Happy Valentine’s Day!

Given that today is all about luuurve, I thought a fragrance post & giveaway would be appropriate – especially a scent that is inspired by a sultry night, when lovers embrace with absolute love.

Ladies, let me introduce you to Lancôme’s new La Nuit Trésor, a gourmand scent with a bewitching heart of Black Rose Essence, tempered with an erotic hint of Vanilla, mysterious incense, papyrus and praline.

La Nuit Trésor is classified as a ‘Gourmand Woody Floriental’ perfume. Normally I’m not crazy about sweet (gourmand) scents, but this one I REALLY  like because it reminds me a bit of an old favourite, namely Angel (and, if you like Angel, I’m willing to bet you’ll love this).

Top Notes include Lychee, Raspberry and Bergamot that make for a fresh and invigorating opening. The heart notes of Rose Damascena Essence and Frankinscense give an elegant twist to the fragrance, adding floral bursts into the juice. The dry down includes mesmerizing notes of Vanilla Tahitensis Orchid, Praline, Patchouli and Papyrus adding a radiant and sensuous hint to the skin, settling into sublime scent that lasts for hours.

La Nuit Trésor is born out of a fascinating enigma. An infinitely poetic tale of two stars irresistibly attracted towards each other to the point of collision. This rare phenomenon, occurring just once every 100 years, is said to create a shower of particles that regroup on contact with the atmosphere to gradually create a substance known as black diamond. Rare and intense, magnetically coloured, this incomparably beautiful gem of pure mystery is born out of a stellar thunder clap. It’s no wonder it is so deeply desired and intensely inspiring for the world of jewellery. Endowed with a mystic aura, it is even said to contain substances found nowhere else.

The La Nuit Trésor bottle is shaped like a black diamond, the most mysterious and precious of all diamonds, and adorned with a black rose choker as a symbol of elegance.


LaNuit Trésor Eau deParfum 30ml RRSP 930.00

La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum 50ml RRSP1,350.00

La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum 75ml RRSP1,860.00

Available at selected Edgars, Woolworths, Truworths and Foschini stores nationwide


I have one bottle of La Nuit Trésor valued at R930 up for grabs!

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Good Luck!


First of all to spread my love to my valentine my wonderful husband always being there for me through sickness and health by spoiling him with loads of Lindt chocolate (of course my favourite as well) and lots of cuddles 🙂

I would like to spoil my hubby with a lunch out to our favourite restuarant.

I love spoiling my loved ones with little treats, especially those I know perhaps won’t get something special on the day.

I share the love on Valentine’s Day with my mum and my daughter. We three only have each other… we give each roses and gifts. We three go out for a meal and have a blast. Also we dress up all matchy matchy in red lol. I’m doing it to teach my daughter that self-love is important as well as love those closest to you and treasure them.

I’m single but I love spoiling those around me on Valentines Day… buying little chocolates for colleagues at work, buying some chocolates and flowers for my mom and dad… I love to spoil people and let them know they are special and are loved.

By spoiling my loved ones , but I don’t only do it on Valentine’s Day , I do it everyday .

I share the love with my beloved bug who loves me unconditionally and makes my heart burst with joy and happiness

We have a baby and an 8year old so we are not going out. Instead we made cards and I made chocolate heart treats. We decided we each get to pick our favourite course for dinner and we will be making it together.

Romantic & beyond is the only way of sharing with my love of 10yrs …. Dressing up, romantic candlelight picnic, all his favourite – snacks , desserts & chocolates …. I love being loved & sharing my love 😍😍😍

I will be spending my day with my family, because that is where life begins and Love never ends. They will always be my special Valentines.

I love to spoil my husband with Gifts and Chocolates. We spend the evening together and he cooks me dinner 🥰 We are very blessed to have each other 🙏🏼
I love Perfume! Would love to win this ❣️ Happy Valentine’s Day to you 💐

I love spending it with my hubby and 2 little girls. There ia no greater love than family❤we also wait in anticipation for thw 15th as its my birthday 🎂🎉🎁❤

I am going to spoil my husband (of 11 months!!) with a goody box I put together. In the box is sweets, champagne and other ‘lekker bederfies’ which I can’t mention here…

For me Valentine’s Day is not about what you get, but how you feel.. I make all the people in my life feel special, my fiancé, my son, my family / friends and colleagues. Whether it be a smile and hug, a little note to say you are special and loved or a warm cup of coffee made by yours truly. I don’t do red carpet, its the little things that count for me.

My favorite way to spend V Day is just on the couch with bae, with munchies and a movie.

I like to share the love this Valentine’s Day by cooking a romantic home dinner and giving a Valentine’s hamper filled with my boyfriend’s favourite treats. Hopefully the dinner will be ready before load shedding hits. At least candles will add a bit of Valentine’s romance to the evening. ❤❤❤

I always give something unique to my Valentine on Valentine’s Day, so months before Valentine’s Day i always go to my local jewellery store to have something special made for the love of my life. To be different i set up a picnic in our lounge in front of the fireplace. I include our favorite cheeses , a good Port and lots of strawberries. I place clue’s in envelopes around the house for my Valentine to follow which leads to the special surprise. The day overall is always filled with romantic gestures and passionate embraces. Although everyday is Valentine’s Day in our home we really do go the extra mile on this day.

What I normally do each and every year when it is Valentine’s day. I buy red roses and give everyone that I love, 1 rose. I believe that Valentine’s day is not only for lovers but its for everyone that you love. I also remind people that I love how much I love them. That’s how I share the love on Valentine’s day 😊

Date night with hubby😍

A cheesy romcom, a take away and cry myself to sleep! SIngle divorced mom whose kids are with their dad tonight 🙁

Spending time with my family. They are the most important people in my life. It all means nothing without them ❤❤❤❤❤

I’m spending my Valentines Day handing out Chocolates at the robots I think it’s beautiful to share the love even to the unloved we all deserve to feel special

I am sharing it by going for dinner with hubby

My husband the love of my life Lionel Prantice . I want to let him know how much I appreciate him and that he is my pillar of strength. He working hard and away from home to take care of his family and never complained once. I want to give him a special treat so I will be cooking his favourite meal and set up a romantic candle light dinner with music he loves playing in the background and we will be dancing all night long. ❤❤❤

I share the love on Valentines day by spoiling my mom with a lovely home cooked meal and her favourite choccies

I love to surprise my husband with a romantic dinner by candlelight

I am spreading the love and joy today by donating made up boxes of old clothes each with a chocolate inside to the church today. I will also be taking my mother in law to lunch and my bestie for coffie and cake later today. For my husband I have packed a surprise picnic basket filled with all his favourite things. I’m planning a picnic on the back of his truck/bakkie in the field on the farm. So a busy Valentines day for me.

I like to share the love with many different people on Valentines as I believe it’s not just for your spouse/partner. So my son’s teacher gets a choccie and thank you note for all her hard work. My helper gets a choccie and a half day off. My granny gets a bunch of flowers to remind her we love her. So much love to go around!

I will for the first time ever this Valentine’s Day share my love by going out with my boyfriend for a romantic dinner and surprising him with monk strap formal shoes he’s been wanting for forever. This is a special Valentine for me because it is the first one where I am in a relationship. I put my fears aside last year and took the plunge and I must say it has been amazing. I am in love with love and being loved in a way I never thought possible.

I like to surprise my husband. This morning I left little chocolates around his car to let him know he’s appreciated and loved

I’d probably FaceTime my boo because he’s in Capetown and im in Durban however il be sharing the love when I visit him next month. But for today il share the love with my family. Simonesoupen@gmail.com

Cuddles with my husband

I will be spoiling my loved one’s on Valentines Day especially my grandchildren who looks awesome in their red and white attire for school and playschool

I start spreading love as soon as my husband wakes up with coffee and rusks in bed. Thereafter he will find little treats and notes in his lunch box…different notes with different snacks…whatsapp messages during the day and a lovely candlelit fondue ( mainly because of laodshedding ) is planned for tonight! We will end the day by sharing a chocolate slab… Sharing is caring. Excited 😍

For me myself and I – as a single chica self love and being accepting of myself and the lovely peeps in my life ; i know that its super important to take a moment and celebrate my femininity with a moody, sexy scent which makes me feel great any day of the year!

I share the love on Valentine’s Day by getting my son and daughter up early in the morning and wishing them a Happy Valentines Day with a box of chocolate each. Then it is time to wish my hubby with a sloppy kiss and a bear hug. In the evening, we go out as a family for dinner and make beautiful memories. This is my family tradition because VD is to share the love with everyone in my small family. preetharajkumar@yahoo.com

I am planning a family dinner with my husband and daughters, so much love for them, feel so blessed! I’ve been craving for a new fresh fragrance for ages! Would be thrilled if I won. Thanks💕

We go on a couples retreat every second year. So we get a bunch of our friends together and plan a weekend away at Valentines. This year is Cape Town. We have so much fun, and have a weekend away from the kids

This is a day of love and I try and remind all those close to me how much I love them. My love and I have been together for 11 years and this is our first Valentine’s day as husband and wife so I’m preparing a lovely candle lit dinner.

On Valentines day I go the extra mile to spoil my amazing husband, I do a special greasy breakfast 🥣 for him which I don’t do every day and for dinner I treat him to a candle lit dinner after our kids have gone to bed 😁

I love to remember and share with my husband on how lucky we are to have each other and a happy marriage for more than 40 years. On Valentine’s Day we reflect on all the wonderful times we had together and dream about places we still want to see and visit together. 😍

I just love being with my boys (hubby and 3 boys). My happy place, my loved space. Even though we overslept this morning, I still received that 3 hand made cards from my sweet boys. Love love love it!!!

Today is 35 years since I met my husband. We met on campus when he initiated me :). We eloped 4 years after meeting and the rest is a wonderful love story. To us Valentines day is not marred by the commercial hype…. it’s a reminder of our first meeting.

I like to share Valentinsday at home with spoiling my husband with a romantic dinner ;gifting him a personalized gift ;cuddling on the sit a and watching a romantic /comedy movie to end our night.

I share Valentin’es Day aroud loved ones with a candle light dinner wine and we give to each other a small gift to say Thank You for all the love and caring

I share the love with chocolatey sweet treats.

I’m currently sharing the love with my 89yr old Grandmother she suffers from dementia. I made her breakfast this morning and I’m spending the day with her because she took care of me as a child and loved me as her own. Love comes in all forms and giving back to the woman who played a part in raising me into the woman and mother that I am today is the greatest gift I can give my gran. She is my world and I’m so blessed at 39yrs to still have her in my life.

I work with many many kids living difficult lives. So on Valentines Day my message is simply LOVE. Unconditional, always forgiving, everlasting. In the end that is all there is.

I share the love of Valentine’s Day with family and friends by inviting them to dinner

Today I shared my love with the ladies of the office with little heart love notes, Tonight its Dinner and Sparkling Wine with my Husband and Sister, Its normally just my Hubby and I but next week my sister leaves for Aus so we included her in a fun night out! ❤️✌🏻

I’m sharing my love with hubby and all the people I come across today ☺️❤️❣️😃❣️

Its Valentine’s day…..date night let me appreciate my better half with some naughty but nice aphrodisiac deeds.

by showing the love to everyone I meet with a smile and a greeting! and supper for the family!

I would like to spoil a friend of mine with the bottle of perfume as her and her hubs have gone through very hard economic and health times for many years and it is something she can never afford for herself – it would be a lovely spoil for her – so not a direct Valentine’s day answer but more helping a friend out and paying it forward.

My husband and I will be having a lovely dinner for two then off to watch Bryan Ferry in concert at Grand West. The only way to spend valentine’s day is with the people you love. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

I would love to spend quality time with my husband and for me that can be a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant or a night at home in our pjs watching Neflix with our favourite snacks xx

a bottle ( or two ) of chilled bubbly, a delicious picnic ( even if it is in the back yard of indoors on the dining room floor if the weather is rough) , some subdued lighting and great conversation

Valentines Day is not really celebrated in our house as such. We do however give thanks on this day to be able to give and receive love, our friends, family members and even those that have left footprints in our hearts as they are looking down at us from heaven. Love should be shared every day

I love Valentine’s Day for the pure joy and pleasure of being able to give to those I love. I believe it’s not about what you’re going to get but what you’re going to give, from the heart ♥

Bubbles, chocolate and dinner out, and catching up with my better half.

I give hugs, yes I’m a hugger 😊 so whoever i see or great in the morning i love to pass on a tight hug 😊😍

I will spoil my better half ❤ to a romantic date night 💋,where we will indulge in moonlight massages, delicious steaks 🍤& quality time with bae sipping on chilled cocktails 🍹🍸 & chocolate coated strawberries🍓🍓. It’s our time to reconnect, readjust & recharge. 💚💙💛. He is the butter on my scone🎀, the icing on my cupcake & we are definitely 2 peas in a pod🍭. It’s perfect little moments like this that keeps us going strong. 💪👏😙

Share it with the love of my life my son.


I would love this incredible spoil of a fragrance…! We have just renovated our little apartment, so it would be a lovely personal spoil for me, especially since every cent has been channelled towards our home over the past months. Tonight I intend to cook a nice pasta for hubby and I, a shared bottle of red, and Netflix n chill. Tomorrow evening I want to have some of my single girlfriends over for a chill out, fun evening evening – my Galentines! xxx

I like to give choclates to my kids and make them feel loved on this special day.

Delightfully Delicious Home cooked meal and dinner under the stars on the patio on a cool summers evening.
There will be lots of chatting, laughter,music and dance in the comfort of home. Relaxed and Happy.

The way I will show my love is by going to work because work is love made visible. In a household where no one works the love is scarce because the effort is not there. We work to celebrate on another time that fits us not the one day in the year given to us via a forgotten culture.

I believe that we should all carry out one act of kindness everyday of the year. Relational love should be expressed every day of the year and our family reminded every day that they are loved and appreciated. So when Valentine’s Day rolls by, we can show those external that the world 8s filled with good secure genuine people. I took a step extra today and bought a few dozens of krispy kremes and dropped off for the nurses at the hospitals because their display of love is a day in and day out duty.
Its just something small to say thank you and we value you.
#LancomeSA #LaNuitTresor #SOTD

Today i shared this beautiful day and my Husband and daughter…what made this day super special was the fact that i received a hand made card and a biscuit she also baked i found this 6 year oldz efforts priceless and home cooked dinner by her dad….this was priceless thats the essence if Valentine’s day a day of celebrating and expressing love for the ones that you love and love u….i brought chocolates 4 both of them they were so happy.

I have made it my duty to pamper my hubby as well as my 3 boys. It’s a day of celebration and love

All the hugs, kisses and treats for my boyfriend and a whole lot of kindness to everyone else. Just a smile can make someone’s day brighter 😊✨

Sharing love for me is having alone time away from the stresses and hustles of every day life. That for me is a quiet intimate home cooked meal/dinner with my husband where we dress up and he gets me roses. My husband spoils me with meal dishes he’s come to master. That for me is special and just perfect. Valentine’s Day or not. ❤️🌹

For me Valentines Day means being happy and thankful for all my blessings and the fact that I’m surrounded by loved ones. Appreciating them for their everyday efforts, that’s important to me.

Valentine’s ❤️ Day is all about showing appreciation and love to those closest to us! I always reserve this day for my 2 most favourite humans… my little boy and my husband ❣️This year we will be having a little picnic at our local nature reserve with lots of Love, laughter and butterfly kisses going around 🥰

I would spend Valentine’s day with my family with a home cooked meal.

I cook hubby his favourite dinner – lasagna – don’t judge. He pours us some bubbly, we switch of all electronic devices and sit on the veranda and catch up and reminisce about the fabulous 26 years we have been together, our memories, our dreams, our hope and aspirations. It’s all about us for those few special hours!

I share the love by giving littles notes of encouragement and praise to all the kids I teach – with a chocolate of course!! #caring #courageous # capable kids!!

I like to cook everyones favourites

I share the love by showering my loved ones with hugs and kisses and serenading them with songs whether they like it or not.
I make it a point to show them everyday that i love them.

I have 2 young kids so we like to spend valentines day as a family.. A picnic at home is great fun and enjoyed by all of us.

Spreading self love is what i do… really focusing on my friends and family, reminding them to be a bit selfish with their space when its needed and reminding them that they are enough. People always assume that im not in a relationship when i say that but I am and I always remind my partner to indulge in self love and acceptance daily. To you, and all your lovely readers and followers…happy Valentines day and YOU are enough!

My Valentine’s Day I would spend the day with my Boo , Anthony Williams . I will take him to Kirstenbosch gardens for a picnic breakfast and spend the day relaxing & feeding him chocolates and strawberries . The evening we will have a romantic dinner at home.

I like to share the love every day. But on days like these when some feel more lonely. I message and visit my older widowed friends and my single ladies

We celebrated it the two of us Only our kids is at grandmas house. Done and watch movie till late night I’ve never feel so special like that! ❤️❤️❤️

Sounds delicious, although I’m also not a fan of many modern gourmands.

We embraced our LOVE with absolute love on Valentines Day. #love #LancomeSA #LaNuitTresor #inmybag

A romantic picnic on the beach

LOVE LOVE LOVE To spread the love further by incorporating random acts of kindness into my everyday life. LOVE LOVE LOVE

We have date night at home. We have turns making each other a 3 course meal, once the kids are in bed.

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