Throwback to the early nineties. I had just finished high school as was modeling full time. Given my chosen career, it was essential that I looked after my skin the best way I possibly could with great products.

While many of the big skincare brands were available locally (Lancome, Lauder, Clarins, etc), there was one French skincare brand EVERYONE coveted… That brand was Matis and it was only available at top spas and salons.

#Throwback to my modeling days

The salon I used to visit used their products, and I always LOVED how my skin felt after an indulgent Matis facial. Sadly, I just couldn’t afford their products on my meagre model salary.

Fast forward a good twenty years (OMG I’m OLD!) and I’m lucky enough to receive some seriously high end products to review. A few months back, I was sent two Matis products to try from the brands top tier anti-ageing line, RÉPONSE INTENSIVE.

Products in this line work to remodel, densify and restructure the skin and are best suited to skin in the forties + age group.

Matis was started in Paris in 1936 by Eugène Mavromati, a chemical engineer and scientist who was an expert in active ingredients and formulation. Anti-ageing science is based on active substances and ingredients derived from or inspired by nature. From the first plant collagen milks to activating serums and the birth of cellular cosmetics, Matis has always been a pioneer in skincare. The brand uses the most innovative , effective active ingredients that are kind to both the skin and the environment.

Réponse Intensive Redensifying Concentrate (R1785)

This serum works to restructure and consolidate the dermal network. In layman’s terms, it kinda acts like a scaffolding for the skin, working to tone and firm while boosting collagen and elastin synthesis.

The formula is packed with some seriously impressive actives. A Densiderm ComplexTM made with Dill & soy improves firmness, density and tonicity while Bio-Messenger peptides stimulate collagen production and elastin synthesis. Purified oat sugar fractions create a continuous 3D elastic film to help tighten and smooth the skin.

All one needs is two pumps of this serum applied morning and evening. I massage the serum on my whole face and neck working from the centre outwards. Every other night I apply it then use my jade facial roller to help work the formula in.While this product is scented, the smell is very subtle. I also like that the product contains no colourants and, like all good serums, comes packaged in an airtight container to preserve the active ingredients.

The clinical results for this serum were pretty impressive with women seeing a 43% increase in skin firmness and tone in just a month, and a 67% increase after two months of use.

Réponse Intensive Resourcing Cream (R2110)

This moisturiser has been a real joy to use. It fortifies and nourishes skin with calcium and essential nutrients. It is wonderfully comforting, and nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy film. Contained within the formula is a Nutritium complex that contains extract of black pearl from Tahiti that is rich in calcium, copper, magnesium and zinc. This complex works to restore and recharge the skin while restoring its vital functions. Also included in the formula is an Actilip complex made up of sunflower, Inca Inchi oil (rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9) and essential Jasmine wax. It helps replenish the epidermis, improves barrier function and restores comfort and suppleness. Again, this moisturiser has a subtle scent that is not overwhelming at all and disappears after about 10 minutes. It also contains no colourants, so even mature, sensitive skin should be absolutely fine using this moisturiser. Apply it morning and evening, after your serum.

Matis is available in professional salons and spas nationwide.

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Love Matis. I’ve been using the Delicate range for years. It’s the only thing my very sensitive skin seems to tolerate.

I haven’t tried Matis products for a long time. I remember being very impressed by them. Love the pics from your modelling days.

LOL & Thanks Richard. Always lovely seeing your comments pop up. The Matis range is still spectacular (and pricey). X

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