few dark marks so the “sk.in gloss /radiant” shot would also be a top choice.
I’m just about to turn 30 … eeeeek ?

Oh oh my goodness how do you even choose! Been dying to try this range.
For me the “sk.in marvel/hydro shot” would be a first choice as my skin is quite dehydrated and drab and it endures quite a bit of environmental damage as I run a lot. BUT I have also just noticed my first patch of pigmentation and a few dark marks so the “sk.in gloss /radiant” shot would also be a top choice.
I’m just about to turn 30 … eeeeek ?

I am definitely keen for the sk.in gloss / radiant shot as would really love to try a product that really works for hyper-pigmentation. As I am outdoors 5-6 days a week and use sunblock religiously I am noticing even more pigmentation which affects my self-confidence.

I am 56 and have sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, dehydration and wrinkles

I would love to try out the sk.in pure medi shot to help with my breakouts which is exacerbated with my PCOS constantly flaring up. Having dealt with breakouts in my teens I am disheartened that it has flared up again in my 20’s. This product will also help with blackheads and my dull uneven skin tone.

Turning 23 on the 6th April so this would be such a great gift. Breakouts, blackheads, dull uneven skin tone.

Yay! The Shot that appeals to me most is definately the Sk.in Gloss/Radiant shot. I am 31 years old and suffer from hormonal hyperpigmentation. I went for a consultation at Skinderm and the feedback blew me away (not in a good way btw). I was told that there isnt much they can do for hormonal pigmentation (I have the butterfly patches) like they can with pigmentation caused by sun damage. I will have to go for monthly peels and purchase a VERY expensive serum monthly to try and lighten it. I walked out of there feeling incredibly sad. Firstly, I cannot afford the very expensive treatments and products on a monthly basis, and secondly to know that that was my only option made me feel negative and upset. I currently use Dermalogica as my basic skincare regime (wash, tone, moisturise) but Im not using any extras. I would honestly looove to try this product to see if it can make a difference. I do not have bad skin and skintone, but I always feel like I have to wear a heavy foundation to cover my darker spots and uneven skin. It will be amazing and boost my confidence if I can finally get a product to lighten my pigmentation and help with the fine lines starting to show around my eyes more than you will ever know. Xxx

I am very keen to try the Bounce Combo shot I am essentially lazy and what the best result for the least amount of effort. It would seem that this particular serum will adres all my concerns which is puffiness around the eyes, fine lines, UV damage, skin texture and hydration. I am 46 years old, and generally have a good skin but my age is starting to show! ?

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