Last week I got to view the Poetry Autumn Winter 2018 collection. As per usual, there are so many items that I desperately want – and know you will too!

The inspiration for the collection comes from the historical le marchand des quatre saisons – the market of the four seasons.

The fresh produce markets of bygone eras were places of everyday wonderment, where people from all walks of life would congregate to touch, taste, smell and purchase their daily staples. Think delightfully eccentric folk who manned abundantly stocked stalls, old ladies selling zucchini flowers and sun kissed peaches, and silent mountain men with bushels of fragrant mushrooms and truffles. It’s the singular combination of these fairy- tale characters and their dewy-fresh produce that provided the vibrant colour palette inspiration for the Poetry AW18 collection.

I was also very happy to learn that 37% of the collection is locally produced.

The key neutral colour that underpins the collection is grey, and there are some many beautiful pieces in this very wearable hue.

Key pieces for the upcoming season include chunky knits that make for an effortless addition to the coveted layered look.

Florals take centre stage on long maxi dresses

Pieces that are traditionally perceived as evening-focussed, now make an easy transition to daywear – think sequin skirts paired with chunky knits.

Talking of evening wear, how exquisite is the dress below?

Bold red and ochre yellow add a beautiful vibrancy to the overall seasonal palette

Key pieces for the season include: a dress adorned with a gorgeous botanical print, a parka, as well as a grey cardigan in long-length silhouette

The must-have: A stunningly feminine wrap dress in dusty pink velvet.

I adore the “Prince of Wales” check suit with its stylish, structured trousers and blazer.

I love how Poetry’s winter coats always caters for all occasions. For easy wear, there’s the throw-on, open-end, lightweight long line coat. My favourite is the short sleeve tie-belt coat – perfect for showing off this season’s variety of enticing sleeve details.

When it comes to shoes, the main focus for winter will always be boots and Poetry has a great selection.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork for your AW18 outfit, it’s time to let your personality shine by customising your accessories to reflect your taste and style. You’ll find a lovely selection of super chic velvet gloves, wool berets, faux fur stoles, pom-pom beanies, oversized winter scarves and tassel earrings.

This season’s foremost bag silhouette is definitely the cross-body leather purse, but there really is a style for everyone from shoppers to stylish leather backpacks and structured totes.


I have a R1000 online voucher up for grabs from Poetry!

To stand a chance of winning it, like In My Bag blog on Facebook (HERE), then leave a comment below telling me which item(s) showcased in this blog post are your favourites. I’ll announce the winners name on Tuesday 3 April 2018 on In My Bag’s Facebook page.

The Poetry autumn/winter 2018 collection will be available in stores and online from April.

Be sure to check out


The stunning wrap dress in Dusty pink velvet

I love the grey long jersey for R999
Looks so snuggly & warm for winter 💕💚💕💚💕

Love the brown ankle boots (R1499) !!! Wow

I love the grey chunky knit for R499! Such a stunning piece

They are all lovely but my favourite is the sequin skirt! So beautiful!

I love the puffy jacket!

The dusty pink velvet wrap dress is so stunning and definitely my favourite piece in this feature.

The tan handbag and black ankle boots 🙂

I love the chunky knit cardigan and the velvet gloves! Sooo beautiful and special! (fingers crossed)

I Literally said “Oohhh” “ahhh I want That!” “No THISSSS” to every single product on your post right now, but vlip that white botanical dress gives me the feels, with a pair of those ankle boots!!!! holding thumbs so hard!

The velvet dress and sequined skirt😍

The dusty pink velvet wrap-around dress…is STUNNING.

The long grey cardi jersey and the long black puffer jacket look absolutely stunning and warm. Im always cold and the jackets/ jersey look so warm and cosy!! The boots would look great too 😉

Oh My Goodness! Those grey ankle boots are to die for! Those are definitely my top pick! But then I see that beautiful blush pink slip and all I can think of is Queenies outfit from Fantastic Beasts and I want it haha

Love the botanical print dress and the black parka

Love the black puffer R1499


Poetry is one of my favourite places to shop for my age group. I am at the tricky age of not being able to dress like a teen or a granny, I am in between and Poerty has divine clothes to fit this need! I love the brown satchel bag and the grey jersey. Both items are so timeless!

The black tassel earrings, black velvet booties, dress with botanical print and black sling bag.

I love the combination of that long floral maxi dress with the brown boots

How do I choose only 1 item?! Love them all but one item that stands out for me is the black sequin skirt 🙂

The boots of R1599

Love the ankle boots and that long grey cardigan.

This is my absolutely favourite store! I’d use the voucher to purchase the black and white dress with the botanical print.

The rest I’d use towards a scarf.

Difficult choice howver my faves are the sexy wrap dress in dusty pink velvet and the parka jacket – simply stunning – fan on FB & following on Twitter

Black ankle boots

I love love love that botanical print dress for R799.00 🙂

What’s not to love here? I love the brown boots, velvet dress and the long jackets the black and grey cardigan as well.

I really love the parka….it’s stunning❤❤❤
Just perfect for winter, coming up. Can be used to work as for casual wear

I absolutely LOVE the sequin skirt 😍 and everything at Poetry!!

I adore the black puffy jacket for R1499😍😍😍

I love the ankle boots.

I love the black suede boot and the floral maxi dress
Absolutely beautiful… and I just love the whole concept and look of their store …

This is the giveaway that dreams are made of! The pink velvet dress is totally out of my comfort zone but it’s really pretty and so are the bags especially the cross-body!!

I love the black puffer jacket R1499 also the grey cardigan in long-length silhouette R999

I love the wrap dress, the longer length cardigan and the boots.

Absolutely in love with the black ankle boots and the grey long cardigan. Such stunning pieces for winter, winter being my favourite season purely cause of the fashion!

I love the lace evening dress and the black suede boots!
Oh my word, its all just stunning

Ooooh, that sequin skirt is a dream *gasp! And that lace dress! And the dirty-pink velvet wrap dress! And those navy tassel earrings! Want it all.

The princess of wales check suit is perfection! Perfect for pretty any occasion! & I love how most items found on Poetry are exclusive. Holding thumbs!

Woow the redish boots R1599 one my God if I can have that.and the velvet orange dress is to die for yogrther with the grey cardigan.
So loving winter.

I love everything! The checked blazer, the longer length puffer jacket, that grey ribbed jumper, the tassled earrings, the navy beanie – they’re all amazing 😍😍

The boots!I need boots! 😊

Sequin skirts paired with chunky knits. is there anything MORE stylish ?
Loves it!

I adore the throw-on, open-end, lightweight long line coat. Also that Prince of Wales suit. 😍

I love the long grey cardigan!

I love the black parka, the grey cardigan and the leather tote.

Definitely the Dunkey Knits R499 and the Cross Body leather bag R899

Ahh that floral maxi dress is absolutely beautiful! I’d definitely go get that right away if I won.

I love the Grey cardigan… Would be perfect when winter comes😍😍😍

Such a Poetry Fan, love it all but especially the brown leather ankle boots for R1499. Would definitely spend the voucher on these!

Poetry inspired by Poetry
I’m always excited to read from Candice-Lee
And when I saw she’s giving away something for free
I clicked on the link and what did I see
A giveaway sponsored by Poetry
I know I sound corny with my rhymes and all
But who cares, when I walk tall, in my favourites
The beautiful grey knitted jersey paired with the structured trouser
Yaaaaaasss 🙂

Have a stunning day.

The dark open-end, lightweight long line coat for R1699. Love!

I absolutely Love the “Prince of Wales” check suit! Classic, classy and oh so smart!!

The coats! Its a must have item in any winter closet ❤️ And im in desperate need of one

Love the long lightweight jacket at R1699..

Adore those burgundy velvet gloves, and the navy pom pom beanie! <3

The ankle boots and that gorgeous sequin skirt! x

The sequined skirt is my favourite! 🙂

I love the floral dress! Stunning

Thanks velvet dress!! Oh my!

OMW, Candice! I’m obsessed with those black boots and the black cross-body purse!!!! My wardrobe would be sorted for winter, thanks❄⛄👢

Prince of Wales check suit definitely very stylish 🙂

Just love their range of boots and knits!

I loooooove the sequin skirt and the pink wrap dress💕💕💕💕 all these items are just too die for😍😍😍😍

Poetry Jannet Printed Dress – I was immediate attracted to this dress – scrolled down then up again

I love the dress with botanical print! So stylish!

The ‘Prince of Wales’ check suit is my fave with the leather bag at. R899. The long grey cardi at R999 is now also on my wishlist 🙂

Oh wow – I love all of them! The black lace evening dress and grey boots would be perfect for our honeymoon in Paris in two weeks time, sooo excited!!!! Thanks for the amazing posts! #poertylover #inmybagbiggestfan

The floral dress with the boots! Also LOVE the oxblood / red boots!!!!

love the boots and long-length silhouette 😍😍🤞🤞

This makes me look forward to winter soooo much!
What I fancy the most, is a statement bag or boot – the ones above look like brilliant buys.
The colours are warm and the styles are super elegant – positively swooning over here…

Love the blue maxi dress and the black boots

I love the short sleeve tie-belt coat my absolute favourite, the sequins skirt and the tassel earings. I love Poetry their clothing is stunning, timeless and great quality.

Love the grey cardigan!

Difficult to choose, but the long maxi dress is GEORGEOUS! and the dusky pink velvet wrap dress is also close to perfect.

I’d pair that chunky navy knit (R799) with the tiered blue tassel earrings (R125). Perfect for dinner and drinks in winter!

Black puffer jacket !

Hi there, I love the dusty pink velvet dress x

i absolutely love the long floral maxi dress, it reminds me of Spain 🙂 and also I love the long grey knit cardigan.

I absolutely love the leather bag

The long grey cardigan is gorgeous! Leaves me with some change:)

The short sleeve tie-belt coat and the Prince of Wales suit are favourites…🙌🏼💛🙌🏼 Everything is beautiful quality…. what a spoil this would be!!! 🤭😎😘

My favourite items include: the dress adorned with a gorgeous botanical print, the short sleeve tie-belt coat, the black ankle boots, super chic velvet gloves and the cross-body leather purse.

I cannot pass a Poetry shop without popping in! Some of my most treasured dresses where bought on their sale! The “Price of Wales” check trousers
really caught my eye….. now I know how to pull off my ankle boots with just the right length trouser!

The structured Tote is on my list and of course the sequin skirt This girl cannot resist Bling

The floral maxi dress is absolutely amazing and so versatile. It is so forgiving, hides problem areas and is super easy to wear. I love it. ❤️

Love the long-line grey cardigan and the grey ankle boots! Right up my alley…

I love love love the grey cardigan in long-length silhouette!

I’m all for chunky knits and have wanted a cross-body leather purse for ages! This is so perfect! 😍🌿

I love the floral long maxi dress…it’s gorgeous!!

There are sooooo many I love!

I love the longer length grey jersey with the pockets, the floral maxi dress, the dusty pink wrap dress, the grey blazer, all the bags, the grey ankle boot, the navy tassel earrings and the gloves!

The sequin skirt! It can be so versatile.

Grey cardigan and cross over leather bag then I’m ready for winter!

Love the botanical print dress and long grey cardigan

I love the Prince of Wales blazer and you just cannot beat a Poetry scarf for difference and quality! Just love all their clothes as well as other items that make fab gifts

all those luxurious hand bags1

The black lace evening dress – amazing!!
But i’d happily take most of the knitwear and the sequin skirt too xx

ooooh La La My favorites are the grey cardigan in long-length silhouette (R999), the brown ankle boot (R1499) and the brown leather bag (R899)……

Love Poetry’s items. I have been dreaming of a new handbag for ages now so the tan shopper caught my eye! Would be incredible to win!

I love most, if not all, of the items. But if I had to choose, it would be the Prince of Wales suit, the brown sling bag and boot. Also, the longer-length grey cardigan, the sequin skirt and the red purse.

I love the Jannet printed dress and Poetry’s ankle boots are always a winner! I’ll take all of them 😁

love the boots!!!

I love that florals are being a key featured trend because im such a fan but grey chunky knits are definitely coming in close on the must have radar. Especially loving the silhouette of the R499 grey chunky jersey!

Poetry, where to begin ….. All these items are too die for.
This season I’d love to rock feminine wrap dresses and chunky knits as seen above with a good riding boot/ brown or black with a gorgeous red sling bag to finish off the outfit. Poetry forever and always. Always classic. Keep up the good work.

Shew, tough one to pick just one item but that black and white botanical dress is just beautiful!! And all those gorgeous sweaters look good enough to LIVE in!!

So many wonderful things! I really love that dark grey slightly high neck jersey you showed right in the beginning (going for R799) and the black bag going for R1299.

The black bag @ R999, The boots @ R1499 as well as the Grey cardigan @ R999 – lovely options for winter

The beautiful white dress with blue botanical print

I love the Floral maxi dress!-I’m getting married on the 7th April and this dress would be so lovely to have on our honeymoon. Florals are just amazing on a darker colour fabric and the cut of the dress is very flattering.

This one is hard! If I must choose favourites, I’d say the chunky grey knits and the gorgeous tan leather bag! These items are versatile and absolute must haves for me.

Light weight long line coat
Tan leather handbag
Funky knit long jersey.

Awesome shop. And quality shop .

One of the crossbody black bags

The velvet pink cross over dress is beautiful.Also love the ankle boots.

I love all of the ankle boots!

I love the chunky knits and gorgeous gloves! Beautiful and so chic and comfortable-stunning

My gosh I just looooove the scalloped ox-blood chelsea boots and the crushed velvet wrap dress, so so stunning! x

The long length grey cardigan

The gorgeous botanical print dress, perfect for any season that can be dressed up and down for those relaxed days.

Any one of the gorgeous handbags for me, please.

Love the wrap dress in dusky pink velvet!!! 😍😍😍

Love that Floral maxi dress it’s so me for Winter and those Grey ankle booties love it.

Fingerscrossed would love to win 🙂

I am loving the long silhouette grey cardigan and brown tote bag.

Love the black evening dress (R1599)

I Adore the grey cardigan and winter coats 🙂 <3

I love the blazer with the velvet dress teamed with the brown boots and sling across bag! Wish I could use my utilities payment money for shopping 🙂

Looove Poetry and the new collection! The black and white leaf print dress needs to be in my closet!!

I am loving the throw-on, open-end, lightweight long line coat and the floral maxi dress. a new structured tote would be great too 🙂

Black boots of R1499, grey boots of R1199, Dark grey coat of R1699, Pink Velvet dress of R699, Prince of Wales suit, Black and white dress of R799, Grey knit jersey of R499

Love the Grey cardigan and brown leather boots

Love love love the ankle boots and parka 🙂

I love the brown/oxblood boots, the navy earings and the navy beanie with the pompom.

The long-sleeved grey coat for R1699 stole my heart

The boots! I’m a sucker for a great pair of boots 😍😍😍

Mmmmmmm so many options ….. definitely the grey melange coat or the blazer. Perfect for winter ❄️ ❄️❄️ Brrrrrrr

Love love love ❤️ all of it…but
My favourite has to be the tan leather barrel bag (top right hand corner)

I love the pink velvet wrap dress and the black sequined skirt. Gorgeous!

I love the throw-on, open-end, lightweight long line coat and the “prince of whales” pants suit.

What an incredible collection! That parka looks super cosy but if I MUST choose it would have to be the lacy evening dress. It’s heaven!

Love the pink velvet dress and the botanical print dress, the black boots and burgundy ones, also the grey jersey is lovely.

Love the lightweight long line coat😍😍😍

Definitely the long grey coat. But seriously it all looks stunning 😍

Oooooh! That sequin skirt is fabulous 😁 I’m in love sparkly things.

I love the dress with the botanical print. So feminine

The dress adorned with a gorgeous botanical print and brown leather handbag

Short sleeve tie belt coat ❤️

All the dresses. Especially the white wrap dress with botanical print.

Ankle boots the maroon like colour wow

I love the Structured Tote bag @R899 and the Grey Cardigan

Oooh … definitely the sparkly blag skirt!

Pick me! Those gorgeous black ankle boots have my name written all over them! (I’ll probably buy yet another dress while I’m at it – Poetry always has the best selection!)

Omw where do i start, simply love everything but if i had to choose id definitely go with the grey cardigan
White botanical print dress
Grey ankle boot
Sequin skirt
Structured pants
Tan bag

This collection could possibly make me like Winter 😉

😍 anything poetry ..but It would be the grey long cardigan and the prince of wales jacket.

Flip I just LOVE the Prince of Wales suit!! The leather bags and boots are also gorgeous. Such a great collection from Poetry this season. X

I absolutely love the pink velvet dress. It looks amazing especially for a girls night out😍

I’m in love with the black evening dress, the black cross- body tote and black flat boots!

That sequined skirt!

Love the velvet wrap dress, earrings and the gloves.

I’m loving the boots and the handbags. Absolutely gorgeous 😍

Yoh! How do you even begin to choose one item??? If I had to though, the magpie in me is drawn to the black sequined skirt, I’d probably never take it off!!

That feminine wrap dress in dusty pink velvet is to die for!!

The botanical print dress and the lightweight long coat

The dusty pink velvet wrap-around dress is absolutely beautiful. It’s definitely a must have me.

Thank you for a review on this fabulous collection and giveaway, I love to shop at Poetry.

Oooh stunning items😍 my favs the whole sequence skirt outfit, the long grey jersey, the check suit, the wine heeled booties and the grey booties

Love the bold ocre yellow coat! …and then, of course, the cross-body leather purse and the short grey boots. AND the long floral dress!

Love it all! The bold ocre yellow coat…the floral maxi dress… and, of course, the cross-body leather purse and the short greys boots!


The white and black botanical print maxi dress is to die for. Beautiful for autumn. This is so fresh and different. I love the uniqueness of it.

I love the black parka!!!

I love the botanical print dress.

I love the Floral long maxi dress!

It’s impossible to choose, I want it all 🙂 I think I’d have to choose the chunky knits…. They look so warm and cozy

I’d love to have that gorgeous little dusky pink velvet dress wrapped around me!

I love the floral maxi dress with boots.
Such a stunning collection. Was hard to decide on just one.

Love the dusty pink velvet dress. Cannot wait to try it in winter with boots. The short sleeve coat is a must-have too!

So hard to choose but I love the chunky knit sweater and the sequined skirt…and the wrap dress!

The floral maxidress is too gorgeous!

Love the floral maxi dress

All gorgeous don’t make me choose the boots the bags etc ….

That brown ankle boot at the right top has my name on it. Holy smokes I need that..beaaautiful! Holding thumbs..and feet ready for that Poetry voucher. eeeeek! Bonus that its online as this mummy has very little time on her hands to walk around in the shops currently

The long floral maxi dress 💕

I love all the accessories, but find the velvet gloves, pom-pom beanie, and oversized winter scarves to be must haves!

The black geometric dress. There is nothing more essential than a LBD and this one is stunning.

I absolutely LOVE the tan leather bag for R1699, Black Boots R1499 + A grey cardigan in long length silhouette for R999.

I simply love the Grey Long Jersey @ R999!

My favourite which I have wanted for ever and a day is the Prince Of Wales Suit.
With a few interviews coming up, I can mix it up…

The botanical flower dress.

Love the botanical print dress

The floralmaxi with leatberankle boots…gorgeous

The grey cardigan in long-length silhouette looks so cosy and warm, it would be PERFECT for road tripping through the Eastern Free State looking for snow ❄️

Love, love, love the floral maxi dress & the short sleeve tie-belt coat😍😍😍

I love the floral maxi dress

The short sleeve tie belt coat is 😍

Love the black high ankle boots with the black bag above it x simple stylish and can be worn with so much

That sequinned skirt ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love the long grey cardigan and the selection of ankle boots. Poetry is one of my favorite stores, everything has such a timeless elegance and I love classic designs.

I also adore the “Prince of Wales” check suit

I’m a sucker for all things grey, but this post is making me want to step into yellow 😉

OMGosh! Which ankle boot, do I choose? The floral maxi dress and navy tassel earrings are stunning too!

Ooohhh so hard to decide…grey chunky knit and black sling bag!

Love the dress adorned with a gorgeous botanical print

Without a doubt, poetry excels at winter dresses – I love the floral maxi dress.

Where do I start…. love it all but would have to go with that bell sleeve, cut-out black dress and the sequin skirt of course!!!

The checked blazer – completely on trend but also a timeless classic.

my fav is the short sleeve tie-belt coat

Without a doubt, the pink velvet dress! Stunning!

I always love Poetry’s clothing lines, quality, trendy and not overly ridiculously priced. I love the grey chunky knit in this post as I would like my winter wardrobe to include quite a few of these

I love the Brown boots

I am so inlove with the Chic Velvat Gloves and Oversized Winter Scarves and Tassles Earrings. Poetry is an amazing store it has such Classy and Elegant items. With winter coming in these awesome accesorries will give a my winter wardrobe glam.

The brown sling bag!

Not my usual style but keen to give the Prince of Wales suit a go! Super boss outfit for work 👔👏

Oooh myyyy Gaaaaawd I loved everything 😍😍😍 what caught my eye is the long floral Maxy dress. The grey long cardiac ..the beautiful ankle boots. Skinny pants😍😍😍😍 … I love the smell of Leather.. this would be a dream come true 🙏🙏🙏🍾🍾

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