A few months back I read a story online about the cult Australian brand Frank Body and their ‘Original Coffee’ scrub that put the brand on the map. “If only we had something similar that was locally made, affordable, and with a cool edge,” I thought to myself. It was as if the beauty Gods heard my plea, because less than a month later a press drop arrived with two of the sexiest, locally made and beautifully packaged scrubs.

Readers, meet my new scrub addiction: Kahve. (Turkish for coffee)

What makes this brand rather unique is that it was started by two men, ex-Stormers rugby player Tim Whitehead, and quantity surveyor, Stuart Black. The pair travelled internationally to source and test as many scrubs as they could, but found that the highest quality for their ingredients could be sourced right here at home. And so, Kahve was born – a luxe brand consisting of two super sexy skin scrubs that meets international standards. I love the black, sleek and very chic packaging too (so does the hubby, who promptly announced – after seeing the packaging – that he thinks perhaps it’s time for him to try a scrub).

Presently two scrubs are available in the range, both retailing for R280 for a 225G sachet:

First up is my favourite, the Coconut Matcha / Revive (BUY HERE)

It’s primary ingredient is Japanese Matcha that’s combined with virgin coconut oil to enhance radiance and nourish dry skin (yes please!). Also included is sucrose beads, African melon and jojoba oils that work as the perfect exfoliants to remove dead skin cells.

Best for: Damaged, tired and stressed skin. Perfect as a post beach treat to soothe and nourish sun-kissed skin.

Next, there’s the Coffee Cinnamon / Enliven (BUY HERE)

Add this to your morning shower routine to energize, firm and invigorate the skin. High quantities of caffeine found naturally in Robusta bean attack cellulite while tightening up the skin. Avocado and Borage oils restore the skin with hydration, leaving it silky soft. Also contained in this scrub is Vitamin C, Jojoba oil and Helianthus seed oil – all fantastic antioxidants.

Best For: Eliminating cellulite and tightening the skin.

The scrubs are super easy to use. I apply mine onto damp skin using a small, circular motion. I find that around 5 or six small scoops is more than enough for my entire body. According to the instructions, it’s best to leave the scrub on the body for between two and five minutes before rinsing off.

My top tips for Exfoliating the body:

Giving your body a good scrub is essential before fake tanning – to smooth away dead skin cells and ensure you get an even tan.

Exfoliate three times a week – or more if you have very dry skin – to keep skin smooth and supple.

Always use scrubs on damp skin, except on areas of thicker skin like elbows, knees and feet, where they can be used dry.

Learn more about Kahve scrubs HERE


This looks so good. Thanks for the heads up. Now I can drink and wash with my favourite drink!

LOL Lalannie! Both are incredible. Personally I love the Matcha version, but hubby – being the coffee addict he is – prefers the coffee & cinnamon. I was so impressed at how soft and nourished both leave my skin.

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