Doe eyes, wagging tails, cuddles, nuzzles and purrs. I love my three fur kids just as much as I do my husband and child, so it’s always hard for me to think about all those pets less fortunate than my own, living out the prime of their lives without a family to call their own. This is sadly a very real reality.

What if one simple act of kindness could help many this festive season?

Momo wearing her sad eyes face

One of the most effective ways to make a difference is as simple as paying for a spay. “Spaying and neutering is a relatively quick surgical procedure, with a long-lasting impact on animal welfare and overpopulation,” says Bianca Bresler, General Manager at TEARS Animal Rescue. In their research, TEARS has found that spaying one cat can prevent up to 370 000 cats from being born in seven years and one dog sterilisation prevents the birth of up to 67 000 dogs in six years. Consider that for a moment.

Gabbana  hiding out in the flower beds

My youngest, MOMO, a German Shepard was spayed at just 6 months. Same with my two kitty boys Dolce & Gabbana.

Spaying reduces the risk of certain illnesses, such as Pyometra (a common, life-threatening infection of the uterus) or mammary gland cancer (breast cancer). Not only does it reduce pet overpopulation, but in my case, because I have a female dog, it saved me from dealing with male dogs who would have behaved in a wild way should Momo have been on heat.

The face that melts my heart

 “The extreme need associated with animal welfare is often overwhelming, but by securing sponsorship for even one sterilisation, at a cost of just R350, we’re able to make an immediate impact and alleviate the negative effects of pet overpopulation,” says Dr. Patti Foster TEARS Animal Rescue Chief Veterinary Surgeon.

Cat & kid napping 

It’s supporters like Hill’s Pet Nutrition (all of my animals are fed a diet of Hill’s) who make campaigns like these possible, adds Bresler. Through their biggest donation to date, over R1 million to TEARS, Hill’s is encouraging businesses and pet parents nationwide to get into the spirit of giving this holiday season and help “Pay-For-A-Spay” at local animal shelters.

“We’re incredibly proud to be keeping tummies full and bodies in tip top shape at TEARS Animal Rescue. Our recent donation equates to 82 000 meals and frees up funds to sterilise close to 2500 pets,” says Carla Bath, Hill’s Marketing Manager.

Momo in our neighborhood park

“The biggest challenge to sustaining the medical support we provide, and free sterilisation services remains funding,” says TEARS Co-Founder and Director, Marilyn Hoole.

Share in the gift of giving this festive season. Click here to donate to the “Pay-For-A-Spay” campaign and assist the work that TEARS is doing. Just R350 will cover the cost of a sterilisation and bring an end to pet overpopulation a step closer.

Photos: Thoban Jappie 

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Love the Hill’s post and the sentiment behind it – thank you for championing animal welfare. My cat (Holly) is adored, a rescue who generally has ideas above her station and needs to be reminded of her less-than-salubrious lineage from time to time! She gives me so many laughs and so much love, I cannot imagine my life without her. She also vacillates between cute and manic which makes my life interesting! Three cheers to Hill’s – Holly is fed on Youthful Vitality 7+.

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