It was Luca Turin who proclaimed in his book, “Perfumes The Guide”, that snobbery in fragrance is a truly ridiculous concept. He wrote, “If you are a floral gal, set aside prejudice and wear a thing without flowers. If you are a luxury goods kind of gal with a Hermes Kelly bag on your arm and Manolo’s on your feet, I urge you to try something that you believe is beneath you.”

I love this quote, because it totally transformed the way I viewed fragrance. Previously, I would only try scents from designer brands, but when I opened my mind (and nose) to all that was out there, I was amazed at how many scents I’d previously never even considered giving a whiff to, I actually LOVED. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker & Glow by J-Lo are two great examples.

With that said, I’d like to introduce you to a new favourite by Avon called Eve Duet. The concept is really unique in that Eve Duet is a duel-sided fragrance, enabling women to create endless fragrance combinations. You can choose to wear each side separately or mix them together. This scent taps into one of the most prominent fragrance trends – that of mixing and layering your scents.

Eve Duet consists of two scents: one a sparkling and vibrant fruity floral, the other, a captivating sensual floral scent. The innovative and unique packaging lets you choose to wear each scent individually or mix them together to create a signature fragrance that’s just right for you.

The one half of this unique fragrance is Sensual, which has indulgent top notes of Pink Peppercorn and Plum, and heart notes of Waterlily, Night Blooming Jasmine and Scarlett Rose. The base note is sensual patchouli. On first spritz this scent is quite fruity and sweet, however, after a minute or two, it transforms into more of a fresh floral. I would classify this as a sweet floral fragrance, but the Patchouli saves it from becoming to sickly sweet, giving the scent quite a sensual dry down.

The other half, Radiance, is made up of bright and sparkling notes that include top notes of clementine and apple blossom, heart notes of Waterlily and Jasmine, and a woody, ambery base. It’s an uplifting scent that has a wonderful, floral freshness. Of the two, this is my favourite because of its fresh floral signature. It’s supremely feminine and one of my top choices for summer.

The uniting heart ingredient between these two scents is the water lily, a remarkable flower that transforms colour and scent. Pink dust water lily blooms pink in the morning, while exhaling a radiant scent. Come dusk, the same flower changes to white and emits a sensual aroma.

Worn alone, these are great, but when paired together, you get a scent that’s rather unique and quite lovely with a blend of crisp fruits, airy florals and sultry patchouli.

I’ve been playing around with this scent for the past week and this is my secret recipe:

Day – Full body application of Radiant Body Lotion + 1 x spritz of Sensual & 2 x spritzes of radiant fragrance.

Evening Out – Full body application of Sensual Body Lotion + 1 x spritz of Sensual fragrance and 1 x spritz of Radiant fragrance.

The following is available in the Eve Duet Range:

1 x 50ml Eve Duet Eau de Parfum R500 (2 x 25 ml)

1 x 10ml Eve Duet Sensual Eau de Parfum Spray R125

1 x 150ml Eve Duet Sensual Perfumed Body Lotion R75.90

1 x 10ml Eve Duet Radiant Eau de Parfum Spray R125

1 x 150ml Eve Duet Radiant Perfumed Body Lotion R75.90

November Special:

Purchase the Eve Duet scent for just R329.00 and choose your free body lotion, Sensual or Radiant. That’s a saving of R246.00 

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Ooh! This sounds very interesting.

I had a laugh at the first two paragraphs Cands. I vaguely remember you wearing Lace by Yardley at school. I’ll admit, I do prefer the “finer” fragrances, but may just give this a try. X

I haven’t tried these, Candice-Lee, but love the concept. And who has time for snobbery… it’s so self-limiting. R

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