Oh the excitement!

Two weeks back I was invited by Woolworths Beauty to attend a makeup masterclass with none other than renowned celebrity makeup artist, Sir John.

Woolworths recently brought Sir John to South Africa to set up the looks for the runway at SAFW using W Beauty products. 

Sir John – for those of you not familiar with this makeup maestro – is one of the most respected makeup artist amongst fashion elites, thanks to his signature versatility and creativity which. He has achieved star status with snaps of his globe-trotting life and behind-the-scenes work on super stars like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian West, Viola Davis, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, Chrissy Teigen, Khloe Kardashian and Margot Robbie. As his name portends, Sir John is makeup nobility (and yes, Sir John is his actual name!)

Check out my short video below I shot during the masterclass. There are some INCREDIBLE tips you need to know about

I was also lucky enough to get a one-on-one interview with the man himself a few days later after the hotly anticipated #StyleBySA show on the opening night of SAFW.

Image: Rizqua Barnes

What are your tips for doing your makeup when pressed for time?

Apply a little tinted moisturiser all over the face, then dot concealer under eyes and to any other areas that may need it. Use a little foundation to even the skin tone, but make sure the colour is a true match to your complexion so it doesn’t look too obvious. Then, apply liner as it’s key to give a bit of intensity to the eyes.

Which 3 makeup items should every woman have in her makeup bag?

  1. Mascara, because it’s a vehicle to ultimate sexiness. Curl lashes beforehand as it opens eyes up.
  2. Bright, coloured eyeliner is one of the products that make such an impact. My favourite’s include blue and purple.
  3. A product to give cheekbones a bit of structure like a matte bronzing powder. Apply from the ear, working the product into the hollow of the cheek.

Any makeup tips for women who wear spectacles?

Colourful liner and mascara is the answer as you’ll see it through glasses. As an example; if you have glasses with a tortoise shell frame, opt for a hunter green liner, and pair with a soft lip.

What are your top two beauty hacks?

  1. This is one of my fave hacks: I call it permanent contouring and this is how you do it: Take an SPF 20 and apply it everywhere. Then, take an SPF 50 and apply underneath the eyes, down the middle of the nose, on the lips, basically apply everywhere you would naturally with concealer. Then, sit in the sun, run your errands, etc. That evening, after washing your face, you’ll notice you have permanent highlighting and sculpting.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use Rizla paper as blotting sheets. Rizla papers make THE BEST blotting papers and cost A LOT less than traditional blotting sheets.

Is there a certain red lip colour that looks good on everyone?

There’s so many different complexions, so I’m thinking about all women – from Harlem to Hong Kong. Whenever you want your skin to pop or your tan to come alive, you want to choose an orange-based red. Think ‘50s red or tomato red. These will always make your skin look healthier. On the contrary, if you want your teeth to look really white, opt for a blue-based red. A blue-based red falls anywhere from raspberry to dark Merlot tones. Blue-based reds make your teeth look really brilliantly white, while an orange-based red makes your skin look healthy.


My current favourite eyeshadow palette has to be the Natural Nudes Palette R180 that contains 9 wearable shades. I love that it’s Vegan too. The Gel Eyeliner R110 has an amazingly soft texture and applies without tugging at the skin.

I’m all about great foundation as it’s an essential item to even the skin tone. You can also mix a drop or two with your day cream to create a tinted moisturiser. The W Face Time Defying Foundation R250 is buildable and contains an SPF15.

An essential in any women’s makeup bag is a blusher to add a pop of colour to the cheeks. The W Face Powder Blush R170 in Sugar n’ Spice is richly pigmented works well to add a radiant glow to the complexion.

Add a veil of subtle colour to the lips with some W Lips Tinted Gloss R75. I love the ‘Pink Blush’ colour which is super nourishing and coats the pout in a pretty pink tone.

I’m all about a red pout and love the colour payoff of the W Lips Hydro in ‘Scarlet’ R130. This formula is so comfortable on the lips, doesn’t bleed, and the colour payoff is incredible.

All products featured are available at Woolworths W Beauty Counters nationwide.


Fantastic tips from Sir John! How gorgeous is that W Beauty palette? I love all 9 shades👌

Some really great tips…. not the ‘same old, same old’ …. refreshing. xxxx

Love those beauty hacks!!
Natural Nudes Palette is beautiful!!

Love the tips from Sir John – Thank you Candice!

OMG Lucky You! That red lipstick though 😩😩

He seems like such a nice guy! Great tips. I like the idea of spf contouring 🙂

That contouring hack….brilliant!

I didn’t realise Woolies had such an extensive range of beauty products. I definitely want to try some of it out.

The range is incredible, Simone. They also have a wonderful skincare line in W Beauty. You must check it out. And ja, that contouring hack is the BEST!!!

He was SUCH a honey, Corlia. So accessible and funny. I know, that contouring hack is just my BEST! Trying it this weekend and will do a Facebook post about it. XX

Best red, Amanda. Was such a privilege to meet & interview him. X

Pleasure my lovely Lalannie 🙂

I know, for the price, that palette is AMAZING. I know, his hacks were on point!!!

Hi Kim, that’s exactly what I was saying to a colleague of mine. How brilliant is that contouring hack??? And the Rizla paper instead of blotting sheets blew my mind! #LOL

Hey Michelle, that palette is a MUST-HAVE! You should see the others too (will do another post soon). X

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