While many of us know and love the CHANEL line of fragrance and makeup, I was surprised to recently learn that a few of my readers didn’t know that CHANEL has a fabulous, very comprehensive skincare line too. There really is something for everyone – no matter what your skin type or concern may be.

Today I’m showcasing two new skincare launches from the Hydra Beauty line that contains a combination of active ingredients and exceptional textures. These products do more than just moisturize, protect and illuminate the skin – they also help skin withstand long days and short nights, protect against harsh pollution and counteract dryness caused by air conditioning. In addition, they combat fatigue, assisting the skin to regain its energy.

Beauty essence’s are all the rage right now, but many women are confused as to exactly what they are. Essentially, these products are lightweight serums that treat and hydrate the skin. Essence’s originate from Korea (skincare is a BIG deal there) and over the years, have found their way into mainstream beauty. They should be used on clean skin, after your toner, prior to your serum and moisturiser.  

CHANEL HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Liquid Essence (R1635)

This liquid skin care product is infused with camellia micro-droplets, contained in thousands of microspheres to protect the pure active ingredients and deliver intense hydration to the skin. In fact, every bottle holds around 3000 micro-droplets, each one filled with 50% fresh camellia cell active ingredients. These actives are full of nourishing lipids, vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids that envelop the skin in a comforting cocoon, working to strengthen the skin’s barrier, refining texture and adding radiance to the complexion. Also contained in the formula are glycerin and hyaluronic acid, ensuring optimal hydration. The formulation is free from alcohol and surfactants, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

To use, apply five drops of the Micro Liquid Essence to cheeks, forehead and chin, gently pressing the essence into the skin, then smoothing outwards over the face.


I got very, very excited when this landed on my desk because, I LOVE nothing more than an overnight mask! Now, water, oxygen and rest are three key factors for skin overworked by an intense lifestyle and suffocated by an asphyxiating city. It is at night that the skin repairs itself – during this time, it is also more receptive to active ingredients.

The HYDRA BEAUTY MASQUE DE NUIT AU CAMÉLIA contains the highest concentration of camellia out of all the CHANEL products. It is inspired by dewdrops that collect on the camellia petals at dawn, working to detoxify and re-oxygenate the flower. The formula contains a combination of camellia extract, Blue Ginger, zinc, copper and magnesium. It works to reactivate cellular oxygenation mechanisms by capturing the oxygen circulating in the blood vessels.

But really, it’s the texture of this incredible mask that has me super excited…

Ensure you apply this mask to face and neck using the curved part of the camellia petal-shaped applicator (which, may I add, gave me all the feels!). Leave the mask on for two minutes, then gently massage while the texture becomes more fluid. In seconds, fine water droplets appear – this mask is inspired by morning dew after all. This is a good indication that the active ingredients are diffusing into the skin. There is no need to remove the mask, simply go to sleep and awaken with fresh, supple and glowing skin.


In 2017, CHANEL created BLUE SERUM, an intense revitalizing serum to be used at the beginning of women’s beauty rituals for lastingly younger-looking, firmer and healthier skin (read more HERE).

It contains three longevity ingredients consumed in regions of the world called the Blue Zones where people live better and longer:

– Green coffee PFA from Costa Rican green coffee is renowned for its antioxidant properties.

– Olive tree oleoactive from Sardinian olives is rich in anti-ageing molecules.

– Lentisk gum extract from Greek lentisk is endowed with regenerating power.

January this year saw the launch of the eagerly awaited CHANEL BLUE SERUM EYE, a revitalizing serum formulated for the delicate eye contour area that diminishes puffiness and dark circles, while energizing the eye area. A moisturizing complex has also been added to smooth and firm the eye contour. What I love most about this serum is its fine, melt-away texture that absorbs in the blink of an eye (couldn’t resist that), delivering a beautiful fresh sensation.


both sounds absolutely fabulous for the skin!

Such opulence…wish I could afford it..

Between the Massque and the Essence…the heart wants…. Will definitely add this to my lust list! Your blog is sooo bad for my pocket!

Totally amazed after reading all about Chanel facial products, had no idea they existed until your write up.

Am sure the facial products are just as stunning as the perfumes

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