A face mask is my guilty beauty pleasure. When it comes to choosing a mask, ensure you select one that is right for your skin type. Clay based masks are best for combination or oily skin types as they absorb excess oil and draw out impurities. Hydrating masks are best suited to normal and dry skin types as they work to moisturise the skin. And, if you have an oily T-Panel and drier cheeks, go the multi-masking route and invest in two masks: one to hydrate, the other to manage excess oil and breakouts.

Exuvinace Detox Mud Mask (R830) – BUY

If you have oily, congested or blemish-prone skin, this silky black mud mask is for you as it works to clarify the skin, refine the appearance of pores and absorb any excess oil.

The formula contains NeoGlucosamine which gently exfoliates, French Clay to absorb oil, and activated charcoal that works like a magnet to sweep up surface pore-clogging impurities and environmental toxins. There’s also a botanical blend that controls oiliness. Best of all, the formula is black.

I usually only apply this mask to my T-panel, but for the sake of #styling, used it on my whole face #LOL

While I don’t suffer with spots or excessive oiliness, my T-Panel can get a bit oily, and this sometimes leads to the odd spot or blackhead. I find using this clay mask one or twice a week ensures this area of my face minimizes excess oil production & keeps spots at bay.

It’s super easy to use too. Simply apply a thin layer to the entire face, or, like me to your oily T-Panel and let it work for 5-15 minutes (I leave mine on for 7 minutes). I would suggest removing this mask in the shower or bath as it can get messy and will stain clothing.

Nivea Daily Essentials 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask (R99.99) – BUY

I couldn’t wait to try this mask that not only boosts moisture thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid, but also detoxifies the skin with green tea. I really enjoyed using this creamy formula that gets to work in just one minute – perfect for a time-pressed gal like myself.

You apply a generous layer of this blue cream onto cleansed skin (avoiding eyes & lips), leave on for 1 minute and then massage any remaining product into the skin OR remove with a cotton pad. Now, because I LOVE an overnight mask, I leave this on and find all product absorbs well. If you’re looking for a well formulated budget mask that boosts moisture, this is my top recommendation. This mask is best suited to normal to dry skin types.

The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask (R310) – BUY

I’ve long been a fan of The Body Shop’s range of masks, so was very excited to try this one out. It is enriched with matcha green tea which is a potent antioxidant; dandelion extract that has detoxifying benefits, and aloe vera to calm and soothe skin. The formula is Vegan and works to deeply purify and exfoliate the skin.

To use, smooth a small amount onto cleansed skin and allow to dry for 5-10 minutes. I felt a slight tingling and cooling effect that is no doubt thanks to the addition of menthol (not a great ingredient for sensitive skin, so avoid this mask is your skin is easily irritated). Once the mask is dry, use a little water to rinse, while massaging in circular movement to get the exfoliation benefits from the Match green tea. I think this mask is best suited to combination or oily skin types (it is clay based, after all) and may be a little drying for other skin types.

Have you tried any of the above masks, and if you haven’t, which one are you most keen to try?


OOh I really want to try the Exuviance and also the Body Shop one! I just finished the Himalayan Charcoal mask from TBS, so need to go and replenish my stock. lol. Will definitely be picking this one up.

Beautiful and informative as ever! Thanks Candice-Lee.

Hey Simone, thanks for the comment. If you have oily skin that tends to break out, you will LOVE the Exuviance. TBS option is also good for oily skin (it’s a clay based mask) but may be a little irritating if you skin is sensitive. Let me know which one you decide on.

Such a pleasure, Sharon. So glad you liked the post.

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