A few weeks back, Toni&Guy sent me three of their mini stylers from the Fashion Fix range to try out. They include an iron, a waver and a curler. All are smaller in size, so are perfect for traveling.I also love the bold colour accents on each and the fact that they heat up super quickly. Best of all, these tools each retail at a very affordable R399 (but are currently less 20% at Clicks). All perform just as well as a full-sized tool, but come in a super compact size.

Fashion Fix Curler R399BUY

I have to confess that if there’s one tool I’m usually flummoxed by, it’s a curling tong. I could never seem to achieve good curls, and using one always seemed to awkward. However, I actually found this one to be super easy to use. Best of all? It gives me the most glorious curls (you’ll see in the video below). I’ve been using it daily to give my wavy hair a bit more of a curl in places where my hair lies flat, and love how the curl actually lasts. Again, this tool has tourmaline plates that not only create gorgeous curls, but also minimizes frizz.

Fashion Fix Straightener R399 – BUY

I love this mini, compact straightener that brings you the performance of a full-sized tool in a super compact size. You can easily pop it into your handbag, and it’s the ideal tool for when you’re traveling and are short on space. It has 20mm ceramic tourmaline plates that heat up to 210 degrees celsius and is designed to protect your hair colour (perfect for a gal like me who colours her hair on the regular).

Fashion Fix Waver R399 – BUY

The waver creates gentle waves in the hair, similar to a crimper, but with more of a wave. I find it’s best to spray hair with a little hairspray (or mousse) after using it to add a some texture to the hair. It is probably the easiest of the three to use, but I’d suggest using it on blow-dried hair that has been partially straightened hair.

Tip: It’s imperative to use a heat protectant product on your hair when using any heated styling device. Heat protectant products add moisture to the hair while forming a protective barrier that reduces moisture loss when heat is applied to the hair. In addition, heat protectants smooth the hairs cuticle, making it less prone to frizzing.

I created the short video below using all the Fashion Fix tools

The Toni&Guy Fashion Fix range is available at Clicks stores nationwide.


I’m giving one reader the opportunity to win all three tools valued at R1200.

To stand a chance of winning, leave a comment in the comments section below telling me which mini styler you’re most keen to try and why.

Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it), so I can contact you, should you be the winner.

I’ll announce the winner on 9 April on In My Bag’s Facebook Page (Follow here).


Fashion Fix Waver looks like it make your everyday look so glam! and so well priced omg

Hmm – I have very very straight hear , except for the one side that always has some weird kink in it. So for me I would have to be the Fashion Fix Straightener to try and sort out that irritating kink! Loved the article!

Fingers crossed!

Fashion Fix Waver looks very interesting would love to try it out

I’d love to try the straightener:)

Keen to try the Fashion Fix Curler because my hair is so straight and boring

The Fashion Fix Straightener – I have very thick hair with a natural wave that needs taming!!

I’m SO keen to try them all but especially the Waver for beauty or editorial test shoots for portfolio pics! My 15 year old will have a ball with me while we style her hair too. love 💕 ❤️

These are adorable! I can imagine throwing one in my gym bag or having one in the car as they’re so cute and tiny!
I’d love to use the Fashion Fix Waver – used to love Crimping back in the day and this looks like a more modern twist!

The curler to give my hair some nice body

The Fashion Fix Curler to give my straight hair some curl

Definitely the fashion fix curler!!! Looks fab!!
I need some ‘organised curls’ in my crazy hair!! Been dying to try it!

I would most like to try the Toni&Guy Fashion Fix Waver, as it is the easiest to use and I have thin hair that’s in need of livening up! 😉

So keeeeen to try the waver !!!!!!! Always wanted to have that and not just the boring straight and curls .

I would love to try the curling wand. My hair is so flat and lifeless. No matter how hard I try I can’t get a curl to stay. I love the colours.

I have just cut and coloured my hair, so I would love to try the Fashion Fix Straightener! Just love the super sleek look, as I have thick hair with a kink!

I would love to try the curler since I’ve always got straight hair I’d love to see how it works in my hair

I love the idea of a waver… those perfect beach waves are utterly beyond me, but this makes it look easy. A dream for not quite curly, not quite straight haired people 🙂 x

The Fashion Fix Waver for – an alternative way to style my hair – fabulous giveaaway

I’ve been growing my hair like…forever!!! I can now do curls without looking silly – so defs the curling one!

I showed this article to my niece and she immediately jumped up with excitement and said she wants the curling iron … to try to do fun styles with her hair…
I would love the straightening iron for my hair… having 3 little boys my hair has been so neglected and I don’t have the money for any extra spoils for myself …

Would luv to try the Fashion Fix Curler.

cuz my hubby love straight hair on me
so defintly need to win that 😍😍🤞🤞

Dying to try the curler and the waver for different, fun hair dos.

Fashion fix curler…I have never been able to curl my hair with tongs…but this seems easy and idiot proof 😂exactly what I need

I would definitely love to get my hands on the mini waver! I have recently had the big chop and gone from waist length hair to LOB length and getting the styling right is kinda hard!

The Fashion Fix Curler. . . really annoying once you have finished playing golf and you have cap hair. So would be great to have a quick fix up as there is no more showering at the golf club due to water shortage.

Fashion fix curler

All my wigs have always been straight. I’ve tried curls once and now I’m obsessed with them. And I think curls are great for winter. 😬

i would love the Fashion Fix Waver, because my life needs, no deserves beachy waves of glamour

I want the curler, coz trying to make curls using a normal straight iron makes them wonky looking

Most keen to try the Fashion Fix Curler or Fashion Fix Waver because my hair is pin straight and could do with some personality.

I would definitely love to try the Curler. I love the look od a lived in rock and roll curl

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!
Fashion Fix Waver
Love the crimp effect – awesome

I’m most keen to try the fashion fix curler as it would greatly help keep my curls in place at a function, but also very keen on the fashion fix straightener also because sometimes you need a touch up wherever you may be lol and interested in the waver as I’ve never used one. Absolutely love Toni & Guy products as I have a dryer from when they first came out at clicks going on almost 10yrs now!

I would love to try the straightener! They all seem lovely though. I enjoyed your video thanks for sharing

I am keen to try the straightener definitely. After giving birth my hair has become so dry and broken and curly its not even fun. Having a baby and going through a divorce gives me literally no time to take care of my hair. And these minis are so cute and convenient! Would love to try it out.

The Fashion Fix Curler
I have straight hair and it will be absolutely wonderful to curl my hair and have a new hair style thanks to this amazing curlet.

Fashion Fix Waver looks like it could be fun to try.

I am most keen to try the Fashion Fix Waver! I used to love crimping my hair when I was younger and this is like a big girls crimper 🙂

The Fashion Fix Waver- As I have curly hair but always wanted to have subtle waves for summer. That’s my ideal summer hairstyle 🙂

The fashion fix curler😉

I am excited to try the fashion fix waver

I would like to try the waver , my hair is always in it natural curls or straight I would like to try a new style that easy and won’t allow me to burn myself

The Fashion Fix Straightener is what I want and need.

The mini compact straightener is just what the doctor ordered to pack into my suitcase for my sons wedding in September.It will be very much appreciated.
The perfect size as my husband and son both say that I pack the kitchen sink and more.Not true! I will then have more room fot innecessary essentials!

I just cut my hair into a bob and am dying to master waves with this new style of mine, I think the waver would be perfect for that.
A perfected new do is just what I need for this new season

I’m super keen to use the Fashion Fix Curler, I have short hair and with the normal size curlers it’s a struggle to actually make the curls and with the Fashion Fix Curler I can already see it’ll work much better because of the size and I like to think that smaller in size means better release of heat on the area’s you want it. ❤✊

I would definitely be interested in trying out the curler, as i cannot find a curler that keeps the curls bouncy and sleek all day😁 this would be awesome to try 😁

I used to have a Toni & Guy straightner that was the best hair tool I ever owned. After many years of trusty service it has finally given in and I now need a new partner! However that curling wand looks bomb dot com: super keen to try that out as well!

The mini fashion fix waver looks AMAZING. I have wavy hair but it doesn’t have that just done wave look. It has that got out of bed and forgot to brush my hair look 😛

I would love love love the curler, as I love curling my hair. I have only used a straighter to curl but would love to try a curler on my hair and hopefully my curls will stay in all day.

The mini, compact straightener please, because I have naturally curly hair which is cut and styled into a short spike pixie style. The compact size would be perfect for my length and life. Thank You!

I would love to try the Fashion Fix Curler. I really struggle to curl my hair and this curler looks awesome.

I personally would be keen to try all of these tools,but I am most keen to try the flat iron mainly because I flat iron my hair often.I also travel often and constantly struggle to fit my flat iron into my luagage I need something that is compact yet it still works.I also LOVE the fact that it protects your hair color

Well, first time I heard the waver tool I love how you review it I love to try because my kids loves a bit wavy hair and we have the thong but we can’t succeed how to do it.

I absolutely love my hair to be straight and flat but there are those random days that I feel like messing around, the style fix curler would work wonders. Instead of been laid back I’d be able to show my fun side more often

I’m super keen on the curling tool. I’ve always had dead-straight hair and would love to have the option to play with curls every now and then!

The waver!! New look. New vibe.

Amazing GiveAway 😊 I would love to try out the Fashion Fix Curler. Having naturally straight hair i often find it dificult to curl my hair as the curls never seem to stay for an entire day. I have tried many brands of curlers but nothing seemed to last more then 3 hours. I have read amazing reviews on Toni&Guy hair irons and with love to win this amazing prize. Fingers Crossed 😊

I love the Fashion Fix Waver as I’m a sucker for curls and curly hair. The curler looks pretty awesome too.

Definately the Fashion Fix Curler,i ve never had a curler let alone used one and never worn my hair with curls so it would be great to win one.

Whoop whoop Indeed the Fashion Fix Curler! On a natural journey and would love to try out some curler.

The Fashion Fix Cutler- I would love to experiment more and try & get some natural looking curls

The Fashion Fix Curler- I would love to experiment more and try & get some natural looking curls

I’d love to try the Fashion Fix Waver- I love to try easy new ways to style my hair. I also love that they are travel size 😍

Hi I love Tony & guy had mine for four years and it broke 😥 so I am currently without a flat iron would love to win please pick me 😀

Fashion Fix Waver..

I have NEVER NEVER NEVER had my hair waved like that of the outcome or crimped before in my life..
Would be so amazing to do for the first time with Tony & Guy!! ❣️

I won’t mind the Fashion Fix Curler and Straighgner as my hair is at a akward length and there is just so many braided styles a girl can do. I seriously miss a serious, perfect and “look at her” kinda hairstyle and having to use any of the 2 hair styling tools, I’d be the happiest and so would my hair. I alaways had akward hair, bet ya Toni&Guy can help me overcome it… 😂😂😋😋

Really want to try the Fashion Fix Straightener

I would love to try the curling tong. I have short hair and would like to curl it for a different look. The mini curling tong will be a an ideal tool

I’d love the fashion fix waver because it seems like such a simple way to get beautiful waves!

The mini curler-I too am rubbish at curling my hair☺

Prefect compact travelling companion. I have extremely Friday hair and the flat iron will be prefect. Perfect three in one combination for the bad hair days. Different hair do, styled for each day of the week

I bought the flat iron for my sister in Jan 😍😗😍😗😚 Shes crazy about it. It works like magic. I soooooo wish I could own these as my hair is like a dry mop…with the heat and humidity in Durban 😣 This set would be a Godsend to treat my hair to different styles each day of the week.

Definitely the straightener 🙂

It would have to be the curling wand for me. I also usually find it difficult to use them (with my hair being long and dense) but I love the slim design and the fact that the cord swivels.
Great post!

Fashion fix curler…I would love to see my hair in curls. Its always straight.

I fell in live with the waver as soon as I saw it, due to my extra curly hair I think it will give it just that little bit volume I usually want and I will totally feel like a surfer gal those waves

I have to get the fashion fix waver beautiful waves instantly, cant wait to try this out!

The waver is a must try for me! I have thin straight hair. Recently cut it into a long bob. This will give my hair perfect texture and fir nicely in my gym bag!

I’m keen on trying the Fashion Fix Waver because I’ve never used one before and would like to see what looks I can create.

Definitely the the fashion fix curler. I look so much better with my curls!

The Fashion Fix Waver for – an alternative way to style my hair – fabulous giveaaway

Definitely the Fashion Fix Straightner! Life as Fitness Trainer does not leave much time for styling my unruly curls. This would be ideal for in between my clients. It’s so convenient and the size is perfect! Oh.. and my straightner (bless her) called it a day after 6 years. It’s time 😊

The Fashion Fix Curler would be great for my new hairstyle, I recently had it cut in a bob, some beach waves would be great in my short hair!

Would love to try the Fashion Fix Waver, my hair is quite frizzy and would like to create gentle waves <3

I would be excited to try the fashion fix waver as I’ve only ever seen it used in tutorials but never actually tried it myself!
Such cute and fun looking tools!!

When you said that you are totally rubbish at creating curls, I am TOO! So so so rubbish and I have watched countless tutorials and tried everything. That’s why I would just LOVE to try the Fashion Fix Curler, you make it look really easy! I have incredibly fine hair and would love to be able create my own gorgeous curls at home and break away from the same old straight, boring hairstyle 😊

The waver is the one I would live to try out, I have sort of wavey hair but a bushy wave and I am sure this would be the perfect waver tool to make my waves smooth and look fuller

The Fashion Fix Curler! Because it’s the perfect size for my travel bag!

I would love to try the Fashion Fix Curler cause I always go for the straight and sleek look and would really like to try something different.

I’m keen to try the waver it will give my hair much needed volume and beautiful waves

The Fashion Fix Waver would be awesome for my daughters super long hair. Love the colour too.

I would love to try The Waver 💛💛💛

I would love to try the Waver… I love wavy natural hair… it looks so pretty… I would love to try it on my hair 💛💛💛

Keen to try the Waver looks interesting and I’m curious to see how it would look

Oh the waver looks fun

The waver-my hair is dead straight and would love to create some versatility

I would love the Fashion Fix curler. I’m so tired of my long, straight hair and that would be perfect for a new style and cut!

I’ve worn my hair every single day in a ponytail for as long as I can remember…
I’m scared to try new styles but in the same breathe I desperately need a change!! I think these tools would be perfect for me ❣️❣️❣️

The Fashion Fix Curler would be my first choice as my hair us at the best length to curl – and its naturally wavy, so the curler would give my hair the most interesting look!

I’d love to try the Fashion Fix Curler! I have really straight fine hair and if I don’t straighten it it just looks weird, so it’s just always flatironed… but I so would love a bit of a curl in my hair, you know that beautiful longer bob style with the wave… that’s what my dreams are made of 🙂

For me It would be the Fashion Fix Waver. Hubby loves my hair to be curly or wavy, aspecialy if I just let my hair airdry, goes all curly. Just cut my hair went from very long midback to just past shoulder length and from blond to brunette. And think this styler would work great for this new style. 🌠🌠🌠


I would like to try the Fashion Fix Curler because all my life I have had to use my straightener to make curls and to be honest they not that great looking and they don’t last me all day long,so for a change I would like to have glorious curls and enjoy my hair.

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