The worst thing you can say to me is this: “Candice, you look tired!” I feel this to be a passive aggressive way of saying you don’t really look your best. Now, I have a very busy life – I’m always on the go, and often times don’t get enough sleep. This results in my skin looking tired and dull. Because of this, I try include products into my nighttime regime that boost the skin’s functions while I sleep, to help me awaken to fresh, glowing skin – even if I haven’t had a full 8 hours.

The newest product on my beauty radar is the NIVEA Q10Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream (R169.99 for a 40ml tube) that contains a unique combination of two powerful antioxidants – Q10 and pure Vitamin C to increase skin cells oxygen absorption overnight so you wake up to energised, smoother skin.

Oxygen is essential for skin cells to function optimally, and boosting oxygen supplies recharges the skin. If cells are starved of oxygen – which happens when skin is exposed to pollution and environmental stressors – it looks dull and sallow.

The NIVEA Q10Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream formula has been *proven to increase the uptake of oxygen in skin cells by 50% while you sleep. In doing so, it stimulates energy production, needed by the skin cells to perform important metabolic functions like repairing and regenerating the skin.

Vitamin C (also known as Ascorbic Acid) is essential for humans and is naturally present in the body and skin. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and works to fight free-radicals (those nasty, unstable molecules in the air that mess with our DNA and cause ageing, pigmentation and even cancer) and energise the skin. It has also been shown to increase collagen production, reduce inflammation and enhance the skin’s repair process.

The Vitamin C in the formula is supported by Q10 which occurs naturally in skin, and functions in two ways: As an essential energy provider and as an antioxidant. An important part of energy production in skin cells, Q10 also supports important processes in the cells: From cell regeneration to collagen synthesis. Unfortunately, as we get older, the body produces less and less Q10 over the years – NIVEA Q10Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy replenishes the Q10 level in the skin and prevents premature skin ageing.

The innovative gel-cream works at night by increasing oxygen absorption into the skin, thereby stimulating energy production – essential for the skin cells to perform important nighttime metabolic functions of repair and regeneration.

I’m also impressed with the packaging of the new NIVEA Q10Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream. Because Vitamin C can oxidise when exposed to light and air, the 100% air-tight aluminum packaging (that’s also light-proof) protects the formulas integrity. It also allows you to squeeze out every last drop by rolling the tube, so there’s no wastage.  

I also want to touch on the re-worked formula of the NIVEA Q10Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Day Cream SPF 20 (R169.99). I really like the light texture of this day cream, and how quickly it’s absorbed – leaving the skin refreshed and intensively moisturised. Again, it combines two highly effective antioxidants – Q10 and Vitamin C that instantly revives tired and sallow skin, while reducing fine lines. The fact that it contains an SPF 15 helps protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays – a necessity when trying to combat ageing.

*This blog post is sponsored by Nivea*


I have one hamper valued at R1 249.98 containing the following:

1 x NIVEA scarf valued at R160

1 x NIVEA Q10PlusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream valued at R169.99

1 x NIVEA Q10PlusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Day Care SPF 15 valued at R169.99

1 x 1 hour Oxygen Facial Treatment valued at R750  – T’s & C’s apply – open to Cape Town residents only, valid for 4 months from issue date.


What a wonderful prize ! Holding thumbs !

Would really like to try this. Looks awsome.

Yeah! I love Nivea. My mother use the blue & white Nivea tin for years and years and she is a beautiful 75 year old lady now!

What a wonderful giveaway!So amazing!Even more because I know the great effect Vit C Q10 has on the body!I use Vitamin C and Co-Q10 supplement for egg quality improvement and health when doing IVF/ICSI cycles aswell.Works wonders.I have hormonall imbalances so my skin looks tired a lot of the time!Nivea is great!Will be amazing for my skin!fingers crosses

Oh wow!! Just what I need😍😍

Holding thumbs 😍

Right up my alley! I’ve been looking to up my skincare regime since recently moving to Cape Town..
I’m fully aware of the not to great air quality floating around, so pre-mature aging and dull skin need to be booted sooner rather than later!

Oh my word i was waiting for this one .. n. Now its here .. i really really need to try n need in my lofe 😍😍😍 would to win

Sounds like such a super product. I need this in my life!

Lovely giveaway, you really spoil your readers so much 😉

Definitely something I need! Urgently! How do I enter?

Such a lovely prize! holding thumbs xx

Ooh I need this. Bebe

Awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed to win!

Awesome giveaway Nivea! I totally need this with the sleepless nights due to having a baby and all the wrinkles i’ve accumulated🙏😱🔥

As an insomniac I’m quite familiar with the phrase “you look tired”. For once I’d like to look like someone who slept a solid 8 hours even when I feel like a zombie and I think this is the right product to achieve that.

Sounds amazing! 🙌🏼

Tired of my tired face and would love to win this. (Recently took up gym – at last! – because I looked in the mirror and said, “Well, there’s not much I can do about my face but I can do something about my body” – haha no kidding. Maybe this hamper will do the trick after all!) 🙂

Im 51 years old and am seeing the affects of aging. My face shows ir when im tired would be awesome to win this.

Would definitely love to spoil my mom with this stunner of a product 😘😍👌


Yes please would love to try this new innovation of skincare from Nivea. I am fascinated that this innovative gel-cream works at night by increasing oxygen absorption into the skin, thereby stimulating energy production. Certainly I do need this at my age😱

Would love to win this hamper. Such pamper for me, this time of year 🙂

This is something that I need. I’ve been using Nivea Q10 products since they launched in SA bit as I’ve gotten older, I can see how this new product will be even better. Holding thumbs 😊

Love the idea of getting my beauty sleep inside a tube. I feel refreshed and revitalised just looking at this beautifully product imagery. Can’t wait to try it.

BEEEEEEEG Nivea Fan! My skin is needing this, especially this time of the year.

Wow being a teacher I sooo need this♥️♥️

Please pick me as I have just had a baby boy, and have noticed that my skin is not looking so great, thanks to the sleepless nights. At 38, I could really use something that will boost my moisture levels, work while I sleep, and deliver noticeable results. I am also currently using the Nivea Perfect & Radiant range which I find to be totally awesome.

Awesome sounding product

Amazing prize!!!Love the Nivea Q10 products!

I would love to try NIVEA Q10Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Day Cream SPF 20 .I love Nivea products
This would be awesome.Cape Town based.

Love to try NIVEA Q10Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Day Cream SPF 20 .I love Never products.

This would make my week!! Having a terrible week with regards to skin issues!!! How do I enter???????? 💋

I love Nivea’s range of products. I would love to win this hamper but not sure what we must do to enter? I don’t see any details for entering .

Eeeeep! I LOVE the Nivea Q10+ Energy Serum SO MUCH! I have finished mine and haven’t seen it in my local Dischem to rebuy. Holding thumbs for this giveaway though – that would save me a few pennies in the meantime 😉

Would love to help my skin out overnight – getting on a bit at 58 shoo!!!

Ooh this sounds so good! I battle with dark circles, dull skin and fine lines – would love to see if these products could help with that 😀

What a awesome giveaway! I would love to win this!!!💗

Nivea does no wrong in my books. I love their products and everytime you post their product I get excited.
I really would love to try this. 💝

Woa aweaome

Woa aweaome

This would be so amazing! Really needing it

Bought one today. I’m going to try it on Jaco’s very dull and tired looking skin. Thanks for always keeping us informed!!

O la la .. magic! Thanx !

My skin needs some TLC

Sublime skin care products ; well done #Nivea

It all looks so invigorating and fresh; would adore to try this out!

The facial sounds so tranquil too; simply wow 😍


It’s my 36th Birthday in 2 weeks; so the wrinkle cream would
Come in handy 👀

My parents used Nivea all the time and they look half their age.

I love that Nivea is against animal testing. This range looks amazing!

So happy they combined my current skin favorite vitamin c now with the iconic Q10 creams.. Best of both worlds! Need to try this asap

My skin has become dry and I look tired all the time.This product looks like it has been designed for me…I would love to see if it works for me ..

whohoo! Sounds fantastic…

Wow. So needed after the very dry winter. What an amazing prize.

This is exactly what i needed!

Lovely giveaway, holding thumbs!

This is a great informative article of the NIVEA Q10 range. I love using NIVEA. Hubby too😉😆.
Would l💙ve to try the NIVEA Q10Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy. Just added Nivea Perfect Radiant 3in1 cleanser, Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3in1CleasingWater and Nivea Cellular anti-age to my Q10 day & Night Cream range.

pick me!!! I have a toddler, I do freelance work and I am currently trying to start a small home business, I don’t get enough sleep and my skin shows it. This would be a huge treat for me. Holding thumbs.

I’ve just returned to good old faithful Nivea after having what feels like a gazillion breakouts from other really expensive products over the last 8 months.! I have smooth, happy skin again, Yay! Will definitely try NIVEA Q10 Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream, it looks like a great product, and it’s affordable!

We are huge Nivea users in our household and I know that this will he a product both my mom and I will enjoy.

This is such a wonderful prize. Thanks for all the info on the product 😆

I would LOVE to win these products.
Being a young woman it’s so vital to look after our skin and do it at a young age so when we are okder our body will thank us.
I am holding fingers toes and crossing my hair 💙💛

Would love this in my handbag!

Oooo I would be honoured to win this please…please I solo need this #Win 🙂

Wow! Looks awesome. How do I enter the competition ?

Gorgeous giveaway! ❤️ Hello Happy skin!

Wow lovely i need me this is mine.

Wow!!! New Nivea with vitamin C sounds amazing. 😍I Recently relocated to Cape Town and my skin would love the change of product as I’m adjusting to the change of climate. Especially with the new product being moisturizing , rejuvenating and containing SPF . I can’t wait 🙏🏽

I so need this! Just been retrenched and feeling stressed. I need some rejuvenation and this would really help me. So much gratitude if I can win this. Thank you.

Yaasssss! Just what I need! 🤞🏻

Some vitamin C to quench my skin? Yes please!

Wow!! This is a gorgeous prize! Nivea is one of the few products I can use without suffering major skin irritation. Fingers and toes crossed! Xx

Hi! Always seen Nivea as my favourite brand, or one of them! Would love to try this, it has been a long winter!

would love to win this amazing prize…woooow

I recently became a wine representative and have discovered that its not all fun and wine..but a lot of long hours..late nights and more than normal kilometres in my office aka car. Season is starting and people are super serious about getting their wine..which means im up earlier than usual,up till much later…with emails from thirsty clients..and not sleeping well because im stressing…THIS(little sleep and the fact that i recently removed my fake lashes has everyone around me asking…are you sick..are you ok..are you sleeping!! Help me to atleast look the part while wine-ing 😉 #iNeedNivea #dullskin #stressedout #wine #beautifulskin

Been using nivea products forever, especially the eye creams. Would love to try these new products, looks and sounds excellent.

What an amazing giveaway! So I’m almost 30, married for a year on the 29th, and had my first baby in June, so basically I’m a prime example of a tired looking wife and mom, my skins been so dry, I have been noticing fine lines around my eyes and I desperately need some rejuvenation. I go back to work in a month, and really hope to be able to go back relaxed and glowing

Hi , these products sound great ! I’ve been seeking a vitamin c cream which remains stable and something to make my skin look more youthful as I suffer from severe insomnia :(((.
Please ?

This would really be an awesome prize to win. I would give this prize to my mom, as she loves Nivea and her beauty can be everlasting. She really does so much for her kids so this will be a perfect gift for her.
Fingers Crossed!!!

I Absolutely LOVE the Nivea Q10 Plus Range I have been using it for 5 years now since its launch in 2013, I haven’t looked back since I found the perfect match for my skin and it just keeps getting better and better!!

Wow! This is an amazing prize 😆
Good luck to all!


OOOooooh 😍 Dying to try this out 🍋🍊🍋🍊🍋🍊🍋🍊

Wow Vitamin C that should wake things up. Great Combo.

Wow what an amazing prize. Winter has caused havoc on my skin. I’m a self employed mum of 4 so I get very little sleep. My skin in desperate need of pampering fingers crossed.

Holding thumbs

Pick me pick me!

Vitamin c for collagen!

Oh please pick me, I need this in my life!!!!!!

This is a good product. I would like to win it!

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