A few years back, Dove sent me some information about hair damage. The brand had conducted a worldwide survey and found that a whopping 60% of women who experience hair damage don’t actually do anything about it! This statistic blows my mind because many women don’t realize that with the right treatment, you can restore your hair’s strength against breakage and even make it healthier looking in the long run.

The Main Causes of Hair Damage:

Chemical processes like colouring, perming, bleaching and straightening result in hair that splits, breaks and frizzes.

Pollution, sun exposure, cold and dry air all make the hair dull and dry.

Brushing, washing and towel drying often results in dry hair that’s prone to frizz.

Recently, Dove sent me three products to try from the Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair line. What sets this very affordable haircare line apart from others is that all the formulas contain Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives that repair damage deep inside the hair, while providing nourishment. Most conditioning and repairing shampoos work on the surface of the hair, however this range also penetrates deep inside the hairs fiber to build strong, resilient hair. In fact, this nourishing complex is so potent that it claims to stop 90% of damage from the first use!

Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo (R49.99 for a 250ml)

Aside from the glorious fresh smell, this shampoo lathers really well and works to restore the hair’s strength against breakage. In addition, the formula also helps protect against future damage (if used continuously) and leaves hair looking healthy and strong. I also like that it does not weigh the hair down in any way, and is suitable for daily use.

Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Conditioner (R79.99 for a 350ml & R49.99 for a 200ml)

The Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Conditioner works to smooth, visibly repair damage and strengthen hair against breakage. It repairs the signs of damage to the hairs surface and, with continued use, penetrates the hair’s strands to progressively nourish, ensuring the hair is stronger so it can withstand breakage. It’s excellent at detangling and improving manageability and can be used daily.

My 15-year-old daughter also demanded that I include how this conditioner makes an excellent shaving cream for legs and underarms (it would, as it softens hair) and allows for a very close, smooth shave #LOL

Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Treatment Mask (R79.99)

This is my favourite product from the line because I LOVE a good hair mask.

Daily styling, chemical processes like colouring, straightening etc. take a lot out of our hair. Luckily, it only takes is a little extra care and effort to boost the hairs health and get it looking healthy again.

This intensely nourishing, wonderfully creamy treatment for damaged hair helps repair hair damage inside and out, instantly alleviating the signs of damage, leaving hair looking and feeling healthy, shiny and nourished. Used regularly, it provides progressive nourishment while strengthening the hair, leaving it up to 10x more resilient against everyday damage!

It’s recommended that you use this mask weekly, but I often use it two to three times a week in place of my conditioner. I apply to freshly washed hair, smoothing it in from mid-lengths to tips and massaging through with my fingers ensuring I cover every strand. I leave it on for around three to five minutes and then rinse out.


Do you have damaged hair? Are you keen to put Dove’s claim that this range stop 90% of damage before it even begins to the test?

I have a Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair hamper containing the shampoo, conditioner and mask up for grabs.

To enter, leave a comment below this post answering one of these two questions:

  1. If you’ve tried any products from this range, tell me which you liked the most and why.

2. If you haven’t tried any yet, tell me why you’d like to try this range and which product/S appeals the most to you.

Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

The winner will be announced on In My Bag’s Facebook page (follow HERE) next week Friday 14 December.


I would like to try the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Conditioner, my hair is badly damaged and weak.

I have tried the treatment mask before and it really does wonders for your hair…. Silky smooth with no fly away hairs 😍

I have tried the treatment mask once and I loved it, it left my hair soft and it smelt great.

I have tried the Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask and my hair is soft,Shiny non greasy its the best mask I have ever used and my hair is so much manageable

I’m growing my hair after having a buzz cut for almost 10 years – my hair is super curly and there’s lots of frizz and dryness to tame – I’m keen to try the treatment mask!

I have never tried this range yet but always wanted to , I just had my second child a few months ago and I have really neglected my hair it has become very dry and brittle and lifeless . I dwfdefinit need something to bring my hair back to life and get it looking how it used to before . I have seen some of the good results this range gives and I would really LOVE to try this 💞🌸

I haven’t tried any Dove products yet, but I would love to try the hair mask as I’m always straightening my hair and my hair is so damaged and weak as a result of that. The fact that the mask provides progressive nourishment while strengthening the hair, leaving it up to 10x more resilient against everyday damage, that is literally exactly what my hair needs right now! Fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞

I havent tried these products..I would love to try the treatment mask for my damaged hair

I tried the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Treatment Mask and I liked it because it smell amazing. Such an affordable product too. I have treated hair so my hair dries out quickly and after i use this hair mask my hair feels soft and smooth again. It doesnt make my hair oily either which is fantastic. I just use it when my hair has dried out a little bit and is needing a bit of love.

Hi i have tried the dove product for coloured treated hair because i have blonde hair and i notice my hair broke off because of the blonde 😭and this this great review on this dove intensive repair i need it and would love to be winner of this amazing dove range to repair my broken hair.🙏

Just absolutely #LOVE DOVE products. The Dove mask Nourishes and moisturises my dry brittle hair. My hair Feels soft, smooth and looks SO healthy. Love the affordable price and variety for coloured hair as well. Would love #WIN ☺

What a great giveaway. My hair really needs this. You cannot go wrong with Dove products..

I love it! Especially the smell! I always get comments that my hair smell likes perfume 🙂

I have tried and it made my hair look and feel lovely

Yes, I only use dove intensive repair shampoo and conditioner.. It makes my frizzy hair managable and soft

I would like to try this range,because i havnt tried it before…lol

I’ve used, and would love to use again, the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Treatment Mask. I remember it being rich and creamy and left my naturally curly dry dull lifeless breaking hair super soft with far less breakage.

I’d love to try the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Treatment Mask as I colour and use heat on my hair and it becomes dry and dull.

I would love to try this as my hair is dry from styling and coloring and I need some TLC for my hair.

I have never done any treatment on my afro, I shampoo it then use coconut oil , i am a fan of Dove derma spa range, it would be nice to try this range as well.

I haven’t tried this range yet. Always keen to try something that promises to keep my locks beautiful

I haven’t tried them as yet, I have heard great feedback, and with my damaged hair, I am sure it will be an amazing hair experience 😆

I tried dove intensive repair. It made my hair look healthy and felt really soft.

I have not tried it but I would love to! I have messy natural curls that I despise so I straighten my hair a lot!! I also struggle to find the right brand of shampoo and conditioner that suits my stubborn hair! I would love to try that treatment mask!

Absolutely love your detailed review. I would really love to try this amazing RANGE, after my pregnancy my hair has become weak, dry and brittle..the breakage increases day by day. It really needs some TLC.

I honestly have not tried these products.
I will love to try the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Treatment Mask as my hair is frequently coloured ( my discreet way of hiding the greys) and I use a hair straighter daily (I can’t survive a bad hair day it just ruins my mood). This are the two culprits of my poor hair condition and this mask is sure to work miracles on my heat damaged and often coloured hair.
Thank you for another amazing review.
Will so love to use this on my hair.

i would love to try intensive mask
since i gave birth to my son
my hair is gone v brittle and dry
would love to win it

I would love to try the Treatment mask as I colour my hair a lot!

Love the sound of the treatment mask, I regularly straighten my hair and can see i’m doing damage each and every time, my hair really needs some TLC and Dove looks like they’ve got me covered!

I have so much hair damage from using a straightener way too much. I would love to fix it

I haven’t tried these products, and would love to try the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Treatment for my damaged hair, due to colouring.

I have highlighted hair which has become so dry and damaged due to colouring and heat. I would absolutely love to win this prize. The product I’m most looking forward to trying is the Dove intensive mask. I think it will make a huge difference to my hair after reading your success story on your blog. Fingers crossed!!

I tried these products about a year back But i also read on your post few days ago that the formula gets better and better all the time!!!I would loooove to put the formula to the test i recently dyed my hair and it feels so stringy and lifeless and its so dull!!!! I would really love to try the hair masque ♥️♥️Everything else would be a major bonus

would love to try this out on my dry, frizzy hair 🤞🏻

Would really love to try this product range as my hair is heat damaged, brittle and dry. Dove never dissapoints that’s why I am eager to try this. Would really love to win.

I saw an add on youtube for the products. Needless to say..and yes I really did get in the car and went to buy the shampoo and conditioner. And I am in looooove!!!❤Both are amazing..I don’t have a favourite.😃Then I saw the mask on In the bag post…once again convinced. Went to buy it..and all I can say is wowness. Soft hair galore!!! Lovit! Why should I win..It’s my birthday today..I would love the hamper!!!!🤗

I’ve tried the a the products ❤️ but my favorite is the mask 😍 dive has really made an awesome hair range

I would like to try it because I am going on a natural hair journey and this would definitely help with the repair of heat and chemically damaged hair.

I have not yet tried any of their hair care products but I really want to try the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Treatment Mask. I have very dry, wavy hair which needs a lot of moisture and TLC. I have stood in Dis Chem many times with this product in my hand wondering if it will help. Thank you for your review on these products.

I have used the Done Mask and it definitely makes my hair feel more nourished as well as looking healthier and shining

I have not yet tried this range. However I would love to try the hair mask!

Treatment mask please !!!!
I sometimes take my hair for quite rough ride!! What I need is a treatment to give back to my locks what it has lost.

I use the intensive repair shampoo and conditioner and have for years they are both amazing products and smell great to always get asked what shampoo I use because my hair always looks and smells amazing!!!!

I want to try the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Conditioner, my hair is badly damaged with all the colouring, relaxants and heat from the straightener. My hair looks like so dry and I feel a scarecrow has better hair than me. I wear beanies to hide my hair .
If I continue with hair like this I will need a weave.
So this prize is needed badly and it explains why my partner avoids touching my hair lol probably thinks it will attack him hahaha

These products will definitely save my hair from the upcoming sunny days! My hair is also wet alot so it’ll help fight against breakage.

Winter also really dried out my hair so this products will surely go on my wish list for Christmas 😀

I haven’t tried it but my hair is in DESPERATE need of some moisturizing loving🙈 I’d spend pamper Sunday with the mask in my hair and just loving the soft feeling after

My hair is very badly damaged from my last colouring and I would love to try this entire range to strengthen, nourish and repair my locks to what they once were

Honestly have not used this range
Will be great to start now
Your awesome review and description is very inspiring and encouraging me to try this.
Being a busy mom of three little kids my hair is dull and lifeless just to busy to care for my hair .
Now is the time to take that step with this amazing products thank you

I have not used these but I would really love to try them because I have dry, frizzy hair and I know I need this to tame my unruly hair.

I have not tried the dove but would live to try it since I colour my hair and that leaves it dry and brittle.


I would love to try the hair mask. I have dry/damaged hair from all the box diy dyes, straightening and daily wear and tear. I literally have my hair in a bun all day everyday because I feel it lacks moisture. Also i love anything from dove… All their products are legit winners.

I love Dove. The mask is my favourite.

Wow amazing giveaway 💖 just what I need for my hair.

My daughter loves the Dove hair products,it makes her hair soft an silky.It also helps her for her dry scalp.

The intensive care shampoo. I love it. My hair is dry, damaged and breaks easily. After trying the dove shampoo, My hair has become a whole lot better so it would be amazing to try out the entire range.

I have long hair and I would love to win this amazing hamper from Dove I love it so much my hair will look healthy for Christmas
I would like to win this fantastic prize greatest opportunity Sharing my heart out to win this giveaway for Christmas
Happy Holidays

I have tried the shampoo and conditioner and it works wonders. I do have dry hair. I have never tried a hair mask and would love to see what difference it makes when I do use it.

I have tried the intensive care treatment mask. A remarkable repair which intensified with each use.

If you’ve tried any products from this range, tell me which you liked the most and why.
I have used the Dove intensive repair hair mask and I love it because my hair is left feeling soft and silky. My hair is damaged due to blow drying it straight everyday but the hair mask repairs any damaged caused by the heat.

I have tried the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Treatment Mask. It is really good value for money and I felt it left my hear restored after heat styling, soft and shiny – would love to try the rest of the range!

I have tried the shampoo and conditioner before, but not yet the treatment mask. Having red hair comes with many advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is have extremely thin hair that is fragile and easiliy dried, unless the hair mask proves me otherwise💕

I already tried Dove’s this Conditioner .. and it is really awesome 🙂
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