I asked Lynette Botha, Deputy Editor of Marie Claire South Africa, previous beauty editor, and wellness (and wine) enthusiast to review a few products from the Healing Earth range.

“A few weeks ago, something really odd happened to my skin. Tiny little bumps developed all over my face; there was no pain, no itch or any discomfort, except the fact that my skin looked bad – and even worse when I tried to hide it by applying foundation.

Now, the skin Gods have blessed me with a ‘peaches and cream’ complexion, as my aunt always used to say, and my bad skin days are very few and far between (yes, I do realize how lucky that makes me), so developing this weird rash on my face totally threw me.
My dermatologist reckoned it was an allergic reaction, to what, I’m not sure – I only eat plant-based food, hadn’t changed detergents or beauty products recently and was completely thrown as to what could have caused it.

Long story short, as the bumps began to dissipate my skin became super dry and even a bit flaky; I was wary to use just anything, so I went for the natural and gentleness of Healing Earth’s organic products.

I used the Pinotage Cleansing Cream, the Hydrating Repair Face Mask and the Neroli and Rose Balancing Rose Serum and noticed immediate results and comfort for my problem skin – within a week the rash and dryness were gone and the process actually left my skin looking brighter and clearer (thanks to the dry skin cells flaking off).

I continued to use the range for another four weeks and was really happy with the way the products worked – my skin felt extremely hydrated, supple and soft. The serum in particular smells incredible.” – Lynette Botha

Need to know:

Healing Earth Neroli & Rose Balancing Rose Serum, R569.42 balances combination and oily skin types. Apply a few drops into palms, rub together then press onto the skin. Apply morning and evening on clean skin.

Healing Earth Pinotage Cleansing Cream, R265.07, has antioxidant rich Pinotage oil blended into its unique formula. Alpha Hydroxy Acids have also been added to help smooth and nourish the skin while cleansing. This cleanser is gentle enough for all skin types to use. 

The Healing Earth Ageless Hydrating Repair Face Mask, R412.34, is made with 100% natural clays and active essential oils. It assists in balancing combination skins, hydrating and nourishing drier skins, and soothing sensitive areas with chamomilejasmine, and lavender.

This luxurious Healing Ageless Earth Pinotage Body Polish, R282.70 came at just the right time too – just before a work trip to a tropical island. I used it every second day for a week leading up to my travels and it really helped to buff away my dry winter skin, especially the ‘rougher’ areas, around my knees, elbows and ankles. I faked a little tan with some sunless bronzer and thanks to the intense polishing of this product, I had a flawless ‘golden glow’, silky smooth skin, and  no splotchy spots in sight. Highly recommended.

For more information on Healing Earth products and distributors visit www.healingearth.co.za


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