Seriously, is there a better recommendation for beauty products than the one’s you’ve finished right to the end? Ones you use again and again, right to the very last drop, then re-purchase?

In my household, there is one brand that we ALL use consistently, and that brand is Cetaphil.

Good to the VERY last drop

To illustrate, this was a conversation that happened just recently between hubby & I:

Me: “Thoban, where is the tube of Cetaphil Cream that was on my desk?”

Thoban: “It’s next to my basin in the bathroom.”

Me: “But Thoban, I haven’t photographed it yet! I need to do a blog post on it. Please stop using it till I’m done with it – you’ve already used half the friggin’ tube!”

Thoban: “Sorry, but it’s my favourite and I like that I can use it on my face and body, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky”

Two days later

Me: “Thoban, Miyo, where is the tube of Cetaphil Cream that was on my desk?”

Thoban: “I haven’t touched it!”

Miyo: “It’s in my bathroom, Mom”

Me (in a highly irritated voice): “Miyo, I haven’t photographed it yet. Please will you & Dad stop taking products off my beauty desk & using them before I’ve had a chance to photograph them!”

Miyo: “But Mom, it’s only the Cetaphil we take because it’s our favourite.”

And there you have it. I have to mention that it’s not only my hubby and daughter who love Cetaphil, but me too! Cetaphil is a range often recommended by dermatologists because it’s gentle, suitable for very sensitive skins and is fragrance free. If it’s good enough for the Derms, it’s certainly good enough fro me.

Whenever the skin on my face flares up, I immediately stop the skincare I’m using and swap my moisturisers out for the Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion Face & Body (R360). Just last year, I was battling with skin sensitivity issues and turned to this trust moisturiser – READ POST HERE. 

The Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion is a lightweight, creamy lotion that absorbs quickly and moisturises the skin for up to 24 hours. It’s fragrance & colourant-free (two of the biggest triggers for skin issues) and won’t clog pores. The formula contains an Epidermal Replenishing Complex that includes a combination of 5 ingredients that hydrate the skin such as Glycerin, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Panthenol, macadamia nut oil. It can be used by anyone, even infants and those suffering with psoriasis and eczema. Oh, and it’s not just for the face – it can be used on the body too.

While the above product – a lotion – can be used on face & body, sometimes one needs a heavy-duty body lotion for times when the skin on the body is very dry. That’s when we turn to the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream (R360).

The formula contains a superior system of extra-strength emollients and humectants (draws water from the environment into the skin) that are clinically proven to bind water to the skin and prevent moisture loss.

Now, even though this is a wonderfully rich and nourishing body cream, it’s not at all oily and manages to be quite lightweight. In fact, the formula absorbs in less than a minute. I find it’s just the product for hands, knees, feet, elbows, or any other area that needs intensive moisture. Again, it can be used on all skin types and is fragrance-free, mild and non-irritating.

I also LOVE that I can happily use this body cream in the morning, get dressed almost immediately after applying it, and spritz my fragrance of the day on without worrying that it will fight with the scent of my moisturiser. This is why I love a fragrance free moisturiser.

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’m a Cetaphil fan. You can read previous posts I’ve done on Cetaphil’s range of products HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.


I have one Cetaphil hamper up for grabs valued at R720 containing a 226 grams tube of the Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion & a 500 gram tub of the Moisturising cream.

To enter, leave a comment below this blog post in the comments section telling me why you’d like to win this hamper. Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it), so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

The winner will be announced on In My Bag’s Facebook page (FOLLOW HERE) next week Monday 4 February 2019 and will be contacted via email.

This giveaway is only open to South African residents.

*Cetaphil prices may vary slightly depending on which retailer they’re purchased through*


I’d like to win this hamper for my 13 year old daughter as we have been struggling to find a range that works for her young, sensitive skin 🙂

I’d like to win this awesome product for whole family as we suffer from dry skin conditions

I would so love to win this hamper… my face is so sensitive and dehydrated… I am desperately looking for a product that can help my hands, knees, feet and elbows they are so dry and dehydrated but nothing seems to help… most are so oily and greasy that I cant use them…

Thank you for this enlightening post and product review. Will be absolutely grateful to win for my daughter who suffers with eczema. She certainly needs this for her skin as these products are suited for her skin condition and its difficult to find products for her to use. Thank you.

Dry skin conditions is a problem in our household , love the blog always such informative topics … Fingers-crossed xxxx ❤❤❤

Cetaphil is a trustworthy brand and I am looking to remedy my thirsty skin.

Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion is the only cream that works for my very dry and sensitive skin. I use it also on my legs and arms. I believe in Cetaphil products

I have eczema and my skin is ALWAYS dry… I’m still searching for the perfect product and this sounds like a dream.

Would love to win as my family and I have eczema this would be great

I would really love to win it cause I have try so many different lotions but my skin is still the same maybe it will work for

Thank you for giving us the most honest review of this cetaphil products ❤️I have a very problematic skin prone to breakouts every other day, im 11 months post birth and all I’m being told is that its hormonal and the breakouts will subside but i dont for see it happening in the near future i have a extremely sensitive skin and my problem areas are my jawline and around my lip area, i constantly have to hide behind foundations and concealers and im never working on the problem itself, im sure most moms can relate that purchasing skincare is at the very end of the grocery list hence why i never get to purchasing any skincare 😂😂😂. This is would be amazing for me to test on my problematic acne prone skin.

My skin has a personality of it’s own : sometimes moody and in a full blown teenager strop (acne-ridden) and sometimes it acts its (middle)age. I am at my whits end and I find that I have to juggle products for the different phases that my bipolar skin goes through.

Love to use rhis awesome product

I have been suffering from PLEVA for 12 years now; tried so many products but all irritate my skin. So I really need to try Cetaphil as I have heard that it has helped some people with the disease.

I’m turning 53 and my skin is getting drier and as a result wrinkles are becoming more evident. Would love to try these products as I can see the results in my daughter’s skin as she is using the products

I have very dry and itchy skin. I would absolutely love to win these products and try them out. Also suffer from Eczema and I’m sure this skincare range could help with that. Thank you for the opportunity ❤️🤞🏼

It looks like a trustworthy product which i would love to try.We have very dry and scaly skin especially me and my dad and i think our skin will be very grateful

I would love to win this hamper! I also suffer from very dry sensitive skin and this summer dry heat is not helping! 🤞🤞❤️❤️

I would love to win this hamper because my son suffers with dry skin and Cetaphil would be great for his skin

Cetaphil is safe to use:a big Yes from me because I have super sensitive skin due to Lupus and endometriosis so it is one of the products I know I can and safely and effectively use for my sensitive, dry skin. Cetaphil protects my skin while I go for my morning jogs and looks after my skin thoughout the rest of the day too! I would love to win this amazing product. Tried and tested. It works!

I would love to win this amazing hamper for my dry sensitive skin please🙇🙇🙇
I havent find the right product for my face yet.

This is stunning and awesome to nourish and hydrate my dry skin

I’d like to win this hamper because I am currently pregnant and my skin has just not been co operating. I haven’t tried Cetaphil before and would love the opportunity to see if this is the brand for my skin.

I would love to win this hamper as Cetaphil is such a trusted brand, I would like to try this range on my family’s dry skins.

Would love to try it out before purchasing, I suffer from Psoriasis and nothing has helped so im open to new remedies.

I’ve always heard great stuff about Cetaphil and this blog reinforces that, thanks Candice. I little goes a long way.. But I haven’t tried any of the other Cetaphil products yet so would love to try.

I’ve always heard good things about Cetaphil products, this would be an absolute treat for my specially for my teenage daughter as well. I have tried different products on my face but still not happy…who knows, maybe this is the perfect product for me 🙂

This would be helpful for my sons as they have dry skin..

My kids and I have super sensitive skin and love Cetaphil but I can’t always gwt it for them. I would love to win this for us to have clear happy skin.

I mostly use oils as moisturizer and recently have been on the hunt for a day moisturizer. With all the products available and all the promises they make it gets really confusing. Especially when you try to keep them as cleans and natural as possible. This product sound clean and legit not only because it’s recommended by dermatologists but always handy to have a blogger vouch for a product too 🙂

During the summer I always struggle with my dry skin, not having a suitable product to soothe the itching and rashes. Now, I’ve noticed my 5 month old daughter has the same skin concern. Would love to try this product.

I use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser/bar on my face and its absolutely amazing. I have not tried any of the lotions or creams as they are a bit pricey. Winning this hamper would be awesome!

I’d love to win the hamper for my family. We all use it as it’s sensitive enough for my husband’s eczema, my sons pimples and my wrinkles!! 😂

thanks for another great review.
I would like to win this because i have sensitive skin, and the holiday ( although fun) has upset it quite a bit- holiday foods, lots of time in the sun and water & a drier climate have left me with much drier more irritable skin. this would be just the stuff to set me back on the right course again

All our family have such dry and sensitive skin!!
I’d love to try this!

I have such dry, sensitive skin, and recently we have done a small renovation at home (which is STILL not complete!), which has left my skin especially stressed and dry ! …. so, I would love a moisture pamper! xxx

I have very dry skin and in Summer I have something that’s called pool rash. I think this product would do wonders for my skin and would love to try it.

I would love to win this hamper,because I love Cetaphils products. They work really well for my sensitive skin and removes makeup very good aswell.

I would love to win this amazing hamper as a really have dry skin. I apply lotion everyday but my skin stays dry.

I have used cetaphil before on my face and it cleared up my pimples
I have an oily skin so this was amazing and my eczema allows me to use little to nothing other than my prescription
Cetaphil is too pricey for me so I opted for something cheaper with half of the results
I would love this hamper, my skin deserves it

Would be amazing to win this for my really dry skin! Student life doesn’t exactly afford me a dermatologist, so if this can help, it would ve freaken amazing! ❤❤❤

I’d love to win this hamper because I could use a body moisturiser that actually moisturises and does so for a long period of time.

I’d love to win this hamper because I could use a body moisturiser that actually moisturises and does so for a long period of time. And well of course I’d share some with my sister lol

My husband and I both have dry skin so Cetaphil sounds like the product we should use

Hi I would love to win this competition ,my reason to win this competition is that I do have a problem skin also my family and I have not tried these products, the benefits of these products describes my skin type. Therefore I would love to win this competition.
Thank you

I think my dry skin will benefit immensely from this product, that’s why I want to win it.

Love to try this brand and products a fter reading your review I know this is what is needed now for my extra sensitive skin. With all thanks to your blog post

I would love to win this Cetaphil hamper for myself. I battle to find suitable products because of sensitivity plus I have eczema on my face. It’s so frustrating trying to keep my parched skin hydrated, especially my aging face. I can’t use what everyone else uses *sad*

I would love to win this for my teenage son as we have tried so many products for his skin and nothing works. The best at the moment is the Elizabeth Annes baby aqueous cream. email –

I love cetaphil product. Have used their facial wash and it is great on my sensitive skin. Definitely keen to try out their other products.

I would love to win this product as I have tried everything and still can’t find the perfect product for my sensitive skin.

I would love this to be able to get my husband to enjoy skin care!

I would love to win this awesome prize as I do have very sensitive and dry skin. To date I couldn’t find anything that suits my skin’s needs. Reading your blog, made me realise, this is what my skin wants. 😊

I’d love to win this hamper to help keep my skin glowing and healthy 💚

2019 isn’t the year of MORE for me. I want to do more for my mind and body including taking better care of my super sensitive skin. This hamper will help me reach my 2019 goals for MORE! 🖤

I would love to win this prize so that I can say bye bye to skin damage especially from the sun.

l would love to win as l suffer from eczema and l tried many different products but nothing really helps me and after reading your informative blog about this amazing product l am quite excited to try it for myself.

I would love to try this. Always looking for the perfect cream that is ultra hydrating for dry skin but that is also non-sticky. And what a bonus that you can use it on face and body!

Oh my! So a few months back my grandmother suggested I try this cream for my upper arms as my skin is quite sensitive to the sun and I have large pores if I don’t exfoliate and moisturize every day. It’s quite embarrassing people always think I have goosebumps or some call it chicken skin , I always get asked if I’m getting cold lol. So I would absolutely love to try this out!

I would love to win this hamper for myself. I have been so stressed lately with university and I am having a terrible breakout. I know how amazing cetaphil products are and winning this would change my life by giving me better skin and more confidence.

Wow! My skin has changed from an oily one to a dry one over the years. This looks great!

I’m overcoming teenage acne but I’m still getting breakouts. This range would be amazing!

I would love to win because I know these amazing products will be so wonderful for my skin

I skin needs this

l love to win for me and my wife as we both suffer from eczema and Cetaphil is answer to our prayers to help us with this painful problem.

I would love to win this cetaphil hamper ;i suffer with very dry and sensitive skin;I was born with eczema ;I’ve tried many products but none as helped a friend give me a sample of cetaphil and it gave me so much relief ;it helped moisturizer my dry skin ;I would love to win this hamper for myself ;cetaphill will be my life saver .

Oh man this is so weird just last night I was cutting my finished bottle up to scoop out the last bit and was telling my mom this stuff is expensive I cannot just throw it away, I’ve been using cetaphil for over 10years now as it is one of three lotions my skin will tolerate so winning this will be so awesome this januworry which also happens to be my birthday month. As I was discussing with my mom she reminded me I’ve had eczema since I was 2 months old, diet helps a bit, creams help a bit but it will be my struggle for life.

I’ve recently started developing really bad acne and a cosmetic consultant gave me a sample of this product, I have the cream but can’t afford the face wash, I’d really love to win this hamper 🍀😱🤞

I would really love to win these products because in this heat, my skin is dehydrated and dry, I’m in need of ultra hydration

I’m an RRU (Recovering Roaccutane User – it’s totally a thing) and the Cetaphil facial wash, sunscreens and body creams are the only products I was able to use during treatment to soothe my excessively dry and sensitive skin, and the only product I care to use now that I’m off the meds.

I tried some of the most expensive skincare products on the market, all of which ended up doing horrible damage to my skin. So glad i gave Cetaphil a try. It’s been over a year now since I stopped the treatment and I still swear by Cetaphil, I honestly wouldn’t switch to anything else if you paid me!

I’d love to win this hamper, well, because ‘Janu-worry’, and because I would actually use every last drop of those products (and sing your praises with every application!)

Cethaphil is just the switch that i need for my tired skin…. and body! I know Cethaphil will be kind to my skin. Great review In my Bag!

This is an awesome giveaway! I have sensitive skin and prone to breakouts, I’m always cautious when it comes to trying to products. This range is fragrance free which is such a win!!! My fingers are crossed!

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