The original Light Blue EDT from Dolce & Gabbana launched back in 2001 and has established itself as a truly iconic scent. With its fresh, crisp vibrancy and notes of Granny Smith apple, jasmine and delicate white rose it truly is a classic.

Excitingly, this spring saw the launch of the limited edition Dolce & Gabbana light Blue Italian Zest – a lighter version of the original Light Blue, with includes a generous dose of tangy Calabrian lemon.

The scent is inspired by lemon zest and celebrates the joyfulness of a sunny Summer day in Capri – one the most beautiful Italian islands. This fragrance combines the Italian passion for haute perfumery and the spirit of the endless sunny days in the South of Italy full of irresistible flavors and strong emotions.

The lemon essence used in Light Blue Italian Zest is extracted from hand-harvested lemons that grow from the tree’s first bloom and considered the very best quality due to their intense taste. Both the zest and pulp are sensitive to the heat and need to be squeezed according to an ancestral cold pressing technique called ‘sfumatrice’, that ensures a true-to-nature essence with gourmand facets.

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Brightened by the tangy citrus, Light Blue’s signature Sicilian cedar and Granny Smith apple top notes become even fruiter and juicier. The glowing white rose and jasmine petal heart is more radiant than ever. Its trail of ambery notes and warm musk becomes even more intense.

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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Zest has a clean and fresh citrus opening that slowly settles down and blends with the signature notes of Light Blue. The dry down is warm and sexy, with a hint of white flowers and musk that beautifully balance the intensity of the lemon.

While we can’t all jump on a plane and vacation in Capri, this beautiful scent brings a bit of the island to us. Make sure you give it a whiff.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Zest is available exclusively at Edgars and retails for R1560 for a 100ml EDT.


I need this, it sounds right up my alley

I was obsessed with Light Blue back in the day! I won’t forget my last bottle….was probably a month old and it smashed to the ground. I tried to brave the splinters and smother some clothing into the scent that lay on the floor. I was DEVESTATED!

More recently I was very into the Nectarine Orange Blossom (??) and some tea scent from Elizabeth Arden, but that has been discontinued, so I’d be keep to see if there’s any similarity. The scent sounds divine though….definitely in my wheelhouse.

Not a fan of a fruity fragrance but like the sound of the musk and white flowers 🙂

Hey Janet, I’m not a fan of fruity scents either (for myself), but citrus based fragrances I love. This one is beautifully fresh, not sweet at all and the musk & white flowers give it a beautiful edge.

Oh Simone, I could cry for you! A similar thing happened to me with my beloved Hermes Caleche. The bottle was just over half full and I applied the scent in my bathroom, then knocked it off the counter sending it shattering onto the floor. My bathroom smelt like Hermes for days.
I do think you’ll like this limited edition version VERY much. The lemon is fresh & citrussy rather than being sweet and I love how well it works with the regular Light Blue notes that we all know so well and love. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts.

Like I said on Twitter Kerry, this scent was basically made for you. I’ll eat TWO lemons on my IG stories if you don’t like it #LOL #BetON

Ahh this sounds amazing! I am already missing summer and all its vibrancy, I adore citrus scents, it sounds incredible and so uplifting 😀 xx

elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
(I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

OH my word….so you know the pain!!

Will definitely check this out Candice! Love how you described it…it speaks to me!

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