If you’re even vaguely interested in beauty, you’ll have heard about K-Beauty – an umbrella term for skin care products from South Korea. The K-Beauty phenomenon has gained traction worldwide and now we’re able to purchase some of the best K-Beauty brands online in South Africa.

Korean beauty is really all about customization and understanding your skin’s own unique needs. The products contain mostly natural ingredients and the formulations are really gentle on the skin. I always read through ingredients and have been impressed with the high levels of actives found in most products – much more than is usually available in regular, main stream skincare. Add to that is the competitive pricing (even here in South Africa) and one starts to understand why K-Beauty is taking the world by storm. The reason the products are so affordable is because the competition among beauty brands in Korea is fierce, which helps keeps prices down and quality at a premium.

If you think K-Beauty is another passing fad, consider this: Sheet masks, BB creams and Essences all originated in Korea. Korean women are BIG on skincare, and it’s a well know and documented fact that your average Korean women has at least 10 steps in her beauty routine (that’s morning AND evening). The typical regime starts with a double cleansing ritual, winds its way through a series of sheet masks, essences, serums and moisturisers, and wraps up with a good SPF of at least 30. Come evening, the same routine is followed, except the sunscreen is swapped out for a thick, intensely nourishing sleep cream.

Simply put, Koreans are some of the most demanding beauty consumers in the world, so you can rest assured that their beauty products are nothing short of incredible.

There are four great local online retailers that sell a wonderful selection of K-Beauty products, namely; ButterKup Beauty, Luxe Loft, My Koco and Glow Theory.

Below are my favourite K-Beauty products and a little overview of each.

From www.butterkupbeauty.co.za

Dr.Jart+ (R70 – R80 per mask) – BUY

These beauties have reached cult status worldwide and provide targeted benefits to the face, eye and neck area. There are masks that brighten, purify, fight blemishes and hydrate. Each mask is made with fine cellulose fiber to help deliver maximum targeted actives to the skin while creating a cooling sensation to calm skin, and acupressure to support circulation. The masks contain no Parabens, Sulfates, artificial colour or fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil or DEA that can cause irritation.

Dr.Jart + masks are suited for all skin types, even sensitive.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (R350) – BUY

If you’re into K-Beauty, you’ll have heard about this cult favourite lip sleeping mask. It’s an ultra-nourishing, leave-on treatment that hydrates and protects the pout while you get your beauty sleep.

Come morning, you wake up with smooth, soft and supple lips. While it’s termed a ‘sleeping mask’ you can also use it throughout the day. And the packaging is just EXQUISITE!

From www.luxeloft.co.za

Aromatica Organic Rose Hip Oil (R560) – BUY

I’ve been using this for two weeks now and am IN LOVE! Made using Ecocert certified approved rosehip fruit oil, this nourishing facial oil delivers nutrients and moisture to the skin. Rose hip is high in Vitamin A and Omega 3, 6, and 9 oils. Along with providing moisture to the skin, this facial oil also helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier. You can either apply 2-3 drops alone or mix with your favourite moisturiser (which is how I use it), then massage into the skin.

The Lotus Jeju Lotus Leaf & Lemon Mist (R420) – BUY

I LOVE a hydrating facial mist and this one ticks all the boxes. Loaded with antioxidants to help your skin fight off free radicals, it also contains hydrating natural oils and restorative aloe and lotus leaf extract. Made using real lemon extract, this mist also has brightening qualities. You’ll see the lemon extract separates from the water, so it needs a good shake before use to ensure the lemon oil extract and water mixes. Spritz onto clean skin, over make-up, as a pick-me-up during the day – whenever you feel your skin needs a bit of a pep-up.

From www.glowtheory.co.za

Heimish All Clean Balm (R275) – BUY

If you like oil or balm cleansers, you are going to adore this one that effortlessly removes all traces of dirt and make-up (even long-wearing eye makeup). This balm applies as a solid texture, transforms into a silky oil cleanser when massaged in, then emulsifies and becomes a milk when water is added. It dissolves any makeup, excess sebum and impurities without leaving the skin tight or dry – making it an excellent choice for dry, sensitive or rosacea skin types.

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch (R285 for 60) – BUY

It was love at first sight with this beauty. Aside from the gorgeous packaging, these eye patches are fantastic for a quick pick-me-up, or when your eyes are feeling tried at the end of a long day (or night). Because of the high levels of Niacinamide contained in the product, they do a great job of brightening dark under eyes while firming and hydrating the skin. The star ingredient, Bulgarian rose water, is filled with vitamins and minerals that hydrate and contain anti-inflammatory properties (bye-bye bags). The unique highly elastic hydro-gel material used for the eye patches allows the essence to fully absorb into the skin. Best of all, you don’t need to just use these beauties around the eye area – you can use them on any areas of the face that needs hydration like around the lips, or even on forehead lines. These really are a must try!

Holy Grail Starter Kit (R360) – BUY

A collection of some of the most highly rated “holy grail” products in Korean beauty, this kit is ideal if you’d like to try popular products without committing to the full size, or for taking with you when you travel. This specific collection of products is limited edition, and once sold out, Glow Theory will be changing the mix of products available.

COSRX One Step Kit x 1: Perfect for traveling, COSRX’s Pimple Clear Kit contains three of the brands most popular products: Low pH Cleanser, Pimple Clear Pads (great for pores and blackheads), and Snail Sheet Mask

Heimish All Clean Balm 5ml x 1: Great for cleansing and removing makeup, sunscreen and traces of dirt.

Son & Park Beauty Water 60ml x 1: A true multi-tasking marvel: it works either as a cleansing water (second cleanse in the evening or as your morning cleanse) as well as a gentle exfoliating toner.

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner 30ml x 1: Pyunkang Yul’s hero product, this cult favourite essence toner features a nutrient dense, intensely hydrating essence / toner hybrid formulation.

Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask 30ml x 1: An overnight renewing mask made with prickly pear cactus extract, which is full antioxidants, vitamin E and linoleic acid. Huxley’s Good Night Sleep Mask deeply hydrates, soothes inflamed skin, and repairs dull, nutrient-depleted skin, all while you sleep.

From www.mykoco.co.za

Charmzone Albatross Powder Sun SPF 41 (R370) – BUY

This is essentially a sunscreen and make-up base in one. It is a cream that, on application, leaves the skin feeling soft, dry, matte and smooth – a bit like when you’ve applied a powder. It has and SPF of 41 so effectively protects the skin against the sun’s damaging UV rays. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid that continuously supplies the skin with moisture, keeping it hydrated without any sticky feeling. If you have combination or oily skin, you’ll LOVE this!

Charmzone Control Cream Self Massage (R360) – BUY

A true cult-classic in the K-Beauty market, this Control Cream was launched in 1994 and has sold over 20 million tubes since inception.

Essentially this is an exfoliator that doesn’t use any acids or granules. It relies on a Purifying Complex that includes Moringa seed, Gluconate, broccoli and sprout extract to purify the skin. The cream works by dissolving dead skin cells, while drawing out sebum and other impurities.

You apply a little product onto the skin – much like you would a mask – and leave it on for around 5 minutes. You then massage your face until the product turns into oil. Continue massaging until you can feel gritty particles, which is literally dead skin peeling off! You do not need to remove it with an additional cleanser as the product emulsifies in water.

                                                Charmzone Ginkgo Cleansing Foam (R260) – BUY

If you like a foaming face wash, you need to try this one that contains a Gingko energy complex along with herb extracts. The complex purifies the skin, effectively removing any pollutants while the Jeju Herb extract works to soothe. The formula also has moisturising benefits thanks to extracts of Mountain Goat Milk and milk protein. Do be aware that this is a cleansing foam, not a makeup remover!


I Have a K-Beauty hamper valued at R3500 up for grabs.

The Hamper includes the following products:

3 x Dr.Jart+ Sheet Masks

1 x Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

1 x Aromatica Organic Rose Hip Oil

1 x The Lotus Jeju Lotus Leaf & Lemon Mist

1 x Heimish All Clean Balm

1 x Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch

1 x Holy Grail Starter Kit

1 x Charmzone Albatross Powder Sun SPF 41

1 x Charmzone Control Cream Self Massage

1 x Charmzone Ginkgo Cleansing Foam

To enter

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Tell me (in the comment section below this blog post) why you’d like to win this hamper.

Please ensure you include your email address when commenting (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the lucky winner.

I’ll announce the winners name on In My Bag’s Facebook page next week Saturday the 15 of December 2018.

Good Luck!


Would love this big spoil as it has been a hectic year and I can do with some pampering

I love Korean beauty products been checking Instagram following Korean beauty products. They so amazing and such a wide variety. I would love to win because I’ve had my eye on so many Korean beauty products for the past year that you can’t get in SA this would be such a treat

Dream prize to take me from end of year FRAZZLES to BLISS ♡.

I’ve been obsessed with Kbeauty for years before I got to try it as I have a huge interest in the Korean skincare routine. I love that natural ingredients are used in these products and how gentle the skin is treated. I remember my heart fluttering when I discovered the brands Glow theory, Luxe Loft and Buttercup sell Kbeauty in SA! But as a student my wallet makes me cry whenever I browse these lovely online stores 😅 What makes this hamper so perfect is that it comprises of amazing products that will treat my sensitive dry skin so well! I struggle with uneven skin tone, dark circles and hyperpigmentation which makes me want to hide at home. This hamper would be a dream come true !

PS. Apologies for the random flow of my comment 🌸🌸

Would love to win this for my mum and I.. I would love to pamper her with a little home spa day

I’d love to win this because I have had a lifetime of skin issues so would like to try something new 🙂

I’ve heard about Korean beauty and thought those women look beautiful and why is it so bad to try it for myself. That’s why I would love it.

My mom really needs a spoil so i am entering this amazing giveaway for her crossing fingers i love it

I will be 32 on the 20th December and it’s been a tough year around employment.
I have neglected my skin, body etc and I think at the coming age of 32, one should start taking care of yourself.
I would love to simply feel a bit pampered and beautiful with this amazing gift.
I have never tried these products, it would be the first time 💚

Would love to win this hamper. My skin needs some TLC before I head into 2019

Oh my goodness this is my dream giveaway! I keep a list of skincare products that I would love but can’t ever afford because unfortunately bills come first and over half the products here are on that list. The other half I’ve not seen before but would love to try out. After a year and a half of really awful things happening I’ve decided to start taking an active interest in looking after myself and just general being kinder to my body after trauma, the first step in this is trying to improve my skincare routine. This would help so so much with that and bring a bit more self confidence at a time when it’s really needed. 🖤

I would love to win this… it would help me get into a good proper beauty regime….

2 years ago I took my sister, Emme, then 17 to Paris and she introduced me to Sephora. Well! She will not let me live it down that all I bought her there was a little lip balm. I admit I did not know the hype, for a young girl crazy about all things beauty related this would be the perfect opportunity to gift this prize to her. Make up (pun intended) for my ignorance!

Lets be honest, we all love free things. I’ve stopped using one of my favourite brands 3 years ago due to the costs skyrocketing out of my budget. (within 4 months 1 item went up from R399 to R700). I’ve struggled to find a product that’s affordable and also suitable for my skin. I’ve always been in awe of the Korean women and men’s beautiful, flawless skin. The products are all very natural and enviromental friendly which is a huge attraction (🍑). Would seriously love to win this hamper.

I would love to win because this would be an amazing pamper treatment for my skin

This is an amazing giveaway! I’ve discovered Korean products on Instagram and been watching lots of YouTube skincare routine videos and I’m so impressed by Korean products. In 2019 I want to improve my skincare regime and have healthy glowing skin. My fingers are crossed

At age 33 and never having a proper facial… my skin could do with some decent TLC and future caring.

This will be the best ever gift, after horrible week of a car accident, money stolen from my account, to a pipe burst in my house, this would be the biggest pick me up and the biggest smile

K beauty is the new beauty name on the block! I would love to be able to follow the 12 step Korean skincare routine and this amazing hamper would allow me to do so. ❤️

I would love to win this prize, I have such a complicated skin and I’m not inmy 30’s or 40’s anymore. Being inmy early 50’s I’m very aware of what I use on my skin and prefer to use natural products. After a very tough year this hamper would be a dream come true.

Iv been reading so much about these products, theyve gotten good reviewd just about everywhere, would luv to see for myself how good they are

This year I started new job, my husband has been trying to get his own buisness up and running which meant long hours, my son started school and my daughter reached her terrible twos its been one hectic year and id love to be able to win this amazing prize to give my skin the pampering and care it needs. These products look and sound amazing, everything my skin needs. Holding thumbs!!!!

I want this pamper and can’t wait to start 2019 with all these beauty products. And i hope to win rhis awesome prize. Don’t have instagram 🙁

I’d love to win this because I have really taken to starting Korean Beauty Products and so far I am loving it! It would be amazing to go into the new year with a new skin care regimen! 2019 is all about “the glow” that’s my aim, winning this would get me well on my way to achieving that!
What a wonderful competition, thank you for being so kind and giving! Merry christmas and May 2019 be a magical year for you! 😘 xoxo

Holding thumbs. great prize. Would love to win and get out of my usual boring routine that I’ve been following for ages. Step out of my comfort zone and give this a try. Especially keen to try the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.
Thanks for offering a chance to win.

I have really struggled with my skin this year. I have tried several products but have unfortunately had no luck. I have followed glow theory for a while now and wanted to purchase most of the products up for grabs in this prize and read loads of reviews, but I’m a student and as they say… student budget problems hehe. I would love love love to give my skin another chance and try out some K – beauty products as I have heard and read so many good things. Hopefully it will be my lucky day!!! PS. Thanks so much for all the effort and energy you put into this blog Candice! I love it and find it so informative 🙂

🤭 Wow ! This is the ultimate giveaway! Just in time for holidays as well! I would absolutely love to with these products to spoil myself and my sisters! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Wow! Amazing prize. I would look like a million dollars if I were to win 😁. What an awesome variety!! Fingers crossed!

K-beauty products are so gently and effective of the skin. I’ve started to notice my skin is a lot smoother and plumper using Korean beauty products. Best of all it’s natural as doesn’t leave your skin burning from too many chemicals. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in pigmentation too! I would really love to keep exploring Korean beauty and this hamper is packed with all cult status items and some less known gems! Crossing my fingers for a little holiday treat! Thank you Candice!

I am an avid consumer of beauty products (as you know 🤩) and have never tried anything Korean yet! I have high hopes and would love to try these beauty treats!

I would like to win this hamper simply because I am so bad at looking after myself (and skin), so this would be the incentive to get my bum into gear and give my skin/body the love it needs. <3

This seems like a proper pamper parcel. I would love to try out some new products. Always on the lookout for new winners available on the market. (Enjoy your detailed reviews, by the way)

I would really love to spoil my mom she’s turning 50 this month

Firstly my gratitude to you for your amazing blog love everything about it from the reviews to the pic to the amazing tips etc etc. I am a your ultimate fan and it will be a absolute pleasure to win this amazing hamper of products which will be appreciated and well used. And most of all I will be using all the techniques I learnt from you over time when applying the Products.
What a delight to have my skin pampered and treated to great products and make me look and feel good especially after suffering from deep depression. You are my inspiration to uplift myself and look beautiful like you.
Thank you
Festive greetings and blessings.
Lots of love

Hello. I would absolutely love to win as my skin has really been acting up and I have tried all I could and still not winning. I’m also aware it’s due to all the stress that this year has brought, from emergency operations and finding myself depressed again. I won’t share these sobby sad stories but I do ask that you consider me because I would really really love to get my glow back and just look dazZling. The world is already unfair on us women, so let’s go out there looking flawless and make big moves all whilst we have that #GlowUp

I’m trying to wear less make up which, for me, means upping my skincare game. This would help enormously in my quest 😊

I would love to win this giveaway because I am obsessed with beauty and absolutely love trying new products ❤️❤️

I am all about natural products and love the L beauty range

I would LOVE this!!! I have recently become obsessed with skin care and just buy making a few tweaks I can already see the difference in my skin. Every single product in this hamper is one that I would love to try. I’m seriously obsessed 🤣

because they r natural products
and i just love natural products
no side effects
my eyes r peeled on tht rose hip oil 😍😍🤞🤞

I’m a beautician with problematic skin. So I’m always looking for new solutions to my hyperpigmentation and flair ups of acne. I’m obsessed with products in general. Kinda like a woman obsessed with shoes. I’m going through a really stressful time at the moment so I know my skin is bound to act up. I would b so grateful for this.

I’d like to win cos I’ve never tried K Beauty products before.

This is definitely the mother of all giveaways 👏 I don’t generally win giveaways but maybe this is it. I’m totally obsessed with beauty products and read up about them even if I can’t afford them😂😂

I’d love an opportunity to try Korean beauty products, especially the Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye patches. It would be wonderful to lighten the dark rings under my eyes.

I’ve heard such amazing things about Korean Skincare products and would love to try it. My skin is not bahaving at the moment and need to change my routine

Have very tired looking skin and lots of wrinkles.

An awesome giveaway… Would love to try this range on my skin as I suffer a lot from acne and hyperpigmentation and these products are all natural.

I discovered Asian skincare about a month ago and sooo many of these products are on my wishlist! ❤️

this is right up my alley! way back when around 2012 i started getting interested i Kbeauty after watching tons of Kdramas and seeing the product placements. i ordered, via the post office even, and fell in love with Kbeauty products. the quality is so good and the skincare products divine! back then there weren’t many SA companies selling the products and if there were it was very scarce.i even got my mother into it! i love that we can now purchase these products here! i would love this giveaway, i absolutely adore Korean beauty and skincare products! and if i won this, i would share it with my mama, just as a treat.

Ooh I’d love to win to try these awesome K-beauty things! And having a month old baba (my second child) some skincare love is always appreciated…!

45+ has been a turning point for me with skincare and I’ve become uber obsessed with looking for the best products for all my skincare needs. I would love to try these out!

Hi Candice! Firstly, you wrote this so well I just feel like I NEED these products in my life. Thankfully my simple routine has cleared my acne and now I’m so keen to try level up and add some treats like these to my skin care. I’m particularly curious because I’ve never tried any K Beauty products before but have heard amazing reviews. Holding thumbs!😘

I’ve been curious about the K-Beauty options available in SA but have yet to dive in. This hamper seems like the perfect place to start with tried and tested favourites

Hello I am new to your blog and I am loving it
Its so awesome to be educated about all things make up and skin care. Thank you
I never use these products learning from you to use them and I will feel honoured to try them for the first time.

Hope this is the correct way to enter thank you
I been from poor background now I am working and want to uplift myself to look and feel good and it starts here from your blog posts.
Thanking you

I absolutely love K-beauty, the little steps that I have incorporated have made a huge difference in my skin! Im starting to love my skin, also after an extremely difficult and complicated year, my skin has definitely taken a turn for the worse and I would love to pamper it back to its truest potential.

What an amazing give away. I have entered most of Inmybag compitions keeping fingers cross this time. .😊

I’m not going to go into what a hectic year it’s been or how my skin would jump through hoops for this prize, as I’m sure it is every woman’s feels about this prize. I would love to win this, because I want the best for my skin. I am very selective on what I use on my skin and can’t help to drool while reading your post. I am looking at changing my skin regime, this competition must be a sign. 🤞🏻

I would love to… no NEED… to win this to end what was undoubtably the worst year of my life on a high. You have no idea how much my eyes need those Hydrogel eye patches.
In fact, I would make the perfect “before” and “after” model 😊.

This is amazing! I really need to spruce up my skin routine. Looking very dull at the moment and need to get my glow on!

I’m proudly South African and I need to get my glow back after 3 kids and no sleep!

I have been using kbeauty for a year and love all of these products! Plus it would be a great way to start the new year

I would really appreciate these products as I am on medication that has has affected my skin. It will certainly be a pamper treatment for me. The closest I will get to a spa!

Due to my busy schedule, I seem to have neglected my skincare which has resulted in my skin looking very congested and dull. I would LOVE to win this hamper to get back into a routine and make my skin look healthy again!
I’ve read so many great reviews on these products and I am just dying to try them out 🙌🏻

I would love to win this hamper as I’ve been wanting to get into K-beauty for some time. I’ve read up on it a little and my skin will probably love me forever if I do.

Hearing loads of good stuff about Dr Jart especially.. The rose eye patches look amazing.. Nice to read a blog post explaining and actually showing prices Etc. Would love to try a few of these… Skin has been acting up since I started using fertility treatment.. Oily.. Then dry.. Then face demons. Then almost clear.. All in one week lol.

I would love to win this fantastic, wonderful, awesome hamper as all the products seem to be so amazing!!

I have never used Korean skincare before and my skin really needs it.i would be so grateful.xx

I would with all my heart love to gift my mom with this ! This year has been about bringing out her inner beauty and beauty again ! She’s a fantastic mom and grandmother and this year we been giving back to her ….. one of the things we have been working on is her skin to build confidence ! I think she would really appreciate and enjoy this ! ❤️

I would love win this as it’s my birthday 18 Dec and this would be an awesome birthday present 😍

I have had a stressful year which has reallly impacted on my skin. I now look much older than i did a year ago. Would love to win this to help rejuvenate my skin to restore if moisture and help me gain my younger looking skin again.

I’m a huge K-Beauty fanatic this would be an amazing win. Fingers crossed.

This would be such a wonderful prize to win. I try my best to take care of my skin, to which my pocket allows me too. I know some of the best heath and skin care products are right in your kitchen. Which makes it cost effective. Being 32, my skin has become environmentally damanged. But winning this product, I would have an opportunity to try products that I have never before, due to not being able to afford it and it will just be a great spoil for me.. winning something that I know I will truly be thankful for.

Ek sal baie graag hierdie velsorg wil probeer omdat die produkte soveel natuurlike bestandele bevat en ek net goeie reviews van K-Beauty gelees het veral vir droë velle🌻

I have heard and read so much about Korean beauty products and would love to try them and pamper and spoil myself this time of the year and also my daughter with whome I would share this spoil

Would LOVE to spoil my sister in law with these awesome products!

What an amazing prize. I’d love to win and try all these products, especially those eye patches. As a mom of 2 there just ain’t budget for treats only necessatities so this would be just that, a super duper treat 🎈

Who wouldn’t want to win this amazing prize? It would be so lovely to be spoilt.

Would love the opportunity to try Korean Beauty Products. Have heard only good things.Such an amazing competition!

What a fantastic looking hamper chocked full of K Beauty goodies! I’ve been interested in K beauty since my brother moved to South Korea and has been bringing products over for me to try which I’ve been loving. A 10 step routine can sound intimidating but I love how you can relax and unwind while going through each step, skin care is self-care .Plus I’m sure my husband (and bank account) would love if I win these goodies so they get a break over Christmas 🤣

I am a HUGE makeup and beauty fan and I haven’t had the pleasure of trying any K-Beauty products yet. I have been DYING TO try anything Laneige wishing and hoping they will soon bring their cushion foundation here🙏🏼 . Holding thumbs that I win this hamper so I can at least get my hands on the Laneige lip mask😍.

I just bought Dr Jart’s Ceramidn cream. It is just lovely and can’t imagine stop using it. I have been following a few bloggers that rave about Korean beauty products and I will be in 7th heaven if I could win this hamper.

I would love to pamper mtself

This would be a lovely Christmas gift to me, plus it’s my birthday month 😅. Also, my skin craves a PMU 😬🤷‍♀️

Korean Beauty is a unique beauty on its own and I would love to pamper myself with K-Beauty and it would be an awesome birthday gift for myself and my skin.

I would love to try these products to make my skin look beautiful for my graduation in March 2019,I want flawless beautiful skin when I obtain my degree certificate. Following on Instagram @denise19francis Wishing upon my lucky stars

I would love to try these products and have heard of them but never took the plunge to explore them!!

I lived in Asia for 3 years, and I really miss access to lovely Korean stuff, and there are so many new innovations. pick me and make me happy

I have had my eye on these K-beauty products for a while now…I especially loved all those live videos that you posted while you were at the Korean consumer goods expo! As you said they really have beautiful packaging I can only image how lovely the actual products will be like.
Fingers crossed 🤞🤞

Idllove to win this as, I work two jobs and I’m busy finishing my diploma. All my money goes to essentials and this would be a nice treat for me ❤️

don’t really have extra money for decent skincare. would luv to win this hamper

This looks sooo amazing! In my mid thirties now I can really use all the help I can get to care for my skin. I have had every issue under the sun and it’s really showing now! I’ve never tried any of these products and I would love to see how well they work and hopefully 🤞🏼 they make a huge difference!

I am at my wits end where my skin is concerned. I just finished a course of Oratane less than 2 months ago and my skin is up to it’s normal tricks. I have cut out dairy completely but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. I wish I could post a picture of my skin on this post. I have thought about trying out some of the Korean beauty products as I have read rave reviews.

I have just completed my bachelor’s in education and I feel I deserve a special treat. This hamper will enable me to pamper myself and celebrating my hardwork and success.

I have always wanted to try K-Beauty products.
I have been struggling with my skin lately and my normal routine is not working for me any more.
I’m hoping these will help. 🌸

So kind en generous hearted to give away a gift instead of expecting one … you’ll be blessed for sure. Because it is that time of the year again – Christmas time. Everyone is thinking about gifts – and what they want this year. Instead you are giving away …. THANKS!

I LOVE Korean skincare, their ingredients are so amazing and packed with loads of bebefits for the skin! Ive recently had the Mirena IUD put in and its affected my skin to a point where it has gone from oily to combo, with odd dry patches. I am also more prone to breakouts now and my skin is looking somewhat dull 🙁 kinda krap as ive been trying different things but nothibg that works as yet! It would definitely be amazing to be able to try some K-Beauty, im 100% positive it will improve the current condition of my skin 😁😁

my skin is so badly dehydrated this summer so this K-beauty dream give away would go a long way to helping get my skin glowing again.
I love the laneige lip sleeping mask so based on your write ups I can only imagine how much I will enjoy the balance of the products you have chosen for one of your followers.

Ooh ! I am absolutely salivating to try these products… and I missed the pop-up shop end November as I was travelling.
Sad face… sad, unmoisturised, not radiant face…
As a certified beauty junkie, I would LOVE to get my manicured paws on these !

I would love to try the Ginkgo cleansing foam because i myself have never tried beauty products in the past but recently (at the Kotra popup event) realized that it is very important. I want to start using is permanently and make it a big part of my life!❤️

I would to try these products! I have dehydrated skin and I feel that k-beauty is all about that glowy hydrated skin. Hope to see stores stocking it in the near future.

This is a dream prize that I would love to spoil myself with this festive season

I’d love to win this hamper, as I’m just starting my journey to a better skin. So would be so awesome to get to test out all the products. Also, I feel like I could use this treat /spoil as I’m a mom of a very busy toddler! 😂😉

I need this hamper because my skin needs saving. It’s dull, damaged and incredibly. I need the glow back in my life with K beauty

Would love to win this prize to test all these products. They eye patches sound fantastic

I’ve recently discover K-beauty and regret not taking better care of my skin when I was in my twenties. I can see the difference in my skin in just a few weeks and would love to add to my routine!

As 2018 draws close to an end, my face has seen better days and K-beauty’s the trend. From masks to scrubs, oils and gels, this hamper will suit my needs quite well. I ask of you nicely to pick me today so I can send this tired face on its way

Since I entered 30’s I’m so curious about my face I would love love to win these awesome products as I love reading your blog post how good they are. It’s so much beauty products in the market but I don’t have the opportunity to test them all which is right and which is not I’m trying my luck to win that maybe these products will change my life for better 😍😍😍🎄🎄🎄🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎁🎁🎁

I moved house today… has been an incredibly stressful year and I feel like a treat!!! My very own spa day coming up! 💛🙌🏼💛

I found your blog interesting and inspiring. I would love the opportunity to try these natural products, too, thank you!

Been non stop on the go all year trying to be my own boss and K beauty products have been an ultimate relaxer for me! To clock off a long year with a k beauty hamper in hand would be a dream!!

I would love to win this as I’ve really been struggling with my skin. I start a skincare routine and my skin looks great for a few months and then starts looking dull and dreary again.

My mom definitely needs a spoil so i will enter this amazing giveaway for her

BECAUSE CURRENTLY MY HEART IS SKIPPING BEATS 😍😍😁😁😁!!! As you know i have entered all most of your recent skincare giveaways and im sooooo keen!!!! My skin is in a total state of disaster im 9months post birth and i think it’s all hormonal and stress related, Currently my financial status wouldn’t allow me to even splurge on moisturisers never mind the whole shabang🤣🤣!!!! No specific reason why i should win this but im just a tired busy mom of 3 and before i buy anything for myself(Which is never) i reassess if i could put the money to better use.I had a hectic year and im so grateful to have my little family and this would be a amazingly spoil and a great way to end off my year ❤️

I’d love an opportunity to try Korean beauty products, especially the Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye patches. It would be wonderful to lighten the dark rings under my eyes.

Would looooove to win this🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Love the Korean approach to skincare❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’d love to win because I have been wanting to try both the Laneige and Heimish brands for the longest time. I have also seen so many skin transformations using Korean skin care and the 10 step method which has really intrigued me me.

Wow what an awesome prize. I could really do with these products. Would love love to try them.

I would love to win this. I have heard a great repore about Korean products and would love to try it out for myself

Sounds amazing! I’d love to experience these products, and would really appreciate such a treat!

I have been ordering Kbeauty products online and buying any Kbeauty brands I could lay my hands on for the better part of 6 years! I would love the chance to experience these products, and it would absolutely be the best early Christmas present I could ask for after a totally crazy year!

I would love to win this hamper! I’m a single mama to a gorgeous little girl, and I’m in desperate need of some pampering!!!!!! So in love with Korean skincare.

I’ve heard so much about KBeauty but I’m yet to try it. This prize is so awesome, I would love to win it🙏

I would love to win this set as I have tried so many different local products to help my skin, with no luck.

I would love to have the confidence in my skin to one day walk out the house without any makeup on at all and I think that K-Beauty may just be the solution I’m looking for.

I would then document my K-beauty journey on Instagram as well, with the aim to show others that good skin doesn’t come at a high price.

My skin needs this wonderful product range
Awesome giveaway

Holding thumbs to win this fantastic prize greatest opportunity Sharing my heart out to win this fantastic giveaway for Christmas
💞 💖 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 #HappyHolidays

Another hectic year as a varsity student and some real pampering is required so these dream products will definitely make this happen for me. The products sound amazing and I would love to try this out.

I love love LOVE K-beauty! I’ve been hooked since Feb of this year and I can’t tell you how much confidence a beautifully dewy complexion has given me. I’d love to win a prize like this as it would certainly enrich my K-beauty journey on a student’s budget! x

I use a combination of kbeauty and medical grade skincare. Kbeauty compliments and soothes the irritations of the medicial skincare so much, it brightens and exfoliates so well

I love trying out new products do this would be amazing to win so I can try these products

I would love to win this hamper, my skin has constantly been troubling me, I suffer severely with dryness and breakouts, I’ve tried most products out there, all of which have not worked on my skin. I’m willing to try these products in the light of them helping my skin🌸

rumaisa21@icloud.com / ebrahimrumaisa@gmail.com

This is amazing!! I’ve been really want to get into Korean skin care products because I’ve heard so many good things but I get so overwhelmed! I need to try these out!

1. I have without a doubt followed everyone on Insta

2. I’d like to win this hamper as I’m absolutely obsessed with k beauty. After about two days of using K-beauty products on my skin, the change was unbelievable.. My skin was clearer than it possibly had been in years (I’m almost 26. The last time my skin was this clear I was like 10)

I love k-beauty to the extent where I went to the Kotra CT pop up event, all 3 days and went bananas each day.

The thing I love about korean beauty is that it’s actually about taking proper care of your skin using only the best ingredients, because let’s be honest – your skin is going to be with you until the day you die.

One of my favorite things to do in the evening is a beauty routine and mask and just relax watching kdramas with some soju and korean snacks (eating with a sheet mask is not recommended. Use like the paint on kind)

I like that I can use the goodies just for me without guilt. Mom always take a back seat when it comes to pampering unless you have someone to spoil you. This would be a superb pamper for me.

I am so bummed I missed out on the K-beauty expo in Canal Walk….boo!
Really would like to try several of these, especially have had my eye on that Heimish cleansing balm AND Son & Park’s Beauty Water!!! Oh my word, starry eyes!!

I’d like to win simply because I would love to try K-beauty! I have never tried it before and heard great things about Korean skincare.

Awesome giveaway and I would so love to try these🥰I’ve only ever heard good things about Korean products and my skin is in need of something good as my 40’s have been unkind. 🤞🤞🤞

This giveaway is amaaazing! Like the rest of your followers I have been obsessed with the Kbeauty trend – the variety and formulation of the products are just next level! This giveaway would be amazing to win so that I can test such a large variety of the products!

I would like to win this prize, firstly because it is the end of the year and I am exhausted and need all the help I can get. Secondly – sparkly pink eye patches!

I have only read great and informative articles on the Korean Beauty products . I have old acne scaring , so I would love to have glass- like skin .

My skin need some tlc and this products are awesome. Would be just great

I hardly use beauty products except soap and water *gasp* so i would share this with my 15yo daughter Anneke. She loves makeup and beauty products.

Heard a lot about Korean beauty products and I would love to try them.

Dearest Candice-Lee

When it comes to chocolate, you can’t get better than Swiss. When it comes to the most gorgeous cars… ferrrari comes to mind. And the Italians are not only talented when it comes to shoes and men.. did I say men? Ok let’s move on. When it comes to skincare, you can’t get better than Korean who have catapulted the concept of sheet masks( not a type of bedsheet) and glass skin( no relevance to PG glass). The Koreans are revered for their flawless skin & the fact that I don’t need to jump onto a long haul flight to Seoul as these cult products are available right here in Mzanzi… well that is a treat in itself. I must confess that I have climbed onto this bandwagon as I fast approach dare I say…the Big 4-0. I don’t expect my skin to glow like a geisha teen but I want to be the best version of me and shall I say.. age gracefully. To say that these products have been on my wishlist is an understatement. I have written to Santa. Summoned Faith God Mothers & even tried rubbing magic lamps so I can caress my skin with the wonders of Mother Nature. Even though I cringe at the sight of insects and I am ever so glad to treat my skin to a slimy snail sheer mask! So yes! I want to get in with this new Korean skincare regime. I can go on about being good this year, getting my degree in my 30’s,compiling my first poetry book & more. I am just a girl who wants to feel great in her skin.. so please wave that magical wand won’t you?

P.S have followed you and all these fab brands on Instagram

I have heard so much about k beauty and would love to try it and this would be the best start 😃 Following all accounts

I would love to win this ! Always been an eager beaver to try things in skincare , always sold on advertising ! That’s before even seeing the Asian girls skin! I am in awe of their clear , plump skin and hair – would love to get in on those Korean secrets 😍

I have been following your post on K beauty. I love that we finally have the opportunity to buy and try these world renowned products. I feel that this market has been overshadowed by European beauty products and not getting any recognition they truly deserve. I have always loved Eastern beauty products because they they have always looked towards nature first being gentle yet affective on the skin. I have become so much more adventurous by trying different beauty products on my skin. Previously I would buy a product and if it worked continue to use it for years. That is not bad but I would not consider that there may be a superior product out there that would also work better on my skin type. So this my last of my dirty 40’s (Shoo.. Aging is not for sissies.. I need all the help I can get) and my birthday is on the 18th of December.. So I am putting a little wish out to the universe so send me a little something on my special day!!
Thank you mother Xmas!!

With eczema comes a picky skin and a lot of waste on money on products that simply don’t work. Please let me find my skin’s true calling❤

Oooh myyyy Good Gaaaawd 😍 Amazeballzzz products 😍 ..I looove these products especially the Rosehip oil .I use it as a serum . Nd their face sheet masks are the best . 😍😍 What I love ABT the K- Beauty products it’s all Natural 😍 ..with my sensitive skin ..🙌🙌 .. those are the only 2, products IV tried out from K-beauty. Would really love to try out these other products
IV entered almost every week yr giveaways🙈 without fail. .. I’m very much for natural skincare ..due to my sensitive Ageing skin 😭 Nd I hope IL be lucky in at least 1 before the end of the year .. this would be a dream come true for me .🙏❤️

I am so happy I saw this post!!! I have been searching and searching for a way to purchase K-beauty products in South Africa. I would usually give some money to my friends in South Korea and they would send some products my way.This is the best thing ever! Nothing beats K-beauty. It is because of the extensive Korean beauty routines that I wear SPF 50 daily and jump up and down when I see products that contain snake gel! This giveaway might kill me with happiness 😂😍

I would love to win this hamper as I love Korean skincare. I’m so into skincare and taking good care of your skin and would love to walk into the new year with some amazing skincare goodies to use.

oh to have the laniege sleep mask yes!

Would be so exciting to try out these brands and product totally love beauty and would share with my friends!

my poor skin is so dry since summer started sp this would be an awesome win.
I have the laneige lip sleeping mask and love it so would really appreciate being able to try these other K-beauty products to see if they agree with my skin

After an extremely traumatic year, I was retrenched as the company I worked for closed, my husband was diagnosed with a tumor, my Poor-skin skin has gone completely chaotic, it is uneven, dry,sensitive and super problematic! (Thanks stress!) I would love to win these products so that I can give my super deserving skin some TLC!

I would love to win this hamper because I find Korean products contain the perfect formulations for my very sensitive skin. IF I did win, I would share the products with my mom and sisters who also have sensitive skin and struggle to find good products that don’t break them out.

My friend introduced me to Korean skin care a while ago, and last month, I made my very first purchase on glow theory.
It arrived super fast, and included lovely samples.
I am in love with the laniege sleeping mask, and the hemish balm. Would love to try more products, cos these really seem to agree with my “angry teenager-looking, but really I’m going on 35 skin”

This year I had one very big goal for my health and that was to come off antidepressants, so that my husband and I could fall pregnant again.

I managed to successfully wean myself off the antidepressants and 4months later we found out we were expecting. I’ve had so many failed attempts at weaning off the meds, so this was an answered prayer.

10weeks into my pregnancy I had a miscarriage in October, the most traumatic experience of my life. Having to have a D&C is an experience I would not wish upon anyone. Needless to say my pregnancy my few weeks of pregnancy were traumatic, anxiety shot through the roof and I had to go back on antidepressants. I suffered extreme insomnia, and was put on sleeping tablets. The guilt I’ve felt in the past few months has been too immense to put into words. The disappointment weighs so heavily on me, cause I’m now fully back on antidepressants at a higher dosage.

Winning this Korean beauty skincare hamper would be incredible. The pick me up I need!!

All these products sound amazing, would love to try them <3

OH GOSH who not want to win this amazing hamper of products! They all sound really awesome to try and I would love to win them as I could never afford to purchase these on my student budget.

Wow, these really look like super awesome products to try and I would love to win this as I can probably only afford to try a mask or two on my strained single Mom budget

I’ve never tried k-beauty products beforehand the and could do with a good pampering after a long stressful year. ❤️

2018 has been the saddest hardest year of my lifeelings. I need to be shown some love. Stop the pain, stop the tears. Show me some love please.

O my goodness, this looks amazing! I would LOVE to win, as I am planning on having the most fab year and this will just be the cherry on top. The products are amazing!

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