Sensitive skin can affect every skin type, from dry to oily. The triggers are many and quite varied and can include stress, allergies, pollution, genetics, diet and certain ingredients used in cosmetics (especially preservatives, as I found out last year – Read HERE). In short, dealing with sensitive skin can be a minefield!

How to recognise sensitive skin:

  1. You’re prone to red, flaky patches of skin.
  2. Your skin sometimes feels itchy or tight, and you may experience a burning or stinging sensation.
  3. Your skin is very dry (however, even oily skin can suffer with sensitivity).
  4. Spicy foods & alcohol make you flush.
  5. Fragranced products or those containing alcohol have an adverse reaction on your skin.

Thankfully, there are some really great products available for those that suffer with sensitive, reactive skin – the newest additions being the Dermalogica UltraCalming duo that consists of the new Barrier Defense Booster and the Calm Water Gel.

Dermalogica has been really clever with these two new formulations in that they’ve effectively taken the guesswork out by treating BOTH the irritation caused by sensitivity and the dehydration.

The Barrier Defense Booster (R1220) is a concentrated oil booster that works to soothe, nourish and restore balance to sensitive skin. It contains Squalane that locks in moisture and a soothing oat complex that combats sensitivity. It works to reinforce the skin’s protective barrier against environmental assault. Regular use helps prevent irritation before it starts.

To use, you dispense 6-10 drops twice daily (morning and evening) into the palms and rub hands together. You then gently pat over the face, neck and décolletage. You can also mix it with your moisturiser (this is how I’ve been using it), then apply.

My favourite products among the two is the Calm Water Gel (R890). This weightless water-gel moisturiser has the most sublime texture and hydrates dry, sensitive skin. It has all the ingredients you want in a moisturiser like dual Hyaluronic acid technology that works to locking in moisture. Apple fruit extract and glycerin hydrate and soften, while counteracting dryness. A Cactus Pear Extract soothes sensitivity while imparting water binding properties to help support a healthy skin moisture balance. I must mention that I have normal to combination skin and absolutely ADORE this moisturiser. Aside for hydrating my skin, it gives it a really beautiful glow. I’d go so far as to say even an oily skin will enjoy using this.

I was excited to learn that Dermalogica now has a new, personalized tool to help assess your skin sensitivity risk: the online Sensitivity Score tool. To check it out, visit and enter your location for personalized insights about what might cause your skin sensitization, along with expert tips and product recommendations to keep your top concerns at bay.

To learn more about these two products, check out


I have a Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Defense Booster and a Calm Water Gel Up for grabs valued at R2110.

To stand a chance of winning this UltraCalming Duo, leave a comment below this post telling me why you’d like to try these two products.

Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it) so I can contact you, should you be the winner. I’ll be announcing the winner next week Wednesday 21 March on In My Bag’s Facebook page (FOLLOW HERE).


My skin is very dry on the cheeks – sometimes I feel the tightness after showers and have to rub some coconut oil in before bed. Also, I do stress a lot with campus and work!

I have oily skin but suffer from some sensitivity due to being on Roaccutane in the past. I am keen to see if these products can assist my skin.

I suffer from rosacea and would love it if for once people don’t ask me why I am blushing when really my skin is just feeling very sensitive and sore!

i love dermalogica
and my skin is very sensitive
and its perfect for my skin drfintly want to give it a try 😍😍

I’m getting married in September and would love to try these 2 products to help with my eczema on my eyelids 🤦🏼‍♀️😳

We have rosacea that runs in the family and therefore I have really sensitive skin. When I get products to calm the skin, it either makes it really red, oily or I get breakouts – the ever-struggling condition. The hot weather in summer does not help either. I would definitely consider buying Dermalogica if this helps, maybe my family would consider it too.

My skin is so dehydrated this will be great!

I would love to try out these fantastic products as my skin really needs the extra moisture going into Winter. I also tend to have red inflamed cheeks so this would be perfect to soothe my face before doing my make up!

My sensitive skin is fine with Dermalogica products so I would love to try these

These products would be perfect for my skin, as I do suffer with a very sensitive skin which gets worse day by day after my hormone treatment and being in my menopause phase now.

Talk about an embarrassing story and I’m ready to head for the hills. Literally. In school I had terrible sinusitis. I would sneeze constantly and my honker would turn a bright shade of red with red watery eyes. Worst thing was my blotchy over sensitive skin that would literally change colour to suit itself & leave me ‘red faced’ and so embarrassed! Being called Rudy the red nosed reindeer made me want the earth to open up and swallow me. It was rough being around mean kids and now that I’m older my skin has gotten worse and spotty with itchy patches. My skin appearance also depends on my diet. Having such finniky, sensitive skin has been an uphill battle & I would love a magic potion to bring me back to life. 🙁

I’m an avid Dermalogica fan…this would be great for my skin

Quite honestly, my skin confuses me. I get dry, flaky patches but on some days it is ridiculously oily. I get random fine pimples for which I have no solution because it’s not acne; just irritated. These product sounds like it will take the guesswork out of my skin problems.

I would love to try these products! My skin is really sensitive at the monent, and I bounch from flakey dry to oily patches to break outs…I’m really struggeling to find a moisturiser that works. Dermalogica is really great, and these products could be the answer! Thanks for the great review.

I neeeed to try this!
Im fair skinned, go red easily, break out often and suffer from keratosis pilaris (Kill me now). Would love to try this to at least get the skinof my face looking beautiful as i have no control the of the keartosis pilaris on the rest of my body.

I have extremely sensitive skin and have all the characteristics that go with it. I would love to dry this product, if it works then i know what to buy in the future. I know dermalogica is a fantastic brand so would love to win this.

This is exactly what my skin needs. I have extremely sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. It is dry and really scarred. This product will do wonders to boost my skin’s moisture and balance.

Thanks for this review. My skin is very sensitive I’ve tried so many things before. It is especially dry and flaky around my mouth and nose area and that itchy stingy feeling the struggle is real. This Dermalogica product sounds like the miracle I really need to my sensitive skin.

I have sensitive skin with rosacea on my cheeks which is so annoying. I would love to win this awesome Dermalogica product as I’m certain it will help with the horrible redness! ! Fingers crossed!

My skin is very dry because of my underactive thyroid. Would luv to try these products to see if it will make a difference.

I started getting rosacea two years ago, and am struggling to manage flare-ups. Would love to try the Defence Booster to see if it helps.

If you say it’s good, I have to try it. I hang onto every recommendation you make – I value your input.
I think it would work wonders to boost my skin’s moisture and balance that I’m currently lacking.
Holding thumbs.

I have always had very red, eye sensitive skin, andpregnancy made it even worse! I would love to show my face some TLC with these products.

My reason to try them is very simple- I just always wanted to try Dermalogica products and haven’t had the chance to yet. These products are perfect for my sensitive skin

So I have a problem with pretty much all of the above, when I drink (wine esp) or eat curry or anything hot, my face looks ridic it’s so bloody red! Then I also have the sensitive but dry… but also oily skin, it’s a nightmare trying to treat without setting 1 of the other off. This product would be amazing to try to see how my skin would react to it.

I have dry and sensitive skin. Which sometimes gets very flakey and tight, it looks and feels terrible. I have problems with black heads n white heads around my nose and chin area. All I want it smooth, skin and one tone skin. Which I hope these products can help me with.

I have super sensitive skin and the approaching winter months are going to add to my already sensitive skin. I have never tried Dermalogoca products and I believe that they will be the answer to all my skin woes! *fingers crossed*

I am at this age where i definitely need to find a good quality and effective moisturiser for my skin. My skin is sensitive and reacts negatively to many moisturisers which makes me reluctant and afraid to try new moisturisers.

For months I thought that my constant eyes tearing were due to allergies until my dermatologist suggested that it was in fact due to the products and my skin sensitivity (in addition to my tear ducts being blocked). I have since had tear duct surgery which is in the process of healing (12 weeks of tubes in my tear ducts) and during this phase, I would love to adjust my skincare products to that suited for sensitive skin. Prevention is afterall better than …well in my case – surgery =/

I used to have problem free skin, but from about halfway through my pregnancy my skin started going hay wire. Until a few months ago I finished breastfeeding I would have constant breakouts and redness. Now luckily the pimples have gone but in its place is dry, red and blotchy skin. So I would love to try these products to see if they can help 🙂

For so long I have wanted to try Dermalogica but its pricey. I have such sensitive skin that requires a ton of moisturizer. So this would be such a great opportunity try these products out.

My nickname was spotty face when i was younger because my skin is so sensitive, I’d really love to give this a try and put an end to blotchy skin.

My skin gets red and flaky patches. It can be really unsightly. I’ve tried so many different ranges, but still looking for the perfect product that will keep my skin clean while not provoking this horrid reaction.

It’s a great idea to buy these products. I normally have only a slightly sensitive skin, but I have found with the drought in the Cape (with an impact on my beauty routine), its becoming much more irritated and dehydrated. It sounds like these products could sort this out.

I’ve been a huge fan of Dermalogica for about 7 years now. Starting as a teenager, the Dermal Clay Cleanser solved all my breakout problems, and for about 3 years now the Special Cleansing gel have served me and my dry/sensitive prone skin very very well.. I have the MOST sensitive skin there could be…and I was very hesitant to try new products…. but willing to give it a try… 🙂

I’ve always suffered from sensitive skin. Dermalogica is simply the best product range, and these products could be a game changer!

I suffer from dry skin and when I over treat it I break out, and when I leave it, I break out. I know that my barrier needs some serious attention and this sounds like the perfect product for me. Gosh! I would just adore this. Getting married in September and would love to feel confident that my skin won’t break out or be flaky and dry by then! Xx

Dermalogica always lives up to it’s excellent reputation. My skin needs these calming products especially over the cheek and nose areas . I inherited “red nose” syndrome from my grandmother and would love a solution to this embarrasing problem.

I have always battled with sensitive skin, I have had both acne and eczema on my face which made my skin extra sensitive to any kind of fragranced or bad quality products. I am currently receiving chemo which is making my skin even more sensitive, dry and flaky! I would love to use these products to help out my suffering skin! I have heard the Calm Water Gel is a miracle for skin and I would love to try it out.

You have no idea how badly my menopausal skin needs this – my cheeks are flaming red patches of rosacea and I have a high sensitivity to heat and cold. I would really appreciate these products as I am sure they will provide the solution to my ongoing problem.

I have eczema so this will be great to have.

It feels like my face is being attacked from all fronts..and these products sound like they could help my poor skin..

My sensitive skin is in need of some top quality help, especially love to try the Calm Water Gel to hydrate my dry, sensitive skin.

I would love to win theses!
I’m working a full time job, plus I have evening classes to 9.30PM 5 or 6 nights a week, and to top it all I broke my foot so I am on crutches, all the long hours, lack of sleep and stress have affected my skin – which is going haywire and reacting badly to life, stress and most skin care !
so in summary, I look a holy mess, My skin is wrecked and it need the soothing and mending of Dermalogica

I really love the ultra calming range it’s the only range that works for my crazy sensitive skin. I haven’t tried these products out as yet but I would love to ❤️

I have lupus and after just having had my little baby girl my skin is super red and dry. I would love to see if there is something that could help, even just with the redness.

Hello, I love the Dermalogica range, but find it very pricey . I have rosacea and dry skin. I’d love to try these products. Thank you!

I would just love to win these products as I am such a fan of Dermalogica!! Am holding thumbs!!

Hey there.

I was on birth control and once I got off it my skin changed. It now reacts to any external or internal stimuli or change in environment. I just need a product that will be kind to my skin. Aid in its healing. I have already started the internal c
Graft. Modified my eating habits and diet. Work out more and no longer drink or eat anything that alters my internal equilibrium. I have great reviews about the brand…unfortunately my pocket hasn’t gotten the memo lol and I can’t afford them. (Just finished my masters….moved to jozi from pmb….unemployed….living off savings) I could use a win. No sob story my life is great…but if I could get a lil help with my skin…you’d be doing me a huge service.

Ok have a great day and an even better week.

🌹Love and light🌹

I have combination skin with an oily t zone and my skin is really sensitive. I have tried many products but they beem harsh on my skin so i would love to try this dermalogica range

Dermalogica is currently helping me out of a skin drama that involved me (stupidly) giving myself an accidental chemical burn on my forehead. I’ve learned my lesson now and will NOT be zapping blemishes with the alcohol-based products my sensitive skin hates. I’m dying to try the UltraCalming range!

I have very dehydrated and sensitive skin. I often have random itchiness around my cheek /jaw area . I would love to try these products. I know the brand and it certainly agrees with my skin type. Im turning 40 at the end of March and would love to have hydrated glowing skin

I have a hypothyroid condition, which has wreaked havoc on my already-dry skin. Pregnancy and having a baby has flared up the situation further. I have had to learn that most active ingredients are best avoided in this state, so it would be revolutionary if this would help!

This highveld heat has left my skin parched- how I wish my dry skin could feel sweaty (glowy)… this might be the answer, in need of something create a lovely barrier

Most products tend to burn my skin to point of peeling, and then my face feels like sand paper. I have a super sensitive skin so would love to try something that works1

Since childhood, I’ve endured sensitive skin – & have not always selected the correct choice/best brands of skin routine product for my face, especially. I have a combination skin (oily T panel), and have yet to find a skin solution that will moisturise uniformally… moisturizers either seem far too rich and oily, or not nourishing enough!!! Ps: another challenge is the fact that winter is approaching, and my skins needs definitely alter during these dryer, cooler months. I would love to benefit from this Dermalogica range. Xxx

I would love to win this prize as my face changed from oily to sensitive after I went onto acne meds even after I finished the course and a year later I still have that tight, tingly feeling after I wash my face as well dry flaky patches on my chin and forehead and my cheeks get so red at times.

Firstly I love Dermalogica products and secondly, my skin has become sensitive and dry as I have got older.

I always wanted to try dermalogica, and I have very oil skin which is also sensitive to everything. so you can imagine the struggle is real. And also very difficult to find a product that actually works for my skin. So would love this and hopefully it’s actually winner

I’ve recently discovered that I am very allergic to salicylic acid (aspirin allergy) and very sensitive to so much skincare, especially cheaper products. It would be incredible to be able to try these out without breaking the bank!

I have very sensitive and highly reactive skin. Which sometimes goes into full blown rosacea. As such, I am always on the lookout for a soothing and nourishing option and would very much love to try the new range.

I’ve never had a problem with my skin, i don’t know what happened but for some reason my skin became sensitive towards the products I normally used. that lead to me trying various products on my face and every time i put something new on my face it felt like fire. I’m now left with skin full of marks and more sensitive. I would like to try these products on my face to see if it’ll work for me. Thank you


I would love to finally find a real sensitive skin product. Perhaps this is it. 👍👍👍

. Perhaps this is it. 👍👍👍 a proper sensitive skin product !!!

I am a fan of dermalogica since 2012. Their products are so gentle and effective. I have super sensitive skin and would love to try this to boost my confidence and skin appearance

My skin is quite dry and often red and flaky. And most products I’ve tried make it worse or makes no real difference. I would love to try this one. It will make me feel more comfortable with my sensitive skin

Around my lip areas it always dry and itchy. Even if I use ponds lotions with the scrub and toner it will work for a couple hours but then it will start over start to itch again. Then I will always use Vaseline to stop and help the dry area and then I shine bright because Vaseline is the cheaper the option. If this would be the opportunity for me to finally find a proper investment in a proper product that can help me instead of buying 3 different products and letting it go to waste.

I love Dermalogica products. My skin is very fair & sensitive and most products are just too harsh. I currently use the Ultra-Calming range, but haven’t tried these new ones as yet. Products are a bit expensive, but so worth it!

Have not found a product that agrees with my skin or that my skin responds positively to. Desperate to try out these products which look incredible!

I only use Derm, and absolutely love all my products, but yet to find something 100% suitable to my sensitive skin.

If these products work and I can have hydrated, not oily and dry skin- I’m sold!
I would love to try these products!!!

I haven’t tried anything from Dermalogica but these sound great! I have eczema and I’m in the market for a good moisturiser and the calm water gel sounds perfect.

I think these products will do the trick for my dehydrated skin. Would definitely like to try it out!

My skin recently has gone completely haywire! Redness, extreme sensitivity, flushing and blotchy at the drop of a hat … feeling despondent and frustrated as to what to try next! Something that works!! These fab products sound like they may be just the solution!

I would like to try these products because I’ve only ever used the skin smoothing cream and would love to try out something new. When I run out of cream I would rather use Vaseline cause other products are too harsh.

I’d love to try out these products because my skin is fairly sensitive and it need to be sorted out! 💚

I would love to try these amazing priducts. Ive always suffered from adult acne as a result of a hormone imbalance. As a beautician its really hard getting clients to trust in my abilities since my skin never looks great. After all appearances matter in this industry. This might just help. Thanks for the opportunity.

36 and hormone induced sensitive skin because of fertility meds and endometriosis. Woman-ing is HARD! And I’d love to find a product that can become my skin buddy … my go to when I just am having a flare up! Love the Dermalogica brand but always beem so scared to put down the big bucks … and maybe that’s foolish of me! Fingers crossed this opportunity pushes me off the fence xoxo

My skin is super sensitive and when the season changes it gets dry, red and itchy – especially on my cheeks and forehead. I have a toddler, am completing a post-grad in Business Administration and am trying to get my start-up off the ground so I need fuss free products that work and are easy to apply. I used to use dermalogica before having my daughter and studying again LOL so it would be a real treat to get my hands on these products again!

I have been on roaccutane twice and as a result my skin is particularly sensitive. I struggle to find products I am able to use, so would love to try these products!

I still use the Dermalogica range for my sensitive skin, but since moving to a small town on the KZN South coast, i’m Seriously missing my local Dermalogics store.

I’m dying to try out this brand. I’ve had such problem skin my whole life, suffering from really serious acne from the age of 11 until 25, and I’m looking like I need a bit of TLC. All the meds have left my skin damaged and in need of a pick me up. Fingers crossed x

I’ve been looking for a facial product for my super sensitive skin and would love to give Dermalogica UltraCalming Duo a try. I recognise all the characteristics of sensitive skin, mentioned I your post, in my skin.

My skin is screaming for attention

I’ve been having challenges with my skin. Pigmentation or uneven tone, patches, tight and dry, itch and flaky. Id love to try the two products very much please. Don’t have any skin care routine besides wash and moisturise.

My skin sometimes feels itchy or tight, and I do experience a burning or stinging sensation if I leave my skin without moisturiser after washing it.
My skin is relatively normal leaning towards dry (however I still experience sensitivity). Products containing alcohol have an adverse reaction on my skin.

Not entering for myself but would love to win these for my friend Lila, she really needs some decent skincare and I think these would make a huge difference to her. She has been struggling to find a product that works with her skin as most harm it or irritate and cause her to have oily skin and then she struggles with her makeup staying on.
I know she would appreciate these.

I have really sensitive skin so most products I use give my skin a bad reaction. Some dry my skin out completely, some even leave my skin with a rash. During that time of the month or even when I travel or am stressed it gets even worse. From time to time it gets so bad that I get eczema. I really struggle to find products that won’t cause a reaction and it’s so frustrating! I would love to try this to finally give my skin a chance to have good products that don’t leave it stinging , dry or with a rash.

These products will be ideal for me: to help me to always look my best.
Dermalogica always has amazing products.

My skin takes such a beating from food allergies and environmental “challenges” that I am constantly battling flare ups of red blotchy tender skin, mixed with severe dehydration and even eczema. At the moment my skin is so dry I cannot even wear make up or itvstarts to flake off by mid-morning. I am so self conscious about it and in desperate need of a hydrating hero.

I suffer with the worst eczema on my face and it’s sooo hard finding a product that works well on sensitive skin. The dry patches on my face make it so difficult as a make up lover to do a full glam. These dermalogica products sound like a dream ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I would enjoy trying out these new products as I’m always interested in experimenting with new skin products which works for my skin (ofcourse). I have clear skin excluding alota freckles (hahaha) but recently I’ve experienced hormonal imbalance and had to utilise a contraception besides using my daily skin products in my routine. I would love to give these sensitive skin products and give feedback if needed. 🙂

Thank you for the review. I have seriously “strrrrrruuggled”with roseacea for almost 20 years…Don’t mean to sound like a drama-queen, but it affects a big part of my life. I would truly love to try these Dermalogica (it’s in the name ;)) products in the comfort of my home so that I can gain the confidence to face the world without a sore, flushed face! “Fingers and toes crossed!”

I would love to win this for my partner who has such sensitive skin – this would be perfect for her

I’d love to win these products because my face is on fire most days. These would calm it right down I’m sure!

After having many years of flawless skin ,recently I have being developing breakouts that leave a dark black discoloration of my skin .
I am desperately in a need to have my skin restored to its natural state . After trying numerous high end and affordable products , my skin was left in an even worse of state .
And being a firm believer of Dermalogica products ,I truly believe that the Dermalogica products will restore my skin and add a radiant glow .

I would love to win these products because im a runner and I often need something to soothe and calm my skin after a long sweaty run. Ive heard only good things about dermologica so I would love to put these product to the test.

I would really love to win these products because im a runner and I often need something to soothe and calm my skin after a long sweaty run. Ive heard only good things about dermologica so I would love to put these product to the test.

I’ve been DYING to try these products – been seeing so much about them on social media!
I have dehydrated, sensitive skin, so they’d be ideal. The water gel would help to hydrate, while the barrier defence booster would help heal my irritated skin barrier around my nose and chin.

This would be a perfect gift for my partner and I to share. He has very sensitive skin and as he I from Peru he is struggling to adapt to the harsh Johannesburg climate. I work outdoors and the best product for my skin is dermalogica. I would love to try the Calm Water Gel and maybe add it to my list of products.
Thank you for a great Blog.

I have dehydrated skin which can be sensitive at times. I suffer badly from hayfever which exacerbates my skins sensitivity. All of Dermalogica products have worked really well for me in the past so would love to try these new ones.

I’m a massive Dermologica fan! My skin has never felt and looked better after making the change to this skincare brand! I’m almost obsessed! Would love to try out these two new products as I already use the UltraCalming range <3 <3

I would really love to try these amazing products cause I have really dry skin. So would love to have hydrated and smooth skin.

I have PMLE which means I’m extremly sun intolerant. Its hard to find something moisturing that works under heavy spf without leaving me oily and I think the Barrier Defense would work perfectly. For the dry patches left behind by reactions/rashes the Calming gel would be a lifesaver that I could pop in my bag and use on the go.
Love the way you explained the details and usage of the products. (If it was in my budget I would be tempted to buy them!).

I am really excited to try these products out😁 i suffer from oily skin but my face does react badly to a lot of products. Its difficult to find products that are both affordable and compatible with my skin type. This would be amazing to try out ❤️

I have very sensitive skin that flakes and gets red and itchy with majority of skin care products. I haven’t tried Dermalogica and I’d love to try this out in the hopes that it would help me control my skins situation.

My skin is so dehydrated! I’m a student so I really cannot afford these products and this would be so amazing!


I’ve suffered with sensitivity all my life. I have excema and acne at the same time. My excema is on my upper lip which makes me super self concious. It flares up randomly. When i thread. When i use a fragranced product. Even when i get sick. The skin breaks which it super painful and uncomfortable. It would be nice to try and see if this product calms my hypersensitive skin down.

This literally sounds like it would do wonders for my skin! I’ve always had dry, flakey and sensitized skin which always bothered me. It also messes with the application of your makeup😔 I would honestly love to try these two wonderful products out because it sounds like they would really help me with my sensitive skin issues❤

I’ve only ever heard good things about dermatologica and would love to test this product out.

Since turning 50 my skin has become sensitive and dehydrated and i haven’t found a product that completely suits my skin.

I would love to win the sensitive skin solutions giveaway as ive heard great things about Dermalogica products

☺Hi there. I have extremely oily skin that’s prone to acne blackheads and blemishes. I have tried all products on the market but nothing seems to make an impact on my skin…I have large pores that’s makes my skin look grainy. The skin around my eyes are always dry. During season changes my skin reacts negatively, always looking dry and ashy. I would absolutely love to try the Dermatologica range as I am in search of a product that would nourish soothe and restore balance to my skin. I would absolutely love to try these new products as I am looking for a new skincare regime.❤❤❤

I have very sensitive skin. It’s oily and often gets break outs. I’ve struggled to find the perfect skin product that would deal with the oiliness and yet not dry out my skin and combat the break outs.

I have super sensitive skin especially over my cheek areas which is constantly red and flaky would love to try these product to see if it can elliviate some of my skin issues.

I’ve been searching for good facial products for a while now that generally make my face look healthier so i’d definitely like to give these products a try.

I would like to try these products to help with sensitive, inflamed skin.

The products sound amazing and I would love to try them as my skin is extremely sensitive (thanks to the effects of menopause) and I would love to get some relief from these symptoms.

As i get older my skin is becoming more and more sensitive and becoming really annoying. Would love to try these products to solve my problem and I do love Dermalogica.

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