Last week I chatted about my current skincare routine and the Clarins products I’ve been using. Today, I’m going to delve a little deeper into the Double Serum, and what makes it a power packed treat for the skin.

To recap, Double Serum (R880 for 30ml or R1180 for 50ml) is a complete intensive anti-ageing treatment targeted at all women age 25 + who want to ensure their skin looks visibly youthful. It’s appropriate for all ages, skin types and ethnicities.

Double Serum was first formulated in 1985. For it’s time, it was truly unique in that the formula was inspired by biomimicry, and combined the best water soluble and oil-soluble ingredients that targeted the signs of ageing. It has been one of the brands best selling products since.

Fast forward to 2017, and Double Serum has had a makeover in that it goes even further in stimulating the skin’s 5 vital functions, while decoding the language of youthful skin. Essentially it works to regenerate, oxygenate, nourish, hydrate and protect the skin.

Until now, Double Serum enhanced the way skin cells talk to each other, helping to stimulate the skin’s 5 vital function. Now, the researchers at Clarins have identified a cellular listening system that was never before been explored.

“Cellular communication isn’t a secret for scientists! Like all living creatures, we know that cells have their own language: they express and capture messages emitted by other cells or by the environment. The slightest dysfunction in one of the wheels of cellular communication disrupts the skin’s balance and can exacerbate the ageing process: cell renewal slows down, dehydration can set in, and the skin loses firmness and radiance… “

The ingredient responsible for this cellular communication is Turmeric extract, which is highly concentrated in turmerone – a bio-inspired vegetal discovery that optimizes cellular communication.

Double Serum contains 20 + 1 plant extracts that assist the skin’s vital functions. It boosts radiance, minimises fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores and firms the – all while optimizing cellular communication. It contains 9 organic ingredients, namely: Leaf of Life, quinoa, Marsh Samphire, Mary’s Thistle, Kiwi, Goji berries, Edelweiss, Ginger Lily and Green Banana.

Contained within the formula is a Hydric (water) and Lipidic (oil-soluble) system that mimics skin’s natural water and fat balance, making the skin more responsive to the powerful ingredients in the formula. With the richness of an oil (without any greasy residue), combined with the smoothness of an ultra-comfortable gel texture, this serum is a sensorial joy to use.

The packaging has also had an update, and you’re able to customize it according to your skin’s unique needs. With it’s made-to-measure application, you simply turn the dial to select the correct dosage. The larger drop is for normal to dry skin types and cold climates. The smaller drop is for normal to combination / oily skin types and hot climates. Mix both phases in the palm of your hand and apply to the face and neck.

Clarins tested the serum on 35 women worldwide, of all ethnicities over a four week period. Immediately after application, 93% of women said their skin felt more hydrated. After one week, 85% said their skin’s texture had improved, while 88% said their skin was more supple. One month after using the serum, 91% said their skin was smoother, 81% said theirs felt firmer, while 87% describe their skin as looking more radiant.

Not only do I love this serum, I’m also totally inspired by the beauty benefits of turmeric. I’ve been sipping on this delicious drink every evening to ensure good sleep and glowing skin. I’m not gonna lie, this recipe is NOT mine – it’s from my Deliciously Ella Every Day cookbook and is SO easy to make.


  • 250ml of either cashew or almond milk
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric

Method: Place the cashew or almond milk in a saucepan and allow it to heat gently on a low heat. Don’t allow the milk to boil. Once milk is hot, stir in the honey & turmeric and allow it to infuse together for a minute. Pour into a mug and enjoy.

*This blog post is sponsored by Clarins*


O my…. All the goodness without the mineral oils. I love the Clarins Blue Orchid oil, but this looks way, way more tempting.

I have used quite a Clarins Men products. Time to check out this product. Thanks for the update, Candice-Lee! R

Hey Richard, thanks for the comment. As far as anti-aging serums go, this is definitely one of my favourites. I also love that one sees an improvement pretty quickly after starting with this. You def’s need to try it 🙂

Hey Natasha, I used to ADORE the Blue Orchid oil too. In fact, as far as i know, Clarins were among the first to embrace oils for the face (and body). The Double Serum is great in that it offers 360 anti-ageing benefits while also nourishing and hydrating the skin. And, a bottle lasts for a good 3 months (sometimes even longer).

Like Totally loving this – the nrw Serum with Turmeric which is natures GOLD is exactly what – I need and I kid you not I am turning 50 on Saturday and could really do with this awesome give-away! Having lost quite a bit of weight The crinkles are definitely showing .. Ooooi AGE Right 😂😂😂

A friend of mine believes this to be liwuid gold and has been drinking it for at least 10 years already – she got me onto it – but I am thrilled with your recipe it sounds amazing so nomore warm water and Turmeric – this recipe is a keeper!

A friend of mine believes this to be liquid gold and has been drinking it for at least 10 years already – she got me onto it – but I am thrilled with your recipe it sounds amazing so nomore warm water and Turmeric – this recipe is a keeper!
Apologies for the error

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