The holidays are here, and for most of us that means time spent outdoors in the sun, sea or pool. While we’re having the best of times, it’s important we remember to protect our skins with a good, broad spectrum sunscreen.

I believe there is a lot of education that needs to be regarding sunscreens. Many people I speak to don’t know how much sunscreen that should be applying, how often to reapply, or what certain terms like broad spectrum means.

With this post I’m hoping to shed some light on the most common sunscreen related questions I receive. To ensure I’m giving you guys only the most accurate info, I chatted with the Cetaphil team to get clarity on the questions below.

How does Cetaphil sunscreens protect against DNA damage?

UVB rays – those that burn the skin, cause redness or tanning and are the rays responsible for skin cancer because they damage DNA. Now, P53 is an enzyme in the body responsible for repairing damaged DNA caused by infrared radiation. Cetaphil sunscreen have clinical data to show that their formula protects this key enzyme through effectively blocking UV radiation so it’s able to repair / reverse any damage to the DNA. When DNA is damaged, the long-term result could be skin cancer.

UVA rays cause indirect damage directly through oxidative stress – meaning free radicals get formed. Free radicals are unstable molecules that disrupt DNA. These free radicals stimulate an enzyme that breaks down collagen, and this leads to fine lines and wrinkles. If you can block the UVA effectively, you will minimise the amount of free radicals that get formed. The organic filters used in Cetaphil gives optimal protection against both UVA, UVB and infrared ray (IR) rays.

If a sunscreen is ‘water-resistant, why do I need to re-apply after swimming?

No sunscreen is waterproof, and water-resistant formulas should keep you protected as you swim but you still need to reapply after getting out of the water, when perspiring and after towel drying.

Cetaphil explained that water resistant sunscreens must pass independent tests to PROVE they retain their SPF while swimming or sweating. Waterproof means a TOTAL BLOCKING of water getting into the formula, but the FDA no longer allows this term anymore since it’s misleading. This is why it’s SO important to re-apply your sunscreen every two hours or after swimming or towel drying.

Why do I have to apply my sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes BEFORE going into the sun?

Because the UV filters need 15 to 20 minutes to start working. Most are triggered as you rub the sunscreen onto your skin, but they need some time to start doing the job properly.

What the difference between an “Organic” and “Inorganic” sunscreen?

This refers to the filters the sunscreen contains. Physical filters are now called inorganic filters and they work by reflecting the rays of the sun. They don’t penetrate the skin. If a sunscreen only contains inorganic filters, it will be called an inorganic sunscreen.

Chemical filters are now called organic filters. These work by penetrating the top layers of the skin and they absorb the suns energy, turning them into heat. If a sunscreen contains organic filters, it will be referred to as an organic sunscreen.

Cetaphil contains organic sunscreen filters, except the Gel which contains both organic & inorganic to give you optimal protection.

What does the circle around the UVA labelling mean?

A circle around the UVA on sunscreens means that that sunscreen meets the European guidelines for optimal UVA protection. You should look for this on any sunscreens you intend purchasing.

Cetaphil sunscreens are Non-Photo toxic – what exactly does that means?

Photo-toxicity is a chemically induced skin irritation that requires light to be triggered – it is not a reaction caused by the immune system. In essence, it’s a type of photo sensitivity where the skin’s response resembles an exaggerated sunburn. Cetaphil sunscreens are suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

Do sunscreen formulas perform differently in salt and or fresh water?

Cetaphil sunscreens are water-resistant in both salt, fresh and chlorinated water. We have done clinical research to support this.

How much sunscreen does one need to apply for optimal protection?

Use a shot glass as your guide for the amount you need to apply to your skin to be properly covered, and not the palm of your hand! To achieve the SPF (that protects against the sun’s UVB radiation) reflected on a bottle of sunscreen, you should use approximately two milligrams of sunscreen per square centimeter of skin. In practice, this means applying the equivalent of a shot glass per area (i.e. your face and your torso and your leg and so on). If you’re using a spray, apply until you see an even sheen.

Recently, I was sent the Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Gel and SPF 30 High Protection Spray to try out. Now, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I really like the Cetaphil sunscreens and have blogged about them a few times previously HERE and HERE.

Cetaphil Sun SPF 50+ Gel approx. R250

This sunscreen is great for all skin types, but especially beneficial for sensitive or oily skin’s. It’s hypoallergenic, won’t block pores and is water resistant. The formula can be used of both face and body, and it’s so lightweight that it’s even suitable to wear under makeup (I’ve tried it out and can attest to this).

The formula is lightweight and oil free, and while I was initially expecting a gel to come out, I would describe the consistency as more of a gel/cream. However, it does absorb quickly just like a gel would and doesn’t leave a greasy film or sticky feeling. Have you noticed how sunscreens can dry the skin out? One of the best things about this formula is that it also nourishes the skin. This is thanks to the inclusion of Vitamin E in the formula.

Cetaphil Sun SPF30 Spray approx. R200

This particular SPF lives in my handbag because the 150ml size bottle is not too big or cumbersome. I find all too often I’m out and about at launches that happen outdoors. I arrive, only to remember I hadn’t applied any sunscreen on my arms or legs. Also, I’ve become very aware of protecting the back of my hands with sunscreen. I like how I’m able to spritz a little onto the back of my hands after every wash.

Again, this formula contains all the benefits of the one above but come in a handy spray (perfect for those hard-to-reach areas like the back and neck). It can be used on both face & body, is non-greasy and won’t block pores.

Cetaphil products are available to purchase at selected Clicks, Dischem stores and leading pharmacies.

To learn more about Cetaphil products, follow the brand on Facebook HERE


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To enter, leave a comment below telling me about your favourite Cetaphil product (it doesn’t have to be the sunscreen) and why you love it.

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It has to be the cleanser and moisturizer Just because I have sensitive skin and hate the heavy feeling some creams give you. Cetaphil is one that is so light weight so you don’t have that heavy feeling

The Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is my favourite because it is so gentle on my sensitive skin.

Cetaphil PRO Gentle Body Wash proven to provide moisture-enhancing cleansing.

I love the Cetaphil baby eczema calming wash. When my daughter was born she has urticaria, little pimples all over her body that worsened with the use of products The only thing that gave her relief was Cetaphil. It eased the pimples and removed the redness.

I love the Cetaphil Sun SPF30 Spray knowing that my skin is protected from the sun , easy to use and light on my skin.

I remember when my youngest was born 10 years ago i got a Cetaphil wash for her as a gift. Loved it!! Also used it on myself ??

I love the whole range but my ultimate favorite is Cetaphil Sun SPF 50+

I use the face wash for oily skin every day, it’s non drying and helps to keep my skin clear.

PRO Gentle Body Moisturizer.the gentle skin care Soothes very dry and sensitive skin and Helps restore skin’s appearance Safe even for babies as young as three months

I love the cleanser, its so gentle and non stripping

I use the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser my skin is extremely sensitive and this cleanses my face effectively with no harm to my skin. Its smooth like silk and so gentle when applying on my skin.

Cetaphil Moisturizing cream is the only cream that helps soothes my sensitive and very dry skin.

Daylong Kids SPF50+ Liposomal Lotion – great when you dont want to chase them around to reapply sunscreen during the holidays!

The daily facial cleanser… it’s so gentle and doesn’t strip my skin. Loved it for years!

SPF30 Spray. Its convenient and handy on the go.

Cetaphil Sun SPF 50+ Gel is a light, non-greasy and quick absorbing product, which is excellent for my oily skin.

I have used the Cetaphil Sun Spf 30 spray and can highly recommend it.

oooh finger cross love this

i have used the cetaphil sun spf 30spray and must say iys very awesome i love it alot hope to win

Cetaphil Sun SPF30 Spray, as it is perfect to take along everywhere with me and is light and refreshing, while still giving me the sun protection that I need for my fair skin. 🙂

Definitely the daily facial cleanser, it’s gentle on my skin and not drying. It’s definitely one of my favorite facial cleansers I have on rotation!

Cetaphil daily facial cleanser is my favourite. It is gentle on sensitive skin. I like that it can be used on cotton to remove makeup and impurities as well.

Cetaphil Sun SPF 50 + Gel is my favorite .

I love the every day facial cleanser,it light on my face and keeps my skin clear

I live their moisturising lotion I use it on my face everyday it is moisturising but not oily which I love I even use it on my kids faces.

I love the Restoraderm wash for my son who has real bad eczema. Cetaphil is the only thing that helps with his extremely dry cracked skin.

Definitely the Cetaphil Sun SPF30 Spray it is so easy to apply when you on the go and want to touch up on Sunblock. I could absolutely do with this entire range as i am going away on my 1st ever cruise ship holiday so sunblock is much mich needed.

I can not live without my Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Creme!

I have to say the Gentle Skin Cleanser, been using it for years and it is one of the only products that don’t cause skin reactions and are well priced!

I’ve used the cetaphil body wash since my twins were born as they had baby eczema. My one munchkin still gets it seasonly and we whip out the cetaphil. Id love to try the sunblock on them and me. The Seafolly voucher will be perfect for my 40th birthday in Zanzibar next year – get to protect my skin from the harsh sun and look schexy ?

Cetaphil moisturising cream is great for my dry and sensitive skin, gentle as well, it does not irritate the skin and keeps my skin hydrated. Would love to try the sunscreen products, my daughters also have sensitive skin and they love swimming for hours during summer.

Cetaphil® Gentle Cleansing Cloths,it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean without drying it out.Convenient, pre-moistened – perfect for when you’re on the go.It’s mild, soap-free formula cleanses without irritation.

I adore their DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion. I use it all year round and is my go to for winter skin. It leaves my skin beautifully soft and silky and is ideal for my sensitive skin.

Cetaphil oily skin cleanser keeps my skin smooth, clean and nourished.

I’ve loved the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for years as my skin is quite sensitive. It’s the absolute best! And I can’t wait to try their sunscreen.

My favourite is the Cetaphil Daylong SPF 50.I love it because I love the outdoors and the beach and I find that it really protects me from those extreme heat when the sun is at its peak.

I use the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser – an effective, yet gentle cleanser. Love it.

I love the Cetaphil Mousturising cream. very gentle on my skin 🙂 would love to try the Cetaphil Sun SPF 50+ Gel or the Cetaphil Sun SPF30 Spray

I love the Cetaphil Moisturizing cream because it KEEPS my skin hydrates all day long and it’s great for sensitive skin.

I got really dry skin that turns dull and flaky. Skin looks like snake skin during the day. Full of cracks. Cetaphil moisturizing cream help me to control the dryness. I just love it?

I came to experience and use Cetaphil as a brand when I became a mom for the first time. The Moisturising baby wash and Diaper cream in particular were given to me by the hospital so I trusted that they were excellent quality and this was validated time and time again later by other moms who have used the products.

More recently I have bought the Moisturising Cream for myself. If I could trust this on my children’s skins, it made me confident to buy it for my own.

This is a really great, informative article – thank you! Just in time for beach holiday season.
So, I have a tie between two items – the Cetaphil Gentil Skin Cleansing Cloths – they are amazing! I tried my first pack as a “free with a cleanser” and have been hooked since then. Thick and luxurious and super effective.
Then, my next favourite (on behalf of my 13 year old, and because I have seen an amazing change in her skin since using it), is something that was recommended on In My Bag – the Cetaphil DermaCleanse Oil Control Foam Wash.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanse Lotion is my favourite..I struggle with eczema and the cleansing lotion is so gentle on my skin, it cleanses my skin and hydrates it unlike soap that is harsh and makes my eczema flare-ups worse. The Cleansing Lotion also prevents any flare-ups and soothes my skin.

Cetaphil is perfect for my kids skin, they have sensitive skin and this product has been my life saver. Recently I found my own skin to be a bit tricky and started using Cetaphil sun screen. I love it. Posted a picture on your facebook post. Holding thumbs.

I enjoy their High Tolerance Moisturising cream

DermaControl Oil Control Face Wash! So so gentle! And never dries my skin out!

I love the daily cleanser as it is so gentle and thoroughly removes makeup leaving my skin feeling so refreshed.
And I am definitely going to be buying the sunscreen products.
Thank you so much for all the info …. Just what we need going into the hot summer months

I absolutely love the Cetaphil oil control moisturizer with SPF 30. I use it everyday and it leaves my face smooth and not over oily. It stops my skin from breaking out and the SPF built in is so great as it protects your skin from the harshness of the sun.

Love the Cetaphil range but favourite is the Daily Facial Cleanser!

The Cetaphil Daily Cleansing Lotion works well with my skin

I am in absolute awe by the information given.I honestly didnt know alot of thr facts presented.being an outdoor junkie i shall certainly be putting to practice all thst ive learnt.

My favourite current product tried and tested is the Cetaphil Sun SPF30 Spray ,being an educator and on the person i found this product to be practical for use and carrying around.It has provided me with amazing results as this summer month dawned upon us.Most certainly a product i would recommened to all.

Cetaphil moisturizing cream has been my go to for my sensitive eczema prone skin ?

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is Extremely Gentle but Cleans Deeply! I’ve used this on and off for years since school days. It does remove makeup, grime, and oil in the most tender way. My skin is immaculate after using it and not taut, but quite soft.

I am not entering the comp because I am a recent winner but just thought to say Thank you for this very enlightening post! I am going to get the SPF50+ Gel to use on my face for sure because I am at the coast and for the first time in my adult life, I am actually not wearing any make up whatsoever – Day 2! (eeek!)

The Gentle Cleanser! My skin has been acting up from makeup and sunblocks for a while now, and my dermatologist suggested Cetaphil cleanser and the moisturising clream. Now I have super clear skin and it’s affordable! I also recently discovered the sunblock, I will never use anything else again! NO breakouts and protection is amazing. LOVE Cetaphil!

I love the Gentle Cleanser. Cleans so beautifully, leaving your skin moisturiser and glowing.

i really enjoy the Gentle Skin Cleanser. soothes my skin which is prone to sensitivity and stress flare ups

It has to be Cetaphil moisterising cream without a doubt. I have so much compliments about how my skin looks since I have started using it.

Cetaphil moisturizing cream has been my go to for my sensitive eczema prone skin

I have been using the Cetaphil Oily skin cleanser for years – and love the baby range for my eczema-prone kiddies.

The Gel 50 is awesome. I think it’s one of thd best products around cos it’s not sticky and doesn’t clog up my goggles when my hub and I swim Midmar. It works for us!

Cetaphil Sun SPF 50+ Gel

I adore the Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo for my baby. It gently cleanses her skin (and hair) and doesn’t leave her skin dry and flaky. ??

I love the Cetaphil Sun SPF 50+…. It doesn’t leave my skin greasy and is easy to go on…. and I know I’m protected against the rays! I would love to win this amazing hamper… I desperately need a new costume, and getting a Cetaphil hamper is a major bonus!

I love their cleanser. Just a great simple, every day cleanser that is gentle and works.

It has to be the sunscreens, because it doesn’t contain Phenoxyethanol, an ingredient I seem to have developed a sensitivity to, but also isn’t good for anyone. Thanks for your awesome blog! 🙂

Our family all loves the SPF 30 in the 150ml spray bottle – everyone has one, I keep mine in my handbag, my cricketer son has one is his kitbag, my water baby daughter always keep one in her beach kit bag and Dad has one in his golf bag. This way I know my family each has sunscreen when needed and the fact that it’s so quick and easy to apply is really great. We love Cetaphil products in our home!

My favourite product is the skin cleanser. I do not use it but have used it on our daughter as she has very sensitive skin and it helps prevent the itchy dry skin.

I love the cleanser. Been using it since I was a teen.

I love the SPF 30 Spray – I find it easy to use and very effective

I love the cleanser. Makes my face feel squeaky clean without the dryness!

It has to be a Cetaphil soap my skin is glow thanx to a friend Tha refers me into it….

The Daily advanced ultra lotion is my go to Cetaphil product, I hate it when my hands are dry especially after I touched water and also in the winter, It leaves my skin so soft and moisturized but not greasy.

The Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is great because I have sensitive and eczema-prone skin. I recently bought another brand of face sunscreen which was fragranced and my skin hated, but Cetaphil doesnt have any of those problems!

Yes please! I’ve used the Cetaphil sunscreen lotion before for the rest of my body and love how it doesn’t stain your clothes and ease of application! X

I cannot live without my Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer cream. I suffered a really bad heat rash all over my face in January this year. Cetaphil was gentle enough to help me through the healing process. My skin is super sensitive to the heat and I have to avoid going out in summer. This giveaway will really help me enjoy my summer more making me feel secure enough to enjoy the sunshine!

My favorite Cetaphil product is the oily skin cleanser, I’ve battled with oily skin since my teen years and was introduced to Cetaphil oily skin cleanser by my mentor and I must say it’s working wonders. I’ve added a few more Cetaphil product to my range such as the Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar and Cetaphil pro oil control moisturizer.

I love the cetaphil make up remover wipes and the face wash for oil skin.

The Cetaphil daily cleanser is my favorite. It leaves my skin clean and fresh without feeling all dried out.

I like the Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Gel because of the way it feels on my skin. Not as tacky as most sunscreens.

Moisturizing Cream

I love Cetaphil because of its affordability and still being such a good quality brand. My all time favourite is the facial cleanser as well as the SPF50 Gel.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Lotion – perfect for first thing in the morning.

My favorite Cetaphil product definitely has to be the foaming face wash!! You get so much product, and it is definitely worth your buck! I have really problematic and ache prone skin, and the Cetaphil face was is the only face wash that I can constantly use without breaking out. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with similar skin. I am also keen on trying their suncare range, as regular sunscreen tend to break me out. Needless to say, Cetaphil is definitely a great brand when it comes to skincare and the protection of your skin.

Wow, wow, wow, what an awesome prize! I’ve always wanted but never owned a Seafolly costume and am in depsrate need of a new swim suit this holiday. I love the Cetaphil SPF30 Sun Spray. Having tried it, I find it’s portable, lightweight, non-greasy and so easy to apply. Definitely a holiday must-have. Crossing fingers.

We love the cetaphil gentle skin cleaner and have always used it on our kids

Gentle Cleanse Lotion because I have eczema and I need very gentle products, cetaphil is just that.

I love the Cetaphil Sun SPF30 Spray knowing that my skin is protected from the sun because my skin is prone to peeling in the summer

My favourite Cetaphil product has to be the Daily Advance Lotion. It really is ultr hydrating and as it says it really non greasy. I love love love it

My favourite Cetaphil product has to be the Daily Advance Lotion.

I love the cetaphil spf30 spray for my little girl and I play safely in the sun. She’s 2 and loves the outdoors but is fair skinned. It’s also impossible to pin her down to cover her in sunblock so the spray is quick and easy and the whole family can use it.

The Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser it cleanse and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth

I love the cetaphil cleanser. Find that is is gentle on my skin but still removes make-up.

Cetaphil Daylong SPF50+ Liposomal Lotion 200ml because I have eczema my skin is thinning because of steriod cream, the liposomal lotion is easily applied, it feels pleasant whilst evenly distributing the lotion across the skin surface providing very high UV protection. I am protected

The Cetaphil moisturizer, my daughter has a dry skin which has turned into a terrible condition. Recommended by our GP and never had a problem since

DermaControl Oil Control Face Wash is my favourite Cetaphil product. With acne-prone skin, it gently helps to wash away excess oils and impurities that can clog pores and cause spots. Great subtle smell, it also helps to control shine without drying my skin. I think it’s perfect for male skin. I’d love the hamper, these are great products and I know my girlfriend will simply go crazy for the Seafolly voucher!

I used Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash and it is by far one of the best valued face wash Ive used. Cannot wait to try their sunscreen products!

The Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Lotion. A trusted brand I’ve been using for years. A real bathroom must have!

Cetaphil Sun SPF30 Spray is my fav 🙂

I have actually never tried any of Cetaphil’s products, think it’s time i try it out! As its busy season in the film industry which means spending so many days on the beach in the scorching sun, i am flying through sunscreen. Need to restock so i think i will try out the Cetaphil Sun SPF 50+ gel! ☀️?

I’ve used the Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser – love it because its super sensitive on my skin.

I like the Cetaphil® Gentle Cleansing Cloths because it is so handy and freshens you up without that chemical feeling of other wet wipes.

I can’t get enough of the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths. It captures and hides my secrets safely away. Leaving my skin radiantly Beautiful.

The cetaphil cleanser. I’ve been using it since I was a teenager after a dermatologist recommended it

So natural with no chemicals and discovered Cetaphil after I did my microblading and the best product to use for healing to use for recovery.

Cetaphil cleanser …used to do soap and water no more

I love Cetaphil restoraderm – it worked wonders for my babies skin . We have a family history of dry skin diseases as well as compromised barriers.

I use the Cetaphil cleanser as it really gentle on my skin. The moisturizer works well as absorbs into the skin very quickly.

Defs the Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser! I have literally THE most temperamental skin ever (seriously – can anyone say stress face rash?) this cleanser is the only one that doesn’t aggravate these unsightly spells of eczema that cover my face. It also doesn’t have that weird “is my skin all of a sudden too small to fit my face” post wash feel that we, in the dry skin community, have to deal with. Super excited to try the sunscreen – especially keen as it can be used under makeup which is an extra bonus 🙂

I love the Cetaphil dermacontrol moisturizer. It has a SPF30 and is made especially for problematic/acne prone skin. Love the moisturizer!

I love the Cetaphil Sun SPF 50+ Gel because offers high protection and it’s not greasy ?

I love the daily facial cleanser It leaves my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It’s simply the best.

The SPF 30 High Protection Spray is convenient and easy to use.

My favourite product would definitely be the daily facial cleanser. It’s so gentle but so effective and doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry or tight afterwards – the absolute best!

The Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is my favourite because it is so gentle and sensitive on my skin!

Moisturising Cream
(On special at Clicks at the moment 🙂 )

Cetaphil Sun SPF 50+ Gel

I love the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. After years of acne treatment, my skin is extremely sensitive and breaks out at the slightest provocation. This cleanser is great for my sensitive skin and cleanses effectively without stripping moisture.

I used a Cetaphil body wash on my son when he was young but I can’t remember what ithe was called. He had very dry skin.

The Cetaphil Daily Cleanser is lovely and soft on my skin! Holding thumbs for this giveaway ??

The gentle cleansing lotion is really great as it’s so mild and gentle on my skin. I can only imagine how great the quality of the sunscreen must be too.

I use the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser my skin is extremely sensitive and this cleanses my face effectively with no harm to my skin. Its smooth like silk and so gentle when applying on my skin. l would love to win this amazing prize. Reading your review was very informative and l really enjoyed reading it.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is light and doesn’t strip my skin. I’ve been using it for years and have never found anything better for my skin or my budget.

I love the moisturizer. I suffer from extreme sensitive, rash prone and eczema on the apples of my cheeks and on top of my eyelids. I lived for a cortisone cream. I got older and realized the steroids on my skin is causing so much damage, i left the cortisone creams and searched for something good and nourishing for my skin. I had flare ups on my face for weeks! I never went out, tried hiding it with makeup, hated my skin. I tried EVERY CREAM OUT THERE!! Thanks to Cetaphil Moisturizer my skin is now free from rashes and baby smooth ? it’s life changing!

Having just had a malignant melanoma removed from my chest, it has made me super conscious that sunblock application doesn’t just stop at the face when you put it on during the week. I’ve used and continue to purchase the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, and hubby likes it as well, because he doesn’t feel like it’s a “girly girl” product.

I love the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Lotion- it’s mild on my skin and removes the impurities from the day.

The cleanser and moisturizing cream for sensitive skin! This is the first product that helps my foundation look flawless and not cakey because it actually moisturizes my skin properly! Absolutely in love and tell EVERYONE about. Not many companies out there making a good range for people with dry skin! ❤️

Wow!!! fabulous prize! my favourite Cetaphil product is the Cetaphil sun SPF 30, I love it because it is non-greasy, water-resistant, the spray makes it easy to use and this great product is used by my the whole family.

My son and I use the cleanser. It is perfect for sensitive teen skin and gentle on aged skin. It’s non tightening and I love the shower friendly pump bottle! This is a great prize!

I am super keen to try Cetaphil Products…

My favourite Cetaphil product is the gentle cleansing lotion ! It works really well for sensitive skin ???

Cetaphil SPF 30 High Protection Spray my favourit product. Easy to use and I know myself and my family is protected.

Cetaphil Sun SPF 50+ Gel Is my favorite CETAPHIL product, I find that it stays on longer than most of the normal SPF creams that I’ve tried!

I use it for my little boy who is very fair skinned as it offers the best protection for his milky white skin!

I love the Cetaphil Moisturizing cream… it’s the only cream that helps my dry skin…

The Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser is really amazing. Started with using it for my babies and later realized it’s awesome for adults too, so gentle on skin.

I always have the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths in my bag as I find them so convenient to use when I am out and about during the day and my hands and face start to feel gritty. Love that they are so gentle on my skin and best is that they are fragrance-free so no irritation at all on my sensitive skin.

I love my Cetaphil SPF 50 Sun Body & Face Gel as it really does offer me optimum protection. I love that it even though it is a gel it does not leave any sticky residue on my skin and is non-irritating so perfect for my face and neck as well.

Cetaphil is such a trusted brand, it is almost like having your own dermatologist in a bottle….. I am never without a tube of Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating lotion – it works brilliantly for my very dry skin and makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated. In fact, I think it is an awesome range for any age group. I would like to try the Cetaphil sun range though!

The Cetaphil baby range is my favourite for little Stef’s daily wash and moisturise routine. It’s gentle on his new skin and not heavily fragranced (is that even a word) which I love.

I have been using the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser since I was a teenager with problem skin!
I have not tried the sun products, so would be eager to do so!

I’ve been using the Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin and have really noticed a difference. It’s not drying and seems to have reduced my oiliness. I make sure to replenish my stash everytime I see a sale!

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