I’ve been using BRITA products for years. Stylish and eco-friendly, the BRITA range helps me meet my personal hydration needs with effortless style, while being an ecological and convenient alternative to bottle water. Bottled water can be up to 10 000 times more expensive than tap water. If you’re drinking plastic bottled water, you are quite literally pouring money down the drain and adding to plastic pollution. BRITA filtered water, however, only costs a few cents per litre and can compete with bottled water on all taste and quality levels. And that’s refreshing news for any household budget – especially in this economy.

Fifty years ago, BRITA invented the first household water filter. Since then, they’ve been dedicated to continuously developing and improving their technology to provide the best products and services. At the centre of everything they do is the brands vision of optimising drinking water and improving the way in which people drink water in the future. Choosing BRITA products means taking a stylish stand against environmental damage done by plastic bottles, because with the refillable water jug, carafe or Fill & Go Bottle, you have a great tasting alternative that is kind to the environment.

Why Drinking Water is so Important for Optimal Health

Along with oxygen, water is the basis for life. Water is essential for supplying your brain with the hydration it needs in order to function properly and makes up 70% of our body weight – so staying well hydrated is essential to our health and well-being. Drinking sufficient water ensures vitamins, carbohydrates and protein are properly dissolved, enzymatic reactions happen smoothly and nutrients penetrate the cells. Even our body’s ability to regulate temperature, build muscle and burn fat is linked to water consumption. It’s recommended drinking up to 2 litres (about six large glasses) of fluid every day to prevent dehydration – especially important when exercising. The benefits range from improved concentration and protection of vital organs to a glowing skin.

This is how I incorporate my BRITA products into my everyday life:

At Home

BRITA Fill & Enjoy (R500)

With its simple yet modern shape and 2.4L volume, the BRITA Fill & Enjoy water jug is a must-have in any home because it turns tap water into great tasting water. It’s dishwasher safe, fits perfectly into any fridge door and has a practical flip-top lid to allow for easy filling.

The BRITA Smart Light indicator measures both time and water usage. The light flashes when water is poured from the jug, or the button is pressed. Green indicates the cartridge is ok, yellow means you need to change the cartridge soon and red is a prompt to change the cartridge immediately.

The powerfilter MAXTRA+ cartridge (R199.95) has new filter technology making for even better tasting water thanks to the small and round micro carbon pearls. These pearls have many touch points with water and this makes for a better reduction of taste impairing substances, as they are locked away in millions of pores of the Micro Crabon Pearls. The powerfilter MAXTRA+ cartridge also reduce limescale buildup and metals such as lead, copper and chlorine that affect your waters taste and odour. Lastly, the Ultra Mesh assists with holding back any grit or particles.

At Work

BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe (R500)

Sleek, stylish and elegant, this Carafe not only provides you with great tasting water, it looks great on any table or desk. It’s been conveniently designed to fit into any fridge door and is made using high quality, long-lasting BPA-free plastic for a glass-like transparency. It’s dishwasher safe too.

The cutting edge MicroDisc filter with ActivSelect technology significantly reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances in your drinking water. These unique discs are made of compressed natural carbon from coconut shells.

The BRITA memo cleverly tells you when to replace the MicroDisc (see image 2 below)

1) The BRITA powerfilter MAXTRA+ cartridge

2) The BRITA memo in the Fill & Serve Carafe

3) The BRITA Smart Light indicator on the Fill & Enjoy Jug

4) The MicroDisc filter with ActivSelect technology is used for the Fill & Serve Carafe and the Fill & Go Active Water Bottle.

On the Go

BRITA Fill & Go Active Bottle (R299.95)

These nifty water bottles have been a Godsend for both my daughter and myself. Instead of buying bottled water on the go, we now save money and feel great because we’re doing our bit for the environment. My daughter uses hers daily at school. Previously I’d fill up a glass bottle with bottled water from a 5L plastic container. However, the glass bottle proved to be a challenge for a school kid as it was always being dropped and breaking.

The BRITA Fill & Go Active Bottle comes in rugged casing that’s shock resistant (making it perfect for school kids), has an adjustable pull-out mouthpiece, is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. It filters 150L of water which is the equivalent of 300 0,5 L bottles – saving approximately 3kg of plastic and around R1 400 (based on average cost of R6 for a 0,5L bottled water).

I use mine when I hit the gym and like that I’m able to attach it to my gym bag. Once you’ve inserted the BRITA MicroDisc filter with ActivSelect technology, you can fill up with tap water knowing that any traces of chlorine are significantly reduced. The filter lasts for 4 weeks.

BRITA products are available to purchase at the following retailers:




 Visit BRITA to find a stockist closest to you & to learn more about the brand.


BRITA is giving one of my lucky readers a Hydration Pack valued at over R2600 containing the following products: 

1 x BRITA Hydration Pack includes:

1 x Style+ jug (grey) 

1 x Fill & Go Active Filter Bottle

1 x Fill & Serve Carafe

4 x MAXTRA+ filters

1 x 3 pack MICROdisc

To enter, leave a comment below this post telling me how you do your bit to reduce your plastic consumption (I’m genuinely interested to know) and which of the BRITA products mentioned in this post you’d most like to try.

Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the winner. I’ll announce the winners name on In My Bag’s Facebook page (FOLLOW HERE) next week Monday 17 December 2018.


*This blog post is sponsored by BRITA*


If i could choose a Christmas gift for myself it would be any product from the BRITA range. Water is part of my daily existence and I am never without a bottle close by. I have been told by my co-workers that I am so good with my daily intake, but this is just part of who I am and I cant exist without it. My favourite product is the Brita fill and enjoy jug and yes I will share it with the family (sometimes). I have glass water bottles in the fridge, but I have broken one too many and it just doesn’t work. I fill up my take plastic work water bottle with a 5 litre can of water at home and it is just heavy and in the way and doesn’t fit into the fridge and……….. my husband and son complain of the lipstick mark around the top!. BRITA will work for me! My bit to reduce plastic consumption…….I never by plastic shopping bags anymore and hopefully my plastic bottles will go soon too!

Truly love the idea – turns tap water into great tasting water . I am a water baby and love to drink a lot of water during day so yay this is a fantastic prize to win .

By switching to bamboo items we are reducing our consumption. Would love to win the brita fill and serve carafe

we collect all our plastic threw the month , and then when the guys come back with there trolleys we give it to them to take to the plastic place so they can at least have some money !

I would love to try the Brita Go active filter bottle ? I do my share of reducing plastic by carrying my reusable shopping bags to stores instead of buying plastic bags, I carry my to go cup to coffee shops and I also have a metal straw that I carry with me so that I do not use plastic straws when I’m out

I reduced my plastic consumption by a great deal, i use non plastic grocery bags which is permanently stored in the vehicle cubby.
In our home we use paper straws,
Paper plates instead of plastic and polystyrene
I buy from stores that offer coffee in paper cups that are biodegradable instead of plastic.
We use brown paper bags to store kitchen dirt instead of plastic bags.
I store snacks in Tupperware containers instead of glad packets.
I would absolutely love to try the Fill & Serve Carafe so i can always have a fresh glass of water when i need it.

I dont buy plastic packets anymore… when shopping I take my carry bags to pack everything into… we are switching to bamboo products and we dont use straws when we go out…

I would love to try the fill and go active bottle…

My family is big on recycling so we collect all our recyclables – my sons soon belong to WWF …so we send all recyling there. I would love to try the jug as this can be used by the whole family for healthy water. thanks

Would love to win the MAXTRA filters. Had a stomache bug last week and I definitely think it is due to my water filter not doing its job. It need to be replaced. I still get cramps just thinking about it. So I’ve been boiling my water lately (have a pic where I poured the nearly cooled water into my waterbottle and it melted) but I don’t have the patience to wait for it to cool down. I limit my plastic usage by using material bags. I think it is a major contribution in keeping our environment especially our oceans plastic free. I use a Consol water bottle all the time and with my daughter and I experiencing thyroid issues I steer towards using products that are bpa free.

I never buy plastic bags for my groceries and I am making eco brics with my plastic bottles.

I would love to win the BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe.
I do my bit to curb pollution by giving my plastics and bottles to a lady down my road that recycles for a living.

I replaced plastic shopping bags with Canvas bags which I wash and reuse.
Plastic straws are no longer allowed in my home I have a set of glass straws which is fantastic but it just needs care when washing.
I store left overs food in containers no longer use plastic Glad bags for this.
I would love to try the Brita Go active filter bottle

Thank you for a interesting post and giveaway.
Festive greetings and blessings.

I would love to try the Britta Fill and Enjoy. My Britta as very old

i would love to try the go active bottle. Perfect for being on the road. I have actively tried to remember shopping bags when i go to the shops.

I refuse to use plastic straws, and I got my whole family on board with that. Which is funny when we get to a restaurant and my 7year old start to tell the waiters why plastic is bad! And we recycle, the school has a great recycling program, hubby every week brings plastic bottles also from work that his coworkers threw away and we recycle those too. Small things makes a difference

2 major changes ive made so far is to stop buying bottled water ..realised how much plastic we dumped just by making a rough calculation ..shocked!! Also stopped using straws, bought our own reusable straws/coffee cups and water bottles … Every bit helps. See even Mr Price reduced the use of plastic by not covering new bedding with plastic etc. We dont have any excuse to use so much plastic at all …

We are moving house in January and we do not have filter water there,
How awesome this gift is.

Buy less plastic bottles of water especially at work . Love to use the BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe

I choose to use reusable water bottles, I’m not buying plastic bottles anymore. Plastic straws are a thing of the past for me and as for shopping, I don’t do plastic shopping bags. I gave bought reusable bags which are cost efficient as well.

I purchased several of the fabric shopper bags that I use religiously … instead of getting plastic at the tills. Super basic I know ? but I like to think my bit helps?
My Britta jug lid broke so would be stoked to replace it with this beauty. And would really love to try the Fill&Serve Carafe!
Awesome giveaway ?

I use reusable shopping bags and I carry a bamboo straw in my handbag 🙂 I would love to try the active filter bottle!

I’d love to try the BRITA Fill & Enjoy for home use. We use fabric shopper bags, and no straws in restaurants of course…and we take our own crockery for take-away orders…from sushi to steak!

My boys and I recycle all the plastic we have and the ones we find along the road or on the beach, I’ve also Meade a concerted efford to buy stainless steel bottles as they keep the juice and water cooler for longer and we have eliminated straws ?

I am constantly aware of plastic consumption. I use glass bottles at home. The problem is when going to gym or driving I always purchase bottled water which is a waste of money and adding to the plastic consumption. I would really love to try the on the go bottle. It is an absolutely innovative product.

The Fill & Serve Carafe not only looks beautiful, it is also practical – reduces more dumped plastics.

I clean with lemon juice (from lemons I get from the tree in the garden) or baking soda and vinegar instead of cleaning products packaged in plastic bottles.
Lemon juice is just such a miracle so often overlooked!

I pack lunch boxes in reusable containers and paper bags and opt for fresh fruits and veggies instead of products that come in single servings with plastic coverings.

And I just love a box – it is reusable. Whenever I can, I buy products like laundry detergent or porridge, that comes in cardboard, which is more easily recycled than plastic.

We stopped buying bottled water long ago – instead, use a refillable bottle – it is cheaper on the pocket also!

I clean with lemon juice (from lemons I get from the tree in the garden) or baking soda and vinegar instead of cleaning products packaged in plastic bottles.
Lemon juice is just such a miracle often overlooked!

I don’t use plastic straws anymore, I use my canvas shopping bag instead of accepting plastic ones from Stores, I use a glass bottle for carrying around my water. I’d love to try the Brita Fill and Serve Carafe. Elegant design. Great accessory for any table.

For someone like me who stays in emfeluni municipality where we don’t have a clean water, I realy need this..

I use an eco friendly reusable coffee cup every time I get a takeaway coffee. I try not to buy anything that comes in a plastic contaciner but if I do I recycle it. I also carry a bamboo straw with me in my handbag everyday and wash it at home if I use it. I carry a reusable water bottle with me everyday, which I put boiled water into. I drink a lot of water everyday so this Brita prize would be an amazing gift for me.

I work on a submarine so waste management is very important especially when we’re at sea. This has taught me to be more waste conscious at home too. So I started with getting reusable shopping bags, and avoiding buying plastic bags (I consciously replace these bags in my car so I dont forget). We bought a picnic basket with all the utensils inside (including plates, cutlery, cups and cotton napkins) so we never have to use plastic cutlery, cups, and even the amount of paper used is reduced. I buy groceries like cereals, pasta and rice in bulk and then store them in airtight containers in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste. And I have a silicone water bottle (which can be used for both cold and warm drinks) that I carry around when I’m at sea. I just refill it with fresh water when I need to. This bottle is also BPA free. This is why i want to try the active filter bottle. I would be able to take it to sea with me, and have filtered water (something my silicone bottle doesnt offer) and it’s rugged so doesnt have the risk of breaking and becoming a hazard like a glass bottle.

I have a copper straw in my handbag, so I never have to resort to plastic straws, or the hideous paper straws that go all soggy.

I don’t drink enough water, so the BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe will be a great way to start a healthier 2019.

I don’t use straws at restaurants anymore due to the pollution and damage it causes to sea or any animals! I would loooooove to use the fill & go active bottle because next year i will be studying musical theatre which is all about dancing, singing and acting! Which also means a lot of work and a lot of being thirsty, it’s so difficult to find a good and trusty water bottle these days, i mean, we want to make drinking water fun, right!?

I am THAT person that takes my own (non plastic) shopping bags into the store when getting groceries and clothing. I also keep my own stainless steel straw in my handbag to take to restaurants so not to use their plastic ones. Still working on some other strategies to see what other changes I can make so I love that I can read through the other comments to get some ideas.

I would love to try the BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe it looks so modern and stylish. To reduce plastic wastage at home we replaced our plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones which is recyclable. We exchanged our razors for safety razors so no more plastic cartridges filling the landfills. We also order organic fruit and veggies via Wild Organics and try to buy locally from our shop in Scarborough as much as possible, so less plastic packaging.

Oh and I’d most like to use the BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe as I’ve had my glass bottle that I use for work for about 5 years now and it’s seen better days haha

We don’t buy plastic bags when we go shopping, we recycle our plastic caps and bread tags to Pna that goes towards buying wheelchairs for those who need it. We also create eco bricks and donate to our kids schools that then pass them on to eco bricks projects.

Forgot to mention I would love the brita fill and go active bottle for my kid who loves to test how strong his water bottle is

Re-think your food storage….Plastic bags, plastic wrap, and plastic storage containers are worth re-evaluating. Instead of sandwich bags, why not pack a bento box for lunch. Instead of throwing away plastic zipper bags or wrapping things in cling wrap, why not use jars or glass containers in the fridge.

I would love the try the Brita fill up and go bottles especially to gym

In our household we try to limit our plastic consumptions by using biodegradable containers and bags. No straws, plastic plates or bottles or bags are allowed in our house or when we are out and about.
We use refillable containers and dont buy anything besides glass storage.

No straws, no plastic bags and much less plastic bottles in our home so we are making small changes.
We drink loads of water so it would be used well.

I would love to try the Fill and Enjoy carafe.

We reduce our plastic at home by recycling. I bought bamboo straws so that we don’t use plastic ones, and I try to use Tupperware instead of ziplock bags and I always take my fabric bags shopping with me so that I won’t need to buy plastic ones.

I’ve stopped using plastic straws and try my best to avoid buying/using plastic bags when I shop.

I’d love to try out the Fill and Go bottles as I drink water a lot more often now, wherever I go.

I would love to try the BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe.

I try to do all the obvious things consistently as I think this consistency is key. Re-usable shopping bags, no plastic straws, recycle magazines and papers, glass and plastic collected for recycling.
Also I try to just consume less in general: less fast fashion, multiple accessories and duplicate beauty products.

I have a glass drinking bottle that I refill, instead of buying plastic bottled water. I would love the fill and serve carafe. It would look great on my work desk.

What a cool giveaway. Love the BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe. I think this is often why I neglect to drink water because it’s not just available on my desk! We try reduce plastic by using cloth nappies, by using a soda stream for sparkling water and by recycling as much as possible.

i would love to try BRITA Fill & Go Active Bottle. I don;t use plastic straws, always take my own re-usable bags when shopping , avoid doing take out and the plastic there.

I’m reducing my plastic output by making eco bricks. I find it so fascinating how much plastic can actually fit into a 2 litre cooldrink bottle. I would love to try the Carafe. It’s so pretty.

I refuse to buy plastic bags when shopping and we no longer use plastic straws. I’d love to try the Fill & Go Active Filter Bottle.

We are doing our bit by creating awareness in the family on the dangers of plastic, moving to re-usable and away from one-use plastic products and re-cycling as much as possible. I would love to try the fill and go bottle please!

I reduced my plastic consumption by recycling and using non-plastic grocery bags!!

Tbh I’m amped to try any BRITA product but the Fill and Go Active Bottle ? love love love

The plastic dilemma is very concerning I haven’t started reducing plastic yet but i want to as of now. I was watching a segment on wild life channel and its so sad how so many creatures suffer from plastic in the ocean and on land . Some countries have adopted the #Banplastic law which is excellent and i think SA should too

We have already started a recycling pile in our house and separating our garbage. plastic, paper, glass and rest. I lived in Germany for a while and it became second nature to me to do this but when i came back to SA it was difficult to see others not care. I only use material shopping bags now. I kind of try to make it a mission to buy me a bag in each new country i visit when i get the opportunity for work, which is awesome so my collection is growing. I would make use of the BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe so it can stare me in my face at my desk as i have to remind myself to drink water. im a facilitator so i talk alot and my mouth tends to get dry after a while. I will be getting married next year so losing weight will be my biggest challenge, these products will so come in handy.

I use Marco fold able Shopper Bags instead of buying plastic bags when I do shopping. Its environment friendly and I save money. It doesn’t take up any space either. I would Love the Brita fill & go active filter bottle, because I am still guilty of buying bottled water, so with a filtered bottle I can cut down the use of plastic even more.!

I have stopped buying plastic bags when shopping and have bamboo straws in my bags for the family. I would like the BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe.

With my kiddy in diapers
Jeepers its Creepers
But I save on plastic
Which is fantastic
Cloth nappies
Wash away but its okay
I am saving the environment
So no diapers…sorry Huggies
Save a fortune to so I can buy all the products you so awesomely review

The Fill and Go Active Bottle appeals to me.

I’d love to try the Fill & Serve Carafe.

We use paper straws and reusable bags

Told our boss at work to get biodegradable straws and cups and he did. No plastic straws or cups in our canteen now.
I send all my plastic bottles for recycling
I don’t use plastic bags but bought shoppers to carry my groceries.
BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe.

This was so interesting and a giveAway to.

Brita fill & serve carafe I use reusable shopping bags and only use glass bottles for drinking as well as glass straws that can be used over and over

We’re consciously trying to buy things that don’t come in plastic. When given the choice of a bag or no bag, I always say no. You just end up throwing it away anyway. We already have a Brita jug but I would love the gym bottle!

I take my shopping bags with me when I go shopping as I don’t keep plastic bags in the house anymore. I would love the fill and go bottle .

I reduce my plastic use I take reusable bags when going shopping and I also use reusable water bottle. I also recycle. The product I would love to try is the water bottle because it would be amazing for gym

I always have a tote on my handbag or car boot that I can run into spar with to avoid buying plastic bags daily ! I have recently just purchased the stainless steel straw to keep in my handbag because with little ones I’m always on the hunt for a straw or two and this way I can keep our plastic consumption down. I would really love to try the filter and go as well as the carafe because I do drink two 500 ml plastic water bottles a day as they’re easy to grab when on the go or pack for work. These two new products would help me by eliminating that !

We do weekly recycling, nothing that can be recycled in my home goes into the bin, it goes straight into recycling bags that get collected weekly. I’ve even gone as far as recycling veggies scraps and made a compost box outside! I refuse straws when we go out to eat and opt for any product in a glass jar rather than a plastic jar e.g. Peanut butter. I would love to try the filter jug for the house, we never had one and since I found out imI expecting I’ve increased my water in take, but here where we live you can taste the chemicals in the water, which is a real pity because I enjoy water!

Thanks for a fantastic give away! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year ❤️

We fill up a 20litre cannisters of water every few days and we have 500ml glass bottles that my family use.

I love skincare but the downside of this means I often have lots of empty pots, i’ve recently started re-purposing them as little flower pots for succulents and I’m also planning on switching to solid shampoo and conditioner bars when my current ones run out to try and cut down on my plastic consumption.

I use my woolies shopper bags and don’t buy any plastics when doing groceries or clothe shopping

I’m interested in trying the caraf. I have cut down on my plastic usage by trying to not buy water in bottles, I try avoid using plastic wrap and zip lock bags. But I do recycle all the plastic that I do use because sometimes it’s really unavailable.

WANNA TRY Style+ jug (grey) 1) SAY NO to plastic bags​ 2) BOTTLE your own water 3) SKIP plastic straws

We bag most of our plastic for recycling drops, but I love to repurpose items, and I’ll often store containers to decorate and use to hold spices, stationary, cotton wool, crafting bits and bobs, you name it. The pretty bottles are cut off and used to plant seeds.
I would love to win this, as the tap water in my area is often very contaminated, and I’ve been saving to get a filter.
The carafe is my favorite product, as it’s super chic, and unlike any filters I’ve seen.

I re-use platic containers and resealable bags where ever I can in the house or garden. Would love to try the BRITA Fill & Serve Carafe.

I dont buy plastic bags anymore and keep my own shopping bags in the car. I don’t use plastic straws. I make a huge effort not to use plastic products. I would love to use the Brita Fill & Serve Carafe.

A guy at work made a reusable stainless steel straw for which I carry in my bag when I go out for takeout. I use razors with replaceable blades instead of a disposable razors. Also I use my reusable bottle and mug for my beverages, even when ordering from a take away, I carry them.
My favourite item is Fill & Go Active Filter Bottle

I use resealable glass containers for breakfast and lunch at work. Have a stainless steel water flask and reusable bamboo coffee cup. I’ve also crocheted my own shopping bags out of bamboo and cotton thread. I’d love to try out the carafe as it’s so stylish.

l have switched to using only eco friendly products in my home. l would love to try the water bottle that l could carry with me everywhere l go.

We have made several efforts to reduce plastic waste:
1. using only glass water bottles.
2. using re-usable cups when purchasing take-away drinks.
3. recycle absolutely everything, including food packaging (we were surprised to find that we are recycling almost everything).
I would most like to have the Fill & Go Active Filter Bottle.

By using re usable shopping bags

We haven’t bought plastics bags for years – we reuse the same bags when we go shopping and we also use the recycling bags by the municpality. When those run out, we take our plastic, glass and paper for recycling at the local Pick n pay which have recycling bins.

We collect plastic cooldrink bottle tops/caps and plastic bread tags for the QASA (QuadPara Association South Africa) for the Wheelchair Project. Did you know that they need 450 kg’s of tops/50 kg’s of tags to exchange for 1 standard adult wheelchair! This is such an amazing project and hopefully anyone reading my comment will also donate their plastic bottle tops/caps and bread tags to this Association. http://www.rollinginspiration.co.za/sue-martin-new-qasa-spokesperson-breadtags-project/

I would definitely want to try the Fill & Go Active Filter Bottle which would be amazing to use when I am out on the bowling greens. (Sue Martin who is the spokesperson for QASA for the breadtags project is also a fellow bowler at our Bowling Club and has inspired all our bowlers and their families and friends in donating all their used bottle caps and bread tags which she collects.)

I collect all plastic shopping bags from our home and that of our neighbours in our complex and friends, and donate them to a female car guard at our local Mall. This lady then upcycles the plastic into multicoloured mats, toys, plant holders, baskets and bags which she sells to supplement her income.

I would really love to try the Fill & Go Active Filter Bottle

I take my own home sewn shopping bags for shopping, and use the big toilet paper plastic wrap in my kitchen bin and the smaller 9 pack toilet paper plastic wrap in my bathroom bin. If I buy buns or loose fruit or vegetables in a plastic bag I reuse them for freezing other goods or for storage of dry goods.
I would love to win the BTITA Fill & Go Active Bottle .

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