A few weeks back, Hill’s Pet Nutrition asked me to take part in their “It’s Complicated” campaign to celebrate the month of love. The idea was to hook me up to a lie-detector and ask me some *cough* fun questions relating to my fur kid. You can watch the full video at the end of the post.

Now, I’d never taken a lie-detector test before, so I was part excited, part nervous. What would Hill’s ask me?

This is what a polygraph set-up looks like. Scary, isn’t it???

Below are some of the amusing questions I was asked that didn’t make it into the video, but that I had to share with you!

Q: What’s the dumbest thing your dog has ever done?

A: “She doesn’t do anything dumb because she’s a German Shepard – and let’s be honest – that is the most intelligent breed. She does however have a slight dumb look that she gets when she’s bored.”

Q: Who does she love more – you or your husband?

A: Me, without a doubt – but my hubby likes to believe it’s him. But I know the truth, shame.

Q: Does your dog follow you to the toilet and do you allow her to sit with you?

A: Obviously yes! She stares right into my eyes and we have a moment.

Q: Do you ever, if nobody is watching, not pick up her poop when walking or in the park?

A: I can’t lie…I have done this before. But, to make up for it, if there is other poop in the vicinity of her poop I’m picking up, I’ll pick theirs up too. I think that’s part of being a responsible dog owner.

On this day, Momo sniffed out some human excrement in the park & decided to have a good old roll in it. I had to bath her the moment we got back from the park.

Q: Do you let your pet kiss you on the mouth?

A: Yes. We do kisses. I say “kisses” and point at my ear & she gives it a few licks. Often though, she misses my ear & I get wet kisses on my nose, cheeks, eyes & mouth.

Q: Do you feed your pet’s Hill’s?

A: Yes I do! We started feeding all our pets Hill’s when my now departed, Lilo (also a German Shepard) started having issues with her hips & joints. My vet suggested the Hill’s JD Diet for her joints, and within about two weeks we saw a remarkable improvement in her mobility. That was about 9 years ago, and we’ve been feeding all our fur kids Hill’s since.

Q: Have you ever forgotten to feed your pet?

A: No!

*Buzzer goes off to say I’m lying*

Me: “That can’t be right – I’ve never forgotten to feed my pets! Perhaps I’ve fed them later than usual, but I’d NEVER forget to feed my children!!”

While this picture looks sweet & innocent enough, I have to tell you the back story. Momo had just let off a ripper of a fart & promptly walked to the window to breathe in some fresh air. I was left in bed with the lingering smell. And no, it wasn’t me that farted – in case you were wondering. See the next question #LOL

Q: Have you ever farted in company and blamed your pets?

A: Not yet, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t something I may do one day #LOL

Q: Have you ever tried to use one of pets as an exercise item like bench pressing your dog, using your cats as dumbbells?

A: No, BUT, I’m considering it now that Momo is a bit older & better on a lead. I’m looking at doing a morning half hour power walk with her. So, I will be using her for exercise purposes, but it will also be beneficial to us both.

The best looking exercise buddy a gal could ask for!

Daisy – the Hill’s Mascot – also popped in to say hello & I couldn’t resist a cuddle with her.

Watch my Hill’s “It’s Complicated” video below & brace yourself for a good giggle.

*This blog post is sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition*


Momo is absolutely gorgeous (second only to my Mikhail of course)! What a wonderfully different promotion and yes the relationships with our fur-family is complicated but so worthwhile and rewarding. Was a delight to read and watch.

Thanks Dorria. So glad you enjoyed the post. It’s always such a treat writing & chatting about about the love I have for my fur kids – and all animals in general.

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