Tanya Clark Tiziani is a Cape Town based model who spends most of her time abroad working with her international clients. She has been the face of many local campaigns. Tanya is 34 years old and has two children aged 5 and 11. Because she makes her money from her exquisitely good looks, she understands the importance of ensuring her skin always looks its very best.

“Over the years my skin has had its up’s and down’s.  When I was younger, it was prone to breakouts and was mostly oily. At around age 28, it became more dry – and the pores on my T-zone seemed to be getting larger. After both pregnancies, I really battled with pigmentation on my forehead and lower jaw. Now, I’d best describe my skin as combination. I think I finally have this whole skincare thing under control, however, when I travel internationally for work (which is at least once a month) my skin takes a knock. I think this is due to the flight and change of weather.  Also, the impact of wearing heavy makeup for hours and standing under strong lights results in nasty, unwanted breakouts.” – Tanya Clark Tiziani

I gave Tanya a bottle of the Clarins Double Serum to try just before she headed off to Germany for a shoot.

Here’s what Tanya had to say about the product:

“I started using the Clarins Double Serum a few days before a recent trip to Europe for work. I dread the long flight because my skin always becomes dehydrated – no matter how much water I drink or moisturiser I use. This time – with Clarins Double Serum as my travel buddy – my skin reacted far better. I applied some just after takeoff, and my skin just soaked up all of its goodness. I was amazed that I didn’t experience the usual tightening around my mouth and forehead, and was impressed at how it kept my skin completely hydrated throughout the flight. I was surprisingly pleased at how radiant my skin appeared after just one application.

I’ll admit, at first I was a bit skeptical – and for some reason thought this would be another heavy and oily formula. But, after the first application I immediately dismissed those thoughts. I love how this serum is light, easily absorbed, yet super hydrating without leaving my skin shiny or oily.

I also really like the subtle scent of the serum – for me, there’s nothing worse than skincare with an overpowering scent! I also thought the packaging was on point, and like how you’re able to customize your dosage to suit your skin’s individual needs. I absolutely love the easy twist and pump packaging because you never have to worry about leakage if you don’t tighten the tops properly (especially when traveling). The 30ml size has become my new best Travel buddy!

After four weeks of using the Double Serum twice a day (morning and evening), I’ve noticed a very visible reduction in my pore size. My skin is also more hydrated, without any oiliness. I just love how smooth and soft it feels and how much more radiant it looks. I’m totally OBSESSED with this serum and will continue using it.”

The Clarins Double Serum retails for R880 for a 30ml and R1180 for a 50ml

*This blog post is sponsored by Clarins*


You’ve convinced me! Must give this product a go.

Richard, you HAVE TO TRY THIS SERUM. It’s by far one of my favourite anti-aging treats. It just seems to work for everyone and yield such fantastic, visible results so quickly.

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