We all know that a good night’s rest is essential for great looking skin, because it’s at night when the skin kicks into repair mode and is better able to absorb active ingredients.

Worryingly, research by Dermalogica shows that sleep problems constitute a global epidemic affecting as much as 45% of the world’s population.

Now, just a few nights of missed or disturbed sleep can lead to a dull looking complexion, fine lines, dark circles and even the onset of premature ageing. Sadly, in today’s increasingly connected world, we won’t be getting more sleep anytime soon.

Thankfully the clever scientists at Dermalogica have developed a product that works during the night to literally transform sin come morning.

The new Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon (R1295) is a revitalizing gel-cream that works with the skin’s natural overnight repair and recovery process to optimize the skin benefits of the sleep we do manage to get. It hydrates, brightens and revitalizes the skin. Best of all, it’s VEGAN too!

Formulated with advanced ingredients that work with an optimize the skin’s natural active overnight repair and recovery process, Sound Sleep Cocoon will transform your skin by morning.

Ingredient wise, this lovely gel-cream formula contains Persian Silk Tree extract that reduces signs of skin fatigue while restoring vitality. A Wu-Zhu fruit extract refines the skin’s texture, ensuring skin looks radiant come morning, while kakadu Plum Extract (I won’t like, I had a giggle typing Kakadu) – an antioxidant rich in Vitamin C – visibly brightens the skin. Lastly, Tamarind Seed Extract, creates a nourishing cocoon of comfort for softer, more hydrated skin.

What really piqued my interest the most in this formulation is the motion-activated essential oils that soothe the senses and and promote deep, restful sleep. Essentially Encapsulated French lavender oil and calming sandalwood & Patchouli are released into the skin throughout the night as you toss and turn.

Sound Sleep Cocoon should be applied as the last step in your nighttime skincare routine just before hopping into bed.

I also have to give a quick shout out to this beauties very clever twist lock packaging that makes it ideal for travel.

If you struggle with falling asleep, Dermalogica have also developed a Sound Sleep App (Download HERE) that can be used in conjunction with the Sound Sleep Cocoon to help induce relaxing, restorative sleep. It will lull you into a deep sleep by playing music for 20 minutes.

DIY Deep Sleep Massage

Try this calming bedtime routine to promote restful, regenerative sleep using the Sound Sleep Cocoon – video

Tips to Maximize Sleep

Turn off electronics, including your phone and dim the lights 30 minutes prior to bedtime.

Ensure your room is as dark as possible and slightly cool (turn that heater off prior to bedtime)

Avoid Alcohol, sugar and caffeine before bed. Opt for herbal teas like Rooibos (packed with antioxidants) or chamomile that promote a deep sleep.

Do some deep breathing exercises to promote relaxation.

Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Conditioning yourself to stick to a sleep schedule is one of the best ways to counteract bad sleeping habits.

Come morning, seek out bright light. Doing so is thought to help regulate your biological clock.

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To enter, leave a comment below this post telling me your top tip for falling asleep.

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The best tip to fall asleep is drinking some herbal tea and read a nice book .

a mug of milk and honey

My top tip to fall asleep…Hmmmm…let me think……. I drink a delicious hot cup of Camomile Tea…ask hubby for a foot massage and I go to sleep like a baby! At my age, I now need a good night creme and this product sounds absolutely amazing. Would be blessed if I could #win it, Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

When i can’t fall asleep (which happens quite often) i usually listen to music – it always helps.

Conscious, deep breathing works for me.

Oooh this sounds AMAZING!!! I wanna sleep like I’m in a cocoon and wake up as a butterfly each morning 😄😄😄 My top tip for falling asleep is a warm cup of (vegan) cocoa 💝💝💝

When i can’t fall asleep i read a book to relax.

A cup of tea and listen to music, thats my top tip for helping me fall asleep.

I drink a cup of warm milk and read until my eyelids are so heavy and I fall asleep.

I take a warm shower before i go to bed and believe it or not wearing socks to bed makes me peaceful

My best tip for falling asleep is a fresh clean face, it does wonders! Hope to win, my Bday is on 25th June 😉

My top tip is to set the scene, light a beautiful candle, put the lights off. Have a warm bath or shower. Then jump into bed, listen to a simple meditation soundtrack, e.g. the sound of rain. Put the candle out and drift away.

My top tip is a delicious shower with a lavender infused soap or body wash. Then put on cosy jammys and rub under your feet with a lil mixture of lavender and Vicks. It’s great for winter nights. Dim the lights and have a cuppa chamomile tea.
Then lay in bed…pray…or meditate on things you are grateful for.

You drift into slip with positive thoughts.

Top tip: Have a 14-month-old who doesn’t sleep much…. you’re so exhausted you fall asleep anywhere (although usually it’s with makeup on, or fully clothed) so this would be AMAZING for my skin.

Easy – My full night time facial routine, followed by a cup of tea, with fresh mint and lemon. Falling asleep has never been so easy for me.

A nice cup of camomile tea and music in the background does the trick for me.

After my two year old twins finally go down 🙆‍♀️ I have a hot shower using a shower cream with calming essential oils. A cup of chamomile, lavender & vanilla tea and a couple of chapters from the book I’m reading while I sip my tea… Mommys blissful me time🤗 Heavenly sleep awaits😴

I read before I sleep every night and if I don’t read I can’t fall asleep. So definitely reading I also drink green tea and sometimes I listen to soothing sounds. These are my top tips to falling asleep. I also struggle with insomnia so these really do help when I can’t for the life of me fall asleep.🙈

A hot water bottle and a good book

Unwind with a favourite book

unwind with a favourite book

The 4-7-8 breathing technique! Inhale for 4, hold for 7 and exhale for 8.

The only way I’m able to get some quality sleep is by going to bed with a clean , moisturised face. Skincare is of utmost importance to me and a freshly cleansed and exfoliated face definitely does the trick. Also , I find that ginger tea helps the most when I’m unable to switch off from the busyness of life.

Ooooh this night gel sounds heavenly! If I need to fall asleep I put a few drops of lavender oil on a warm beanbag or my pillow! Also a good audio book playing with the lights turned off- set to turn itself off after 30min!

A warm bath (in Joburg) and a foot massage by my fiancé! This on top would be dreamy

Try to use less electronics (phone, tablet) about an hour before bedtime.

As I am busying studying, I struggle to clear my mind when going to bed. Since about 12 years old, I have been practising a fail-safe method (and my top tip) for falling asleep. I lie on my back with my arms stretched out beside my body. I then, starting from my toes and moving up towards my head, concentrate on relaxing every inch of my body. Needless to say, this works every time and I have never moved beyond the point of my mid-section. Top tip #1!! 🙂

Once my pugs start snoring and their warm little bodies are completely comfortable I start relaxing and start falling asleep 😴😬🐾

I try and count backwards from 1000. Eventually the numbers get boring and I fall asleep 😴💤 to relax, I think about happy memories from the past like my sons birth or my childhood home.

Top tip for sleeping: lavender bath with epsom salts…then greeting the moon..meditation and you off to a deep sleep.

Meditation while under the covers with my beautiful fur babies on my bed with with me completely relaxes me. The comfort, love and warmth that they exude makes me very cozy and helps me fall asleep.

After I put my 7 year ol and 3 year old twins to bed, I have a hot shower , cleanse my face apply calming essential oils and get into bed with a good book 😴

Prior to water restrictions, a warm bath before bed used to do the trick. Now a good book sends me off in no time at all. And believe it or not, the better the book the quicker I nod off…😀

Solga Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc is my secret for a goood nights rest take two tablets every night! Absolute fan of any dermalogica products been using it for more than 10 years! This new product sound awesome….

My top tip for sleep is to drink a cup of chamomile tea with a dash of cinnamon and honey in. It has a calming effect on my body and mind.

My number one top tip for falling asleep, is saving my bath or shower for right before bed. I find that it is so relaxing and I think nothing feels better than getting into bed feeling clean, fresh, moisturized and warm from a relaxing bath or steamy shower!

I get into bed immediately after my warm shower with a cup of tea and my reading book. This makes me calm and helps me fall asleep quick quick 💤

My tip for a good sleep is doing some sort of workout then having a hot bath…im out in 5 minutes

I moved houses at the end of May and had a really hard time sleeping since. I have recently been trying applecider vinegar with some boiling water and honey. I got this tip from google and it seems to work.

3 kids… you’ll be dead tired like I am by 8pm and everyone gets into bed by 8:30pm and is out cold by 8:45pm.

Before falling asleep I always always read a good book. I turn off the lights, get into bed and read for 30 minutes or so. And then I close my eyes and think of impossible scenrios that I wish could happen 😂😂😂😂

TIP for a good night’s rest: warm relaxing bath, cup of rooibos tea, a good night cream and no cellphone nearby.

A hot shower and a cup of warm milk and honey makes me sleep like a baby.

My top tip for falling asleep is to do progressive muscle relaxation. This involves tensing and relaxing in succession, the various muscle groups of the body. The idea is to tense each muscle group hard for about ten seconds, then to relax them slowly. You feel really relaxed afterwards, and I find I sleep really well. Greta for stress too.

A cup of rooibos chamomile tea, a warm water bottle and a good book 🤗

I drink a cup of warm organic milk with a dash of honey, followed by a 2 minute shower. I rub my body out with Lavender baby oil, sprinkle some lavender powder on my cushion and dim the lights.

Washing my face and moisturising is also very important to feeling relaxed, putting lavender oil in a cool air humidifier, also making sure I have clean feet getting into bed 🙂

My top 3 things for falling asleep
1) have a baby… running after a 10 month old leaves you pretty exhausted by night time
2) Start watching a movie with hubby and tell him you sure to stay awake to the end (it will never ever happen and in 2 minutes you’ll be fast asleep)
3) make a cup of herbal tea to sit and unwind on the couch before climbing into bed… chances are you’ll be asleep before it’s evdn gone cold

And then hopefully before little one wakes up at 2am with teething pain you’ve had some rest 😳

Wining this would be like Heaven sent fairy dust for me right now. I love the dermalogica range!!!!

My top tip for falling asleep is be a mom 😂 as soon as the kids go down I jump into bed and read a grown up book, I usually wake up with the book on my face 💛

A fresh face (always remove your make-up before you go to bed), a cup of camomile tea, a goodnight kiss and a warm plush blanket transports me straight to dreamland.

A cup of herbal tea and a few pages of my book guarantees a good send off to sleep.

Lavender oil and a warm bath 🙂

Green tea and sleep therapy music along with deep breathing.
Alternatively, a good book and green tea.

I love to read either a magazine or a book before going to sleep.

When I can’t sleep, I go through a meditation where I feel each part of my body getting heavy and “falling asleep”. Starting at my feet I imagine them getting heavy and sinking deep into the bed. Very rarely get to my spine!

Chamomile tea and no electronics in the becroom

It’s quiet difficult to fall asleep especially if yiu have problems sleeping I usually try and watch a little tv or listen to jazz music to fall asleep if that doesn’t work i try clearing my mind of anything causing me to overthink by doing meditation and some breathing exercises it helps immensely

A few drops of lavender oil on my pillow, works every time 🙂

A cup of rooibos a good book and a cuddle always does the trick 😉❤️

Honey and milk, or a cup of rooibos tea, 😴

What gets me completely relaxed and drifting off to sleep in a matter of minutes is watching massage videos. Whether it’s a hand massage or a face massage, it gets me to sleep.

After a warm Epsom salts bath, don your snuggliest jammies and apply your moisuriiser, sip on warm lemon tea with a hint of honey, or warm rice milk… a prayer to release the tensions of the day and drift off to sleep meditating on all the things we are grateful for!

Ginger milk and reading my a few pages of my novel makes me sleep like a baby i find that lightening lavender oil burner and hour or 2 before bed time also helps alot

Ginger milk and reading my a few pages of my novel makes me sleep like a baby i find that lightening lavender oil burner and hour or 2 before bed time also helps alot

I really enjoyed reading this blog! Super informative. My top tip for falling asleep is to turn on my phone’s blue light filter at least an hour or two before bed. Once in bed, I would lie on my back and do some deep breathing exercises to calm my body and mind. I would focus on the rise and fall of my chest and before I know it, I’m fast asleep! Works every time!

I make sure I have proper sleep space, using the right pillow. Clean and comfortable bedding also ensures me a good night’s rest.

My top tip is to play sounds of the ocean, like the waves crashing, or the rain etc. Just sounds that normally calm my mind.

Tricking my fiancé to rub his fingers through my hair if he’s not around milk with turmeric, honey and fresh ginger brought to a boil.

For me it’s definitely having a hot shower and drinking a nice cup of of almond milk before bed the warmer you are the sleeper you get.


Lemon Verbena tea made with fresh leaves from my garden, sipped slowly and mindfully while listening to the soothing purring of my kitty who insists on sleeping on my tum – usually does the trick for moi!

I use the CALM app that you can download from itunes. They have sleep stories that are sortnof bed time stories for adults…. imagine stephan fry is his most soothing voice teling you about the lavender hills in France… works for me!

A pre-warmed bed (thank you Lord for electric blankets), freshly brushed teeth, a few sips of water, a thanks-filled heart for the day that has passed (…the highs and letting go of the lows) and a faithful goodnight kiss from my husband seems to do the trick! #everydaywonders.

Reading is the best way to fall asleep.

I find doing yoga (very easy movements) and meditation helps to calm the day’s stresses.

A cup of chamomile tea always does the trick after a long day, especially before bed

This is THEE most AMAZING product I have EVER used! I battle sleeping as it is but the first time I used this I slept like a baby and woke up feeling amazing. My best friend stayed the night 2 weeks ago and told me to try it out and see if it would perhaps work. It did! Brilliant product. This would make my life complete!

A glass of good red wine 😉( added bonus of anti- oxidents for my skin!)

My top tip for falling asleep is to soak in a hot tub with a few drops of lavender oil in and use a calming soap like Vinolia French lavender!

Definitely start with a hot bath. Candy Crush to numb he brain 🤣 and then focus on my breathing (breathe in, breathe out- repeat until I can’t remeber if I’m saying it 🤣🤣)

Recently tried Chamomile tea and it worked like a bomb! But I usually just focus on my breathing and then I’m lights out!

Top tip for falling asleep though would be to read my little girl a bed time story , the same story that we read Every. Single. Night. That definitely does the trick 🤣😉

I suffer from insomnia so 3 hours of sleep is like heaven. I have a cd of the sounds of whales and the ocean which help

Falling asleep has always been a struggle for me so I had to figure out something that would work. So after a nice hot bath I have hot milk with honey while reading one chapter from a book. I like reading fantasy books because my mind can really drift away with those stories. The milk and honey warms my body and sets me in a peacefull mood. I have found that my ritual really helps.

I went through a patch of struggling to fall asleep, and found a sound mix of rainstorm and fireplace sounds did the trick 🙂 Plus an electric blanket to make a warm cocoon!

Tip for sleep. I struggle I won’t lie so I try using herbal sleeping pills from pharmacy.

My formula for a night of perfect sleep is to get nice and sweaty from an intense workout, then have a hot bath and climb into bed. I sleep like a baby. 😍

A mug of warm milk and warm fluffy pyjamas. I also try to keep my room nice and warm too.

Turning off all electronic devices before bed and sipping on a cup of chamomile tea always does the trick for me. Also don’t argue about anything before bedtime.

My ideal tip for falling asleep is cuddling. There’s nothing more soothing or comforting than cuddling with either my partner, kids or even a pillow. There’s something about cuddling that gives a person that cosy snugness of safety when all else fails. It’s the scent of calmness in the chaos.

My top tip is to avoid watching tv and playing on my phone for at least 30 min before bed. I prefer to have a cup of tea and read my book – or have a little down time before trying to fall asleep 🙂

My top tip for falling asleep, is having my kittens and doggos cuddle up next to me! They are so warm & cozy, and knowing that they’re with me is calming.

A warm shower, moisturised hands, feet & body. And a peaceful sleep environment zzzz

I keep all tv and phone stimulation/contact to an absolute minimum for the hour before I go to sleep and choose to rather reflect on the positive parts of my day so I fall asleep feeling happy

A warm shower and something (movie, series, music) playing in the background makes me fall asleep instantly.

My top tip for falling asleep is to not have kids.

A mom of a teething baby

Warm chai tea and an episode of Suits…keeps me dreaming of Harvey Specter all night😍😍

Lavender oil on my pillow seems to help. Also no phone (social media) for the last 15 minutes before I go to sleep to unwind and switch off

I neeeeed this! Having two toddlers only 11 months apart has taken a toll on my skin and my sleep 🙈 I don’t have a top tip to fall asleep -but sleep or lack of it is a huge problem in my life – my son wakes up almost every single night at 3.30am till about 5am – my skin needs this – my sanity needs this 😊

Hi there. I drink a deliciously warm milky Chai tea. The aromatic spices is heavenly and makes me go quickly to the land of nod 😴

I am a thinker and a creative so my mind struggles to switch off. So every night before I get into bed at least 30 min prior to getting in bed usually I take my diary & journal and jot down all my to do’s on paper for the next day – chores, meetings, errands and reminders. This way it’s on paper, i feel organize and it’s not in my mind so my brain can switch off and this truly helps me to relax. Try it!

Reading and meditation are best for sleep 👌

I never questioned whether this actually works or its psychological, either way – never question a grandma’s remedy for anything! We call this ‘badam milk’ – badam meaning almonds in Hindi. My grandmother would chop or crush almonds and mix it into a mug of hot milk with some honey. I still do it myself at varsity.

a good cup of coffee…. then im out for the count.

I’m pregnant so sleep is a struggle but my top tips are: 1. Think of something very pleasurable that gives you joy. 2. Lavender pillow spray. 3. Read before sleep (not your phone :)). 4. Very dark room. 5. No caffeine drinks in the afternoon.

A warm shower, chamomile tea and my bean bag. I love being cosy and warm

My top tip is… Have a busy hectic day with my two kids. By the time I put my head on my pillow I am in la LA land

Lavender oil bath, light 10 minute meditation, calming rosewater face mist and a cup of herbal tea.

Diy magnesium spray for better sleep.
1/4 cup of magnesium flakes or Epsom salt
1 cup of warm water
A small to medium sized spray bottle. Mix together
Spray onto arms and legs one hour before bed.
Helps reduce stress and anxiety too. May also lessens PMS symtoms

My top tip before going to sleep is put a good movie on, put your hair up in a messy bun and ALWAYS cleanse and moisturize your face (especially if you have terribly dry skin like me!)

What always works for me to read a good book to unwind and relax, works every single time! A good cup of rooibos tea also doesnt hurt 😉

A great night time facial routine, a warm glass of milk and a head and neck massage with some lavender oil. Aaahh I’m off to lala land.

After a hot shower, I climb into bed and surround myself in fluffy pillows and put on an eye mask and I sleep like a baby 👶

A few pages of my favorite book and I’m off in lalaland zzzzzz…

I find reading or doing a crossword puzzle helps me to catch some z’s.

My tips for falling asleep is to do breathing excersizes with the Relax Melodies app….. but I still struggle sometimes with my sleeping patterns because of stress…. I think the sound sleep cocoon might just be the answer

Thanx for the great posts


My nighttime routine to fall asleep is pretty simple but if not done properly no ZZZZZZ
Step 1 – Dim lights in bedroom
Step 2 – Remove makeup, apply serum, moisturize.
Step 3 – Drink a chamomile tea
Step 4 – Brush teeth
Step 5 – Get into bed
Step 6 – Say a little prayer
Step 7 – Lay Head on boyfriend’s amazing chest, we talk a bit, we kiss goodnight & I’m out! 😴

My top tip before going to sleep is a cup of hot milk with a few strands of saffron with a teaspoon of honey, you surely rest at ur best, like a baby. And also health components in it as well🌸🦄

Having a hot bath with relaxing salt crystals then drinking rooibos tea helps ween me off to sleep. 💆🛀🍵

My top tip for falling asleep and having the best deep sleep is reading a book before bedtime! It really relaxes me. If for some reason I am having trouble falling asleep on a particular day then I also practice deep and mindful breathing. I try and take really long breaths in and out for the same number of counts, and then I try to increase the count until I get to 20 counts in and 20 counts out – that’s always my goal and I have sometimes gotten to 20 by breathing reaaaaaally slowly. Normally I am fast asleep before I even get there.

I would love to try this amazing product! My skin has been really icky of late and all my usual products are not doing their usual tricks and I think this Dermalogica product might do the trick.


I drink my turmeric latte before bed so that i get a good night’s rest.:-) x

A cup of Lemon Tea is essential before nap time. Also this is my best time to layer on some deeply penetrating skincare product! I am an absolute product junky!!

I make a fresh warm mug of golden milk. The ginger in the golden milk, Calms the stomach and promotes relaxation.

I then switch on my electric blanket ( warms my soul during the capetown winters), sip on my “golden milk” and listen to the calming sounds of chakra music…

I have a blend of essential oils (lavender, jasmine, sweet basil and bergamot) which I apply to my temples, behind my ears and on my wrists 😊 Have been doing it for about two weeks now and it seems to be working 😬 Smells amazing too!

Conscious, deep breathing works for me. And to count the good blessings I received that day.

A nice warm cup of camomile tea and bedsocks 😉

A nice warm cup of camomile tea.

My best tip for falling asleep is to live a full, busy life with purpose.

My top tip for falling asleep is meditation with an essential oil of your choice. Works every time and is especially helpful during stressful times when it’s difficult to switch your brain to relax mode.

A warm bath always does the trick for me.

I have two babies so baby cuddles is how I fall asleep every night, great for the heart, bad for the skin as I sometimes don’t have the energy to cleanse properly or apply night creams!

My GO-TO top tip:

Rub your pillow between your thumb and index finger. The sound close to your ears is so soothing, and the motion of rubbing/scratching the material is so calming. 100% recommend.

My falling asleep tip… cuddles with my two and half year old girl. Seeing her fall asleep in my arms, feeling safe and secure makes me feel peaceful and calm to drift off to dreamland

I would love to win this amazing prize… I need desperate help with my skin 🙁 The only thing that helps me fall asleep when I’m battling is the 4-7-8 breathing method… I inhale for the count of 4, hold for the count of 7 and exhale for count of 8… I sometimes think to myself “this is going on too long…it’s not working”…. and then I wake up in the morning…!!! It really works!! Just carry on doing it even if you think it’s not working… next thing you know, you’ll wake up in the morning!! Amazing how a bit of controlled breathing can put you to sleep hahaha Holding thumbs very tight xxx

My top tip before I go sleep at nite is to have a hot cup of milk with a few strands of saffron ND a teaspoon of honey u will rest ns sleep like a baby. And also it’s healthy components. 🌸🦄

I drink tea or hot warm milk and cinnamon. I also use a Oh so heavenly linen spray (lavender and vanilla)

I drink a mug of Chamomile and Rooibos tea about an hour before bedtime, one thing that always works for me….fresh bedding, nothing like clean, lavender scented sheets to send you off to the land of nod.

Listen to Relaxing Music. Music can significantly improve quality of sleep. It can even be used to improve chronic sleep disorders like insomnia…fun fact 🙂

Definitely not the correct/healthy answer but (for the sake of honesty) I answer emails until the last possible minute and scroll through Instagram. BUT in my ideal word: it would involve tea/essential oils/gratitude journalling. Anyway! Dying to try this product!

A warm mug of golden milk….

Chamomile Tea works best for me….and I have a lavender air purifier in my room on for about an hour or 2 before I go to bed! It works wodners!

My number one tip for falling asleep… don’t have twin baby boys!!!!! 😉

But seriously….read a good book every night for at least half an hour!!

Honestly my tv has become my lullaby , after watching my fav series I drift away coz it always puts me in a good mood and thats the trigger to a good sleep

I’m a bad sleeper , so I have a ritual:
A cup of rooibos tea at night, then a nice shower , lots of body lotion to soothe the skin and encourage relxation, followed by some gentle yoga stretches and NO screens – no TV or cellphone etc

I read every night before falling asleep!

I read before falling asleep

I would like to say ‘have a toddler as they are exhausting’ but as tired as I am after a long day with Harvey, I still tend to worry about EVERYTHING the minute I want to sleep. And this is a terrible thing to admit but 1 glass of white wine seems to do the trick for me!

My top tip to falling asleep is these days are getting my 3month old to sleep, and sometimes a warm cup of tea. Then I’m practically lights out.

A hot cup of Horlicks before bed

Chamomile tea 110%

I love a long hot soak in the tub with a face mask to really unwind and relax – after that I love to read a book in bed

I find what helps me best is to use ambient noise such as rain or a fireplace or even a cat purring helps me sleep, I use an App that allows me to choose what I want to have on in the background. Headspace a meditation App works well to knock me out too 😴

My top tip to fall asleep (and stay asleep) is to take 2 herbal calming tablets (totally helps to calm my anxious mind). If I don’t, my mind races and I just can’t switch off 🙁

i think the best tip is have sex with ur hubby and sleep
thts the best sleep u can ever get 😍😄😄😂
haha jokes apart
i use lavender room spray and drink chamomille tea
tht really helps me

Drink Warm Milk With a Touch of Nutmeg. Warm milk is considered healing and soothing. Milk contains L-tryptophan, an amino acid that’s a precursor to serotonin and melatonin, which both induce sleep.

A warm shower followed by a soft face massage with an appropriate oil. Sleeping on freshly laundered sheets is an absolute pleasure!

Honestly, closing your eyes and not let your mind wonder. Focus on the darkness, and before you know it you are fast asleep. I have also read online a few years back when I was suffering with insomnia – lie on your back, focus on your breathing, as you breathe in and out relax your body starting from your feet moving up to your head, by the time I reached my tummy I was asleep. – Carmen Garrib

I drink warm milk with honey before bed; and then I do breathing exercises once I’m in bed. There are many online; but I generally follow this one:

1. Exhale through your mouth.
2. Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four.
3. Hold your breath for a count of seven.
4. Exhale through your mouth to a count of eight.


My tip for falling into sweet sleep fast in these winter evenings, warming your bed with a old fashioned waterbottle and some low lighting whilst getting ready for bed- easy

I’m an anxious sleeper as my youngest little one is nine months. I use a sleeping mask to block out the light and deep breathing to calm my mind and slow down the grasshopper brain, which always seems to be most active just before I fall asleep

A good workout at the gym after which a hot shower with a warm cup of Thai Tea. The aroma of the tea alone is satisfying and warming on a cold winter’s night

My top tip for falling asleep is definitely switching off all electronics and laying in a completely dark room. You will fall asleep in no time❤️

I use the Calm app for some relaxing meditation and then I’m a firm believer in This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.

A good book does the trick.

My boyfriend use to tell me to count until i fall asleep, and i always thought that is so much work, until i had insomnia a year or so ago, i tried everything and guessed i coule atleast give it a try haha… so now Whenever i struggle to fall asleep i count and as far as i know i never even reach 100 and im out😂 try it sometime!!

I also count until i fall asleep .It works for me!

Yes top tip for falling asleep is drinking a mug of warm milk and watching ASMR videos on YouTube

Be very active during the day and exercise whenever possible. I run around after my kids all day everyday, by the end of the day I’m more then ready to sleep . I also find if I stay up a little over my usual sleeping time ( Netflix is the culprit) I struggle to fall asleep , so I think routine helps.

It’s all about the 5 B’s….
– Bedding of the best quality you can afford
– Ban electronics from your bedroom
– Bath-by-candle light…yes, you deserve it, even on a Monday…
– Bedtime drink : Chamomile tea, not bordeaux
– Breathe…In…2…3…4 Out….2…3…4…


I switch my phone off and read a good book, by the third page I fall asleep!

I always read my book in bed, I think it acts as a signal to my my brain & body that it must wind down.

Hmmm, tough advice to give with a newborn and a 2 year old in the house… 😂 but at the moment listening to Jason Blunt’s Melody over and over and over again seems to do the trick. Not only for the kids…

A good book and a nice warm cup of hot cocoa in winter does the trick 🙂

A cup of warm milk with honey and a meditation track playing with auto switch off after 30 min ❤️

To fall asleep easy i like to do some mediation.

I’m a serial insomniac and found that most things only works for me once. I’ve tried meditating, worked once, reading before bed worked a few times, breathing exercises work sometimes etc. I’m at my wits’ end.

Warm bath in Lavender salts, lather large amounts of moisturizer on my body, warm comfy and soft PJ’s, Cup of tea, warm bed due to an electric blanket and cuddle with my 15 month old who is my hot water bottle and with a name like Summer she is warm♥️ I also have an app called Calm that I listen to if all else fails

A long hot bath with Epsom salts and a cuppa hot milky tea.

Guided meditations is my secret … I sleep like a baby

I suffer from severe anxiety that affects my sleep patterns. I find that playing a white noise track through the night helps me zone out completely. My personal favourite is a celestial white noise track, but you can get a variety of different sounds.

Without a doubt reading a book! Maybe with a cup of hot chocolate!

A cup of warm tea!

I sometimes have trouble sleeping because my mind is always on and listening for my toddler in the other room.What helps me is a hot bath and then climb into bed with a mug of warm milk and sugar. I swear it works, simple and easy and I do ithink about once a month.

Being a mom of 4 young kids im always exhausted at the end of the day . I have to first take a warm bath with some lavender oil. Then I drink a cup of warm milk with cinnamon. While I lay in bed with a good book.

A cup of Rooibos and Honeybush tea after having lathered on Lush’s Sleepy after a warm shower. Heaven.

If you struggle to fall asleep, blink fast multiple times and you’ll be out in less than 2 minutes. Sounds odd but it really does work.

My routine that helps me sleep: a warm shower and/or face wash and then I lather myself in Lush’s Sleepy body lotion. Then I lie in the dark listening to my bed-time playlist (which is all the soft, relaxing songs from a number of my favourite bands). I’m usually out within 20 minutes 😊

A relaxing hot bath followed by a cup of warm chamomile tea under the blankets with a chick flick or a book 🙂

I battle to fall asleep, so reading these tips I hope will help! As well as the reassurance of a great product for my (ageing…) skin 😉

A relaxing warm bath with all sorts of oils, followed by a good face mask and a cup of tea with honey. When your skin feels good, falling asleep is so easy and it’s one of the best sleep ever. Making sure your bedding is also clean and smells good is a bonus. Add a bit of classical music in the background !

My hubby. Goodnight cuddles. Grateful .. THE best remedy for most things

My tip would be put the phone down. Try not use your phone just before sleeping.

My tip is a warm shower followed by calming camomile tea. I read a story to my kids and I’m ready to sleep afterwards. It’s most natural and I enjoy ending my day in a soothing way

My tip is to switch off the tv and read a book. If it’s a boring book even better. Your brain would just like to switch off. LOL

Oooh, saw this and love it! A few lavender drops on bedding, clean face and body and a good book!

I make a mug of chamomile tea (I use 2 bags in 1 mug if I’m extra anxious) and I need complete darkness to fall asleep so I wear an eye mask 😴 x

Skip the Smoke. Smoking can keep you from falling asleep and worsen insomnia.

A warm mug of Chai Latte just before bed!

my best tip is to ensure you go to bed with a smile and good night kiss from your love ones. that normally make me wake up feeling thankfull, blessed and happy to be whom I am. Not rich, not famous but blessed out of my boots. And maybe this cream can be part of an amazing night routine.

A mug of Nomu Decadent hot chocolate before bed makes me have a good night’s rest 😍

To get my eight hours, I have a nice warm bath and rub some lavender oil into my temples… then with no TV and phone on silent, I read a good book for about half an hour and then that sends me snoozing!

My things I do for getting ready for bed :
A hot shower to relax
Cup of my favourite tea next to bed after the shower
and my current book.
Switching off and a good nights rest is an ultimate must for success in our daily lives.
BeYoutiful 🙂

A good night sleep start with sleeping the correct time for me. Getting the correct hours of sleep, happy family,good excercise and reading is very soothing.
Praying thank God for protecting my family friend neighbors and providing us with His dayly needs is best comfort for me before sleep time.

I know it sounds weird but I cannot sleep if my tummy growls so I have jungle oats with milk sugar butter just a small helping and then I sleep like a baby

I drink a cup of the laager tea for kids caramel flavour with a teaspoon of honey and I have the best sleep ever.

This is a difficult one, as falling asleep at night is quite a challenge for me! But I have discovered that a routine helps for me. Take a bath, or shower in Cape Town! , go through face routine, get in bed, check Facebook, read Bible, pray, close eyes and hope for the best!

A herbal tea with honey and reading before bed relaxes me

A warm shower, a good rub with some essential oils and a cup of chamomile tea 👌

A nice hot.shower. a warm cup.of ginger milk and a good book works for me. I sleep like a baby.💓

No electronics and your partner reading you a little story 😀

I’ve always found lavender to be a soothing sent. I light some lavender candles while going through my evening routine ( I.e. shower and evening skin and hair routine). Comfortable nightwear and a silk pillow case are a must and it’s not only comfortable but great for skin and hair. Blow out candles and get settled in bed. I avoid my cellphone at all costs once I’m in bed – it makes it difficult for me to be in a relaxed state again. I then just let me mind wander ( P.S. though it’s hard sometimes- I try not think of what I have to do for tomorrow and such. But that’s not guranteed). All in all, I find a good routine makes it easier to fall asleep.

I have a routine for bed, a cup of rooibos while perusing emails. And then a warmed bean bag and the calm app to assist in sleeping.

Start with the basics, an excellent mattress , 800 thread count sheets and in winter a down duvet. A shower and then bed, if I struggle to fall asleep, I imagine a pendulum, a lie on my back breath deeply and focus fully on the pendulum. has worked for me since i was a teen. I would love the cream as my skin is showing signs of aging.

I use the 4:7:8 breathing technique to help with anxiety, unwinding, consciousness and falling asleep. Google it, it works so well!

What really relaxes me is having my hubby rub my back in bed! Sometimes I don’t even realise I’d drifted off to dreamland 🙂

I make a milky ginger tea with loose tea leaves. Add some cardomom and honey. Very soothing and relaxing.

I have a cup of camomile tea, and magnesium, it does the trick for me, always

You had me at kakadu… Hehe. Well I work at the fire department in the call centre (like 911) so I work shifts, so my sleep routine for the last 11 years was messed up due to bad diet habits and sleeping tablets (used for ptsd) but you go through a stage where you realise you can’t use them forever and I started educating myself on how to wind down after a long shift and before bed. Firstly I cannot stress it enough how important it is to just take a minute or 5 and JUST BREATH… Make tea, eat your favourite snack… Take a shower , put on a mask..use my fav face oils and then most important :

To stop yourself from overthinking and tossing and turning because you know you had to iron that dress,or pack lunch.. Do whatever you can to make your life a breeze the next day.. Pre plan,. Make a list and stick to it…. Pack out your vitamins, fill your water bottle.. Just make it easier and that my dear friends help to get a good night’s rest… Which equals in better looking skin (so does clean sheets just so by the way!!!)

Top tip – putting my 3 year old to sleep. It gets me down (early) almost every night 😉

Put a drop of lavender essential oil on some cotton wool and put it in my pillow slip 💜

Warm milk with a hint of turmeric

A cup of rooibos tea and a good book 📚 ☕️

Herbal tea with honey and soft music

My top tip for falling asleep, make sure your room is completely dark, avoid drinking any coffee or tea rather a herbal tea or glass of warm milk, relax…..

I put the music on softly and druni my tea early in the evening

I do love a good pillow spray with essential lavender oil that helps sends me off to a blissful slumber, that and my husband spooning me 🙂

I love something good to read and a large mug of Hotlicks. Doesn’t take long and I’m off the dreamland.

Magnesium! One tablet in the evening helps me to fall asleep.

A glass of water helps me sleep. If it was a stressful day a loooooong bath helps.

Another top tip for falling asleep … Stop thinking about winning this amazing product 🙈🙈

A cup of tea and a nice book always help me sleep.

My top sleep tip is a 20-minute night time yoga sequence, and two drops of lavender on a tissue by my bed. Works wonders!

I ensure my room is dark and very quiet as I am a light sleeper
Best thing that has worked for me was finding the correct pillow.
I also burn a lavender infuser which I turn off when I put my bedside light out.
I also have a warm relaxing bath prior to going to bed.

I find washing my face, putting on a soothing serum, making a cup of ginger tea and reading a few pages of a good book does the trick xxx

If I struggle to fall asleep I normally just concentrate on happy thoughts (a holiday or happy family event) and that does the trick for me.

Have a digital detox 60min before you go to sleep. If you don’t put your phone to sleep, you won’t be able to fall asleep!

So what helps me to fall asleep on the nights I am having insomnia is to have a warm bubble bath with lavender. A hot cup of herbal tea with Jasmine lavender and camomile calms me down and I find I am able to sleep thereafter.

Iv been suffer from Insomnia for last 8 yrs just after my divorce. . It’s terrible.. during the day you feel like a zombie 😭😭 .. I burn incense sticks. Or essential oils like Lavenders. . to make me relax… Massage me after a shower wth lavender oil as well. .. Nd play relaxing. Soothing music of waterfall … Birds chirping in the background. It helps to an extend🙏. IV only heard Amazeballzzz Reviews on these products 😍😍💕..
Nd I love using essentially oils. Soo purfect… On my #LustList

Warm milk with turmeric and honey.

I don’t often struggle to fall asleep but when I do it’s usually due to feeling stressed or anxious, so cuddling up to my favourite human (my amazing hubby) makes me feel safe and secure, and therefore able to rest peacefully.

Ginger Tea..and and some light toast always makes mefeel sleepy and relaxed..definitely something that works as falling asleep is an issue for me and this remedy works wonders..love to win this amaxing giveaway..

Soooo keen to try this! My ultimate tip is to drip some lavender oil on my pillow (or LUSH Twilight Body Spray), so I LOVE that there is lavender in the product!

The best way to fall asleep is have a hot cup of hot chocolate and of course by keeping your feet warm with a warm pair of fluffy socks.

Light a candle and some reading before bed 🙂 Can’t wait to check that app out. I don’t have trouble falling off to sleep but wake up in the middle of night and can’t go back to sleep, will give the app a try to see if the music helps!

Sorry, submitted that before I was done. Light a candle and some reading before bed 🙂 Can’t wait to check that app out. I don’t have trouble falling off to sleep but wake up in the middle of night and can’t go back to sleep, will give the app a try to see if the music helps!

Wish I had a answer but I dont. My mind just doesn’t switch off at night. The only time I get more then 5hr sleep is when hubby gives me a back massage before bedtime that usually relaxes me. The other thing that normally works for me when I can’t sleep is taking deep breaths relaxing and listening to the clock ticking.

My top tip for falling asleep is lying in my hubby’s arms.
I sleep like a baby!!!

Am I the only one going to say WINE?! Haha but no really there is wine, because 2 YEAR OLD! When we had water it CT it was a nice hot bath with candles… now the tea and wine will have to do 😉

My top tip for falling asleep?,….taking a hot bath, drink some Hot chocolate, sit down to watch a movie with my husband and our little doggies….one, two three…..and I fall asleep…lol!!! Would love to #win this incredible product #InMyBag

A cup of chamomile tea and lavender pillow mist always helps me sleep well

I switch off from technology one hour before going to bed. I love sprayong a lavender spray on my pillow case – the LOccitane one is divine. And then I read to relax me.

My trick for a good night’s sleep is a cup of Woolies forty winks tea with chamomile and lavender. It settles the tummy and makes you nice and sleepy. Add in a good book and you’re sorted. My other trick is a good bottle of red wine, but the tea is probably better 😉 …. but the wine more fun 😉 (balance)

I have huge sleeping problem as I get older but one cup of hot rooibos tea in the evening helps me some with my sleeping problem.

My tip for falling asleep is to read , by page 3 ( if lucky) I already find myself drifting …😬😊

Spraying your pillowcase with a lavender scent, and falling asleep to one of your favourite podcasts.
It’s really soothing to fall asleep to the sound of a familiar voice.

A nice and relaxing bath followed by a cup of chamomile tea and reading a few pages of my book.

My best is to lay on my back in the dark on the carpet, breathing deeply with meditation music… once I feel really relaxed I go to bed and easily fall asleep 😊 this product sounds incredible btw! Had my first ever facial with Dermalogica 😍

A hot shower followed by a cuppa rooibos and my Egyptian cotton sheets and I’m good to go 🙂

I definitely think my top tip for falling asleep is having no electronics in your bedroom and getting into bed a half an hour before you should with a cup of chamomile tea with a tablespoon of honey and a good book. It relaxes me to not have to keep up with social media and/or work on my laptop, and the chamomile tea soothes me and a good book is a treat and is some me time. Me time is so important for some peace of mind which then helps me fall asleep faster.

I would so love to win!!!! I dont care enough for my skin (my budget doesnt really allow for excellent skin care but i do my best with what i have).

Banana 🍌 water – Boil an organic banana with skin on it | cut both ends | boil for 10 min | Pour water into mug with colander . Sprinkle some cinnamon into water once cooled down . Have this one hour before bedtime .

Hot chocolate… full stop! It’s my go to before bedtime 🙂

I have a lavender bath and a hot drink. Definitely helps me.

A hot shower 🚿, a cup of flavoured tea with honey 🍯 & a cinnamon stick in it , followed by switching off all devices & a little bit of meditation/prayer helps. 🙏🏻

I have a glass of warm milk with honey every night to help me sleep. I also try to wind myself down about 30mins before bed by not being on my phone or watching TV. A good bath is always a great way to relax before bed and in winter there is nothing better than getting into bed after a nice hot bath.

drinking a hot cup of tea and nice good book 🙂

Usually a hot shower, snug pjs, fluffy soft blankets and a good comfortable pillow (im all about creating the environmen). But now adays with a new born baby, im so exhausted, im probably fast asleep by the time my head hits the pillow 🙈

My best trick for deep sleep is to switch off my electronics, and do a spot of knitting in bed. I nod off very quickly, and sleep soundly till the next morning 💤

My top tip for going to bed is a warm cup of milo, switching off all technology and some bed-time reading. Also sometimes I do some breathing techniques to connect with myself.

Take a pill! Lol

Reflect on my day and find things to be grateful for!!

Bed time reading and a glass of warm milk.

Me time….peace and quiet with the kids in bed, chores done, have my hot water bottle keeping my feet warm and getting lost in a good book! Nothing better to unwind after a hectic day and then drift off to sleep…bliss

I am really struggling with sleeping lately because I’m menopausal, but I try to limit my social media activities late at night, and settle in with a cup of chamomile tea, a rose-smelling candle and a good book, just to relax and feel sleepy.x

Top tip for falling asleep – long hot shower – then into thick warm (totally unsexy) pajamas. Burn a little incense or a scented candle, have a cup of hot chai tea and let my big comfortable bed envelope me. NO social media, no email – phone on silent – otherwise all the above prep is in vain.

My top tips for falling asleep are a cup of chamomile tea (Woolies does one called Forty Winks that also has lavender in it), and a calcium and magnesium supplement.. I get into bed relaxed and warm xxxx

A relaxing bath and chamomile tea

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