Two weeks after having my hair coloured and cut – I love the way my style has settled!

I’d been with my previous, very talented hairdresser for almost 12 years. Her salon is JHB based, but she visited CT every 6 weeks to see her clients. While this mostly worked out well for me, I felt I needed to find stylist that was CT based – one I could pop into for a quick blow dry, trim or colour when I needed.

Unsure of who to turn to, I asked the lovely ladies at Schwarzkopf to recommend someone. “You have to try Savas” they said, raving out his colour techniques, cutting and incredible energy. Now, a couple of women I know call Savas their hair hero: Bev Nates (Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan SA) swears by his talents, as do makeup artists & fellow beauty bloggers Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch & Marlinette Newman. Oh, and ALL the top CT based models have their hair done by Savas (evidence of this is VERY visible on the Savas Hair Facebook page)

The man himself! (Sorry Savas, I pinched this pic off your Instagram page)

Savas Hair is a family owned and run business located in Claremont, Cape Town. Savas is the founder and owner, and his two brothers Giovanni & Giancarlo work alongside him. The salon has a really welcoming and sophisticated air and is the perfect place for a bit of celeb spotting. It would be wrong to name drop, but I spotted six celebs while I there (and one may even have been a member of the British Royal family #JustSaying).  

In general, I was happy with my hair so really only required small tweaks. After chatting with Savas, we decided on a root touch up to cover any gray hairs, then a reverse ombre that would eventually result in my ends looking a lot lighter than the rest of my hair.

Cover Up!

Seeing as though I was essentially doing two chemical processes in one day (reverse ombre & colour), my hair would need a treatment to avoid breakage. After some consultation, it was decided that a Schwarzkopf Fibreplex would be applied to save my locks.

Schwarzkopf Fibreplex is an in-salon treatment that protects hair against damage caused by chemical processes like colouring, highlighting and lifting colour.

Fibreplex works by interlinking a high performance Fibre Bond 4.5 technology with hair fibres, to enforce and seal strong structural bonds and minimise hair breakage during lightning, lifting and colouring. Thanks to the Fibre Bond 4.5 technology, new bonds and and hairs ph level is balanced, so colour pigments get locked into the hair for longer lasting colour vibrance and shine.

Savas doing a reverse ombre technique on my hair (Is it just me, or do my hands look extraordinarily HUGE in this picture?)

Rose Gold Matsuzaki cutting scissors

Savas also did an interesting cutting technique whereby he snipped my locks in a way that accentuates the natural wave. Please take a look at the Rose Gold plated steel Matsuzaki cutting scissors he uses! Just so you know, Matsuzaki also make samurai swords. These babies are not cheap, and Savas tells me how he sends his to Japan to be sharpened yearly.

I’ve also started a new haircare regime. Savas recommended I wash my hair with a formulation that holds onto colour. The Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Colour Freeze Shampoo is a bit like skincare for your hair. This line can be used on both colour treated and highlighted hair. The shampoo brings hair to its optimal pH 4.5 level to freeze colour pigments deep inside the hair.

I generally prefer a mask to an actual conditioner, so I opted for the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Colour Freeze Treatment Mask, which is a restoring, creamy treatment for colour treated hair. As with the shampoo, it freezes colour and protects against fade while reducing frizz and adding shine.

I also suffer with dry scalp in winter, so Savas suggested I try the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Scalp Genesis Soothing Serum. The vitamin-infused formula detoxifies and re-balances the scalp to restore its protective barrier. The formula contains Vitamin B5 that calms and rebalances, ridding the scalp of flakes. It’s easy to use too – simply apply onto the scalp in sections, then distribute evenly. There is no need to rinse. This stuff literally got rid of my flaky scalp with just one application. I now use it once a week for upkeep.

Schwarzkopf hair care products can be purchased from select hair salons nationwide.

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For more on Savas Hair, check out their Facebook page HERE.

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Beautiful love the new look!! Will definitely try out the shampoo and mask from Schwarzkopf – just what my hair need! Thanks always for your interesting articles and good tips 🙂

you look great! My stylist became a mom. I’m very happy for her but sad that I’m without her too. 🙂


Thanks Noelle 🙂 It can be a real challenge finding a new stylist who understands both you & your hair.

Thanks Juanita, so lovely hearing you enjoy my articles & tips 🙂

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