A relatively ‘new kid on the block’ at 44 Stanley, Braamfontein Werf, Johannesburg, The Storer – so named after it’s dynamic founder, Lisa Storer – is a uniquely inspiring space brimming with artisanal collectors’ items from around the world. Each piece is personally sourced for discerning individuals who embrace the concept of ‘luxury lifestyle with a meaning and soul’.

Lisa Storer

A seasoned retailer with years of experience and an inimitable taste for all things beautiful, Lisa and her team mindfully source rare finds from sustainable crafters around the globe, each with a story attached to the origin, crafting and history of the product.

Naturally though, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to drop by at the 44 Stanley showroom and whilst browsing around this ‘eclectic’ space is first prize in terms of a tangible experience, those who live further afield are able to meander through The Storer online. Here, within the clever digital space, shoppers are drawn in, allowing them to feel as if they are actually there, surrounded by exotic merchandise.

Lisa explains that items available online are The Storer’s core essentials. “Our clients will always be able to find fundamental pieces which are a genuine reflection of who we are and what we are all about. We believe in embracing the ‘slow-life’ and living more mindfully, supporting sustainable crafters and their time-honoured traditions within the eco-community around the world – and bringing these delightful pieces to South Africa.”

Intrinsic to The Storer, the online experience introduces a core range which includes striking pieces from carefully selected traditional crafters in Morocco, Turkey, Cambodia and Mexico.

From Morocco

These Cactus silk cushions (BUY) are hand-loomed and crafted by Berber women, from silk derived from a plant grown in the Saharan Desert. Minor inconsistencies procured by these methods render each item unique, with every thread a connection to its creator.

The gorgeous must-have ‘Pom-pom’ blankets (BUY) above are made in a tiny studio hidden away in a labyrinth on the outskirts of the Marrakech medina. These are traditional throws woven from 100% hand-spun cotton.

Beautiful, durable straw baskets made from leaves of the Mediterranean Dwarf palm and are skillfully woven using methods passed down through generations (BUY)

The Storer have selected unique, durable hand-crafted, intensely coloured Tamegroute ceramics, so named after a small village in the Draa River Valley (BUY)

From Cambodia

The ceramic range comes from a village just outside Siem Reap, using the tradition of Khmer clay ceramics (BUY), paired with the Japanese artistry of glazing. This art has been highly instrumental in helping to restore the pride of the Khmer people following the devastation of the Cambodian war.

From Turkey

Peshtemal, Hamman or Fouta towels are made from Turkish cotton with extra-long fibres, resulting in fewer joins for stronger, smoother cotton threads, for towels that become softer, fluffier and more absorbent with successive washings. BUY

From Mexico

Beautifully fluid recycled glasses are produced in an eco-workshop in the state of Oaxaca. Part of their drive is to use renewable energy, so all kilns are fired by ethanol energy derived from used cooking oil, gathered from restaurants, bars and homes in the area. BUY

All The Storer’s accessories are small-run items which evoke a lot of emotion and are steeped in history.

These beautiful earrings are inspired by nature and come from Mexico City. Each piece is lovingly made from 100% raw cotton, celebrating the beauty of authentic creativity. BUY

These Pom-pom sandals from Bodrum, Turkey, form part of a female upliftment project, focused on empowering female artisans – prioritising mothers who work from home, home-schooling their children. BUY

These traditional Moroccan suede house slippers from the Medina of Marrakech, have that perfectly “worn-in” feel. There are both rounded and pointed styles available in a variety of colours. BUY

Shop The Storer online at https://thestorer.co


Stand a chance of winning this hand-stitched and tooled leather bag made in Mexico using the finest quality leather and is just perfect for day or evening. I just love how roomy it is and think the beautiful embossed pattern makes it a really special piece.

It retails for R2500, but today I’m giving you a chance to win it!

To enter, follow these 3 steps:

1. Tell me (in the comment section below this blog post) why you’d like to win this bag.

2. Follow me on Instagram HERE (if you don’t already)

3. Follow In My Bag on Facebook HERE (if you don’t already) 

Please ensure you include your email address when commenting (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the lucky winner.

I’ll announce the winners name on In My Bag’s Facebook page next week Friday the 23 of November 2018.

Good Luck!


Wow, I would love love love to win this bag to regift it to my sister! this is defs her style and she will love this so much!

I would so love to win this stunning bag… simply because I have always searching for a bag I can use that is the perfect size and unique and stunning… this bag is perfect for everything… would so love to win…

What a beautiful unique piece to own! Love the gentle handwork. Wonderful bag for summer functions ahead.

I would love to win it, as it is absolutely gorgeous and I’ve been needing a new bag, this will be perfect.

This is a gorgeous sling bag! I do not own a single sling bag and i would love to win this!!! So my style as well 🙂 and i love the detail on the bag

So it’s my birthday on Wednesday 21 Nov and this would be an awesome gift? and accessory for our companies year end party we celebrating soon ?

I would love to win this beautiful bag. The embossed pattern is gorgeous and its just the perfect size. Simply put, it’s my kinda bag ?

Sho, this is really such a special, ridiculously beautiful piece. I am in love with the embossing. Also, I would love to have anything from Mexico! It’s a place that’s always been on my bucket list, and more specifically because I want to attend a Dia de los Muertos festival in person on day!!! The colours! The costumes! The tradition!

I would love to win this bag because it’s hand stitched and tooled and you can see the amount of love and work that went into making this stunning piece! It’s a work of art! And Mexico is on my bucket list but i may never get there anytime soon so having something to cherish from Mexico would be the best feeling ever!

I would love to own this beautiful bag. I’ve never owned a leather bag and this one seems perfect – so versatile!

Today is my 32nd Birthday, and hopefully luck is on my side today if I win this beautiful classic bag. It would make my day a bit more extra special!

My Best Friends birthday is coming soon. I would love to give it to her. She loves bags. Please she is my best Friend

A absolutely beautiful bag love this is exactly what I need as the size is perfect for all my essentials and its versatility I can use at day or night. No need to stress about changing bags for evenings out. ❤????❤???

I love to win this as it a day /night bag that exudes elegance – fan on FB & Instagram

I love to win this bag… because it’s stunning and it will complement every outfit of mine..

I. Would love to win this bag as it’s its unique, like me ?

I would love to win this bag as it is absolutely stunning! It would go with all my favourite summer outfits. It looks beautifully made and would probably see me through a lifetime!

OMG! It’s so beautiful. Would make so happy! x

The perfect bag for every day use, uplifting any outfit and lasting forever. #LoveLeather

I need a small but pretty bag for when I’m just popping out to the shops or for an outing. I don’t enjoy bulky bags, so I always “trave light” but my husband is forever giving me his keys and wallet and, and, and when we’re out…..

I would love to win because I love anything tan and because I currently have only 1 bag.

Would love a spoil it’s my Birthday 2nd December so love to win this

Love slingbags and I’ll wear it as clutch as well.

Wowww i would love this stunning hand stitched leather bag its so beautiful for summer

I think that it is super cute, love the detail on the bag and a leather bag has been on my wishlist for so so long, would love to win it.

Because I love leather bags and it’s the ideal size to carry a phone and purse instead of a huge bag making me always think I misplaced my phone and finding it among my items in my bag or after having to call it.

I would love to win this bag, it’s so unique and the perfect size for the holidays coming up.

The detail on this bag is incredible, I’d love to show it off on my holiday to dbn this Dec!

How gorgeous & precious to carry a little piece of Mexico with you! I would love this unique bag as I try to live a more simple and minimalist life and this would be perfect to de-clutter my current carry bag. Xxx

Ok….long story. My late Dad used to do tooled leather-work & hand-made many American saddles, holsters, chaps etc. He was quite in demand & established a name for himself in the field. In fact he even hand made the tooling stamps(which I still have today) He was extremely talented and left us way too soon. 🙁 This handbag would always remind me of him and his quirky ways. I loved him so much!

It would be incredible to have something so beautiful and unique in my wardrobe!

I’ve had my eye on this bag since going on the Storer’s site a little while ago, but unfortunately haven’t had the means to buy it. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to win it! It’s so unlike all the other pieces available in this country. I LOVE the embroidered detail and the satchel-like shape! Owning this would transform my wardrobe, that’s very much in need of a makeover right now. I’ll be holding thumbs (and saying a little prayer) that this will be mine!!!

Hi There.

Living Life more mindfully and supporting sustainable crafters… That is so awesome! Well done on a great business model “slogan”.

I never enter these kind of competitions but this gorgeous bag spoke to my soul the moment I saw it, however cheesy that may sound ?

Daisies are my favorite flowers and this piece of art will be loved, bragged about and worn with pride!

Much Love ❤️

Wow, I am blown away by the detail on this beaut of a bag!
I would love to win this, will force me to only carry basics and not another pair of shoes!

Simply because it is a beautiful, quality ?❤️

I am that girl who goes out without a handbag, my stuff goes into my friends’ bags. Just last week Friday, my boss had to share her handbag with me at the Year End party. I need one, for my loved ones’ sake.

I would love to give it to my daughther, who is a student. It is so her style!

Its a gorgeous elegant bag to carry this summer for all my outdoor adventures and outings..Please i would love to win???

I love the eye catching workmanship of the bag and it’s versatility. I could wear anything with this 🙂

This bag is absolutely stunning with all the detail! Would love it as it’s a timeless piece

A girl can never have too many bags, and this one will be so unique in my collection.

Stunning stunning bag, amazing giveaway amazing win

An absolutely gorgeous bag that would compliment so much of my wardrobe but I would never be able to buy it for myself. Would be incredible to win this. The entire range is absolutely gorgeous

I’d love to win this stunning bag because my bag is too big and heavy for carrying around. This would inspire me to scale down! ?

I would love to win this bag as it’s gorgeous and will last forever !

Oh wow I need to win this bag that is so me!!! I can wear it across my body as I love to, and it’s my colour!!! The perfect bag. I love it.

Gorgeous craftsmanship, natural product… this is top of my wishlist for sure! This bag makes me want to get out and about, to pack for a trip… to show off !!! (To be honest!!!) ???

I am a small bag person! And i have just fallen in LOVE with this one…it is absolutely stunning

So much of Boho Chic I can’t even handle! The style is so versatile – Perfect for dress up or dress down. Heck, wear the bag on its own with nothing else to distract from its awesomeness, if this is what blows your hair back ha! Hmm.. I’m thinking of a photoshoot now. Thanks for the inspiration! Now all I need is the bag as the statement “pièce de résistance”

WOW that is too beautiful!

I would love to win this bag – it will go with practically every outfit – so pretty1

Really stunning – I am sure any woman would love to win such a bespoke and unique leather handbag! Have always wanted a leather handbag so would be over the moon to win!
Fingers crossed

This bag is absolutely stunning. I am obsessed with leather in this tan colour. It is actually a joke. I go out to buy black shoes, but always end up with tan shoes. Same goes for bags. This one has my name written all over it! If it wasn’t a tad out my budget I would have bought one straight away … *sob* It would be the best BEST early Christmas present EVER!

I love the look of this bag! It would make a wonderful teacher’s gift. I can see her really wearing this bag elegantly. My daughter has the most fantastic teacher and I think she is very deserving. I have a great amount of respect for what some teachers do, going far beyond the call of duty. They are worth gold!

Its a beautiful bag that is unique in design and excellent quality which is made to last for years to come. A bag I can use day or evening. Perfectly suited for me.

Would love to win this bag – so bohemian style love it!!

Because it’s absolutely gorgeous ?????????????????????

I will gift it to my mother in law. She loves everything Mexican and she’s been there for me with everything. She even paid for my Make Up Artist course to start my own career.

A leather bag is on my birthday wishlist for tomorrow , this bag is beautiful, It would make a nice birthday present ?

I would luv to win this bag…its got me drooling Love love love it!! Would be the best Christmas gift under the tree…from me…to me!

I would love to win this bag as it’s the perfect little bag to carry around and it’s so cute and trendy.I’ve been looking for a body bag, but just could not find the right one.

Wow wow wow! I would love to have this bag since it is absolutely gorgeous and soulful yet simple! I love all the pieces in this stunning collection but this is something to carry around with me,that tells it’s own story! ?

Hi Candice. This bag would not only look amazing with my work outfits but my casuly wear. It’s so me! It would also stop this year so much better! Ugh. I love everything in this shop. Hopefully next year will be better and I can buy everything ???

On my word, this bag is just beautiful!!! the craftsmanship, colour and great design just speak my style? it would be much loved and treasured

It is so versatile – i would love to have one handbag to use in the day AS WELL AS the evening

Its the perfect Summer accessory! Love the stitching ?

What a stunning bag!!! I’m such a bag hoarder and would love to add this to my collection.

Just in love with it

Wow! I have never seen a more beautiful bag that fits my style so perfectly! I have such appreciation for the time and effort gone into making such a beautiful piece of art! This definitely would make me feel like a million bucks! Love it!

This bag is so Unique .. like Me? .. I love genuine leather wth passion. It ages well … Best of All I love the smell of leather ? I would reaaaally love to Win this Simply breathtaking leather bag … The hand crafted of its Uniqueness is amazing ..Fingers xxx ?❤️

The detail on this bag is AMAZING!! Simply BEAUTIFUL ❤️

A good quality leather handbag is a must for every woman’s wardrobe! I’d love to pair it with my favorite jeans, T-shirt and pretty silk scarf this summer holiday!

I would love this bag because I always only had huge bags because of the kids (you know what goes in moms bag) . Now they are bigger and I am going out a bit more now so this would be awesome to kick start my social coming out!!

I love leather and this is so beautiful . I dont have any stunning bags and this i can wear with anything

A very pretty bag
Can use it day and nights I can hold it as a clutch bag or as a sling bag. Fabulous

I would love this bag because I don’t have a quality bag for work. It is perfect and no one I know would have one.

Owning a bag from this luxurious lifestyle range will definitely be a dream come true. The bag will complement so many outfits I have in my cupboard and it is an amazing piece of artwork and I believe that what you wear is also art and this piece will complete not just complete my clothing/ outfit but me as well. I have been looking for a perfect cross body bag and I found the one. Love at first sight. This bag had a piece of my heart.

Although I’d love to keep it for myself, I’d gift it to my beautiful stylish niece for her 13th birthday gift. The coming of age, I’d engrave a special nessage inside so that it’s a keepsake forever ♡ #inmybag #thestorer #fashionablyfierce

What a beautifully designed piece of art. It’s the perfect size and I’d definitely find a new sense of trend with this lovely hugging me. It’s absolutely gorgeous ?

Because it’s lovely and beautiful and I’ve fallen in love! It has to be mine!

I am such a collector of beautiful bag, esp when I do go travel around and find handmade bag. This is by far one of the most beautiful bags I’ve seen!

I’ve been wanting a leather sling for a while now, and the detail on this one is just incredible! Would be the perfect surprise to end off this challenging year! ?✨

Firstly this bag is absolutely GORGEOUS. And secondly this is the type of bags that I love and totally crazy about. I will be honored to be the proud owner of this beauty.

wanna win this for my mom

This bag is so lovely it makes me want to cry! I love leather and since it’s my birthday on the 24th winning this would just be the absolute best gift!

Love love love it! Perfect size, amazing colour and the detail on this beauty is beyond gorgeous. As much as i would love to keep this bag (should i win) i would surprise my sister with this gift. It is her birthday today and just because she’s simply amazing with a heart of pure golden sunflowers. ?

I would love to win this bag .. as I am always looking for an easy to carry beautiful sling bags because bags like these would be so practical for me with a 3 year old around me and would also be perfect for a date nights as well ❤️ Also I know I can’t afford to get to Mexico maybe a Mexican souvenir would suffice ?

It is unique and beautiful and gorgeous for summer! Love it

Most beautiful bag EVER!!!
It will go with everything!!!
And leave my hands free for the twins!! 😉

I feel like this bag is such a conversation starter, because of how unique is. And what better than striking conversations with other people that could lead to lifelong friendships too? It’s so beautiful and just perfect for summer!

Oh wow, who wouldn’t want to win this bag ;). I’d love to win this as leather is timeless & versatile. This bag would be perfect for date night when my hubby and I make a point of spending some time together amidst the hustle & bustle of work, kids and all that comes with it – a stunning quality bag to complement quality time. 🙂

Candice, I need this bag in my life immediately! Not only because it’s beautiful. But also because about 5 years ago I ‘borrowed’ my sister’s hand stitched and epicly tooled genuine leather cross body bag from Argentina and she’s about to ask for it back (again), and I can’t keep hiding it from her. HELP! I need to replace Argentina cross body with Storer Mexico 🙂
p.s. have so many functions in next couple of weeks, already have outfits lined up for this bag. It has to be mine!

I love leather bags but sadly don’t own any..and this one is beautiful!

I love the hand stitched detail and that it has a sling.

I would love to win this bag just to be able to own something that is so beautiful and made with quality and durability in mind. It would also be perfect for my upcoming overseas trip as a crossbody is great for when you need a hands free day out!

l would love to win this cute trendy bag that would be an envy of any fashionable lady.

I’d love to win this gorgeous bag because it’s the perfect size for those occasions where you don’t want to lug around a huge handbag plus it’s just so beautiful to look at!!! A work of art – something to treasure❤️

This is an amazing, the fact that it was handmade and also toiled with so much passion gives the bag that special thing. I would love to have a bag like this, it would just be a true privilege because of its uniqueness and design and also the love that went into the making of this bag. The person who wins this bag should treasure it and love it as both efforts went into its manufacturing.

What a stunningly gorgeous bag to treasure for a lifetime. I would so love to win this bag to gift to my amazing Mom for Christmas as she adores quality leather bags and the embossed pattern is so her style. My Mom always puts me first in her life and this would be a wonderful way to pay-it-forward to her for all she has sacrificed for me over the years as a single parent.

WOW! This would be amazing to win this fabulous leather bag to end off my Birthday month. I totally adore leather bags and I love this one as it has a Boho Chic look and is so stylish to take you from day to night without having to change bags.

The winner of this bag is Alana Du Plooy (entry via Instagram). This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter.

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