I’m fortunate enough to get sent some of the very best new beauty products to review. While I prefer not to do negative product reviews (why waste your energy?), there’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing products I absolutely adore. The ones featured in this post are currently on high rotation.

These days, I’m totally obsessed with any skincare containing glycolic and/or hyaluronic acids and antioxidants. I’m amazed at how these ingredients have the ability to show such positive, visible results in a short period of time.

Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Brightening Hydragel Cream R730 – BUY HERE

I’d seen a lot of hype around this moisturiser internationally and couldn’t wait for it to launch locally. The Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Brightening Hydragel Cream works to moisturise, boost brightness and radiance all while illuminating the skin.

Now, biological and environmental factors such as aging, hormones, inflammation and exposure to pollution and UV rays can produce excess melanin, resulting in dark spots and uneven skin tone. Simultaneously, ageing decreases collagen and elastin and increases pore size, leaving skin looking rough and dull. This moisturiser targets dark spots and loss of radiance working to soothe and plump skin, while brighteners fade dark spots and dis-colouration.

An advanced hydration system combines mini Hyaluronic acid and Polynesian Lagoon water to drench skin with moisture. Vitamin C and SpectraBright brighten the skin, diminishing the look of dark spots and pigmentation for a more luminous complexion. This moisturiser can be used morning and evening.

Neostrata Tri-Lifting Serum (R1026) BUY HERE

I’ve been using this for the past two months now and am pretty impressed. This serum claims to volumize, sculpt, fill in deep wrinkles and improve skin laxity (firmness) and contains an amino acid derivative that reinforces the skin’s matrix. A low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid deeply penetrates skin to volumize, plump and firm, while a Glycolic acid derivative exfoliates to improve texture. This serum has a gel-like consistency and absorbs in mere seconds. I use 5 drops every morning and alternate evenings before applying my moisturiser.

SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight Nightly Treatment (R1528) BUY HERE

As with most Skinceuticals products, this I absolutely adore! Glycolic acid is a brilliant resurfacing (exfoliating) ingredient because It weakens the bonds that bind dead cells to the skin’s surface. Once these bonds are released, cellular turnover is speeded up which minimizes the appearance of fine lines and makes skin look brighter and more radiant. The 10% ratio of glycolic acid has been proven as an ideal concentration to promote glowing skin, while maintaining good skin tolerability. Also included in the formula is 2% phytic acid for additional exfoliation coupled with free radical protection, and a 1 % soothing complex of botanical waxes that form a protective, breathable layer on the skin to lock in hydration and comfort.

This treatment should be used at night. Because your skin needs to build up a tolerance to the Glycolic acid, it’s suggested you use the product every alternate evening. After your skin is acclimated (about a week), you can use it every night.  I use mine every second evening (I alternate with the NeoStrata Tri-Lifting Serum) after cleansing. I find I don’t need any additional moisturiser after using this because it’s quite rich. If you have very dry skin, you may need one. I can honestly say when one incorporates a good percentage of glycolic acid into one’s skin care regime, an almost immediate, visible improvement can be seen – especially in terms of radiance.

Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 One Step Cleansing Micellar Solution R180 available at Clicks at selected pharmacies

I turn to micellar waters when I’m short on time and need a quick cleansing solution. This one works to purify and soothe the skin while removing makeup. It can be used on all skin types, even sensitive. Upon contact with the skin, it refreshes beautifully. While it did a great job or removing makeup, I did find I needed two applications to remove waterproof makeup (but then again, these formulas really should be removed with a bi-phase eye makeup remover). Also worth a mention is that it didn’t sting my sensitive eyes at all.

Sensai Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalising Pads (R1960)  available at selected department stores

While my unpopular beauty opinion about not needing eye cream remains, there are certain treatments for the eye area I love. One, being these clever (albeit rather pricey) pads which are great at softening fine lines cause by dehydrated skin. Cleverer still, they can be used around the eyes or the mouth.

These essence-soaked stretchable pads infused with Koishimaru silk adhere to skin around the eye and mouth area to boost radiance and hydration. They really do make the skin softer and springier – for a short time. I use them before a big night out or an important event when I want to look fresh and youthful.

PREVAGE City Smart + DNA Enzyme Complex + Anti-Pollution + Antioxidants Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++ Hydrating Shield (R799) available at selected department stores

I’m a Prevage fan, so couldn’t wait to try this sunscreen. Did you know that 80% of all signs of skin aging are due to environmental aggressors such as UV rays, pollution and smoke?

This sunscreen combines pollution and UV protection with a DNA Enzyme ComplexTM to strengthen skin. By neutralizing the impact of environmental and oxidative stress on the skin, PREVAGE® City Smart keeps skin looking more youthful, smoother, brighter and protected.

This sunscreen contains a 100% Mineral Broad spectrum SPF50 as well as Anti-Pollution Shield Technology and a patent-pending highly potent Anti-Pollution Complex featuring Idebenone (the antioxidant in all Prevage products)

I love the sheer, hydrating and very lightweight texture of this sunscreen that’s not at all oily. It also has a tint and optical diffusers that really work well on my skin tone.

Ecological Skincare Jade Roller (R380) BUY HERE

I blogged about my beloved Jade Roller just a few weeks back (HERE). But for those of you that missed the post, Jade (also available in Rose Quartz) rollers work to decrease puffiness and under eye circles, purge toxins and are an excellent tool for lymphatic drainage on the face. They also improve circulation while relaxing areas of tension. I swear, I’ve seen a really wonderful improvement in my skin’s firmness since using one. I use mine almost every evening either on its own or with my serum, moisturiser or facial oil to increase product absorption.

Which of the above products would you most like to try? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight Nightly Treatment . Would love to try this product. I did order my jade roller and can not wait. Thank you awesome review’s.

I was so curious about the roller! I had to go and check the post on it. Your reviews are so informative. You’re one lucky gal to get sent awesome goodies. I ordered one of the Avon foundations because I read one of your reviews on it. I went for a different brand within Avon, but still opted to try it because of your review post on FB 🙂

Verseker die SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight Nightly Treatment. Ek kan doen met ‘n bietjie umf met my ‘winter vel’
SkinCeuticals se produkte klink en lyk so belowend, ek gaan dit een of ander tyd moet probeer.
(watter lipstiffie & kleur is dit wat op jou blog foto aanhet?)

Can’t wait to try the Elizabeth Arden illuminating cream first, thanks for the awesome review.

Thanks for the comment, Lebogang. The Illuminating Cream is a real winner & I like that you can use it day and evening. It really does give the skin a lovely glow.

Hi Tania, thanks for the comment. Hope you don’t mind me responding in English. While I 100% understand Afrikaans, my written grip of the language is not so great. I can’t rave enough about the SkinCeuticals brand. EVERY SINGLE product I’ve ever tried from the brand i LOVE and have seen a visible improvement in my skin after using it. The lipstick I’m wearing is by Elizabeth Arden and it’s called: Beautiful Color Moisturizing lipstick in the shade Nude. It’s one of my absolute favourite’s and even though it’s matte, it is not drying at all.

Hi Ferowza, thank you so much. I’m SO glad to hear you enjoy reading my reviews 🙂
Please tell me which foundation you bought & how you are finding it. Also, that Jade Roller is one of the best skincare tools I’ve ever used. I swear, after about two weeks I started noticing that my skin looked a little firmer & had more of a glow (think that is to do with the improvement in circulation).

Hi Vanessa, so pleased to hear you ordered a Jade roller. Please let me know how you find it. I absolutely LOVE mine. The Skinceuticals Glycolic 10 is worth every scent. It’s is unbelievably effective at gently exfoliating the skin & giving it a glow. While I was sent the product to review, I will most definitely be purchasing it again. X

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