The idea to take a mid year break took root when my good friend Sheena called early January suggesting that this year we spend our (shared) birthday on an island, far, far away from home. That was really all it took to get the ball rolling for what turned out to be a spectacular holiday.

With a little convincing from hubby and I, our party of 9 (including two children and a teen) decided on a week cruising the Turkish Aegean aboard a traditional Turkish sailing vessel called a Gulet.


This would be my third year sailing (yep, you could say I LOVE it) with the exceptional ScicSailing fleet. You can read about my previous two sailing holidays with them HERE and HERE.

The wonderful thing about sailing is that you’re forced to truly relax and unwind. Aside from sleeping, eating, reading, daydreaming and swimming, there’s little else to do. What I love about ScicSailing is that theirs is one of the few fleets that favour sailing with the wind rather than engines. When possible, sailing is done sans motor – and one gets seriously addicted to the sound of billowing sails, waves slapping against the sides of the gulet, and a very gentle rocking sensation.

Turkey food 2

There’s a chef on board that prepares three delicious meals a day, a crew that’s on hand to tend to your every need, and a captain who expertly sails the boat. 

wood panelling in ship

The super chic gulet’s in the ScicSailing fleet have around 4-8 cabins, all with their own en-suite bathrooms. I love this Hipstamatic pic my hubby snapped of the corridor leading to the cabins on the boat.

The Turkish Islands are exquisite and the warm blue waters of the Aegean are so inviting.


A beautiful Turkish sunset.


The sea water is so crystal clear, you can see right down to the bottom.

Turkey Hipsta

Hot Hubby

#HotHubby enjoying some sun

Birthday gals

Celebrating our shared birthday on the 26 June #CanceriansRule

We didn’t just sail for days on end – oh no! We also visited quaint markets, ate at cool little tavernas, and explored ancient ruins.

2017-06-28 10.27.11

Sex tea, anyone? Spotted this while walking through the market in Ören, Turkey.

Graffitti : Bodrum

Cool graffiti in the market at Bodrum Harbour. What you don’t see is the full name of the restaurant, SOKAK, on the right. #LaughingForDays


Exploring the archaeological ruins of Knidos, an ancient city that can be traced back to the 4th century BC.

Ruff Tung 2

Loads of laughs as Sheena, Liesl and I posed for an impromptu photo shoot wearing our gorgeous Ruff Tung Kaftans. 


Sheena rocked a bright orange (Gelish) pedi and I opted for red (but Sheena’s feet looked far better than mine, so #PhotoOp)


Turkey:Greece sunscreen

The Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport (R595) is, in my opinion, THE BEST sunscreen for both body and face. What I love most about it, is that it does a great job of protecting the skin for the sun’s harmful UV rays while keeping the skin beautifully hydrated. It has a feather light formula that blends easily into the skin. While it’s not cheap, it’s 100% worth the splurge. 

For the face, I opted for the iconic La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-light Tinted Fluid SPF50+ (R230 from Dermastore). It  has an ultra-light, moisturising texture that’s instantly absorbed into the skin without being sticky. It protects the skin from damaging UV rays that cause sunburn, DNA damage that can lead to skin cancer, pigmentation and skin ageing. The non-greasy, fragrance-free, invisible finish is suitable for normal, combination or oily skin types with any sensitivity. A real winner of a facial sunscreen.


Rhodes comp 1

After seven blissfully relaxing days sailing onboard the Nemesis, we hopped on a ferry (just a short hours ride) from Marmaris in Turkey to Rhodes in Greece. We rented (through AirBnB) the loveliest sea facing, white washed villa in Lachania, situated  in the South of Rhodes, about an half hour’s drive from Lindos.

You can check more pictures of our Sea Breeze Villas in Lachania Rodos HERE on 

Lachania beach - hipsta

We fell in love with the beautiful pebble beach that was just a 3 minute walk from our villa. Come sunset, the beach was bathed in the softest, prettiest pink light.

Platanos Taverna Greece

Taverna Platanos, our go-to local Greek restaurant was a short drive from our villa. We ate there every night while in Rhodes – the food was THAT good!

2017-07-03 13.14.18

Think freshly grilled sea bass (above), garlic dip and the yummiest (and biggest) lamb chops you’ve ever tasted. Oh, and don’t forget the Ouzo 😉


Just a five minute drive from our villa was the Mojito Beach Bar, situated on a picturesque pebble beach overlooking the bluest waters. Aside for the obvious drink of choice, we also enjoyed yummy snacks like hot dog’s, tuna mayo sarmies and pizza. I miss this place SO much!


The pretty town of Lindos, known for its clifftop acropolis which features monumental 4th-century gates and reliefs from about 280 B.C.  was quite a sight to see. However, because it was just SO DAMN HOT, we didn’t attempt the walk to the acropolis, and instead opted for a refreshing swim in the ocean.

It was there that we spotted “The Package” #WideEye

the package

I mean, how the hell could you miss that? Special shout out to Sheena for snapping a pic #LOL

Have great suitcase, will travel.

My Lipault Original Plume 4 Wheels 65cm in navy was the prefect travel companion. It easily accommodated two weeks worth of clothing (and then some), was perfect for the boat as it’s fabric, and was a easy to travel with thanks to its spinner wheels and a pull handle. Lipault is available at

Lipault bag

And just like that, our family holiday was over. According to Sheena, the best way to counteract the post holiday blues is to start planning the next trip. Okay, must go to google some Airbnb options in Italy 🙂

For more information on sailing in Turkey and Greece, visit – You can also email: for enquires or call them on +31 6290 63180