Many of my favourite skincare brands like Avene, La Roche-Posay, Bioderma and Nuxe are typical of the well-priced and formulated, qualitative skincare that is found in French pharmacies. I’m the first one to point out that expensive does not necessarily equal better, and I love how the French Pharmacy brands offer beautiful skincare in low-key packaging at a relatively affordable price. Whenever I visit Paris, my first stop is my nearest pharmacy.

One of my favourite French pharmacy skincare brands has to be Nuxe. You can read previous posts I’ve done on the brand HERE and HERE.

At the start of the 1990’s, Aliza Jabes a French graduate and inspired entrepreneur discovered Nuxe – a small laboratory in Paris – and decided to make it a springboard for building a beauty brand that would merge nature & luxury. The name Nuxe comes from the words “Nature” & “luxe.” Since acquiring the brand, Nuxe has become one of the biggest skincare names in France. It’s USP includes combining rare plant, essential oils and patented ingredients into a diverse range of face & body products. Also, all the products smell impossibly good with key fragrances including honey, chocolate and liquorice. Eighty percent of all ingredients used are of natural origin and there are no mineral oils used in the range.

Today, I’m reviewing the utterly delightful and indulgent Rêve de miel range that’s best suited to dry and sensitive skin types. The range is ultra-comforting and uses key ingredients like honey and sunflower to soothe, repair and replenish lipids in the skin.

Honey is a wonderful ingredient for dry or sensitive skin as it is mainly composed of sugars (nearly 80%), but it also contains amino acids, proteins, flavonoids (anti-oxidant), vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements.

There are 4 major types of lipids which contribute to the skin’s barrier function, namely: Ceramides, Cholesterol, Precursor sphingolipids and Essential fatty acids not synthesized by the body (omega-6 = linoleic acid; omega-3 = α-linolenic acid)

Skin lacking in lipids becomes dry and sensitive. It can feel tight and uncomfortable and may look dull and lacklustre. In order to address these issues, it’s important to replenish lipids, soothe the feeling of tightness and discomfort and repair the skins barrier.

Nuxe Rêve de miel Face and Body Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel (R345) BUY

Being such a Nuxe fan, I actually couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried this product previously! I can tell you this much, that I would happily fork out R345 monthly for this treat! Aside from the fact that it can be used on both face & body, this lipid-enriched cleansing gel is soap free and not at all aggressive on the skin. While cleaning, it soothes and softens. But more than anything else, it’s the “died-and-gone-to-heaven” aroma that I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF! It’s hard to explain just how magnificent it smells, but I’d descried it as part honey, part Neroli – in fact, it smells like those PEZ sweets (remember them), just better. I don’t think I’ve EVER come across a product with such an appealing scent – EVER!

Just a word of advice regarding facial cleansers – they are meant to cleanse the skin of oil and dirt – NOT makeup! A make-up remover or micellar water should be used for this. Too many women try facial washes and are then disappointed when they don’t remove makeup. While a few formulas claim to remove makeup, this is not what they are primarily meant to be used for.

Nuxe Rêve de miel Ultra Comforting Face Cream (R475) BUY

Now, I don’t have extremely dry or sensitive skin. However, I really enjoy using deeply nourishing products – maybe that’s because more mature skin (like mine) tends to be on the drier side. I also like the idea of treating my skin with a gentler formula, and those for sensitive skin types are just that: gentle. This day cream is packed with skin-comforting ingredients like macadamia oil, barley extract, shea butter, Argan Oil, Vitamin E and honey. The texture is luxurious and silky, but not at all cloying. The formula also absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave it looking greasy. I don’t suffer with rosacea, but this formula claims to calm and blur it. Because the product doesn’t contain a sunscreen, you need to apply one, or ensure your foundation contains one.

Nuxe Rêve de miel Ultra Comforting Night Face Cream (R475) BUY

Overnight, this nourishing night cream with Honey and Precious oils helps to replenish the skin’s lipids, to soothe, to repair and regenerate by reinforcing the skin’s barrier. I found the texture of this cream to be slightly more nourishing than the day version and would best describe it as more balm-like. But again, much to my delight, it absorbed quickly and didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or leave marks on my cotton linen.

Nuxe Rêve de miel Hand & Nail Cream (R175) BUY

I demand two key actions from my hand creams, namely (1) the formula needs to deeply hydrate, and (2), it should absorb quickly and not leave any greasy residue on my hands. This one is super silky, non-greasy, and protects hands from premature ageing.

With Honey, Sunflower, Precious oils and Vitamin E to nourish and repair dry hands, regular use will soften hands and strengthen nails, day after day.

This hand cream is tested in extremely cold conditions (Europe winter) so you can rest assured it is deeply nourishing and keeps hands soothed.

Nuxe Rêve de miel Lip Balm (R205) BUY

Ooh, this lip balm is SUCH a favourite and I have blogged about it HERE previously.

This best-selling lip balm contains Honey and oils that help to nourish, repair, soothe and protect even the driest and damaged lips. I love that it comes in a glass pot and find the subtle citrus scent very refreshing. I also sometimes use it to soften & soothe super dry cuticles.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil (R470) BUY

I’m completely comfortable to say that this beauty oil is probably one of my top 5 beauty products EVER! I have blogged about it many times before HERE, HERE & HERE.

To recap, this award winning dry oil (launched back in 1992 before the oil craze) has a wonderfully light texture and is superb at counteracting dryness and giving the skin a soft sheen. It’s multi-purpose too, so can be used on face, body, hair – just about anywhere.

It too has an incredible scent with notes of orange blossom, plum, rose, magnolia, coconut and vanilla. In fact, the scent was so popular, the brand launched an actual fragrance a few years back (I reviewed it HERE). The 97.8% natural formula is enriched with Vitamin E, Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borage, Sweet Almond, Camellia & St. John’s Wort oils and nourishes, repairs and soften skin and hair is a single sweep.

The Nuxe line of skincare products are available at selected Woolworths, Truworths & Edgars Stores.

To learn more about the Nuxe brand, follow them on Instagram: @Nuxe_sa or on Facebook: @NuxeZA


I am VERY excited to announce that I have one Nuxe Rêve de miel hamper up for grabs, valued at R2145. The hamper contains the following products:

Nuxe Rêve de miel Face and Body Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel

Nuxe Rêve de miel Ultra Comforting Night Face Cream

Nuxe Rêve de miel Ultra Comforting Face Cream

Nuxe Rêve de miel Hand & Nail Cream

Nuxe Rêve de miel Lip Balm

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil

To stand a chance of winning this hamper, leave a comment below this blog post telling me why you’d like to win this hamper.

Please be sure to include your email address (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

I will announce the winner next week Wednesday the 3rd of October on In My bag’s Facebook page (FOLLOW HERE) 

This competition is open to residents of South Africa only.


I would love to win this gorgeous giveaway because I would love to win something for me and something that I can use on myself and that would make me feel special

I have been lusting after the Dry Oil since I heard about it years ago. Never got around to getting it as it is a bit of a luxury but I would still love to try it. Also, would love to try the Lip Balm as so many beauty bloggers speak highly of it!!

I’m a mom of a toddler, and that is all I can say. I need pamper and a piece of Paris in my life and ASAP! 🙂

Wow I would love to win this amazing hamper… I am desperately looking for a new skincare product and would so love to try this…

Wow would really love to have soft,nourish no skin with this amazing prize

I would absolutely love to win this amazing prize. I have never been fortunate enough to be able to afford such luxury skincare Nuxe I love the fact that it is for dry and sensitive skin..And sunflowers and honey is in Nuxe.. At 44 I need all the help I can get.. The packaging looks awesome 👌🤞💓💞💕💌

I just want to be pampered to be honest

I would love to win this because the NUXE brand sounds amazing. I would love to try it… I’ve been feeling a bit worn.. and would love to feel pampered withsome quality products 🤗

Would really love to have nourished,soft skin with this amazing giveaway

My dry mature and sensitive skin would love to win the Nuxe Rêve de miel hamper. Awesome giveaway!!

I haven’t tried anything by Nuxe but really would love too. It sounds really good.

Thank you for a wonderful review
It will be a absolute pleasure to win and use these products for my skin which is ageing and looking dull and dry. I need to get my skin looking healthy radiant and smooth. Thank you

I have tried the Dry Oil and it’s amazing so I can only imagine how nice the other products are

I gave my mom the oil as a present once, it smelled so good…! And it’s my birthday on the 3rd of October please spoil me!!

I would love to treat my skin with these lovely products! Now that I’ve just turned 30 I am so much more aware that I need to take proper care of my skin…start “young”, stay young!

I’m very excited to enter this competition, what a treat.
I’ve been wanting to try the Nuxe Rêve de miel Lip Balm for ever but can’t seem to splurge the luxury on myself. There’s always something else that seems to be more important at the time.
I’m off on a beach vacay in Oct and I think this would be a treat to have along with the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil.
Holding thumbs

Absolutely in love with this product….bought the tinted 30 SPF cream recently and got a few samples with the product and just love the smell and the texture of the products especially the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil as you can use it on your face, body or hair. Holding both thumbs for this win 🙂

My skin is very dry, dull and extremely sensitive ever since I hit the 40’s🙈 and would so love to try this 🤞

Well I’m French and there s no doubt that Nuxe is a great skincare, love their products and the way they make my skin feel. They smell yummy too. I would love to get this hamper as I haven’t tried some of the products and that would make me feel like I’m back in France which I dearly miss ❤️🇫🇷

You had me at HONEY 🍯💛🍯

I just love products that contain natural ingredients, they seem to agree with my skin so much better!

I’d love to try these out as my skin really needs the extra tlc after these cold winter months

I use the lip balm and it’s a miracle worker for me. I even use it on my daughter’s lips. The frangrance is so yummy. I would love to win this prize so that I may experience the whole and it would be a miracle worker for my dry skin. 💕

I would love to win this product bcs my skin looks terrible and i need a product tht will help me . Please.

Oh my..this looks and sounds luxurious. And Honey is my all time cure for almost anything. I would love to win because I am prone to having dry skin (especially in Winter) and trying new products is the only way to figure out whats best for your skin. Also, this would be such a pamper session for me which would be much loved!

My skin needs some urgent TLC as I’ve been busy with my honours this year and have been doubling up on caffeine and not tracking my water intake which is obviously showing on my skin 🤦🏻‍♀️ Winning this hamper would give me the push I need to give my skin a new start and take care of it using only the best products 💕💕

I would love to win this hamper 💖 I’ve never won a competition before and i love this brand 😁

I would love to win this. Having just turned the big 4 0 in August my skins needs a good pamper session.

Another great review!
My skin is in major need of some TLC. I’ve been adding honey into my skincare routine. I kid you not, there’s a bottle of honey in my purse .I keep it seperate because its my “skin honey”!
I have made lip scrubs and a variety of facial masks. My husband thinks it’s a massive waste, but I truly believe that honey isn’t only for sweetening your tea or sore throats. There’s a reason bees have stingers, since they protect their precious honey! I hope to win this so I don’t have to keep a bottle of honey in my purse anymore!

My skin has been super dehydrated and unhappy over the joburg winter months. I’m getting married soon and some skin spoils would be amazing right about now 😁

I would absolutely love to win this hamper as I’m in real need of a new self-care routine. This entire hamper will help me reach my skincare goals for summer, and I believe good skin automatically boosts my immune system. Recently feeling like my current skin routine has not been working very effectively, so I’m keen on trying something new. I love using skincare products that contain natural ingredients, as I feel it provides skin with a natural radiance. Reading your blog post automatically drew me to Nuxe. I’d truly love this!! 💕💕

Beautiful products, I would LOVE to win this as my skin is so dry and this range is so nurturing and moisturising for my skin

I would love to win this giveaway! The face & body wash used to be one of my holy grail products when living overseas and did not realise you can get Nuxe in SA. I need to be reunited so please pick me 🙂

I am sure that these products will help with my ageing and dehydrated skin

Dying to try that Dry Oil, joburg winter has done some damage!

I would love to win these products because i have never tried them.

I love products for dry skin! Would love to try this product!

I love that this is for sensitive and dry skin i feel like this giveaway is for me because of the dry and painful zits on my back from backne it’s really next level this sensitive skin, id love it because just like others im not sure what can actually work and by the time we try everything we’re left with holes in our pockets,trusting your review id say this may be the thing my skin actually needs . Im so keen to try this balm as i have chapped my lip so bad it actually swelled up but thats more from the matte lippies i use. If this doesn’t say simone on it then i dont know either way im getting these when i get my hands on my holiday pay 💰

I have been wanting to try Nuxe Rêve de miel Lip Balm for ages as I have only heard great things. I really need some TLC for my skin after winter as it took quite a knock and I am looking for like a crocodile than a person.

My skin needs softening and pampering darling! Oooh and it has coconut and vanilla scents in it yummy 😋 my fave – lovely giveaway 🙋‍♀️

My face needs a miracle .. a face lift .. a makeover .. Name it my face needs it.. I just have to need to have it .. cause this products looks amazing and I never had a range..I am dreaming😍

I would love to win this hamper because I live the dry Highveld and my skin needs nourishment! 🙂

Candice- Lee, thank you for this generous offer- and for all your informative reviews. Like any of your readers, I’d love to try Nuxe because you so highly recommend it…

My first reason…it’s French! But seriously, I am a honey freak. The fact that honey (along with so many other natural ingredients) is used is so refreshing to read. I love the sound of the night cream’s texture, that sounds like something I need for my dry skin. All in all these sound like amazing products and a must in everyones skincare routine.

This product line sounds amazing and good enough to eat😀 I love products that smell super delish🤗I just know this would give my skin the pick me up it so desperately needs.. I would love to win this!!

I’ve decided to finally make more me time. This would make self care October and November sensational. I’ve never tried Nuxe and would love to give it a try after all the great reviews.

Great review! I love products that contain natural ingredients. I have dry skin and they seem to agree with my skin so much better.

Love the amazing smell of the Nuxe skin care range. It just has the ability to transform my world. Maybe change my skin forever?

Nuxe products are of excellent quality and it’s made with rare natural ingredients. Seen the results on my friends skin. The results are amazing. I would really love to try it on my skin as it’s dry and sensitive.

I am 31 and really need to start with a skin regime. Winning this would give me the motivation I need to start taking care of my skin.

I am besotted with the lip-balm and the classic oil, so would do anything to try the rest of this exquisite range. Oh, and I have a 4 week-old baby – I need all the help and TLC I can get 🙂

Love your blog x

I would love to win these luxurious products to pamper myself

I have dry and sensitive skin so I would absolutely love to try this range out! I hadn’t heard of this brand until your review so I will definitely be out the lookout for it in stores.

I love the smell of the Nuxe Reve de Miel range and everything I have tried from them has been great. Would love to win this xxx

I am a mother and a huge fan of Avene (have a big sun range stocked up) and also Uriage which I use on my 3yr old girl. Neither of those 2 products have given a days troubles but have over and over delivered as she has super sensitive skin. So mommy has been spoiling little one and now would love to be spoiled by winning this hamper

I would LOVE to win this hamper. I am on a mission to start using proper face products, for the first time in years. I have eczema on my eyes, and think this range could be good for me! And I just LOVE coconut! 🙂

I’ve had a bit of trouble finding products which really change my skin for the better. This is the reason I would love to try this range to find something that works for me. I also absolutely love the ingredients used in the products ❤️❤️❤️

I am in such desperate need of some serious hydration! I have tried a sample of the Dry Oil and it was amazing and I simply adore the fragrance. This would be an incredible spoil!

I just turned 40 and I need something different to nourish my skin, so I’d really like to win this prize ❤️

I love the NUXE range of products and would LOVE to win this !

Love NUXE! Please pick me!!

If this is your favourite products then I would luv to have them too!! Love your choices…you’ve never been wrong about products

I’ve been battling sensitive, dry skin my entire life – spending thousands of rands on so many different products to try ease the symptoms. As I reached my 30’s, I noticed how the dryness became concentrated to areas, causing blemishes and constant irritation. I’m still on the hunt for something that won’t burn my skin while hydrating and moisturising it. Think this would be an amazing hamper to win to hopefully find a great solution, finally! 🙂

It’s simple I havent tried the brand before and would love to try it out

New season, new beginnings and I’d like to try these products. My skin needs to be revitalized after Winter. The products have natural ingredients and that’s fantastic for my skin.💚💙💛

Oooh la la I can do with some french products for Summer!

To be honest…..I ❤️ The smell of NUXE and my skin is in urgent need of tlc after a long, cold winter☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️Love your blogg to bits!!!

I would LOVE to win because right now my skin is tired drained and grey dry and so sensitive 😓..and to win these Luxe products would be such a TREAT for this worn out mom .😁

I would really love to Win and try this product. I have only heard it’s fantastic and I’ve smelled it at Woolworths but never really have the extra funds to treat myself. I have been through a tough time with my husband and he is now recovering from a recent heart attack. Winter months have dried my skin out and I really need some replenishing moisturizing spoils from Nuxe. So bills need to be paid. And no fancy skin products for me for a whole long time. Would love the silky smooth products. What a wonderful hamper.

I have heard so many great things about Nuxe and I have been dying to try their products out.😍 I am on a tight budget so this would really be such an amazing treat and I would appreciate it so so much.

A friend gave me and my husband the Nuxe Rêve de miel Face and Body Cleansing Gel as a gift for our 10th wedding anniversary. We took it with on our romantic safari holiday and used it for sunset bathes on the deck and outside showers overlooking the bush. A 10 years of love for each other and the bush, captured in this rich yellow Nectar fit for royals. We both remember these memories and sweet honey smell fondly. This hamper would awaken not only our memories but help us to make new ones for our 12th!

Recently I had a chance to try their face cream and to be honest since a very long time my skin said yes! This is it. It felt moisturised and soft like never before… so this is the reason… Would love to win the hamper…

I am getting married end of October and would love to start using these products. At the moment, planning for a wedding, my budget don’t allow me to spoil myself.

My skin would love this! I’ve read so much about their products I’d love to try it.

I would love to win this gorgeous prize as I’ve been meaning to try NUXE products for a while now & this would be the perfect opportunity to!! you’ve certainly convinced me that Nuxe Rêve de Miel is a must-have range in your blog post. Thanks for the wonderful review😊

My skin is very dry and need something to repair it. Age is catching on

This be an awesome gift especially because its my birthday next month .. it will so pampered and spoiled really some pampered time ..

I would love to win this, I am fascinated by the dry oil that is suitable for hair. face, body!

As my skin take a battering in the Winter season, it will definitely soak up this lovely treat .😀

Where do I start , i was introduced to NUXE in January 2018, I was browsing through the different skincare counters and my eye caught the Nuxe cleansing gel, I went straight over and read the ingredients, I loved what I was reading .I called the sales lady and asked her about the range, she offered to apply the product to my skin. After the first application I fell totally in love with NUXE the smell, ingredients and how amazing my skin felt, the eye cream omg! I have been using it ever since. NUXE is totally amazing and authentic!

I would like to win because I love the reve de miel range. Im very allergic and can only bath in the honey cleansing gel and the lipbalm get me through the winter months. Inlove with it.

I would love to win because my skin needs some extra care with the years going by so fast…and why can’t a girl dream that she is Parisian Aristocrat…

I absolutely love the entire range, I’ve always been a fan, so when I saw this I had to jump at the opportunity to try so many products from the range. Ive introduced it to as many people as possible because of how beautiful the products are. What a spoil! Xxx

I have ALWAYS had problem skin and all I ever do is try to find a way to curb my sensitive skin. I have been called every creature all ve that has terrible skin Im so concious about it. I have resorted to even apply a tonne of foundation on my face lol. Hoping for a breakthrough, please come home to mama.

My dry, senstivie skin has been on a rollercoaster ride since I left the pill and I think the combination of nature and luxury is just what I need to get my youthful skin back!
#nuxe #spoils #skincare

Would love to win this prize as the ingredients are natural and won’t be harmful to my skin

I suffer from dry and dehydrated skin with a bit of redness and have yet to find the perfect products to solve these problems . I have tried the nuxe melting cleansing gel and loved it . I would love to try this range to see if it helps my dryness specifically

Love Winning. Would love to try Nuxe products.

Thanks for the informative review, I’ve seen this brand & always wondered if it was good or not. I love the fact that it contains essential oils & almost all ingredients are of natural origin. That’s quite amazing. Would love to give it a try.

I will be married for 22 years on 5th October, with a son in matric and a daughter who is 11… meaning My lipids really need some help here!! To win such a lovely gift would be an incredible surprise for the treatment of my genuinely happily aging skin.

Each product sounds amazing and I love the simple packaging! My skin could do with some extra care🙂

I’ve only tried this product once and it is probably the only time I have looked at my skin and thought “oh my goodness i can see a difference” my skin was definitely not as dehyrated and the lines around my eyes weren’t as pronounced. I’d love to win the whole range because if I can see such a big difference using just the cleanser and day cream, I can’t begin to imagine how my skin would look with the whole range!

I’ve been using the handcream from this range for a few weeks now and I’m absolutely loving the results! Smooth, soft and hydrated skin! I’d love to win this hamper to try the rest of products in the range! Amazing giveaway!

I’d love to share the hamper with my mom who is retired and struggles to find money to treat herself with! I’m picturing a mini at-home spa day with these amazing products!

I have been on the Clarins range of beauty products for years. Change is good and im sure the Nuxe range will deliver. Cant wait to try the product as the reviews by you are phenomenal

I have extremely dry skin …. it is a struggle to treat with added pigmentation blemishes as well. This would be great to start my skincare regime. 😍😍😍

You had me at honey, liquorice , chocolate and vanilla!! This hamper sounds amazing! My hands take a knock daily and I love that the hand cream is tried and tested in the harshest climates. The lip balm sounds like a winner and everything else would be a total spoil for ma face! Holding thumbs

Hi there! Would love to win this gorgeous spoil as I am crazy about Nuxe products. Just so luxurious! This would be such a lovely birthday pressie for me on the 2nd x

I would LOVE to win this! Ive only ever heard of this product and read reviews but have never been able to try it out. Id love to be spoilt and feel amazing 💕 This would make me one very happy woman! Thanks for sharing x

Oh how I have been lusting after Nuxe! I would love this as a spoil, and that dry oil to go with a summer tan glow! Pretty please!

This brand sounds so promising esp since u said its one of your fav brands, im hopin it wil solve some of my skins issues

Love to try these products for my sensitive skin.
Its all natural and this is exactly what I need.
My skin is dry and lifeless needs rejuvenating. Thanks

It’s been a hard year &;I need some luxurious pampering
Law school 5 or 6 night’s a week for 7 months, a broken foot causing incapacity for months,someone driving into me
And the board exams being leaked so we have to write them all again in October
It’s been a rough year & something French & fancy would lift my spirts

Ooh this is a lovely gift! I would totally love this gift to spoil myself and my mom who is coming to visit soon from Cape town .. she had a tough year and some spa pampers at home by me with Nuxe would be such a treat! Thanks for sharing xx

Im often testing this lovely brand at woolies but always have other commitments. Would love love to win it.

I was introduced to Nuxe Multi Purpose Dry Oil in 2015 during an extended stay in hospital with my daughter. My sister gave me a sample to try after I complained of dry skin. Since then the dry oil is packed first when we have a hospital stay (we have many of these). This is our one-stop go-to product for face, body and hair. It would be fabulous to try the full range.

I’d love to win because I’m nearly 33 weeks pregnant with my second & would love the pampering! Would love to try Nuxe, their stuff sounds heavenly…

I love these products and would love to win this hamper..

I have been using Nuxe for about 11 months. i am so impressed with this brand. The oil caught my attention as well as the lip balm, every other product i have tried in this amazing range has just totally impressed me. i love the natural elements about this range. the smells i have fallen in love with and the beautiful hydrated radiant skin it has revealed. My new favorite and go to range. Im sold.

The smell of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil is incredible. I love Nuxe products, it leaves your skin feeling pampered and radiant. Stunning product!

I have heard too many good things about this brand and am eager to try them. My skin needs a post winter pamper.

I would really love to try these products, they sound incredible. I have wanted to try dry oil for a while, as my skin has become dry and I think it would just drink up the product to restore the moisture to my skin. What an awesome giveaway 😍

Absolutely adore the french scent on the oil, smells luxurious and feminine. Love using it on my split ends. Would be such a treat to have them again.

This will be so good for my tired and drained skin

It seems as if my current facial product is not working for me anymore I need to try a different product and this Nuxe product sounds amazing. I would love to win to give it a try

I’ve tried a couple of Nuxe products and loved them all. If course I keep buying the dry oil because it smells like my favourite spring blossoms but I’d love to find some other favourites too 💎

Ooooooh j’adore! 😍 what a fabulous hamper. I’d love to win this – just in time for December holidays – and enjoy a luxe summer break.

I would love to win this hamper and spoil myself as it’s been a while since a treated myself. It will definitely be such a blessing to me.

I would love to win the dry oil for my skin. My skin is 56 years old and could use all the help it can get to stay hydrated in our very hot dry weather.

I would love to win this hamper as I have been on the hunt for a decent skincare range to save my skin for my wedding day. This would just be so appreciated ❤️.

Mmm what a blessing this would be to win, seeing as I’ve just finished my day and night cream and was contemplating which brand I should try! This one sounds right up my alley x


I am entering my 30’s and would like to build on my skin maintaining routine. I have sensitive skin, and because Honey is a 100% pure and natural product (it aids in healing, not only wounds but also if ingested), I think it can help my face look and feel better. And thus maintaining the look.

I would loved to win this product as this is the product that I currently use for my face and body… Nuxe has really changed my life this product has brought back my self esteem as I had very ugly skin now I have aglow on my face and look absolutly stunning. Thank you NUXE

I would love to get my hands on this hamper because I’ve been wanting to try Nuxe for ages! The face wash especially has been at the top of my list!

I would love to win this hamper, because it sounds utterly luxurious.

I’ve been rationing the body oil I picked up in Paris two years ago but – alas! – it’s nearly up. I’d love to be restocked! x

I would so love to win this as I have been wanting to try this brand!

I received my first (and so far, last) bottle of Nuxe dry oil as a gift last year but it recently broke when my boyfriend was attempting to clean our bathroom… I’ve been heartbroken ever since! I miss the lovely scent of the oil and feeling like a sophisticated Parisian woman. This is the perfect pre-Summer package to get some gorgeous glow going and if the oil is anything to go by, then I’m super keen to try the rest of these gorgeous Nuxe products x

I would love to try this range, so many of the products for sensitive skin doesn’t smell like anything. A mom of two busy girls the two things I really would like to splurge on is the Nuxe Rêve de miel Face and Body Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel and hand cream. I’ve tried Avene’s hand cream after seeing the range on your blog so would really love to try Nuxe, fingers crossed!

I never know Nuxe but received eye and lip contour global anti- aging for my birthday and I immediately fell in love with this product. I would like to explore more products 😄

This would be an awesome French treat for my tired skin!

Would love to win so that I can try out these fabulous products…the lip balm is the one I am most keen to try. Have a thing about lip balms 🙂 .

I would actually like to win this hamper so I can gift it to a deserving person. Really making a concerted effort to give back at the moment!

Clearly this is a popular give away 😀 Love the smell of all the Nuxe products!!! Would love to replenish my stock 😉

I had a little bottle of the Dry Oil and it was amazing. I would love to try other Nuxe products

I would love to try out these products, I have dry and sensitive skin and these sound like they might be a good fit for me, especially the dry oil.

I would love to win this hamper, my birthday just passed and it would be an awesome gift to have.

My beautiful little girl is two weeks old today and I love her more than life itself but unfortunately mommy’s skin and hair has taken such a knock trying to recover after giving birth, I would just love to pamper myself a little and the Reve de Miel sounds so absolutely perfect to provide nourishment for my very dry skin and hair. Mama just needs some rejuvenation body,mind and soul desperately…

I’ve been reading the amazing reviews on nuxe for months now and I’ve been so eager to try their products (especially, the dry oil) .Recently, I’ve become a skincare junkie and have been finding major comfort and happiness in taking care of my skin, so winning this competition would be magical for me (also because I haven’t won any competition ever before)!

What an appealing review… I love the idea that these products are formulated with, and by, rare plant, essential oils and patented ingredients. I would absolutely love to win, and try this luxurious range on my skin. What a complete spoil! xxx

I don’t want to win this package, since I’m still nursing my own bottle of oil. I can just say. LOVE love love the oil. The smell is heavenly. They have a perfume too. I am totally addicted.

I have lusted after these products after seeing them in Truworths,Cavendish Square.Having purchased the lip balm after my Decleor one was finished and no more available,I was very impressed.The dry oil had also been one of my purchases after receiving a trial size in a Ruby Box and its a brilliant all purpose product and can be used on the hair. as well.Just would really like to try the rest of the range to nourish and comfort my dry ageing winter skin.

I would love to win this because I’m currently using Vaseline and olive oil because everything else seems to have a bad reaction. I’m struggling with dark circles and uneven skintone but I don’t want to use makeup everyday. So if I can get something that is gentle on my face I would be thankful.

Sensitive skin, check
Dry, check
In need of comfort, check
Just lost a loved one and feeling sorry for myself, check

As I get older, my skin looks tired and more dry. And these Nuxe products seem like they can do the wonders!

What a beautiful hamper! I absolutely love the combination of nature and luxury, two important elements! And to have products that combine these two elements would just be a NUXE 😉 and also because i haven’t tried these products, so I would love to.

Great blog post, very informative. I’ve never used the product and would definitely love to try out the whole range.
I really need the daily self pamper session, for my skin that look dull and tired. As a result of my 6month old baby and adjusting with been back at work.
My skin is really gotten a hard knock with shorter sleeping hours. The joy’s of motherhood and putting your Child first.

I’ve had eczema for many years now because of this my skin often feels very dry and super tight which is so uncomfortable. Finding products to be a part of my daily skin care routine is always a hassle because of this and these products really sounds great. I haven’t had the opportunity to use any products from this brand before and I would love to experience good skin care like this.

You got me at honey, chocolate and liquorice! These are a few of my favorite things!
I have very dry and sensitive skin and I am currently using products with honey and different oils as ingredients. It definitely made such a difference to my skin.
I would so love to win this hamper to up my skin routine with some flair français until I can visit some French pharmacies in Paris to do a little shopping of my own. Another reason I would so so love to win this hamper is because I am turning 40 on 20 October! Oh and another reason – I am getting married next year June and I am having a bohemian style wedding which means minimal makeup, so I definitely need to make sure I have absolute flawless skin.

When I first heard about the dry oil, I have wanted to try this amazing product. My skin could do with some extra pampering so I would love to win this brand of products.

These products sound so perfect for my dry skin, I would love to win this hamper and indulge my skin in some heavenly scented French luxury x

It will be an honour to win and use these products. Lovely products with great results.

I would love to try out the products. Sound like a real treat and my skin can sure use it.

I would love to win this for my mum. It would be a great chance to allow her to pamper herself and she always loves trying out new skincare products

These products sounds amazing! Just what I need for my dry skin to recover after winter.

I would absolutely love to try out these products! I’ve seen some reviews on them and it’s been all positives!😍 I’m at a point where I take extra care of my skin, because before I did not. Now I’m all about glowy healthy skin! I would love to try this brand out as I’ve heard it does wonders! What better way to start summer with my skin flourishing and looking good?!😍😎🙆

I will be turning 42 on the 15th Oct. My skin needs and wants all the pampering in the world. Plus who doesnt want to have glowing healthy skin.

I’ve heard so many great things about this brand, and it would be amazing if I finally could try it out! Also the natural ingredients makes me already love it!

I enjoy such uncomplicated products. Simplicity is the ultimate sublimity. Summer is just around the corner. I love natural products and the fact that the products are made of natural ingredients.

I’d love to try these products because I have sensitive skin and I love the idea of honey infused face care products. Plus the scents smell absolutely divine! 🌺

Skin SOS that’s all I’m saying ..maybe this will come to my rescue

After the winter dry skin my skin is still recovering to be soft. I would like to have some pampering and a classical upgrade for my skin food though the Nuxe skin products. I mean my skin will be suber, soft and on fleek ✔

I would love to try this range for myself, i often do my own masks and facials at home, i know honey are excellent for you face, I’m experiencing dry skin at the moment and would love to give this range a try.

I would really love to win this amazing giveaway as I suffer from dry and sensitive skin. My hands are especially dry, so this would be a dream come true to have silky soft and nourished skin again.

Thank you very much for that very detailed and comprehensive review of Luxe products. I have never heard of most French brands till about 6 years ago. Even when I did hear of them I did not bother to investigate that as I assumed that they would be super expensive and therefore unaffordable. In the last two years I have started ted purchasing Avene. I have found them to be fantastic for my sensitive and dry skin.

One bad experience with over active natural ingredients left my skin in a bad state that took weeks to recover so I am now extra vigilant when I read about the ingredients in products.

Your review has been more that thorough in this regard also explaining the purpose of the ingredients as apposed to just stating them which I am super grateful for. All the ingredients make complete sense to me in terms of how they can help my skin and the aroma you are describing sounds so inviting. (by the way Pez are still available…. Bought them the other day for my kids and I sneaked a few for myself!)

When I consider buying a product a have a few criteria. Firstly ingredients (natural or synthetic) then smell is huge for me as a fragrance can really get up my nose!!! Literally!! Imagine a fragrance on your skin which you are not mad about and you have to smell it the whole day. I try before I buy as I love to feel texture of a product. I also look for staying power of any product and of course, cost

From what you have described I cannot bring myself to choose one product over another in the Luxe range. I love a body oils especially a non greasy one that I can enrobe my body in just after a shower and this Luxe one sounds Luxurious!!! I especially love that it is a multi purpose product so it means you don’t have to buy so many separate products.

Thank you for clearing about that confusion with a cleanser and a make up removers…. For me and a lot of my friends!!! I feel like a complete idiot thinking I could just use one and being dissatisfied with a product when my skin still had traces of makeup when I had just used a cleaser. Duh!

The hand cream sounds ultra luxurious. I never used to be vigilant about hand cream till a much younger guy I was dating knew I was older.. He told me I looked younger but he knew I was older because my hands gave it away (gulp.. I had no response to that). Especially bad because I have “skinny” hands and every bit of dry skin showed more easily.

I can almost smell that Luxe lip balm and it looks so indulgent. I also love lip balms on pots because it forces you to get into all the creases of your mouth which you don’t always do with a stick balm.

I am so excited for the possibility to try these products as well as the scent you reviewed a while back. The ingredients just sound so enticing.

I can honestly say that whoever wins this will be thoroughly and luxuriously pampered from head to toe!! These products have literally ticked every single box for me.. And that is a tall order.

The products sound amazing in your review and would definitely love to win these to try, especially with my really dry skin during the hot Summer months and as I surf more in the Summer months the salt water causes havoc on my skin so this really deep moisturising products sound like just what my skin needs.

Thank you for an amazing review, definitely has me intrigued with this wonderful product brand. My dry sensitive skin really needs extra nourishing/moisturising which has become a problem due to the effects of menopause and these products sound perfect to use. I would love to win as there is no ways I can even dream of affording these on a single mom budget!

Thank you for an amazing review, definitely has me intrigued with this wonderful product brand. My dry sensitive skin really needs extra nourishing/moisturising which has become a problem due to the effects of menopause and these products sound perfect to use. I would love to win as there is no ways I can even dream of affording these on a single mom budget! Oooooh and this prize would make an awesome Birthday pressie for me too

I really would like to try these products because I’ve never had products that included St. John’s Wort oils, also these products are top quality and they are pretty expensive and unique!

My skin is literally begging to be pampered .. 😁 The reviews for the Nuxe products are so positive that I would just love to try out this range…

I’m Sibahle Phiri. I’m always trying out new new skin products just to find the best one for my skin-especially the skin on my legs. I’ve got terrible chicken skin on my legs and after seeing that Nuxe oil, I started salivating. I need this giveaway. My chicken skin would be delighted. Please pick me. Email address :

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