Meet the hair loss treatment that’s got us real excited.

By Helen Clemson

Almost two and a half years ago, Candice-Lee got comfy in the therapist’s bed and gave her brows over to Debbie Jean Olley (from Makeup & Eyebrows By Debbie Jean) and had them microbladed (Read post HERE).

The treatment, a semi-permanent tattooing technique where a handheld tool with several tiny needles adds permanent pigment to the skin to create the illusion of more lustrous brows has taken the beauty industry by storm. Certainly, those with over-plucked, pencil-thin arches have been clamouring for Brooke Shields thickness once more. It makes total sense that if you can do this to your brow area, you can apply the same technique to other parts of your body where you wish you had more hair. Read: your scalp.

Enter Scalp Micropigmentation, a non-surgical procedure that isn’t going to give you back your missing hair, but IS going to fill in the gaps where you’re missing hair. Make sense?  It’s happening at Cape Town’s Brandwood Clinic, the first clinic outside the UK to offer this super-cool treatment.

So let’s spill the tea: Scalp Micropigmention gives you coverage not added hair and it does this by replicating the look of natural hair follicles and giving those with say, bald patches or a receding hair line (making it great for men and women), the look of a closely-shaven scalp. So, if you’re a gal who still has some length but a thin patch or two, there’s no need to use hair extensions to fill in the gaps. Think of it like this: whether you suffer from female pattern baldness, (that goes for male pattern baldness too) alopecia, thinning hair, a skin disorder or scalp scarring from surgery or an accident, a Scalp Micropigmentation procedure acts as a camouflage with the end result being the look of natural close-shaved hair.

To create this look, the process is quite impressive: natural pigments are applied through micro needles at the epidermal level of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of thousands of hair follicles. And, as hair loss sufferer myself I was glad to learn that the Brandwood Clinic technique is regarded as the best treatment available in the world today.

The clinic uses only natural pigments and state of the art equipment to achieve natural-looking results. And, this is key for me: hair follicles don’t always grow naturally in uniform directions, so practitioners take the time to fully replicate the distinctions their clients specific hair pattern. Very smart! And, different shades of organic pigment are then used to create the most realistic and natural hairlines.

The next bit, I believe, is also a big bonus (I admit I’m toying with the idea of trying it out): Scalp Micropigmentation is suitable for all types and stages of hair-loss, on all colours and skin types and for anyone at any age. You’ll need about three sessions of up to four hours  for a gradual increase in the look of hair density (or natural rejuvenation of hairline). And you can have a “freshen up” in the future if you so wish.

Prices for scalp micropigmentation range anywhere from R12 000 to R34 000 depending on the severity of your hair loss issues.

Local celebrity Alistair Izobell recently underwent the procedure. Take a look at what he had to say.

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We’re very excited to announce that Brandwood Clinic Cape Town is giving one reader a procedure to the value of R34 000.00

Important: Brandwood Clinic is based in De Waterkant in Cape Town. While this competition is open to followers all over South Africa – should you win this prize and not be Cape Town based, the onus is on you to arrange and cover all transport & accommodation costs. Also, up to 3 sessions may be needed – and these will need to be done over three different sessions, each one to two weeks apart.

Enter for yourself if you’re suffering with Alopecia or balding. You could enter for a husband or friend battling with balding.

To enter, you need to do the following:

  1. Leave a comment below this blog post telling me why you’d like to win this prize.

2. Follow Brandwood Clinic Cape Town on Facebook HERE, Twitter HERE & Instagram HERE.

3. Bonus points for tagging a friend or family member that may need the procedure.

The winner will be announced on Monday 19th November 2018 on In My Bag’s Facebook page (Follow HERE)


I would love to enter this competition for my darling husband his completely bald and his very aware of it he always wears Caps for his receding hairline and his self confidence took a knock and now that his job hunting it would be amazing to win this and have his self confidence up again. Fingers and toes crossed 🤞🤞🤞🤞😊

I would love to enter this for a friend who is still young but who is battling with female hair loss. She has tried everything, seen doctors over the spectrum, but still no permanent solution.

I would love to win this for my son Justin. He is just 27 years old and is almost bald. He has become very self conscious about his hair loss. His confidence took a knock and I would love to see him cheerful and happy again.

omg i need it for my hubby
he got alopecia
got bald patches
looks really bad when we go out .
some ppl do tell him
and he feels so embaress
i realllly need it for him
would love to win for him Irfaan Hargey

This would actually change my life. I suffer from alopecia which was made worse by my husband dying when my baby was 7 months old. That was three years ago and my hair just has not recovered. I feel so old and unfeminine with a receding hairline.

I would love to nominate my mom, Jenny. She turned 71 this year, and she looks like she is in her 50’s. Her hair has thinned out so much. She is such a vibrant woman who would give her last to anyone. My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in December this year.. Now if she has managed to keep her hair for this long… wow, she surely deserves to have it a bit longer 🙂 I know that her hair loss is a real worry to her, as she likes to look her best.. so mom, my fingers and toes are crossed for you xx

This would be absolutely incredible- since 21 hair loss has just been worse and worse. The confidence has been affected too – gone from having a full head of hair to just a few strands on top. This would be the perfect 33rd Birthday Present for my Fiance – Tim. Hoping for this hair miracle!

My husband is my heart and my soul. I am a very serious person and my husband is the fun to my serious life. He lightens and load, he softens my heart, he makes me laugh and he puts sunshine in my life. He is everything to me. Recent he started going bald and it is making him increasingly depressed and obsessed. He had gin to a GP for his hair loss and they told him there is nothing he can do. So he went to a clinic and they prescribed Mynoxidil. He has been using it for a year and there is no difference. His hair is getting thinner. It crushes his spirit. I love him just as he is and baldness to me is not unattractive at all but he still feels ugly even if I say I love him in all his forms. I would be over the moon if you could help my husband and make him smile again.

would love to win this for my son that is 24 years old. He got married on Saturday but he have little hair. Would be so awesome

I would like to enter the competition for myself. My lack of hair in certain areas is such a big confidence killer in my life. I’ve been looking for years now on procedures I can have done to cover bald spots and thicken hair in certain areas.. Everything is just SO expensive.. My hair has been such a downer for me. It’s something I already feel insecure about, but then people close to you also comment about it.. like there’s some magic wand to just fix it. I’ve tried everything possible (within monetary limits), but so far no luck. Really hope this procedure will be exactly what I’m looking for… PS, can’t even tag someone who needs this as everyone I know has great hair.. 😔

If I won this prize I’d gift it to my mom. With a complicated medical history which includes cervical cancer (now in remission), DVT, heart failure, I could go on… she is now recovering at home after a grueling 7 months in hospital. Her hair is one of the things that went down the tubes during the course of her various treatments and I think it would go a long way to aid her recovery and confidence as she regains her strength ❤️

I would absolutely love to win this awesome prize as I am an alopecia sufferer myself and have been so for so so many years now….I have lost my self confidence, I hardly go out anymore as I am utterly and totally embarrassed when people keep looking at my bald patches on my head and especially when I meet people I know and thats even worse….I hate hate taking photographs and selfies because I look hideous with my hair and when I see others take beautiful pictures with their gorgeous hair I am so jealous and so utterly horrified with my head of hair…Please this would be the ultimate prize for myself to win …

I would love to win this for my Mom, who has had bald spots since childhood. She has been using all sorts of shampoos, pills and whatever she can find to help her grow but nothing works.
Now she just wears wigs cause her bald spot is on top of her head and difficult to hide.
I’m praying that I’m lucky enough to win this got her, cause she really deserves to be treated to something special after everything she does for us.

i would like to win it for my mom who who suffers from hair loss ever since she was sick. Her hair dont grow at all and he lost her self confidence bcs he always dnt feel comfortable when she is around people.

I would like to win this for my brother who went bald by 19… and coming up to his birthday soon… this would be great

I am entering for myself – baldness is bad!

I’m having a bad day, but after seeing this post i’m feeling much better! I’m 34 years old and suffering from genetic hair loss and believe me it is a nightmare. Tried basically everything on the market to cover my bald spots and to grow my hair again, but with no luck. I’ve even considered getting a wig. Colouring or styling is a BIG no, because I’m scared to lose more hair. I lost my confidence and would really like to get it back. I used to have such lovely long lustrous locks and i miss my hair. This would be a dream come true. I’m based in Gauteng, but will be visiting my family in Cape Town this December for 3 weeks. Santa Candice please make my year! ❤🙆🎅

I would love to win this for my son. He is going bald.

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