Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil recently launched a new and effective skincare range that works to clear acne prone skin in just three easy steps: cleanse, tone and hydrate.

I like that the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree acne range is free of Benzoyl Peroxide, and super gentle on young skin. Its key ingredient is superior quality tea tree oil –a natural ingredient with incredible anti-bacterial powers. Each product in the range is specifically formulated to help target, clear and prevent spots and blemishes.

The range is perfect for teens and adults alike who want a natural solution to treat acne.  Native to Australia, Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic that is distilled from specially selected Melaleuca alternifolia leaves.

I asked my 14-year-old daughter, Miyo, to give the range a try and report back.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash (R209.95) – BUY

Miyo LOVES a mousse foaming wash, so was excited to try this one that’s soap free and contains calming chamomile to soothe skin redness. She did say that the first few times she used it, she found it a bit drying, but after about a week her skin seemed to acclimate.

This naturally derived cleanser uses the antibacterial power of Tea Tree to gently remove excess sebum and dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils and is ideal for those with combo/oily skin types. I also like that this formula is free of synthetic fragrance, animal derived ingredients (Miyo is a Vegan), parabens, Sodium Laureth/ Laurel sulfate (foaming agent that dries the skin) and any synthetic colours.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Tone (R205.95) BUY

Miyo had never used a toner before, and I had to explain to her that this one would assist in removing impurities while improving the look of her pores. Along with tea tree oil, the formula contains witch hazel – a natural astringent – that is responsible for tightening pores, soothing aloe vera and calming lavender.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Cream (R215.95) BUY

This lightweight moisturiser rehydrates the skin with antibacterial tea tree and hydrating Rosehip, macadamia oil, shea Butter and vitamin E. It doesn’t clog pores and absorbs very quickly leaving no oily residue. When it comes to moisturisers for Miyo, I always keep an eye out for those labelled non-comedogenic as this means it won’t clog the pores.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel (R219.95) BUY

Miyo uses this on her spots, blackheads & whiteheads to dry them out. What she likes most is that this is an invisible (colourless) gel that penetrates the skin in seconds and works really quickly to blitz pimples. Even the hubby has been using it as a spot treatment.

While I certainly wouldn’t describe Miyo as having acne, like most teens, she does battle with breakouts and blackheads.

Miyo has been using the range for close on three weeks now and just two days ago remarked how her skin looked so good saying, “it looks like I’ve got an Instagram filter on my skin it’s so smooth and clear”.

When I asked Miyo if she would recommend this range to her friends battling with spots and acne, she said yes because of the following points:

It works, and you can see an improvement in your skin quickly

The range is Vegan (except for the Lip Guard that contains beeswax)

It has a fresh, natural smell

5 Interesting facts about Tea Tree:

Tea tree oil comes from Australia, and Australia only

Tea tree oil is a very powerful antiseptic

Tea tree oil is as effective as benzoyl peroxide in treating acne

Tea tree oil can be used to treat funguses and warts

Tea tree oil can ward off lice, fleas, and ticks as it is naturally anti-parasitic

The new Thursday Plantation Tea Tree acne range is available from leading pharmacies and Wellness Warehouse.

To learn more about other products available in the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil range, see


I have one Thursday Plantation Tea Tree hamper valued at over R850 up for grabs containing the following products:

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree face Wash Foam

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Cream

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel

To stand a chance of winning this hamper, leave a comment in the comment section below this blog post telling me why you’d like to try the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree range.

Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

I’ll announce the winner on 8 September 2018 on In My Bag’s Facebook page FOLLOW HERE


I battle with blemishes and looking it the pics in your posts it seems that these products work really really well so I would love to try it out❣️❣️❣️

💚 I’m 23 and reached the adult acne stage (which has led to weekends on the couch because its effected my insecurity level by 1000000%) because I have extremely sensitive skin I am very limited when it comes to skin care products. I always opt for natural products and have only heard amazing things about this range and dying to try it out!!

I would love to try this as I’ve recently struggling with acne. As an adult, who’s never had acne during teenage years, it’s quite an adaption. There are so many products on the market which makes it extremely difficult to choose a specific product. I’ve tried a range of products but nothing seems to work. It really does take a toll on my confidence levels so I’m hoping to get the opportunity to try a product like this Which looks very promising!

I would love this for my 13 year old daughter who is also struggling with her skin. We’ve tried many products but just haven’t had the results she wants. Plus her skin is extremely sensitive and dry. These products look amazing!

Please i need this for my son (Christian Fourie). His skin is very bad. He is 14 years old. He struggle with eczema from bith and with the hormones coming in with acne it’s very bad. Please help me to help my son to get his confidence back with a beautiful skin. Please. Thank you. Love your blog.
Linda Fourie

Would love to give this a try! I NEVER struggled with acne as a teenager, but it seems that now, and in my later 20’s, problem skin is taking its revenge 😒 and I really have no idea how to deal with this.

I would love to win this not for myself bit for my sons. I have a 15 year old and a 14 year old both of whom seem to be breaking out all the time. My 15 year lives to pick them. This would help his skin and self esteem as well.

I’d love to try this range as I struggle with acne and blemishes as well as uneven skin tone. It cam really bring my confidence down sometimes

I would like to win this for my sister. Her birthday is soon and she would be thrilled. She struggles heavily with adult acne and I know she’s tried almost everything but heavy meds. I feel this would be perfect for her as one can see it bothers her alot but she’s very embarrassed by it. my sister looks beautiful without makeup but always wears heavy makeup to cover the breakouts. I know it’s counter productive but at this stage I feel she’s given up since she can’t find anything to work for her. This would be a wonderful gift for her. She deserves it

I would love to win this for my daughter who has acne prone skin her breakouts are effecting her as she has become self conscious and effecting her confidence.
Will be a absolute pleasure to win this for her to use and help her skin and make her feel good about her appearance.
Thank you

I have acne & blemishes even though I’m over 30 seems like winter has taken his toll on my once beautiful skin. I need a new inspiration for the new season, would love to give the tea tree range a try

I have heard about Thursday Plantation Tea tree and always wanted to try it. I am 36 and still plagued by teenager face?!?!?! I try literally everything as nothing seems to relieve my oily breakout face…hoping this would be the answer 🙂

Would love to try this on both my kids who have acne as well as myself,seeing that its a more natural product makes it even more suitable.

My son is 12 and is struggling with pimply skin. Would love to try this out on him to improve his self esteem and get it under control to limit scarring, it sounds amazing and looks like really makes a difference.

I’ve always had clear skin, until recently 😢. I’m 20 and have always used natural products on my skin – a Rooibos range and then a range that that I got as a gift from India using only herbal ingredients. But recently, I haven’t been able to get the blackheads to disappear OR the odd ‘breakouts’ (for lack of a better word) in specific parts of my face. I’ve been meaning to go research and use a new natural skincare range for myself & saw your instastory! ❤️ My skin routine has always been so important to me, especially in last few years as I’ve gotten older, especially because as much as I love make-up, the most I have the chance to do before uni is mascara (& brows of course!) But I’d love to stick to the natural products because they’ve always been my go-to and I’m just feeling like I’m not ready to get into the other more ‘adult-ey’ products just yet!

im at university and i have marks, pimples and blachead. my self esteem is not where i want it to since im becoming a teacher. it has a impact on my life and ive been through different products and it doesnt help. being on university with friends that has clear skin brings down my confidence and allows quiet when meeting new people

Wow ,those before & after pics show a huge improvement.
I’m currently battling horrible hormonal break puts aggravated by national board exams stress plus working full time.
I have wanted to try this range for a while & hope it will curb the skin disaster I have right now.

Ah this sounds so amazing ! I’m 22 years old and still struggling with acne and unpleasant acne scars to the point where most days I don’t leave my house due to embarrassment . Seeing the incredible results from your gorgeous daughter makes me so excited for a product that’s natural and actually WORKS ! I would truly love to try this out to gain my confidence back ❤️ Thanks so much for sharing these awesome products and results !

I have tried everything, I bern on Oratane twice now and I still get terrible breakouts. I really want to stop relying on my dermatologist when I get breakouts but I’ve really never found products that can help my skin, besides going on medication. I really love to try these products out.

I’ve literally struggled with acne since I was a teenager (13) till now, I’m 20 years old and will be 21 within the next few months! Having ance prone skin really dampens my self esteem, self confidence and makes me feel really shy to actually go out and enjoy myself.Would love to try this as it would answer my prayers for some clear skin, especially for my 21st😊 I love that these products are vegan, and natural as I refuse to use any chemicals on my skin because it honestly makes things worse. I have extremely sensitive skin which means I cant just use anything, however, ive found that natural products are always the best and make you feel so great about yourself. Anything is the way to go!

This range looks fabulous! I get terrible breakouts and red splotches due to the sun, so with summer round the corner – this is ideal!

I never had acne when i was a teen, I am now 33 years old and have sensitive acne prone skin. When i became pregnant, I just got pimples after pimples. It felt like I woke up with a new one everyday. I have tried a lot of skincare products but nothing actually works. My face is my everything and because of my struggle with acne, I do not have a good self esteem anymore. This would really help bring my confidence back.

I would love my son, aged 16, to use these products. He started shaving and with a teenage skin, with pimples, the shaving, and sweating as he is very active, his skin is in need of proper care with good products. I love the fact that the product has natural ingredients and am sure it will assist in making his skin healthier , smooth and radiant.

Thursday Plantayion products afe amazing! I would love to win this hamper because it doesn’t contain hatmaful substances that would contribite to my estrogen – dominance. It is is soft and effective – products I love.

I suffer from Acne and blemishes….Would love to try this love the Thursday Plantation Tea tree oil.

Pregnancy is taking its toll on my previously clear skin and I need something nature and soothing to clear it

I have been looking for natural products that work for my skin for soooo damn long and everything i try, either dry’s out my skin so much or it makes me break out even more. I would love to give these babies a go as i have seen wonderful reviews about them everywhere.

My daughter is struggling with the effects of PCOS on her skin. Would love to see if this could help her. She already uses the Shampoo and Conditioner for her hair with great results.

Who would have thought at the tender age of 42 I would have developed eczema. What makes it particularly bad is that it happens to be on my face…where it is most noticeable. I gave read that tea tree based products are very effective for eczema, I would live to try out this range and prove what I have read about tea tree to be true. Holding thumbs

Would love to try it on my blemishes and uneven skin tone. and we’ve tried a few things for my daughter’s acne without success so definitely also for her acne.

I would love this for my 16 year old son. He struggles with pimples and blemishes and we have tried so many products. Based on your daughter’s results, I think this will be a good product for him.

I haven’t really had problematic skin, but since I gave birth in January things have changed. I have now had quite a bit of acne breakout especially around the cheeks and it is united concerning. I would love to try this tea tree range because I love tea tree products and I know this will help my breakout. Lovely products, lovely giveaway!

I’m a 21 year old student and have really bad skin, I keep breaking out especially during the stressful exam period. I tend to scratch at my pimples because i hate how they make me look, but end up with even uglier scars afterward😭. I’d love to try this range of products in the hope to clear my skin before my graduation in a few months!

This range sounds so amazing.. A true miracle for those of us who are prone to breakouts and left with scarring. Would love to give it a try and work come great looking skin again.

I struggle with breakouts on my chin and jawline area. This would be awesome especially seeing the results from others.

I’d love my almost 13 year old daughter to try this out as we have yet to find a product that works for her. I wouldn’t mind giving it a go too. At 44, I’m suddenly developing some unpleasant blemishes I’ve never had before 😞

Hi, I’d love to win this amazing product for my teenage son. He’s just entered the puberty phase and is struggling with a acne breakouts. He so needs this to help with his skin, he has low self esteem because it’s his first year in high school. I have purchased numerous products but we got no joy. Pretty please can I have this hamper for him.

Im 42 and of lately im getting a pimple or two that leave terrible marks. My skin is also sensitive so these products would be perfect

Oh my goodness I’m pregnant and my skin looking a bit bleak , could use the help !

I would love to win the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree acne range because I personally suffer from adult acne. I really think this hamper would be a huge help. Very interested in this product. Great article going to go check this product out.

I would love to gift this to my twins – son and daughter as they has been having breakouts – so tough for high school pupils and this looks perfect for their skin 🙂
My son particularly has developed a horrid habit of picking would be great if there was nothing to pick!

Wow, incredible improvement! beautiful daughter, just like your daughter my breakouts and black heads is excessive around my chin upper lip and my T zone. to a point where i am so unhappy and my oily skin, i am unhappy with products i used. not only is it really expensive to try out the products but it doesn’t work! I have tried tea tree products but they not 100% and that is why i haven’t tried it. After seeing your daughters results i have a feeling it will work on my skin

I’m 19 years old and my acne is FINALLY starting to clear up. I don’t get those huge pimples anymore and I get fewer breakouts but my face is full of dark marks and spots from the acne. I’ve tried oils and creams and they haven’t really made any difference. I would love to try this because I need to get these marks away!

I’ve had bad skin since I was a teenager (I’m 30 now) and since I fell pregnant a few months ago it’s just gotten worse. I’m so keen to try something new (and natural!!) to make me feel freshfaced and ‘glowing’ (while I’m constantly growing 🤣) and to try kick this skin problem in the but!

What a beautifully written post! My skin has always been problematic, from my pre teen years. I’m now 31, and my skin is something that I wish I knew how to improve. I’d love the chance to try these products and see if it will help my skin and my confidence! xo

I would love my granddaughter to try this product. At age 12 she pronounced herself vegan and in the last two years has had a problem with the odd breakout of spots, both black and white heads. This child wants too be a blogger as well about vegan life. I have introduced her to your page because I love the way you write.

My nephew is a teenager and currently struggling with breakouts. Would love for him to try this.

Hi! I’m currently really struggling with pimples and dark marks. I’m 22 years old and i’ve Literally tried everything. It’s taking such a blow to my self esteem. Your review sounds amazing and I’m hoping this product will work for me. I hope I win this. 🙂

I am a 31 year old with bad skin. Nothing seems to work and it makes me so self conscious. I need to try this and see if I can actually go back to being confident

My 15 year old son is struggling with fine bumps on his face. I have spent so kuxh money at The Bodyshop and Clicks on products, however we unable to find solution. Its affecting his self confidence. Also his scratching and getting marks.

I’ve heard that Tea Tree oil is the best for cystic acne 🌿💯 I struggle with cystic acne along my jawline and cannot get a grip of it, even though the lifestyle I lead should be controlling it 😒 This would be such a wonderful gift and excited that there is an easily available vegan skincare range on the market 👍🏻 Well done Thursday Plantations 👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🎉🎉

Because I love Thursday plantation,
I also struggle with crazy hormone imbalances that leaves me like an acne prone teen at nearly 30 😳
Which leaves people not taking me seriously at work and thinking I’m 18 (not in a good way) 😂

the teatree oil products and witch hazel are the only ingredients that seem to help in a face wash for me – as well as taking zinc and nicotinamide supplements

Ahhh I would love to win this, not for me but for my very stressed out, hard working first year uni daughter. Her skin has really changed / broken out with the change in her schedule and now somewhat manic lifestyle. Fingers crossed!

i suffer with blemishes and acne and would love to try this to gain back my confidence.

A great review thank you
I need this for my daughter Jade she has acne and the pimple breakouts cause her to have scars and blemishes and she gets very depressed about her skin.
Its her 21st birthday soon
Hope to win so she can use these products and have great improvement in her skin before her birthday thank you.

I would love to try this range for my blemished skin.

I would really really love to try this range because I’ve been struggling with acne and jut breakouts in general and I would really love to try a natural brand, that doesn’t leave me wondering about all the unnatural and harmful substances inside ❤️❤️❤️ The skin is something that someone sees immediately and I become so self conscious when I have even the slightest breakout so I would really like to get a routine going that targets that and helps me to gain that confidence again ❤️❤️❤️

Hi there
My handsome 16 year old has being plagued with acne which is affecting his confidence. The tea tree oil has been accelerating his healing however the blemishes are stubborn. Would love to try your 3 step routine

Adult Acne sucks and it would be great to be able to try a natural product, which has been proven to work. I know about Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil, which I keep in my medicine cabinet, but have not tried their skincare range yet. Help me to achieve that Instagram Filter Skin, please.

I would love to win this amazing competition. I am 24 years and still have problematic skin. I have always had the battle of skin breakouts. I have used every product in the market and nothing seems to work I have had skin issues from the age of 11 and would to try out the Thursday plantation acne range.

I havey real blemish prone skin, I’ve tried everything, I would love to win this and try the vegan way

This is just the product I have been looking for. I want to get my 10 year old son to start looking after his skin but I didn’t know what to get for him. This range seems perfect for young skin! Would love to win this for him.

I would love to try these products because since turning 40 I’ve been battling with bouts of hormonal acne. It’s horrible and painful at times. Thought my acne days we long over…I guess NOT!!!

I really would love to try them because my battle with acne has been nothing but stressful especially when you cant afford. The blackheads and blemishes are my biggest struggle, and also breakouts 😭😭. And now i dont feel confident about myself, i can even take pictures. The products looks like something im looking for. ❤️❤️

I really would like to try these products because my menstrual cycle hormones make me a pimple face monster
And I can’t deal with it. I do best I can not to pick on them but they still leave unsightly marks after.

I have a chin zit that will not go away ..and even at my age these nasties pop up on the back of my neck in my ears and around my nose and chin
Sick of them

Wow, these products sound amazing. I have always had Tea Tree Oil in the house which I use for all sorts of skin conditions, but having a range dedicated to problem skin is fantastic.

My 17 year old son suffers from terrible breakouts especially now when he is starting trials. The stress definitely makes the breakouts worse and we have tried many different products over the years, but as I love the Thursday Plantation brand I would like be him to try these products as I know and trust them!!

I have blemishes and this sounds like the perfect solution. Would love t try it! Also love tea tree oil!

I would love to have a range of natural products that help me keep my skin clear and glowing x

I’m 30 years old and still struggle with breakouts like a 15 year old. I’d LOVE to try this range because I’m pretty ready to find a solution to my skin issues haha!

I would love to try these products. I have been searching for the perfect skincare routine that not only hydrates my skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes, but also has lasting effects on it. I am only 19 so I’m still prone to blemishes and redness. I would LOVE go give this product a try! Also, I’m a student so i wouldn’t be able to afford testing the range out on any other occasion😃

I am 37 years old with really bad acne. It is worse than when I was a teenager. I was on some medication for it (that made it better but not go away), but recently got sick and was forced to stop taking it, now instead of just pimples, I’m also covered in blackheads!

I also only use products not tested on animals, so this is perfect for me.

I need to it to restore my confidence. At the moment I can’t even leave my home without makeup on because of blemishes. I feel that they make me look like I don’t take care of myself.

I would love to win this hamper for my younger sister. She is struggling so much with adult acne. As a yound adult it makes her so self conscious, so hopefully this natural product will improve her skin and allows her to feel beautiful in her own skin.

I have always love using tea tree oil for anything it can help with (so much) since I was young and I especially look for face products with it in as it keeps the breakouts at bay and there are not that many face products that have it as an ingredient so would love love this hamper!

I’d love to try this for my 3 daughters. My 12 year old is prone to breakouts before her period.

Wonder if this would help with pigmentation too?

Would love to try this product! I am turning 27 in a few months and have never really suffered with persistent break outs until late last year. I have tried so many different brands and skincare tips from beauty gurus but nothing has worked so far – hopefully this could do the trick!

Hi! I really want to try this as I’ve tried everything already and it hasn’t worked! I’m 25 and have been struggling with acne since I was 12. I could really do with a break.

Hi, I would like to try this as for years I have been struggling with acne and blemishes on my skin, I have tried everything and it just doesn’t seem to help, would love to give this product a chance, and I love that it is vegan friendly. Breakouts are especially bad just before “that time of the month”. Would also love clear and natural skin for photoshoot when I celebrate my first wedding anniversary soon! YAY!!!!!

I’m nearly 61, and would love to find a product that could clear up my skin!! I still battle with bad breakouts, even at MY age, which is horrible 🙁 I also LOVE #ThursdayplantationSA #TeaTree oil, and always have a bottle on hand, and to try this range (and have it work) would be amazing!! Holding thumbs really tight xxx

I’m 43 this month and still struggle with my skin. I would love to try this

Excellent article! I love tea tree oil! It’s great mixed in shampoo to soothe an itchy scalp/combat dandruff, And I always gargle with warm water and a couple drops of tea tree oil when I have a sore throat. I always keep a bottle of this stuff around… It’s magic!

I would love to win this amazing prize for my daughter.

I use the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree oil, cream and shampoo but haven’t tried the skin care range as yet and it sounds perfect for my combination skin type. I would loooove to win and try it, thanks for the opportunity

After having tried a wide range of other products with not much success … I’d love to see if this helps my daughters skin problems around her décolletage. Having clear skin would boost her self confidence no end!

I battle with breakouts and it causes extreme redness to my skin. My skin is very rough because of acne I had at school. I have to cover it up all the time with makeup or use a filter on my photo’s. It’s so embarrassing. I would really love a chance to try these products.

I’d love to win this Thursday Plantation Hamper as I have 2 teenagers in the house ages 13 and 15 and both have stubborn breakouts. We have tried everything but most products are top harsh for their skin. Please gift these young ladies of mine a hamper and they will promote the results with all of their teen friends xoxo

I’d love to win it for my niece who suffers with breakouts – this would be ideal for her

I have polycystic ovaries and as a result suffer from acne, would love to try out this product.

I suffer from very very bad adult acne, I’ve tried all kinds of products from Eucerin to dermalogica and nothing has helped so far. It effects my every day life as I’m extremely self conscious about my skin. I would absolutely love to get a chance to try these pruducts.

Love tea tree products i have a 3 bottles of the oil in my house which is used for lots of things would love to try the face range for my pimples that seem to be popping up and the lovely age of 39 😐

I would love to try this on my sons face. He is battling with acne and his face is scarred badly. He used a product that burnt his skin . These products would be perfect for him

I am in my early twenties and have over the past year suffered again with my skin as I did in my early teens, mostly aggravated this time by stress and my PCOS. I would love to try this wonderful natural alternative on my skin

Amazing product line! Tea Tree oil has such amazing benefits allround. I would love to win this for my daughter to use on her skin to restore her skin and help with her breakouts.

Hi Bronwyn, I think you need to consider seeing a dermatologist.

Hi Kim, I strongly suggest you DON’T use Tea Tree on skin battling with Eczema. Tea Tree is a wonderful ingredient, but can be VERY drying. Your best bet would be to look for a FRAGRANCE FREE range that is basic, such as Avene. Pop me an email if you’d like more details:

Hi. I have adult acne and lack confidence. This seems like a product that could possibly help heal my acne.

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