Meet Momo – our new puppy!

I’m an animal lover through and through. I grew up surrounded by dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, even silkworms (they escaped, but that’s a story for another day.) I believe growing up with and respecting animals makes for happier, more compassionate children.

When my daughter Miyo was born, both my hubby and I were adamant she’d grow up with animals. When she turned 1 years old, we got our two cats (brothers we named Dolce & Gabbana).

For Miyo’s second birthday, we got our first German Shepherd dog and named her Lilo.

Lilo is now 13 years – pretty old for a dog of her breed, but she’s still going strong. Recently, after two years of back and forth, we decided to add another fur child to our family.

Lilo & Momo. I was a tad nervous about how Lilo would react to a puppy, but she has been incredibly patient and sweet natured with her.

Our newest bundle of fur joy arrived three weeks ago. Her name is Momo (Japanese for peach, and my daughters nickname in primary school) and she’s the cutest, naughtiest, German Shepard (obvs) pup with the most gentle, sweet disposition. She chews EVERYTHING (tables, fridge, curtains, desk, shoes, bath, stones, front gate, beauty products, swimming pool net – you get the idea) and is taking a while to get used to the cats.

I love all my animals and they run rampant in the house. The cats sleep on the bed with us. The dogs aren’t allowed on beds or couches (if it were up to me, they would be, but hubby is strict) but sleep in our bedroom. I could not imagine a home without animals. My dream would be to have a big enough property that allowed me to adopt all the old, senior dogs & cats (and those animals people don’t want) I possibly could from shelters. Senior animals are my absolute BEST!

We took Momo on her first beach outing this past Sunday. Hubby managed to snap this pic of her gazing out onto the ocean.

I feed my animals the very best quality food I can afford and really prefer Hill’s over other brands #ThisIsNotASponsoredPost. At almost R1000 for a 12 KG bag for the Joint Care j/d just for my senior German Shepherd, it’s not cheap, but they are, after all, my fur children.

I also try give them healthy treats, but, because I love them so much, I fall into the trap of spoiling them and often find myself giving my senior GSD up to 6 or 7 dog biscuits a night – it’s like she herds me into the kitchen for them! Same with my cats, after meals they get treats – a bit of chicken here, some left over sausage there, maybe a kitty biscuit before I go to bed.

I’ll be honest, pet obesity was something I’d never thought about until I got a press release from Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Now, I’m NOT in the habit of posting press releases willy nilly, but this one really resonated with me as a pet owner. It went on to explain the dangers of pet obesity, and what an issue it is in South Africa with vets saying that more than half of their patients are overweight with obesity being the number one health problem faced by pets today!

“We all like to reward our pets, but too often we think of food as the first option. Why not think a little broader and aim to provide some mental and physical attention instead. They’re almost sure to love that more than the quick unhealthy titbit that hardly touches their mouth before being gulped down,” says Dr. Guy Fyvie, Nutritional Advisor at Hill’s Pet Nutrition, South Africa.

Dr. Fyvie explains that too often pets aren’t getting the right level of exercise that would help their bodies to deal with the calorie intake they are receiving. The added problem is that most pet parents are in denial about their pet being overweight (hello, I think this is me) and don’t understand the serious health problems that this can create. Research shows that overweight pets don’t live as long as their healthy, slimmer counterparts and are at risk of developing arthritis, urinary conditions, skin problems, heart disease and cancer.

About  68% of pet owners don’t follow guidelines when deciding on portion sizes (hubby & I are guilty of this). Excess weight in pets can decrease life expectancy by up to 2.5 years!

Check the infographic below – it was a real eye-opener for me!

3 Treat tips to ensure a healthy pet:

Avoid feeding table scraps: Food from your plate is inappropriate because it’s nutritionally unbalanced and has high levels of salt and fat. It also contains far more calories than what the average dog or cat needs. For example, 28g of cheese is the equivalent to eating one hamburger for a 15kg dog in human terms and one slice of salami for a cat is the equivalent to eating one packet of chips and 28g of cheese in human terms. Feeding table scraps also promotes begging and fussy eating habits.

Don’t leave food unattended or easily accessible: Pets can adopt sneaky tactics when you’re not looking and may be even more tempted whilst on a diet to find ways of getting at the food.

Opt for healthy, low calorie snacks: These healthy snacks should not compromise weight loss if given occasionally:

  • ¼ cup of carrot (my pup loves carrots)
  • ¼ cup of green beans
  • ¼ apple (just remove the pips & core)
  • ¼ rice cake
  • ½ fat free wheat cracker
  • ½ medium cucumber
  • 1 stalk celery

Thanks Hill’s for enlightening me and helping me be a better pet mom.


Love this post I’ve grown up with German shepherds my whole life I just love their breed, and the lovely stage of biting everything while those baby teeth fall out is just the cutest thing ever.

I agree Hills makes amazing food and my dog loves it too, I started my dog (Zoey) young with fruits and veggies and she will rather take apples over a dog biscuit any day.


Thanks Nooreen, I so enjoyed writing it. Growing up, I was terrified of German Shepards (I had heard so many horror stories relating to the breed), but after getting one, I realized a dogs nature has a lot to do with how the owners raise it. German Shepards are, without a doubt, my favourite breed. Ja, the biting stage… I’ve actually had to pick up all my rugs and put them away. She’s also destroyed a few pairs of shoes and the garden. But #MustLovePuppies
I’m amazed at how my pup loves fruit & veggies, yet my older GSD won’t even consider trying them – but that’s because we didn’t give them to her as a puppy, I guess. Animals add SO much joy to one’s life <3

We had the most gorgeous long haired GSD growing up. I now have other breeds, bu they are all on Hills! Also, if yours struggles with arthritis and joint pain, check the GCS Supplements and Mirracote Oil, both help my senior dog quite a bit!

Love your fur babies!

Thanks for the article and I am mum to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and have always been very strict with his diet because I was warned, when he was a pup, that they are prone to obesity and heart disease. He is now 9 and we walk twice a day and I really think that this and his healthy diet have kept most issues at bay! He is my fur baby and just can’t begin to imagine life without him!

Hi Ashley, I actually had to go Google what the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel looks like, and can not believe how gorgeous the breed is! Good for you for keeping your fur child healthy – and for walking him twice a day. I only manage to walk mine once a day and feel SO guilty about it – wish I had more time. I too could not imagine my life without my fur kids, and just the thought of Lilo getting on in years (she’s 13 now) actually brings me to tears. It’s heartbreaking seeing her battle up steps & having difficulty walking. I actually can’t bear to think about the day she leaves me (having a bit of a cry as I type this). XXX

Hi Azraa, thanks for the comment. The long haired GSD’s are magnificent, but I can only imagine the issues you must have had with hair. Both mine are short haired and I’m constantly sweeping up balls of fur (don’t mind though). I’m with you on Hill’s being a great brand, and will def’s check out the GCS Supplements as my senior GSD suffers terribly with arthritis and is actually on medication. X

Ahhh man! I love German Shepards. They are such great friends!
Looking at your pics make me miss my old boy – Magnum. He was German Shepard cross Rottie and my best friend for 14 years.
Lilo looks amazing for her age, and Momo – so dang cute man!

Ah the hair!!! Its everywhere lol I have a GSD and she is my child, I don’t have a child but it sure feels like this could be the same? No? Yes? I believe in Hills Pet food even though the vet said I only have to feed it for the 1st year. Walking is a must! I do get lazy and then rather throw the ball around in the yard for her. I wish more people would realise the big responsibility it is to raise a dog.

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