Given the amount of traveling most of us do, it’s essential to invest in good quality, durable luggage. Personally, I believe that your luggage should reflect your style, so I’ve partnered with French luggage brand Lipault to bring you a very exciting giveaway.

Lipault understand that a suitcase is no longer just a vessel to get your clothes from A to B. The brand believes that luggage should be about quality, innovation and fun. The Lipault range is ultra-lightweight, comfortable and spacious and styles are available in a range of vibrant colours with matching sets.

From handbags to travel bags, briefcases and suitcases, Lipault has established itself as the colourful Parisian bag brand.

Below is the beauty that is my new suitcase

Lipault suitcase 11

 I chose the Lipault Original Plume 4 Wheels 65cm in navy as I feel it’s a bit more interesting than black, but just as elegant. It has all the features I need in a suitcase like spinner wheels and a pull handle. I also like that it’s nylon (easy to clean), so it weighs less. 

Lipault bag 223

To compliment my luggage, I opted for the Lipault Lady Plume Hobo (in large) as my carry-on. It’s roomy enough to carry all I need, and will also work well as a beach bag. The navy colour ensures it will work with endless clothing ensembles. 

View the Lipault range of luggage at

My Top Packing Tips

pack like a pro

Always pack a black dress (and keep it, along with extra underwear in your carry on). You can dress it up or down, and it really can work for any occasion, smart or casual.

Roll your clothing instead of folding to maximise space. Simply fold items in half, then roll down from the top of the garment. The first time I did this, I was amazed at how much space I saved.

Always travel with a large scarf as it takes up no room and serves a multitude of uses. It can dress up a boring outfit, keep you covered in conservative destinations, keep you warm and double up as a sarong.

Leave your most precious jewellery at home. I travel with my watch, wedding ring and a pair of diamond studs, that’s it. If you really want to take a selection of fine jewellery with you on a trip, ensure you keep it in your carry-on luggage.

Pack multi-tasking beauty items like tinted moisturisers with an SPF, a cream blusher that can double up as a lip colour and a balm that can be used to hydrate dry lips and cuticles and also tame unruly brows.

When I go on vacation, I limit my makeup product to the following:

BB Cream with SPF

Cream Blusher that can also be used on the lips

Bold coloured lipstick. Red or orange work well.


Black eyeliner


Lipault RG

I have this eye-catching, totally gorgeous Lipault Miss Plume 55cm spinner suitcase in pink gold, valued at R3 495 from House of Samsonite stores or online up for grabs. Talk about arriving at your destination in style!

To stand a chance of winning it, leave a comment below this post telling me what your top, space saving tip is when it comes to packing your suitcase for a trip.

Please ensure you include your email address (only I can see it), so I can contact you, should you be the winner. I’ll announce the winner on Monday 10 July on an In My Bag Facebook post (follow here)

Good Luck!


Decant all your beauty products into smaller travel friendly bottles, like shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Always pack a black dress
Roll ur clothes instead of folding
Travel with a large scarf
Leave ur most lrecious jewellery at home
Pack multi tasking beauty items
Oh would love to win this beautiful giveaway for my birthday ? ? crossed

My top space saving tip is to pack mix and match clothing…

I pack only what’s necessary,pack a toiletry bag separately and fold my clothes very small,carry one good pair of jeans and thin tops so it saves space,I try to pack light and keep it simple. Awesome prize ♥

My top saving tip is to pack main things and as little things as possible
Like i also clothes
Limited stuff of makeup (blush mascara and a liner) and put it into a small toiletery bag

To use all available space I stuff underwear and smaller items that I don’t mind creasing into shoes.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them, this almost doubles the space in your suitcase! 🙂

I roll my clothes instead of folding them, I pack my underwear inside my bra cups which also helps keep their shape, and I wear my bulky items instead of packing them!

Use ziplock bags / clear plastic travel bags to pack separate outfits. It compacts everything and helps you to decide on outfits so that you don’t take unnecessary items.

Roll clothes to save space,always pack light

After my first trip to India as a student were I carried so many bags that my folks had to pay an exorbitant amount of money for being over the weight limit. I still remember how my bags were stacked in top of the taxi in Mumbai and how it started raining as it was monsoon season. Let’s just say that most of my clothes were ruined because of mould & that I had to store the bags at the hotel reception! I swore that I would always travel light in the future! I firstly lay my clothes on the bed & look at outfits that can double as day and night wear. That way I can plan ahead. I choose fabrics that are Lycra based so there’s no ironing involved. Then I get ready to rock & roll. I roll my outfits and stack them neatly in the bag. I stuff my panties inside my shoes( believe me, it saves space!). Accessories can be stored inside my bag that I chose for day & night wear. Lastly, go to your cosmetics store & ask for samples if your favourite skincare and even perfume. You will be surprised at how much space you will save and it’s disposable too. Pack a multipurpose makeup product that can be used as for lips, cheeks and eyes! There it is… the most important thing is never to overpack as how can you buy fashionable items abroad?

I roll up my stockings,socks and underwear in ziplock bags and then put it my shoes and boots

Packing shoes into Ziploc bags to prevent them from damaging any clothing – also helps not to transmit any smells from shoes into your clothes.

Pack little items in your shoes – It’s also perfect to pack your socks / stockings in to.

My number one tip for not overpacking is don’t leave packing till the last minute. Otherwise you are frantically throwing everything you can think of into that suitcase.
Store things in your shoes when they are packed (like toiletries/souvenirs etc)

I also always pack two tops for every bottom – you are more likely to wear the bottoms more than once.

Def roll all clothing and for sure just a couple of classy items to mix and match. Scarves can also double up as sarongs and beach towels

Rolling clothes instead of folding them
Wearing your bulky and heavy items instead of packing them
Plan ahead

Oh my goodness ….. so gorgeous. ♥

My top space saving tip is to always roll my clothing instead of folding. Saving so much space!

I always roll my clothes up, it saves a lot of space and keeps them from wrinkling. I also put the less needed things in my husband’s bag! I have wanted a Lipault since I have seen them the first time. So classy ??.

With regard to makeup – I usually just pack a palette that has everything ie bronzer, eyeshadow, highlighter – this saves so much space!!

I roll all clothing items. Saves space.Pack versatile dress that can be used as top or dress. Best ever to to carry light n the common trend mix and match. Awesome giveaway.

Instead of packing big bottles , I make small sample containers of my shampoo,conditioner and lotions. I also roll my clothing as it saves a lot of space .

I like to roll my clothes – this saves space and no fold lines so it saves time too!!

I always roll my clothes. Saves huge space.

Definitely roll ones clothes, it’s incredible to see how you can save so much space. Simple yet effective

Keep some cleansing wipes in your hand luggage or hand bag, you can use these on your face and body to freshen up when you get off the plane or out the car after a long road trip. Just being able to do a quick clean up when you reach your destination gives you a welcome energy boost to start your holiday without feeling grubby and sleepy.

Decant my toiletries into smaller containers and roll clothing for packing.

*Wear your bulky items, Don’t pack them
* Instead of packing big, bulky makeup bottles for a quick weekend trip, pour a little bit of the product into a clean contact case for easy travel
*Stuff socks and products that won’t burst inside your shoes if you’re low on packing space

I pressed post too quickly! Further to what I said above, a small packet of cleansing wipes is much lighter and more space saving than body washes, make up removers and face cloths etc. Always try pack a product that serves more than one function.

This couldn’t have been posted at a better time, as I’m busy looking for new luggage as I’m off overseas in a few weeks time., so will check out Samsonite. If you travel often good luggage is important and the extra money spent is so worth it. My tip: Be sure to pack inside your footwear, especially boots and trainers. This void space is ideal for filling with socks and other soft items.

I stack my clothes like in drawers So they are like a hanging file system Also easier to see what I want to wear PS Love Love Love the case Pink Gold So AWESOME

My top tip is count the number of days you will be on holiday , make a list of what you will wear each day, and the number of underwear and nightwear you need. Evening wear should be dress and black pants which you can always accessorize and make it look different with a scarf or belt or jewellery and different blouse . One pair of heels for the night and a pair of comfy sandals. Toiletries should be travel size and fit in one toiletry bag. This tip works well for me over the years .

I decant things like shampoo and conditioner into small containers.

I always roll my clothes as it saves space and decreases wrinkles!

When choosing your clothing for a trip take a look at each item’s fabric and consider the following factors: quality, thickness, weight, wrinkles, transparency, and texture.
Your ideal travel clothing is durable, takes up minimal space and weight, is wrinkle-free and opaque, and matches with the rest of your clothing in style and fit.

I take small bottles of shampoo, face cleanser etc and pack jeans and denim skirt that can be worn more than once. I also pack flimsy no need to be ironed tops.

I roll some items like tshirts to fit into the corners or areas where there is open space and put socks and unwear inside my shoes in ziplocks

Rolling,and not folding clothes,helps a great deal. Pack clothes in basic colours that you can mix and match(my favourites are black,grey,white,cream) and add a pop of colour with scarves that take minimal space.

I decant my toiletries into smaller bottles and I also roll up my clothes – I agree it’s amazing how much space you save.

I always believe in rolling my clothes. Saves so much space. Won’t do it any other way 🙂

Besides just packing less in general, I think the biggest tip is to decant all your favourite beauty products and toiletries into smaller jars. Those used by brands like Clinique to give samples make perfect travel pots. You’d be surprised how much room you can save by decanting your large shampoo bottles and creams!

I roll my clothes to save space…. bonus is that most items don’t need ironing after being rolled.
Dresses that can go from day to night outfits with just a change of shoes.

I like to out my socks inside my shoes or boots. I out my bras into each other and clip the one up so they all neat and tidy. If I’m going to visit my sister in America I don’t pack much because their store sales are too die for and let’s be honest our winter clothes are not sufficient so sister buys the jackets gloves and boots ???

This suitcase is gorgeous ? when I’m going on a trip I literally want to take my whole wardrobe so I roll my clothes to create more space

Roll your clothing and prior to rolling add your underwear and swimwear to it. Don’t pack jewellery rather wear earrings, necklace and bangles thats versatile and can be worn throughout the holiday also carry just a pair of comfy walking shoes and a pair for dining out. Its amazing how much of space you still have …perfect for all the shopping to be done . No stress about that .
Oh almost forgot I carry my make up and travel size toiletries in my hand luggage.

Pack small items inside your shoes this saves alot of space.

I always ask my cosmetics house for sample sizes when I purchase my make up so I can pack the smaller sizes when traveling. Packing scarves, undies and socks etc in zip lock bags and sucking out all the air is a great space saver and the zip lock bags always come in handy once on holiday.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them, this almost doubles the space in your suitcase!!! I out my bras into each other and clip the one up so they all neat and tidy and a huge space saver!

Zip lock bags work for me…..and a shawl of course that doubles up as a blanket on the plane.

My top travel tips – and this also keeps your cupboard clutter free – is to pack your clothes that you plan to not wear again, give it away at the end of the trip to the needy. That way it makes space in your cupboard for new purchases. Aslo take a small packet of washing powder – as laundry can get expensive. Consider the weather when packing – a shawl is great and huge sunglasses both airport looks and outdoors. For shoes – flats for during the day and a neutral pair of heels. If it’s new make sure to break into them before you leave. Otherwise carry a pair of scholl’s blister plaster. Works wonders.

Stuff socks and products that won’t burst inside your shoes if you’re low on packing space.

I get all my outfits ready before the time, so that I know witch tops and pants or skirts go together,( if I dont do this I end up packing all my clothes) and I get travel size toiletries

I roll my clothes instead of folding them.

I roll my clothes instead of folding them.

I use vacuum bags iron ed clothes r placed in them an the air let out .they take up less space in the luggage an shoes an sandles also .vacuum bags .on my recent trip I had clean clothing every day an had lots of space for gifts for the family. I recommend it to any one

I do my best to wear my heaviest shoes/sports shoes /sneakers to travel and always pack lightest full change of clothes in my carry on.
I only wear black so everything matches

I always, always roll my clothes for extra space. I only take minimal make up to save time is the mornings before venturing out on explorations and always take a black and blue comfy jeans that I can match with tanks, shirts, t-shirts and evening dress up tops/shirts. I also ensure I carry lots of dresses (because I love them!) and my favourite pairs of sunnies ?
If only we all owned holiday homes around the world with fully stocked closets ?

I always put my socks into my shoes or sneakers. Saves space !❤️

I put my socks in my shoes and roll up all my clothes

I roll my clothing instead of folding them as it saves more space. I also pack all my small items or toiletry in the inside of my shoes and I pack the heaviest items at the bottom and the smaller ones on top, it helps with compressing more space.

Only pack one pair of shoes which you can mix and match with your outfits. I wear your boots to save space!

Make a list of the essential items before packing and pack in advance because if you leave packing to the last minute you will won’t have time to decide what you really need. What a gorgeous suitcase!!! Talk about travelling in style!

Roll an entire out for together for each day of your holiday. Vacum bag them . recent trip to Thailand this worked wonders I had only one extra outfit left when I landed in Durban .xtra clothing adds toxtra weight an also it can also can be left behind .
Take only two pairs of shoes or sandles

Absolutely stunning. And I travel a lot. I must admit if all the luggage I have used. This is the strongest by far. Oooh I love shiny and bling. At my age I deserve to own this bit of swank.

Thank you for this opportunity to be in the running to win this treasure. Regards Rhonda Cooper.

Because often, international airports won’t let you carry more than 100 ml of anything, getting smaller bottles to put your lotions and mouth wash is always a good idea. Nothing as heartbreaking as leaving your fav hand lotion at an airport check-in. Also, when I pack I lay my pants across the bottom of the bag so the top of the pants hang outside, then after rolling and packing my tshirts/tops and dresses, I place my socks by the fold and bring the tops in one by one. Sort of as a “shell” for my other clothes, but because I have the socks at the fold, i won’t have to worry about ironing out creases… yay!

I basically travel with a handbag that compliments my outfits , instead of packing extras that waste space, Decanting all my essentials into travel sized bottles and that includes vitamins . And I Try to pack in pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched instead of packing seperate outfits . ?

Hmmm well rolling instead of folding clothing is the best space saving tip ever, but if I was to suggest something else, it’s probably got to do with your shoes. Think super carefully about how heavy the shoes you are planning on taking are – they’re often the thing that can put you over the top in terms of baggage allowance. If I can I limit myself to 2, maybe 3 (but generally only if I’m travelling in summer and the 3rd is a pair of ultralight flipflops/sandals), I do. Also wear which ever is the heaviest/biggest on the flight – that usually means my boots are coming on the plane with me ?+✈=??

My number one tip is to pack sample sizes of your products. Most hair products come in travel sizes and for skincare you can request samples from your regular cosmetic counter. Second tip is to store some cash and any small items in a sunglasses container in your handbag, especially if you’re in a renowned pickpocketing area.

My main tips for packing, decant toiletry items into smaller bottles, roll your clothes instead of folding, match your outfit and roll it as one, I also use decompressed bags for larger items like sweaters or jackets. As females a girl I tend to over pack so I’d always use a vanity case for toiletries and make-up that way you ensure that nothing spills over clothing and your vanity can be carried as hang luggage.

My biggest life-saver when it comes to traveling is using PACKING CUBES. They make it so easy to organize your bag, and allow you to squeeze in more than you normally would if your luggage was all over the place. If you travel regularly, it’s also helpful to keep a set of standard mini toiletries in one of the cubes, so that all you have to pack for trips is your clothing. ??

I always try to pack my clothes in terms of mix and match outfits rather than just pieces on their own.

Get yourself some VacBags which are like a giant zip lock bags. You put your clothes in it, seal the zipper and suck out the air with your vacuum cleaner! It’s genius; saves so much space which means more space for new purchases 🙂

I always have sample products or mini’s and pack them instead of large consmetics….. mmh Always travel with a large scarf as it takes up no room and serves a multitude of uses. It can dress up a boring outfit, keep you covered in conservative destinations, keep you warm and double up as a sarong….I .Pack multi-tasking beauty items like tinted moisturisers with an SPF, a cream blusher that can double up as a lip colour and a balm that can be used to hydrate dry lips and cuticles and also tame unruly brows.

Make a list so you know exactly what you must pack… so you don’t pack unnecessary stuff… opt for small travel size containers for your toiletries… fold your bras in half and tuck your underwear inside the cups….

I roll socks into balls and stuff then into my shoes.

Roll your clothes instead of folding and always plan (or semi-plan) your outfits depending on how long you go for. This will stop you packing everything but your kitchen sink (as I used to do) and ending up not using half the clothes you packed 🙂

Absolutely stunning. And I travel a lot. I must admit if all the luggage I have used. This is the strongest by far. Oooh I love shiny and bling. At my age I deserve to own this bit of swank.

Thank you for this opportunity to be in the running to win this treasure. Regards Rhonda Cooper.

Being a frequent jet setter and by road. I have to pack wisely. I roll my clothes . The clothes least worn I pack at the bottom. I wedge items inbetween so that I use all the little spaces. I use the expander to low for extra packing and the belt. My bag is tightly packed so nothing moves. Once closed and secured. I guess a few bright ribbons on the outside so I can recognize my bag from afar. All done and Nd dusted. I am now ready for travel.

While rolling clothes will leave you with more space than you bargained for, I feel a realistic balance between space and organization can be achieved by packing your clothes as if they’re files in a drawer. By stacking each article side by side not only do you save space, but you can organise each item according to outfit sets per day, and see which ones you can swop, mix and match (also minimises creasing) I also like to put my undies inside my socks, and then stuff the socks into my shoes. To keep my jewelry organised and travel light, I opt for putting rings , earrings and smaller pieces into pill compartment containers so that they’re organised for the entire stay. Lastly I put my shampoo and other liquid toiletries into small medicine containers and then put all of them in a shower cap and fix it with a rubber band.
Fingers crossed ?♡

I generally roll softer garments and fold the stiffer ones, and always keep the rolled items at the bottom of the suitcase.
I always have enough space.
Perfect giveaway for all that travel I do for work.
Fingers crossed.

Pack underwear and socks in t shirts or jeans and then roll all items .

I use Glad bags to pack the kids clothing and my tops. It saves a ton of space since it can get really tiny once you suction out all the air.

Carry travel or sample sized skincare products, instead of the larger full sizes. Carry lightweight clothing items instead of heavier items to make for easier space saving packing. Pack versatile clothing items that can be worn interchangeably to create different looks or outfits instead of carrying many outfits and bulking up your load. Neatly ​folded and or even possibly rolled items make for a great space saver as opposed to dumping, squashing or placing clothing items in without​ strategy. Pack the largest or heaviest of all your items in first with the lightest or smallest on the top. Carry absolute essentials which would ensure more space avoiding you from packing many or more than one bag (depending on your destination of course). Happy traveling beautiful people ???❤

Roberta Adela Trenor (Durban, South Africa)

My top tips are

1. Roll clothes and place in vacuum seal bags – this creates loads more space and prevents creases. Just ask the hotel housekeeping to loan you there vacuum when you need to repack to go home. Otherwise invest in travel space bags which don’t require a vacuum – genius!

2. I use fabric conditioner sheets between clothes to ensure everything smells fresh and clean and some items can even be used twice so less to pack.

3. Use hotel shower caps as shoe covers so u can stuff your shoes in any available space without them damaging your clothes.

4. As far as possible don’t bother packing toiletries if u going to a destination where u can pop into the local supermarket to buy some. Alternatively carry sample sizes and leave everything behind when you packing to return- more space for buying stuff!

5. If you traveling with someone don’t double up on things that can be shared – such as power points, phone cables, certain toiletries etc

6. Buy as many of your gifts as possible at the duty free in the airport as this won’t add to your luggage weight. Some airports like Dubai even have online shopping so you can purchase in advance and then just collect when you arrive/leave. The prices are usually pretty competitive too!

My last and favourite trip for the ladies with partners – is chuck everything you don’t have space for in their bags ?

Roll it up! Everything gets rolled to save space!

My tip top travel space saving tip is to roll clothes instead of folding them. It saves tons of space especially on bulky items like towels and thick coats!

I’d love to win this phenomenal, dream prize especially as I travel constantly!

Just got back from Johannesburg and I can definitely say my top , space saving tip when it comes to packing my suitcase for a trip is to stop any creasing , i roll my clothes instead of folding them , then place them in vacuum compression bags . To use these bags I put my clothes in , seal the bag then squeeze the air out . This leaves me with lots more space in my suitcase and prevents any creases more effectively than folding ?

I put my shoes sole down in shower caps! Not only does it save space by keeping your shoes together but it keeps everything else clean! 🙂 I’m seriously drooling over this pink gold suitcase! It’s beautifullllll

Always roll your clothes before you go and zip up your bag

My top tip is pack less so you can shop more!

This bag would complete my first overseas trip (Oct 2017). At the tender age of 36 i will be going overseas with my amazing sister for a 7 day island holiday in Mauritius 🙂 🙂 🙂 So because i have very little space saving tips experience- I would plan my wardrobe with one or 2 items as back up and find dual use cosmetics and make up PS – Love your cream blush & lipstick combo idea – will definitely be using that one 🙂

My top tip, collect samples of all the products you use so you don’t have to take your full sized products with you.

I decant my shampoos, and cosmetic liquids into smaller containers as well as only pack the minimum amount of clothing which will leave more room for shopping and new items of clothing.

This competition could not come at a better time. I am doing my first European Tour and Paris included and this lovely bag will help me look super cool on my trip. My tip would be: Always check the weather prediction before packing which will help to eliminate unnecessary clothing packed in.. Which won’t be worn.. Then fold items before packing.

Rolling clothing seems to work well instead of packing clothes on top of one another. Then place my heavier items like shoes onto of the clothing to push it down. Hope this helps!

Use your shoes for packing as well. Put smaller items in jiffy /ziplock bag and put it in your shoes. I put cosmetic and facial products in zip lock bags and fill up my shoes. Therefor I do not need a huge cosmetic bag.

My top tip, is to pack shoes at the bottom and try keep the shoe collection as simple as possible( I know its hard to pick just a few great pairs). this means you can fill the spaces in between the shoes with your smaller items. Also if it’s a touristy trip pack only one pair of heels, for a dinner date.

This is such a beautiful bag in my favourite colour. I always carry plastic bags for my dirty laundry and I always roll my clothing when packing saves so much space.
shared giveaway

Roll my clothes,decant toiletries and right a list of what I need before I start packing!

I always roll my clothes. If I’m packing extra shoes I stuff them with something thats going in the bag.

Only pack the necessary

My skincare consultant always pops sample sizes into my bag when purchasing my skincare products. These come in super handy. No need to decant. My trusty flat iron works double duty and easily gets rid of any creases in my clothing.

My mom taught me to take only necessities, wear the bulky coat when you travel and also buy the extra stuff at destination

Try to pack as light as possible…match clothes before packing so u don’t pack unnecessarily! Also, roll clothes & place into suitcase.

I don’t have a top tip because I am the worst person when it comes to packing so my girlfriend always helps me out. She rolls all the clothes and then puts them in the suitcase in order eg all jeans together all t-shirts together. I would love to win this for her!

Decide on one or two colours for your clothes and only take items that mix and match. If you are taking a jacket or coat, take it as hand luggage. This saves loads of space! Decanted toiletries are a no brainer. Also don’t pack the expensive dry-clean only dress that needs a special pair of shoes, bra or accessories.

Roll your clothes instead of folding and do not overpack.

I use mini shampoos bottles and pack 2-3 jeans with tops. Wear this the entire holiday. 🙂
I also roll my clothes in bundles.

A basic capsule wardrobe, rolled into A3 ziplock bags, a tablet (as opposed to a laptop and a kindle), and a large floppy carry on tote for all the loose bits – that fits a great little black sling bag with removable strap that doubles up as an evening bag.

I think the key is to pack sensibly! 🙂 As ladies we tend to want to cater for every eventuality when it comes to our wardrobe on vacation. After a couple of trips over the years I’ve managed to refine my selection to a few of the following essentials:
*one toiletry bag with a travel size/decanted shampoo; conditioner in those sachets you get with your box of hair dye that we never use up no matter how many times we dye our hair; a few loose earbuds and cotton wool balls; small pack of wet wipes which can double as makeup remover.
*travel size hair dryer (or just air dry your hair) & a hair straightener which I don’t go anywhere without & keep in my hand luggage for touch-ups on long flights
*basic makeup (also to be kept in hand luggage): BB cream, mascara, brow pencil, & a cream blush for cheeks, lips & eyelids
*clothing: one pair of closed shoes; one pair of open shoes; slip slops are handy for lazy days & can double as slippers around the house, otherwise the thin, hotel-style slippers are light, slim & easy to pack . Dark blue & black jeans/pants for day or night; one long & one short sleeve shirt; a light jersey & my ULTIMATE item is my feather down jacket which is so light, can be rolled up into the smallest bundle and is a lifesaver when a cold front hits!

I always put my tshirts with my shorts and roll them up. And pack it according to days. Helped alot on my previous trip when i was in thailand and it helps that it doesnt crease so easily.

To maximize the space in your luggage, roll your clothes instead of folding them. You’ll be surprised by how much more you can fit this way. Keep the dirty soles of your shoes away from your clothes by sticking them inside a shower cap. 🙂

Pack your make up in your hand luggage as well as some underwear
Roll up small things and pack into sneakers or other shoes
Pack at least 2pants and 3 tops mix and match them as you go
Roll up anything small
If having to take a winter jacket carry it in your hand
If you can don’t make all the toiletries you always use , if it’s a must get a travel size

I honestly would love love love this bag as I’m always traveling

For your personal favorite toiletry, always take the ones you currently using but not new ones for possible space and less luggage weight. Even when folding clothes; make sure the light underwear or tees you fold them together with big clothing. This will make packing very much fun and stress less.

Defnitly plan in advance!! Carry clothes that you can mix and match as well as layer. Also make sure you carry travel sized lotions , creams , perfumes , etc. Not only do you save on space but also on weight !! Generally toiletries are the heaviest items! Fingers crossed ?

Plan your outfits

Help your bras maintain their shape while also saving space by stacking your bras on top of each other, folding them in half, and tucking your underwear inside. Stuffing your underwear inside your bras will prevent the cups from folding inward and help extend the life of your bras beyond your trip.

Definitely manually vacuum packing my clothes so that I have more space in my suitcase for my purchases! You take a zip lock bag, fold your clothes neatly inside, seal the bag all the way leaving a small opening big enough to fit a straw in. You then suck out all of the air and Voila! Your clothes are sealed tight, and they don’t crease either! Cheap, affordable and easy! Gorgeous Giveaway 😀

Roll clothes into each other instead of folding it. Pack smaller items in others that has cavities.

I roll my clothes. Saves a lot of space.

I pack light layers (if its cold) so I get more options and still keep warm and I use travel size products whenever possible. And keep a paur of stylish comfy shoes that goes with jeans or a dress

Before i pack , i check the weather where i am going, i do not want to pack unnecessary clothes. Then the clothes that i pack i roll them instead of folding them, then i place them in vacuum compression bags, seal the bag, then squeeze the air out. This will leaves me with lots more space in my suitcase. I roll underwear, socks and other small items and stuff them into my shoes to make sure every possible space is filled .Dirty soles of my shoes i stick them inside a shower cap. . For phone charger, camera charger, adaptors, headphones – i use extra plastic bags ( ziplock bag). I download a book on my i-pad rather than the whole whole book. Then i use the pill case compartments to organize and keep track of my smaller jewelry, like rings and earrings. To protect breakables such as perfume bottles ,i slip them into socks.

I plan what i want to wear and products i need for the days I’m traveling. This already helps me travel lighter and save space.

My favourite trick is to section the contents of your bag into smaller bags. It not only keeps things neat and clean, but it also prevents you from over-packing certain types of things (e.g. too many jeans).

WOW, awesome post !!! Love the black dress idea aswell ❤️ My packing tip is to always roll clothes and then plan outfits in advance ! Also depending on where I’m going I try and pack as light as possible so things that I can there I leave at home , so I have enough to shop till I drop!

I usually roll my clothes instead of folding it.
It leave much more room for more clothes as I can get a bit indecisive 🙂

“When I go on vacation, I limit my makeup product to the following:

BB Cream with SPF

Cream Blusher that can also be used on the lips

Bold coloured lipstick. Red or orange work well.


black eye liner”

This is literally all make up you need 🙂 🙂

I roll socks into shoes and organize my outfits by day… planning ahead is key. I also fill a contact lens case with makeup if I’m just going on a quick trip. if I’m going overseas I buy shampoo and conditioner on arrival at my destination to avoid lugging over big containers – plus side is I return with a cool salon brand that in all likelihood I couldn’t buy here in SA 🙂

My top way to save space when packing is rolling all my clothes into spring roll shapes (won’t crease as much and gives room for more space) but before I pack anything I lay out a towel in the suitcase for emergency cases (shampoo leak etc. or might need it overseas). I stuff my socks into all the shoes I’m taking (I normally take 3-4 pairs. If there is still space I would put other things like vests rolled up in there. For my make up I put it into a small bag. Then I put the small bag into a another bag that either has my toiletries (I make sure to put everything in plastic individually first just in case of spillage) I also stack and intertwine my bras together to make it look like just one bra. That saves me a lot of space for my underwear compartment. I fold my underwear into squares and sometimes even roll it if required. Also if i take any jewelry I stuff it into my socks.

I use miniature bottles of shampoo, lotion and perfume. I only carry what’s necessary, I make a packing list so I avoid packing items that aren’t needed. Rolling my clothes instead of folding saves ample space, carrying jewellery in your socks or pants pockets ensures its safe and sealing makeup in a ziplock bag ensures you don’t have leaky foundation all over your clothes.

My top space saving secret is rolling! And I always make sure I pack up dresses because for one I’m a big lover and they take up less space and also I take just one pair of sneakers with me and on the travel days instead of packing the sneakers I wear them, and have all my Sandals and heels packed up in the bag. That way I won’t have sneakers take any space and the rolling just helps make my life easier! I have a beautiful potable vanity case for all my body essentials and jewelry that I keep in my hand like some sort of handbag 🙂 my fiancé and I are planning a trip to Miami this December and this bag would be so great for the trip, I’ll be leaving the country for the first time in my life, just BTW I’m from South Africa 🙂 ??

My top tip for saving space is rolling my clothes instead of folding it. It saves so much space and it works every time ?

1. Roll clothing tight to make packing easier and prevent creases. It also saves a ton of space.
2. Sneak small items like socks and underwear into your shoes.
3. Keep sample sizes of moitsurisers and beauty products that don’t take up a lot of space and you be thrown away when depleted.
4. I tend to keep packing until my suitcase is full, so recently i started forcing myself to leave space by putting an old shoebox in my suitcase and leaving it empty. It forces me to pack around it and that way I know there is space for items I buy while away.

Lovely advice from all the comments, I think I will stick to my space saving tip which is, ironing all my clothes press them down and pack them as ironed clothes. I also use a toiletry bag which I carry outside the suitcase to give my clothes breathing space and more room. Trust me this save space. I also place one plastic of sealed stay soft in the suitcase to keep the clothes smelling good and fresh. #AsI CrossMyFingers

Always wear your bulkiest shoes, like boots, on the plane and pack your flat ballet pumps in your suitcase in a shoe bag. Make sure you are wearing zip up boots because you might have to take them off at security points at the airport! And have a spritzer bottle with mineral water in your handbag, as one’s skin tends to dry out on the plane! And lots of lipbalm!!!!

I pack dresses, or anything that may crease, flat. Then I roll everything else and pack it down both sides of the suitcase ( on both sides of the flat items). That way I got plenty in, but also don’t have to worry about looking for an iron when I reach my destination!

Wow I’ve never seen a Rose Gold travel bag before! It’s gorgeous! I’m traveling in August & I always overpack! Especially with my things & my daughters. I’ve picked up some excellence tips here. One thing I always have in my handbag when I travel is wet wipes. There’s always something to clean especially travelling with a child. I also always have a scarf with me as I always get cold on the plane. Secondly, I use Ziplock bags in all sizes for everything from my shoes, underwear, toiletries, vitamins, accessories & even my child’s milk which may not be available in the country you’re visiting! As for makeup & toiletries I always have my favourite dry shampoo Batiste with me and travel sized shampoo & conditioner. I also take sample perfumes I get at the fragrance counters. Lastly, I take a palette like Lorac Mega Pro 3 which allows me to create countless looks. I’m definitely going to try folding my clothes this time and use the space inside my shoes! Thanks for all the tips!

Roll up your clothes instead of folding them and put your jewelry, watches and socks inside inside your sneakers, pumps or any closed shoes. Utilize every bit of space available

My top tip is to place a complete outfit together. fold carefully and roll. You don’t have to worry about matching up clothes, it takes up far less space in your suitcase and, is less likely to become creased!!

My top space saving tip is to stack up your bras then filling it underneath with rolled up underwear and then folding your bras in half. This stops the bras from being squashed and losing its shape. It also saves a ton of space.

I also place my shoes in a shower cap to keep dirty soles from messing my bag and clothes, I then place rolled up socks or cream bottles inside. This also stops the bottles from bursting inside and messing your clothes and bag.

My last tip is to use a pill container to store smaller jewellery such as rings and earrings. This keeps your jewellery intact and prevents sharp objects like earrings from damaging your bag and clothes.

I hope you guys find this useful and I’m in love with this bag.

Help your bras maintain their shape while also saving space by stacking your bras on top of each other, folding them in half, and tucking your underwear inside. Stuffing your underwear inside your bras will prevent the cups from folding inward and help extend the life of your bras beyond your trip. This is a SUPER saver on space.
I also stuff socks and products that won’t burst inside my shoes which is such a saver on lots of space.

Ahhh… the excitement of travel! gets me every time… ?
I generally travel with dark clothing… black, greys etc, and take along a pop of colour to differentiate each outfit. Definitely saves space when you have darker staples, one tends not to overpack!
I use ziplock bags for underwear, and scarves… when the air is expelled from these bags they become incredibly flat, and easy to pop into corners or slide into slim pockets … ?
I stuff socks and wooly stockings into the foot space of shoes and boots etc, keeps them out of the way and packed with similar items.
Ziplock bags also come in handy when packing liquids, like mini shampoos and toners etc, zip up and seal in case aircraft pressure pops one of your kids off, no leakage into your suitcase whatsoever. Shew…. now I need to plan a trip….!??? ?

Beautiful bag for giveaway ? I usually check the weather for the duration of my stay as a guide and pack accordingly, rolling definitely saves space. I also tend to have more than one top, for a bottom. That way saving enough room for shoes and accessories!

This bag is absolutely gorgeous!

My top space saving would be to roll your clothing instead of folding them.
If you plan on going away for a week, three pairs of jeans would do and for comfort a pair of leggings or tights.
You take your necessaries toiletries with, but smaller sized bottles. Travel kits are always available.
A watch, simple plain earrings, two pairs, is all you need unless you like overdoing your jewelry.
Underwear is packed desperately from your shoes.
3 pairs of shoes is all you need.

Hope this is helpful. <3

Definitely rolling clothes and mix and match outfits

I always travel with a kikoy – slightly thicker than a scarf and wider as well. It is super versatile – blanket, shade cover for the car window, table cloth, towel, wrap dress or scarf in cooler weather. I always have two with me when we travel as they take up hardly any space and always come in very handy during the trip!

I find the most exciting tip is packing multi-tasking beauty items since you never know which kind of makes will be for that day and whether. Packing a huge scarf is also a very handy tips since you hair can become hassle to deal, so you just rap it up with your scarf. The other tip is rolling your clothes instead of packing them, it truly does makes a lot of room, I should know since I am a student that stays far away from homeveryone I usually travel back home so carrying alot of stuff is a must but a huge back is a no-no so packing smart helps me to have more cloths in a limited space when the bag is small.? ??

Definitely rolling my clothes up. Learnt that a long time ago. Really saves space. Also I will put my bangles if I take any with around a rolled up scarf. . Roll up my panties and put in a zip lock bag and tht really saves space if I take closed shoes ,will put the socks inside the shoe. Also bath sponges and stuff in zip locks.if I take jewellery with it goes into a small soft jewellery pouch. I take only the travel sized cosmetic and toiletries with like the small travel size shampoos and soaps etc. Or almost empty big bottles as they can be discarded there. You get the small travel hairbrush and stuff. It’s so cute stuff..

What a gorgeous suitcase ?
My top space saving tip would be to roll my clothes neatly and put smaller items into shoes and small spaces. This helped me on a long haul once!
Holding thumbs!

I’m a student who lives away from home so I’m always packing! Whether it’s to go home, roadtripping or traveling overseas with the family, I always pack a good pair of jeans, a pair of black leggings and a pair of denim shorts (if it’s summer). This helps to have different outfits and save space! *fingers and toes crossed*

Firstly less is more. My packing tips is, take neutral coloured clothes that are versatile & able to match anything. Roll your daily outfits together to save space and to make it easy when taking out clothes. Store your socks in your shoes and place one bra in another. Use soft plastic cosmetic bags to store cosmetics, the soft plastic is great as it is able to be squashed smaller. Also decant your creams into travel sized containers. Store your jewelry in organza bags as jewelry containers take up way too much space. When it comes to makeup; take one palette that has Day and night colours & limit yourself to only the necessary brushes. I use brush guards to keep the hairs from bending when traveling. I also get perfume samples to use on holiday instead of carrying a whole bottle of perfume.

I do a few things, especially when traveling for work, and varies on the length of time away. I:
– prepare a list of what I need to take with me (as a guide)
– roll my clothes
– stuff my shoes with socks and possibly knickers.
– pack the least amount of clothing possible (that makes it easier for getting ready) – 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of black trousers etc, 2 white shirts, etc – everything needs to be easily mixed and matched. I would rather wear the same goodies over and over again (and do laundry), than travel with a bulky heavy bag.
– stick to neutrals when packing so everything can match (as stated above, therefore less in my bag)
– wear my jacket/jersey (less in my bag)
– prefer traveling with fabric/sports bras so they can be folded, rather than bulky bras
– 2 (possibly 3) pairs of shows: sneakers, loafers and/or 1 pair of boots
– travel with mini size toiletry bottles (including toothpaste) and limit the amount of makeup I take with me: 1 red lipstick, 1 nude lipstick, 1 mascara, concealer, 1 pencil for eyes and brows and 1 cream blush. 1 small bottle of perfume will join the lot. That’s it.
– only take the jewelry and accessories I am wearing when I leave home – nothing more. If there is a special event, I will travel with those goodies in my handbag.
– pack my bag in advance – this helps me eliminate. I also weigh my bag the night before, and then lock it so I am fully committed to what’s in there.

Use the space in your shoes for bottles or socks anyhting that will fit BUT use it!!!! Love the scarf tip, one of the best travelling tips ever!

To increase the amount of space I use when travelling, I use compression bags. Once you pack the items in the bag, you use the vaccum to suck out the air. This is quick and easy. I use it all the time, even when I sleep out on weekends? a girl can never have too much clothing packed.

Mine would be to iron your clothing and then neatly roll them up before packing – it takes far less space and also ensures that your clothes do not crease easily!


Omg firstly this bag is stunning. Definitely arriving in style.. apart from rolling clothes I pack an outfit daily with 3 shoes to match all outfits and one jacket that’s not too drab or too dressy….

I always wear my heavier and bulkier items of clothing to travel in, like boots, jacket or coat. I pack light, a decent pair of jeans with a couple of tops to mix and match makes several outfits, add a skirt that same tops can be worn with for a whole new look. If I pack toiletries I only use travel size but if I am going to be away for several weeks I buy at my destination. I make sure to pack important items and medication in my hand luggage.

I place smaller items like underwear and socks into my shoes to maximize my use of space.

I always travel light, but what I do is make sure I pack jeans, denim jacket and plain tops. I then carry accessories to switch up my style. 1 sneaker. 1 closed heel and flip flop.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them, this saves an incredible amount of space.

Hi there, I roll all my clothes and wear the bulky clothes/shoes.

Definitely decanting products like shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, and body wash into travel-size bottles. Wear all your heavy or bulky items, especially boots, and just carry an extra jacket and scarf if you don’t want to wear them. And if you are worried about weight, put heavy items in your carry-on bag (decanted products, books etc) – they never get weighed!

I make sure I roll my underwear socks etc & pur them into my shoes & roll my clothes to save space & decrease the amount of ironing I have to do the other side.

I wear all my bulky items and dont pack them, I also replace jackets with shawls & scarves and roll my clothes to make more space.

Definitely vacuum packing everything is the most amazing way!
Also rolling clothes instead of folding them and putting socks, tights and underwear in a small bag and into shoes. Pack toiletries into smaller containers. Best way to travel light! ?

Hi Candice, I only take two pairs of shoes! Or three at a push… x

My best space saving tip is to pack only the essentials that you need for the trip, and make sure that the suitcase is not full. I believe that if you are going to a new place for the first time (or even again) you will obviously be doing a lot of shopping, which you can pack in your suitcase to bring back with you. If your suitcase is already full when you get there you will not be able to buy as many things as you would like because of the weight limit at the airport, or if you do buy too much, then you will have to pay for the extra weight. I would love to own this beautiful suitcase to travel with.

My space saving tip is to take staple items with you, and then add different accent pieces in order to make it look as though you have way more clothes with you than you actually have.
Also, don’t trek the whole make up bag with you, take only the essentials which you’re sure to use.

What an awesome giveaway!! I make sure to pack stuff that can be rolled up and that doesn’t crease easily, saving space and time!! Also decant things into smaller bottles, mix and match outfits sibyhigs can be worn twice and always pack a small carrier bag inside to make space for all your shopping on the way back 🙂 this prize is too much !! ????

Pack multitasking items. And pack your favourite garments yo avoid packing things that you will not wear. Roll your clothes to increase the space available in your suitcase.

Stunning prize ?
Depending how long one goes for I normally pack mix and match style. So obviously a jeans goes with everything so 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of heels , pumps and sandals. A versatile jacket for cold nights and a different top for however many days. Always check the weather and pack accordingly. Heaviest items at the the bottom to distribute the weight evenly. I utilise the the space inside my shoes to put loose items in it. Also cover my shoes with showercaps to keep everything in place. And try to pack items that don’t easily crease.

I roll my clothes as well. I roll up my socks and put them in my shoes. I buy the tiny empty bottles at Dischem and fill them with shampoo and cream. I take more t-shirts and one pair of jeans. And I always put in my leather Zara jacket, it dresses up any outfit ? Can’t wait to use the suitcase I’ll be winning on my trip to Spain in November ???

Shoes are an inevitable part of your travel. What I usually do is fill them with rolled t-shirt, socks or underwear to make use of the unused space inside them!!!

I make use of my shoes by rolling up underwear placing them in clear plastic bags or even shower caps and putting them in my shoes. I do the same with any jewelry i take on my trip. Rolling up clothes is a great space saver. As well as decanting liquid toiletries into travel sized bottles. Only packing basics makes keeping space for shopping a dream???
Sooo excited. Planning on visiting my sister in Scotland in July so this would be an amazing prize❤❤❤❤

Using a pill case for jewelry.
Rolling clothes instead of folding them.
Putting shoes in a shower cap, stead of separate packet or bag.
Putting socks and other odd bits inside the shoes. ?

It’s best to pack your shoes on the bottom of your suitcase and close to the wheels, also Fold your bras in half and tuck your underwear inside the cups. Not only will this save you space, but it will help your bras maintain their shape as well and rolling your clothes saves so much space compared to folding. It’s definitely worth the extra effort!
🙂 🙂 🙂

These are a few tips which really helped me along the way…
I’m ALWAYS low on space so I stuff my socks with my perfumes… And products that won’t burst go into my shoes.
Being a makeup artist, Im always looking for ways to protect my prized possessions ?… I protect my powder makeup products from breaking by sticking a cotton pad or cotton ball inside the compact before putting it into my makeup bag. 
To prevent liquid products from bursting (and ruining everything else) inside your bag, I cut a small square of plastic wrap, unscrew the product’s lid, set the plastic wrap on top, and screw the lid back on. That way if the lid pops open, no product can spill out.
For jewellery… I use a pill case to organize and keep track of rings and earrings or any small items.
My necklaces stay perfectly between two sheets of plastic wrap which prevents them from moving around and tangling inside my bag.

Hello lovleys
Some of my travel tips
?Pill container makes great organizers for jewelry
❤️Wrap shoes in shower cap
?Rolls clothing
?Bobbypins can be stored in tick tack container
❤️Protect perfume bottles by slipping them into socks
?Glasses case makes a good makeup brush container

?Happy travels

In summers, I only pack dresses – these save space already because i don’t have to pack pants or tops that need to be coordinated everyday. I merely throw on a dress and I am A FOR AWAY 🙂

I stuff my knickers and socks into my shoes to save space 🙂

I pack a minimalist plain capsule wardrobe focusing on elegant & funky jewellery and headscarves instead of colourful clothing. Add one smart casual jacket + soft knit jersey. I always take trousers that can be easily laundered after 2/3 wears. One set of light pumps with a bit of glitz for eve.
Clarins travel sizes are ideal companions.
One moisturiser in a tube form for arms, legs, feet, heels & hair!

Would love to win this suitcase,

I place my clothes in ziplock bags to suck all the air out of it . This really saves space for me and also helps in being organised because i can easily find clothes in my suitcase when i need them since the ziplock bags are clear and can be seen through. It also saves time because i do not have to refold clothes after throwing them out the suitcase to find what i need – i simply restack myy ziplock bags 🙂

When packing toiletries, make up etc I always seal them in a ziplock bag. Nothing worse than make up or face cream ruining your clothes. 🙂

Space saving tips for my upcoming London trip:

1. Pack the insides of your shoes! Keep the dirty soles of your shoes away from your clothes by sticking them inside a shower cap.
2. Fold your bras in half and tuck your underwear inside the cups. This will save you space and help your bras maintain their shape as well.
3. Help keep the shape of your sunhat by stuffing with clothes (rolling your clothes will save space too!)

More space for bringing back all that shopping in my brand new Lipault Miss Plume 55cm spinner suitcase in pink gold 😉

I always roll my clothes instead of folding them, it takes up less space and I try and fit small items like socks in my shoes, that is also a great spacesaver. I always pack clothing items that I can re-wear like jeans and just change the top to dress it up or down. It helps cut down on the amount of stuff I pack. I also try and pack and organise my outfits by day using resealable labled bags. This cuts down on the mess you make when looking for certain items when trying to put and outfit together. It also keeps your bag nice and neatly organised.

Love the Lipault. Besides for looking fabulous, just think how easy it will be to spot on the luggage carrousel!!
Having once been stranded at Lake Malawi without my suitcase having made it from Joburg (no makeup, massive frizz and only winter clothes I had worn on the plane to wear for 5 days in the hot sun – not pretty) I am a firm believer in keeping all your essentials (yes, including a flat iron and makeup bag) with you in your hand luggage (not that hard to do even with airline hand luggage restrictions), together with a change of clothes. This lightens your suitcase a lot, but make sure the carry-on bag can slip over the suitcase handle and rest on the suitcase so it doesn’t slow you down.

Wow – if there’s anything I am – is a heavy packer – but I have so many space saving tips that I use that makes my heavy packing so easy : here are my favourites : 1. Roll Tshirts within your Jeans to save a ton of space
2. Vaccume pack jeans and jackets – you will be amazed at how much space this saves
3. When packing clothes that wrinkle easily – lay the clothing inside a dry cleaning bag and then fold – the bag will prevent the clothese from wrinkling ❤
4.I use my spare contact lense cases to keep my liquid make up and moisturiser – Saves a ton of space .

I roll all of my clothing into rolls. I packed my mom’s bag when she moved to New Zealand and she managed to take ALL of her clothes with her. Definitely the best way to pack it all into one bag.

I do a couple of things when Travelling:
?I buy small plastic bottles to distribute some of my toiletries into such as shampoo, conditioner, hair oils etc.
? I also roll my clothes instead of folding them
?Checking the weather and planning my outfits assists me in not ‘over-packing’.

?? Awesome blog you have here


* if you carrying different earing .. keep track of your earings by using the buttonholes. Use pill case compartments or an old lip balm container to organize and keep track of your smaller jewelry, like rings and earrings. Also you can use glad press and seal for your necklace ?.

Help your bras maintain their shape while also saving space by stacking your bras on top of each other, folding them in half, and tucking your underwear inside. Stuffing your underwear inside your bras will prevent the cups from folding inward and help extend the life of your bras beyond your trip.

* When packing clothes that wrinkle easily, lay the clothing flat inside a dry-cleaning bag, and then fold as normal. The plastic will prevent creases from setting in

* role your clothes instead of folding! Give you more space.

*Keep the dirty soles of your shoes away from your clothes by sticking them inside a shower cap.

* Protect your delicates from the rest of the items in your bag by tucking them inside the little cloth bag that comes with a new pair of shoes or a new handbag.

*you can use a contact lense case to store creams etc.

* top revent your face powder/ blush etc from cracking/ breaking. Then add a cotton pad inside to prevent it from. breaking.

*you can use your sunglasses case or glasses case to store makeup ❤

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Till Fingers crossed ??

Take care & stay safe!?

Lots of love❤❤❤

Remove one third of whats in your suitcase at the end of packing, chances are you won’t need it, especially when going on holiday:)

Ziplocks! For all your bottles that could leak – it puts your mind at rest and helps to keep your bag organised. Its not a toiletry bag so also saves you space 🙂

Pack well in advance of travel time and plan your outfits to avoid packing unnecessary items that you will end up not wearing

Leave your gym outfit at home – the idea is good but you are on vacation.
Sort outfits out for per day.

I would say that try not to carry too many pairs of shoes. Two would be fine -one formal and one casual. If you are going to a beach destination, flip flops can be bought when you arrive at your destination.

I like to roll my clothes. Wear the heavy shoes jackets etc this leaves more space for me. I also use little bottles for my make up body lotions shampoos as well so everything fits into my cosmetic bag. Saves alot of space and way more convenient.

I like tp roll all my clothes and save space. I also pack my lotions body powders etc in smaller containers so they all fit into my cosmetic bag.

Rolling my clothes

I usually roll items up to save space and ensure I take one staple item i.e a pair of black pants and just pack different tops to compliment it. Also take one staple pair of shoes and flip flops (in summer) as it’s comfortable and will work with most outfits. Put makeup, skin care and hair care products in handbag or carry-on luggage, never in main bag. Take one leather jacket, preferably black as you can pair that with most looks and still look really cool. I’ve seen a really cool hack with straws that you could use to take products with and leave the bigger containers at home. You cut the straw in half, burn the one end with a lighter, wait for it to cool and seal it. Pour your product in, leave space for sealing, repeat lighter ritual and seal end. It takes hardly any space and you can store it in a ziplock bag.

I put flat items or items that will not get damaged in the front section of my bag, stuff undies and soft things in plastic and into shoes, take travel size bottles of toiletries that i can dispose of on the way so i have more space. I try my best to pack multi use, non crease type clothing. And an extra set of eyes helps to pack smart, be it my mom, sibling or a friend!

LOSE THE SHOES! I wear the biggest, heaviest boots I plan to take on the trip and then make sure I smartly choose the other shoes I need to take along. Shoes are always the heaviest and bulkiest thing to pack.. So pack shoes for comfort and one pair for style!

I use the vacuum bags to pack my suitcase it really helps with space saving

I collect small lotion, shampoo and conditioner bottles from previous hotel stays, refill if necessary and use it when I travel so I don’t have to pack in big bottles and it fits perfectly in my toiletry bag. I also take a laundry bag so dirty clothes can be keep there giving me more space to pack in souvenirs in my luggage

Zip lock for everything: kids goodies, toiletries, meds,

I also roll my clothes instead of folding + I look at the weather forecast to make sure I don’t take unnecessary clothing that I might not even wear due to the weather.
I also pack items that are easy to mix and match so I don’t necessarily have to pack an outfit for each and every day I’m there.
I pack shoes that can go with every outfit in my bag, so instead of those crazy metallic thigh high boots I like, I’ll pack a pair of black simple ankle boots or heels I can wear with jeans or a little black dress in the evenings.
Lastly I only pack the essentials in my make up bag. Foundation/bb cream, powder, lipstick and mascara

I use those vacuum pack bags, they work really well, but when you dont’ have them it all boils down to the way you pack your clothes. I usually pack in stretched out and flat, I can get so many clothes in my bag like that! My husband can never believe how I get everything in my case LOL


I vacuumed seal pack all my essentials 🙂

94tasneemj@Gmail. Com

Roll your clothes and don’t take more than you need. Wear the bulky clothes so you don’t need fo put them in the bag

Roll clothes to save space. Plan your wardrobe carefully so you can mix and match. Use zip lock bags to keep things neat and easy identification.

I check with the hotel regarding hairdryers and other extra accessories so that I don’t waste space packing that in.

When traveling I love to pack all my everyday essentials in small traveling bottles , this is to avoid carrying all the big bulky shampoo, conditioner and lotion bottles 🙂
I also like to pack a small makeup bag and leave my big one at home as I will never use all my makeup on the one holiday 🙂
I also try and plan out my outfits so I’m not taking things for the sake of filling my bag ?

Decide on one main colour and theme a few good items, so each garment multi tasks. A few good pieces of jewelry travel well in a plastic jar, like a Body Shop body butter jar, and they’re less obvious than in a jewel case.

Roll my jeans.
Jewellery and underwear in ziplock bags.
Travel size cosmetics and shampoo

When I travel I roll up all my cloths rather than fold them and pack them all in snug. They never come out creased. My old suitcase is 10 years old and plastic chipping off parts this would be so handy to have a nice travel suitcase again. I looked after my old one long enough. Time to trade it in for something fancy

Folding my clothes, decant toiletries or use travel sizes ones, using zip lock bags to save space.

I normally roll up my clothes and i find that it takes up much less space than normal folding.

Take light-weight clothing, roll up the clothes, travel size cosmetics and shampoo

Always roll your clothes to save space. You can pack all your socks in your shoes too, great space saver. And don’t ever pack too much, remember the shopping on the other side ?

Roll your clothes instead of folding and only take what you know you will wear! Alternatively take an empty bag and shop at your destination, nothing wrong with a little retail therapy 😉

Roll up your socks and underwear and put them inside your shoes to save space. Also pack a plastic packet to put dirty socks and underwear in, to keep is separate from your clean items while still traveling.

Definitely rolling my outfits up and stuffing smaller items in my shoes. Also using bringing sample and travel sized bottles of my make up and toiletries saves sooo much space!

Best tip I ever received …. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Saves so much space.

Holding thumbs

Pack items of clothing in neutral colours to allow you to mix and match. Pack jewelery to dress up for evenings.

I roll my clothes. I also stuff my underwear and socks in my shoes if possible. If it is winter I try wear my jacket and heavier clothes as they take up so much spacee

ROLL & VACUUM darling..cause I tend to always over-pack, but I’ve learned to MAKE A LIST first, accessories and makeup- depends on my outfits. Lay them out and match your accessories and makeup with your outfits, just to avoid taking unnecessary accessories and makeup with. Also ideal for space if you’re eyes glow for new once whenever you go shopping lol. Oh and lastly I always leave a OLIVE SCENT of bar soap rapped in plastic in the center of my luggage bag for a great fragrance smell. I’ve already fallen IN-LOVE with this gorgeous luggage bag and the color- what a trend!!

I roll up my underwear such as panties, thermals (if to a colder destination) socks & stockings and stuff inside my shoes or boots to save space.

I have found rolling my clothes a real space saver. I always put toiletries into smaller bottles and tend to wear my chunky items while traveling xx

This bag is gorgeous! I roll my clothes up instead of folding them. I also stuff socks and other small items into shoes and carry travel-sized toiletries only.

I take the bare essentials and I roll all my clothes. A good pair of jeans, black dress, a pair of slacks that can match up with anything AND i make sure there is plenty space for all the holiday shopping I am going to do!!

When I travel for work, I only pack black clothes. That way, eveything works together and you always look smart. Casual clothes can double up for work the next day!

My top space saving tip is to lay out everything that you want to pack, & then halve it. You never end up wearing half of what you pack, so rather than lug extra weight around, cut it out before you leave.
Then I found rolling clothes really helps to save space & I stuff my underwear & socks into any shoes I have packed to save extra room.
It works wonders!

My top space saving tip is to roll and not fold clothing items. I swear by it.

I always roll clothing, it takes up less space and prevents most wrinkles

Roll up clothes that are crease resistant as this takes up less space !

Plan outfits before the trip that are versatile and can be easily mixed and matched. Scarves can change an outfit and don’t take up much space so they are a must. My problem is always toiletries but my latest solution is to try and get the original product in a travel size alternatively transfer the essentials into travel bottles which can be bought at many stores. New hack learnt for packing underwear and socks! layer the panties, then fold into socks as a space saver. Check the video out on YouTube, not only rolling underwear but all your clothing saves space as well.

My top space saving packing tip is to pack to:
1) Pack sock in boots (when traveling in Winter)
2) Rolling up T-shirts to fit into the suitcase better
3) Decant shampoo, body wash etc into straws, then you burn the edges of the straws to seal them… you can pack a lot of these little guys into your vanity
4) When packing lots of tops, roll them into one another…


Tevo Vac-Pac travel bags are fantastic if you have to pack quite a bit. You simply roll the bag up, sucking all the air out and end up with the tiniest little parcel to pack.
Black and more black makes for easy and versatile combinations of outfits, with a scarf for splashy colour.
Always wear a jacket or lightweight coat with pockets to stuff in phone, boarding pass, passport etc which you want to reach quickly.
Always wear a stretch jean or leggings/pants for comfort.
Always wear flatties that can be kicked off easily for airport security checks. It is also easy on your feet if you have to cover distances in a short time or stand around in queues for ages.
Take a little fold-up shopper bag in your roll-on for incidental extras you might pick up.
Multitasking cosmetics and makeup in travel sizes (get samples at cosmetic counters, and always cleansing, moisturising wipes.
I keep a special travel cosmetics bag with tiny sizes always ready and packed – it saves time and planning. After a trip I check that I replenish and/or replace whatever has been used up.

Only pack a toiletry bag and clean undies to go shopping and fill up your bag!

Jeggings instead of jeans, roll them up of course.
Shirt dress you can dress up as a shirt and a dress sometimes-my favourite is black long sleeve and maxi length.

I roll my clothes up with my underwear in it. Store my socks in my shoes

I’m currently packing now for a holiday; best way to save space is to buy mini shampoo, conditioner, body wash or basically anything you can find in mini form (unless you going to somewhere rural if you run out while away you should easily be able to buy more)
Also only take one type of shoe with, don’t waste space by taking more than one formal heeled shoe. And take books or anything too heavy in your hand luggage 🙂

Mix and match as well as travel sized toiletries.

After backpacking around Europe a few years back, I completely ruined my suitcase but learnt a few great tips on space saving:
– Ladies, help your bras maintain their shape while also saving space by stacking your bras on top of each other, folding them in half, and tucking your underwear inside. Stuffing your underwear inside your bras will prevent the cups from folding inward and help extend the life of your bras beyond your trip.
– Use pill case compartments or an old lip balm container to organise and keep track of your smaller jewellery, like earrings and rings.
– When packing clothes that wrinkle easily, lay the clothing flat inside a dry-cleaning bag, and then fold as normal. The plastic will prevent creases from setting.
– Rolling clothes instead of folding them is a must to save lots of space and prevents creases too. If you have space saver or use vacuum compression bags which also helps keep your clothes crease free.
– Protect breakables such as glass perfume bottles by slipping them into socks before packing them.
– Wear your bulky items, don’t pack them

Hope this helps everyone! Hoping to win this stunning suitcase, it will replace the ones I can’t use anymore ?

Roll your clothes and only take decanted travel size toiletries.

Items of clothing that mix and match well with each other, so I don’t pack too much.
Rolling of clothing.
Toiletries in 100ml travel bottles

First of all I type out a packing list prior to my trips. I check the climate of the destination and choose clothing accordingly. To save me a lot of hassle ensure that I pack mix and match items that can all be interchangeable with each other. I roll clothes instead of folding to take up less space and also it causes less creases. Shoes take up a lot of space so I minimize. I use the pair which I’m going to do a lot of walking with. And carry a pair which I can utilize for the evening out to cocktails or dinner. I also decant shampoos and conditioner and lotions into small traveling bottles. I also take a small toothpaste and my normal toothbrush. I organise all these into ziplock bags. I also use the ziplock to organize all my electronics and cables. All these would be easier to locate. I carry underwear which I can wash and dry in my bathroom ??

I pack my toiletries in a zip lock bag in small quantities so that they can fit in between my clothes.
I chose 2 colors of plain clothing,which I can mix and match.White shirts which go with every item .
Scarves to add color together with a few pieces of costume jewelry.A pair of comfortable walking shoes and depending if it is summer or winter a pair of sandals or loafers..

Organize outfits or accessories by day in resealable plastic bags. Use sample size toner, moisturiser and sunscreen bottles decant from your home supply.
I also roll my clothing instead of folding, Scarf is a must and I travel with chic tracksuit pants and sneakers for ultra comfort especially on long haul flights.

I roll my clothes to make more space!

My top travel tip is to use mini’s of your favourite beauty products or decant them into smaller bottles. Plus always travel in a stylish yet comfortable pair of sneakers!

My top tip is to pack clothes for every season (hot & cold) and carry miniature(travel size) toiletries to save on space.

I use samples of my usual face products and decant shampoo and conditioner.
Roll my clothing items and will pack clothing which can be dressed up or down. 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of heels and flops.

I use pill containers to store My Dress rings and Costume jewellery It saves space and stops small items like rings and earring getting lost among your luggage.
I place rolled up socks inside my shoes My sneaky tip as it saves space and helps my shoes maintain their shape – so it’s killing two birds with one stone. For me also it’s important to keep my clothes smelling fresh, especially if I am going on a long trip. By taking a small bag of potpourri, fabric conditioner sheets or scented drawer liners, It tends to keep my clothes smelling fresh and good throughout the trip.

My best tip is stick to dresses. lots of statement jewelry pieces. My favorite pair of jeans, and loads of tops to dress up or down. Make up is literally cut down to bear essentials. Mascara eyeliner bronzer blush foundation and a must must must is my red matte lipstick .

I can’t handle my swollen cosmetic tubes when I get off a plane, especially my foundation so I pop blobs of what I need into old contact lenses cases or appropriately sized containers. Saves space and product.

Wear my bulkiest items on the plane 🙂 Also do the rolling thing of all clothes and stuff socks into shoes.

Haha we are all saying the same things – roll clothes, ziplock bags, minimal jewellery, sandals, sneakers and 1 smart pair shoes, 1 hat….I pack once then eliminate then pack again and eliminate and maybe a third time….if I have overflow it goes in my husband’s suitcase lol…….if I don’t have enough or have forgotten some item then I buy. Such a stunning suitcase wow!

First, I make notes of important things I need in advance and tick as I pack to make sure that I don’t pack unnecessary luggage. I then roll my clothes instead of folding them, then place them in vacuum compression bags to take out air that takes up space and then I end up with enough space in my suitcase. Important thing is to also place all liquid stuff ( cosmetics & some toiletries) inside zip back to avoid leakage in my suitcase when traveling.

Always roll, never fold! Vacuum bags are also great for bulky items and prevent against any potential liquid spillage 🙂

Well, my top space saving tip is to stuff socks and products that won’t burst (trust me I learned the hard way ??) inside your shoes?? if you’re really low on packing space for a trip.

I choose only clothes that need no ironing and roll them up tightly.

Line your toiletry bag with panty liners (individually wrapped) to cushion the bag and help prevent breakage of precious moisturisers etc and (heaven forbid!) you have back up to ‘refresh’ your undies if you don’t have time to change between a day and evening event (hot day or business trip).

I love traveling abroad as well as locally. I would definitely recommend the following:
•store socks and underwear in your trainers/boots
•roll your clothing up into a complete outfit.
•invest in a microfiber towel(major space saver and they dry quickly)
•decant your favourite perfume into a smaller spray bottle.
•use a weekly pill box/container to store jewelry.
•ziplock bags are amazing for odds and ends
•vacuume bags are a HUGE help, just make sure you have access to one on your departure!
•take one bikini, you don’t need all eight you own.
•leave enough space to bring some goodies home with you.
•••• lastly please may I have this amazing Lipault Suitcase to feed my obsession with pink and rose gold!

The key to saving space is PLANNING. Plan clothes to be versatile and neutral where little accessories can be packed to add change.. with a basic shoe to compliment all outfits.

When travelling for business, I stick to a ‘uniform’ – normally black trousers (crease-resistant, of course), good quality black T-shirts (because they don’t crease as badly as a crisp white shirt would) and then a black blazer/jacket, and finally black, flat ballet-style pumps. It’s a versatile look which can you can wear from the office to a night out with colleagues. If you are invited to attend a formal business dinner with colleagues, you can add a slick of bold lipstick and touch up makeup, so there’s no need to pack loads of accessories and changes of clothing, just in case. Wear your jacket on the flight to save space. Unless required, I normally only take one pair of shoes (said pumps) which I wear onto the flight.

I stuff my perfume and medications inside my shoes. I’ve never arrived with a broken perfume bottle (I usually take 3 month trips so I take more than just the essentials) You can also pull socks over breakable items 🙂

My top tips for saving space in my bag is:
1. Using several cosmetic bags that I have to compartmentalize things like our charger cables, toiletries and odd items of clothing…it works out cheaper than buying the packing pods that are so trendy right now.
2. Packing snacks in a Tupperware for my journey which then doubles up as safe storage for little souvenirs that I would be buying from my travels.
3. Using the zipper compartments on the inside of the bag to store undies and socks as they don’t take up much space and can be easily separated.

Pack fewer items that can be worn repeatedly by flattening a small, durable plastic bag of washing powder between layers to rinse non-iron items like drip-dry tops, swimming costumes, undies, socks etc. and unbox meds like anti-nausea, malaria, headache, anti-histamine etc and pack flat into a small evening bag.

I keep a list on my computer and always pack according to the list. This ensures that I don’t leave anything out and also that I don’t over pack.
I always pack any medication in my overnight bag so that if my luggage goes missing I won’t be in any trouble.

**Fold your underwear bottoms into your socks – this not only saves space, but protects lace undies too 😀 **

Pack smart – include items like dresses , play suits and take a lot of shirts and maybe two pairs of shorts

Carry neutral lip colours so you can mix and match your make up with your outfits

Wear bulky clothing like jackets when you board the plane

Place items flat down to increase surface area

Use plastic bags and vaccum them

Always remember that you will purchase more stuff on your trip!

Fingers tightly crossed ? I love rose gold!!!

My top space saving packing tip is… let my sister pack for me, I swear she can pack an elephant in a carry on. But if you don’t have access to her… which is very likely … be mindful when packing, don’t overpack, if you forgot or need something it’s a perfect excuse to buy something new wherever you are traveling to!

Vacuumed packing works for me..I also wear a pair of boots that can be used for day and night..great for saving space and can be dressed up for night..great space saver…buying mini shower gels etc…and I keep limited make up in my hand baggage…????

When you go to the dentist, ask for samples of toothpaste. I also collect samples of body wash, shampoos and skin creams then save them for when I travel.

My top tip is ironing and rolling my clothing in that way I get to enjoy my holidays more.

Pack as little as possible just a basic wardrobe that can mix and match. ..leaves you space for souvenirs. ..and extra shopping Ta Da a easy or asylum

I always roll my clothes up together (they look like ridiculously long sausage dogs) and it provides me with far more space than if I fold them on top of one another. It also, if I do it tightly enough, keeps them from majorly creasing so that I don’t need to iron everything..anything that prevents me from ironing is a massive win in my books because honestly, whose got time for that when you’re traveling?

In summer I follow the 54321 rule: 5tops, 4 bottoms, 3 accessories, 2 pairs of shoes and 1 bathing suit. In winter it’s a bit difficult to replace the bathing suit spot. LOL

Thank you for this opportunity..When traveling i always make sure that everything im packing has a multi purpose use.for example i mostly pack mix and match outfits eg 2 jean trousers and two tops, two outfits that i can wear for four different times without anyone noticing.instead of packing primer,foundation,moisturizer etc i limit all that to one good BB cream store bought or a dIY version(if you want to save money as well).Pack wipes that can also be used as make up remover,toner, and a sterilizer.pack a conditioner that can also be used as shampoo..everything that i pack in my bag i have to use it for 2,3,4 different purposes.other things i do to save space is to transfere my lotions tooth paste etc into small travelling containers.Planning ahead is the key to a great travels.

I always push my socks in my shoes which takes up less space. I also tend to pack a lot of black clothes so I can alternate depending on the weather rather than color coding and stuck for options.

Roll up your clothes instead of just packing on top of each other, saves a lot of space to pack more essentials for the trip! I would love to win this prize! ? ☺️

Check the weather before packing…It is senseless packing a bag full of strappy dresses when the temperature is going to be 10 degrees Celsius every day! Have an idea what your itenary is going to be so you can pack accordingly. If you plan to do some site seeing on a short business trip you need to think of comfortable shoes besides your office wear. I live by lists…Make a list of everything you need to pack and tick off ad you go along….I went on a two week holiday without any pajamas or socks….I was so livid when I had to fork out many more pounds for a pajamas especially since I had just purchased a new pair at home!! Pack awkwardly shaped items like hairdryers or shoes last so that these can be fitted into little gaps on the sides.

My travel tips would have to be to pack travel mini’s instead of full size products, or to decanter the product into travel bottles.
I also find interesting ways to pack my clothes, for example I pack socks and jewelry in shoes to save space, and I also roll my clothes! Saves so much space!

Have a change of clothes and some toiletries in your carry on luggage in case your bags go missing or don’t arrive at your destination ??

Just use the correct suitcase. Lipault for sure. ?

My top space saving tip is to choose to take your lightweight, non-creasing clothes (dresses/skirts/tops made from fabrics like polyester, nylon, rayon, acrylic or microfiber). These roll up into tiny bundles, you don’t have to stress about ironing and they are easy and quick to wash and dry (meaning you can easily wear the same thing a number of times, saving on space). Unless you’re going to a very cold place, add to this 2 pairs of pants/jeans, a warm jacket and 1 jersey and you’re sorted for clothes! 🙂 <3

Roll your clothes instead of folding.

I always check the weather of the place im going to before packing, helps alot to avoid packing unneccesary clothing

Only travel to sunny places … lighter clothes, more space! ?

Wow wow ?
That’s such an adorable suitcase ?
I have never traveled very far before lol ?
But I have always rolled up my things instead of folding them ☝ Saves an incredible amount of space. The undies always goes in little plastic covers and gets stuffed in my shoes or handbag lol ??. I always pack two jeans, a black one and a more lighter colour (blue) and about three to four tops (I wear a size super small. So rolling my clothing when I travel is what works for me, really) ? #FingersCrossed ?? Xx

I always travel light and I wash my clothes(t-shirts and underwear) during my holidays. A good idea is to roll the clothes when packing. Tried it on my last trip and it worked.

Absolutely stunning stylish luggage??? I pack samples of my go to beauty products as I usually buy the largest size and it will take up a lot of space if I pack them all. Some of my products are estee lauder advanced night repair serum; I keep the sample size small bottle I get in the free gift. Clarins beauty flash balm, Kiehls facial cleanser and eye brightening concentrate and the Smashbox primer ❤

For clothes, I rolled them instead of folding them. For cosmetic/skincare, I either take sample size product or use my contact lenses cases to store my cream, foundation etc.

I always pack half empty bottles (deo, perfume, creams) so I can leave them behind when I return, making space to bring bits/gifts home. I carry my heavy coat on my arm and wear boots to travel with (I can unzip them if my feet are tired) these 2 items always take up the most space in my suitcase.
♥️This prize is awesome. Love the lush, rich colour. Can make awesome memories with this suitcase ♥️

Small versions of toiletries ?

Rolling clothes instead of folding.
Always carry a scarf.
Carry essentials on your carry-on luggage.
Always check the weather forecast and pack accordingly.
And using the correct luggage of course 🙂

My favourite pro-tip when packing is to enclose a set of underwear and clothes in a zip-lock plastic bag. That way you have set outfits for each day and it’s easily accessible. I release all the air from the zip-lock, making them compact. This is also a great way to avoid over-packing unnecessary clothes (which I am guilty of).

Having recently returned from a trip to Botswana I am pleased to say I have cracked the packing! Outfits chosen were neutral colours, everything was rolled, smaller items were tucked into my trainers, I wore the heaviest ‘shoes’ and I included a pashmina and colourful scarf to brighten things up. Worked like a charm. So, now that I have finally learnt the art of packing all I need is a gorgeous, easily identifiable suitcase to complete and complement the travel experience.

I have 3 main savings tips as we always on the go.
-Wear your bulky items, don’t pack them. Especially your jackets, jeans.
-Weigh your bag before you get to the airport. This saves me like you have no idea tip, I use a digital scale at home
-Don’t fold your clothes, roll them, I learnt this trick from cousin in California over 10 years ago, life saver!

This bag is so gorgeous!!! My tip… stuff your shoes with everything you can get in there… socks, undies, travelsized cosmetics, etc. Fingers crossed. PS Love the Hobo bag!!

When i first started traveling I packed EVERYTHING in fear of not having something I need. I’d often return home without using many of the things I packed. At times I was unable to buy things at my destination due to space limitations. So I learnt to be smart about packing.

My packing tips
1. Plan your outfits in advance. Knowing what you want to wear helps to avoid packing unnecessary clothing.
2. Don’t pack things you don’t use. Who are you fooling? If you don’t use it at home chances are you probably won’t use it at your destination
3. Minis are your friends! I’m constantly collecting my favorite products in the mini version because who needs 1litre of shampoo for a week away.
4. And finally packing something for just in case is a reason to leave it at home. Depending where you go there are shops there too and it’s better to say oh I bought this when I was in … than home.

So basically my space saving packing tip is to pack what is truly necessary.

PS the gold suitcase is breathtakingly gorgeous

Wow just what I need for my packing! Ziplock decanted toiletries in separate bags. Packs flat and if something spills the damage is limited., takes less space and weighs less than a toiletry bag!

Im actually really enjoying all these comments on space saving tips because I’m traveling soon haha thanks for this
* not a competition comment

I always wear my bulky items like my jeans, my hat, parkas because parkas is so puffy i don’t stuff them into my suitcase when they can be worn on the plane. I never fold my clothes but roll them because folding them creates creases. And always know what to pack before you go on holiday , make a list and prevent overpacking.

I pack items which, simply with a change if a scarf, or a small item, can seem like a totally different outfit. Also I try to carry 1 pair of shoes, and the one I’m wearing, which will match will all my outfits. I don’t mind washing and re-wearing outfits at all, especially if I’m in a foreign place. So less outfits to pack.

I’m terrible at packing! I usually have my husband do it for me, haha! He does a way better job than I do.
Thanks for the amazing tips on how to pack and save space. I’ll be giving these a shot on our next trip. 🙂

Pack minimal…Shop woke you’re on holiday!!
Pack according to the country you’re visiting climate…decant and roll!!

My TOP SPACE SAVING TIP is: always check the weather of your destination. I also choose my shoes wisely as I end up only wearing one or 2 pairs . I also pack scented drawer liners in between my clothes for that fresh smell when I unpack my suitcase. Lastly I don’t think it is necessary to lable this beautiful Lipault suitcase from Samsonite, because it will shine in all it’s glory on the conveyer belt.

Packing cubes won’t save you space in your luggage; in fact, they’ll add to your space usage. Some people say they prevent wrinkling, since clothes won’t shift around as much when they’re contained in these mesh containers, but I don’t understand that logic. Packing cubes are great for one thing, but one very important thing: Keeping your clothes organized. Rolling your clothes is the most space-saving option, but you won’t necessarily be able to keep your outfits organized together with this method. Folding clothes together is more natural and logical, but it’s not as space efficient. Bundling works, but it’s a pain to get specific pieces of clothes out. Packing cubes solve both problems. Whether you want to stuff as much as possible in your suitcase or bundle your clothes for the least amount of wrinkles, packing cubes let you use your preferred method and also organize your packed clothes.

When traveling I always seem to over pack
But I always have my linen jacket & a scarf
I have travel size products of my Dr Hauschka products as can’t live without them and a few of my perfumes in there small travel size too!!!
A girl can’t just have 1 perfume ?
Love the bag & brand & will be traveling soon for the 1st time in awhile with my little girl of 2 , so this would be a perfect bag for all our goodies

Always roll your cloths instead of folding and I used a tablet holding to keep all my earrings organized.

With toiletries, I take face wipes instead of my cleanser as they ‘re lighter and I pack the smallest toothpastes etc that I can.
With clothes – I pack mix and match & try as much as possible to take items that I can wash in the hotel room (packing handwash powder in a small plastic bag) & don’t need ironing.
And of course – I wear my heaviest pair of shoes & coat onto the plane so that they don’t weigh my luggage down ….

My top saving tip is to pack main things and as little things as possible. Also easy and quick makeup into a small toiletery bag(lip and cheek blush; a cushion; a liner; a sunblock).
And of course a underwear, one piece of sheet mask.

My first tip is to take a pair of black pumps that can be paired with jeans, sundresses, and the essential little black number, but my MAIN tip is to naturally use a Lipault Plume Cabin Luggage suitcase (the 55cm size is ideal), matched with the Paris Miss Plume Backpack or the Hobo bag that can also travel on board with you and double as a handbag and beach bag/ shopping bag. By keeping all your possessions on board with you, you’ll travel lighter, faster and never have to wait in airport baggage areas or stress over lost luggage…

I roll up my clothing when packing my suitcase it saves tons of space. I also pack one or two pairs of shoes that can be worn with the outfits I am taking so as to save extra space.

I find that packing basics in neutral shades is convenient as it is easier to match and layer as opposed to packing “outfits” which is limiting and takes up more space.

I also pack a set of undies, my meds, female sanitary items and toothbrush in my carry on just in case my luggage gets lost.


Always pack some clothes in your carry on in case your suitcase goes missing. If traveling with a partner pack half your clothes in each other’s suitcase.

Pack the big things first, then squeeze in small items around the loose sides of the bag until it’s taught. Also, empty the contents of pill bottles into bank bags and only pack what you need (medicines and vitamins). I just love this luggage!

I roll up my underwear inside a plastic freezer bag and stuff that into shoes. And the shoes go inside of shower caps so that any dirty soles don’t ruin my clothing items. Anything breakable (glass fragrance bottles for e.g.) goes inside of socks. And of course, everything gets rolled up.

I swear by Bactoban (nasal) before flying anywhere – saves on taking cold medication from home!
On overseas trips I pack a “suitcase in a suitcase” – I always buy too much and battle to fit everything into one suitcase so carry a spare suitcase or hand luggage case.

My TOP SPACE SAVING TIP is: always check the weather of your destination. I also choose my shoes wisely as I end up only wearing one or 2 pairs . I also pack scented drawer liners in between my clothes for that fresh smell when I unpack my suitcase. Lastly I don’t think it is necessary to label this beautiful Lipault suitcase from Samsonite, because it will shine in all it’s glory on the conveyer belt.

In my bag: I posted this previously under anonymous, thank goodness I checked!

I always roll my clothes to save space!!

I always fill my shoes since they’re essentially empty gaps in your suitcase, so I stuff them with socks and anything else small enough to fit in them.

I always roll my clothes or pack them in vacuum bags. It saves you tons of space

I roll my clothes and pack my underwear in my shoes

Most Important.. Make a packing List.
If you are worried that you might have left something essential at home? Passport? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Favourite teddy bear? Oh dear, that’s six hours of entertainment you’ve now got to supply…For peace of mind on what to pack, draw up a packing list which is full of the everyday holiday essentials. There is also space for you to add your own personal items as well
Avoid Stains… You should always make sure your light coloured clothes are packed inside out, and secondly, hold on to hotel disposable shower caps and use them to cover the base of your shoes.
Space… Roll and vacuum pack
Don’t arrive at your holiday destination and be faced with a pile of ironing. To save space and stop creasing, roll your clothes instead of folding them, then place them in vacuum compression bags. To use these bags, put your clothes in, seal the bag, then squeeze the air out. This will leave you with lots more space in your suitcase and will prevent creases more effectively than folding. Fill dead space….
When it comes to packing, you need to make use of every little inch of suitcase space that you can. Roll tops, underwear, socks and other small items and stuff them into your shoes to make sure every possible space is filled.

Buy your clothes at tour destinationand pack as little as possible. No just joking i always carry my warm jacket with me to save space in my suitecase as well wear the shoes that is the biggest when you travel

Wear your bulky items, don’t pack them!

1. Rolling my clothes
2. Pack bra’s and socks inside my shoes

I pack my creams and lotions in travel size containers. that includes shampoos as well. rolling clothes is the ideal space saver. and i pack clothes that can be worn both day and night.

I always take some clothes that I am willing to get rid of. Then I can use that space to pack in all my shopping! Every country has places you can donate clothes, and some airports and station have donation bins too.

Jeans, hats, hiking boots and puffy parkas should never be stuffed in a suitcase when they can be worn on the plane. Worried about fashion? Consider this: By me dressing like an Alaskan hiker on the plane I leave more space in my suitcase for additional chic ensembles to be worn in my destination!

I like to keep the toiletries as minimal as possible, and stuff everything I can into shoes as they take up the most space. I don’t pack alot of make-up, only the basics. I’d take one decent jacket (depending on how long I’m travelling for) and I’d wear it rather than packing, I’d also wear my bulkiest pair of shoes that I want to take with, but don’t want to take up space in my luggage. I’ve never tried to roll my clothes instead of folding them but I will def make sure I do that next time I travel. Also, vacuum packing seems like the best solution, and all fun and games until you have to come back home and didn’t pack your vacuum…. oops! Travelling soon and I’d LOVE this stunner suitcase!

What a stunning suitcase! To save space in my bag, I leave all the full sized toiletries at home and refill small bottles with the product, I put together different outfits before packing so I don’t pack unnecessary clothing, I pack shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits and I keep all make up and a small bottle of fragrance in my handbag.

I pack outfits rather than separates before I pack into my suitcase accessories and all so I know exactly how to put things together quickly and smartly

Wear your bulky items, and pack one or two pairs of shoes that you know you’ll wear. I put my socks in my shoes too.

Create a packing list for your trip with every item and number of pieces of underwear you are taking. Pack only what is on the list.
Roll your clothes as this compacts it. Pack sample and travel size beauty and hair products – I have a stash of samples that I pick from.

I roll the set of clothes into a sock , that saves immense amount of space . Carry an item , like a jeans or shoes that can be worn with more than one outfit . Wear your jacket instead of packing .

Email address

For cosmetics and body products I only pack miniatures! I also rather pack serum capsules instead of bottles, etc. The less I pack, the more I can shop 🙂

Dependent on holiday destinations (city or beach) and also the season. So winter is certainly difficult. I always try and convince my boyfriend to take a bigger bag and some of my clothes ‘magically’ appear in there.

But usually I plan outfits for activities like beach days, touring, dinners and lunches before packing which is a life saver for space. I always try and take basics such as denims shorts, cute dresses and tops and a maxi dress for the last night there. I usually wear/carry my Panama hat as it can damage and take up space. Roll clothes is a must. And also try and travel with your bulkiest shoe, usually a sneaker.

I don’t carry too many cosmetics. If I’m staying at a hotel, use their shower gels,etc which are provided. Try to carry mini products, perhaps a face cream and 3 in 1 cleanser. Make up products should be what fits into your handbag. Also I try carry a smaller suitcase so as to limit myself to carry as least as possible

It’s got to be the most recent addition to my travel kit: an inflatable neck pillow. It takes up zero space in your hand luggage, and guarantees you hours of comfortable sleep – in-flight and at the airport. Life-changing. 🙂

Roll your clothes
Stuff shoes with socks
Put shoes in shoe bags so that you don’t get your clothes dirty
Create a list of what you need for the trip, stick to the list
make sure that colours all work well together
make sure to leave some room for new purchases, gift, souveniers.

Wow this is the most stunning suitcase I’ve ever seen! It would be perfect to take on my honeymoon next year (holding thumbs!!)

My packing tips I always swear by are the following:
– I always pack my socks and underwear in shoes and hats.
– I also always roll up my t-shirts and stretch-fabric dresses.
– I always take a clothing spray/sweet smelling sachet in my suitcase to ensure my clothes smell fresh and clean when I reach my destination.

Love this post & the colour of this spinner suitcase is oh so gorgeous.
My best space saving tip is to get my husband to pack as little as possible so that I can make use of space in his suitcase too. (wink wink) I do this on most of our trips. Works like a charm. x

Leading up to a trip, I start to keep my near empty shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers etc so that I can use them up whilst I’m away and dispose of the containers. That way I can return home with new buys rather than boring bottles of toiletries.

I also roll my clothes up rather than fold them. This saves plenty space!

PS. I share my suitcase space with my two young kiddies on family trips-Iv learnt how to save space? I would just be over the moon to have such a glam gorgeous gold travel item to myself -It is STUNNNNING!! ?

✔Roll clothing instead of folding them
✔Put all heavy items at the bottom eg shoes
✔Vacuum compress bags are perfect for clothing
✔Opt for travel size toiletries
✔Stack bras on top of each other, fold in half and stuff underwear inside (also helps bra’s keep its shape

I’ll be going overseas for the first time in October.✈??????????????
My favourite colour is rose gold. This would be perfect?????✈????

The trick to saving space in a suitcase is to plan outfits carefully and make a list. My space-saving clothing item and suitcase sweetheart are Leggings.
They are not as bulky as jeans or cargo pants (and need no ironing!), and I pair these with easy to wear, no-fuss long tops. I carry about three leggings and several long tops in neutral colours – it takes no space at all! If you search in advance, you can find winter leggings that have a fleece lining, for colder days. So maybe two pairs normal leggings, and one winter pair for colder weather. Carry one pair of pumps when you need closed shoes, or combat boots if that’s your style, as well as a pair of sandals for hot weather. Teamed up with a neutral scarf, it’s a perfect casual look, and most importantly your suitcase is not carrying unnecessary clothing. Leggings can be dressed up with a shiny sequiny top for a night out. I upcycle little plastic containers that I keep for travelling, and use them for decant lotions, shampoo etc for trips that I decant from my normal supplies at home. My suitcase then has lots of space to bring goodies back from your trip!

Rolling my clothes, include leggings and tunics in my travel wardrobe, no bulky shoes.

My top space saving tip – odd – but true – a simple small container of hand washing powder. This ensures that I don’t have to pack say two weeks worths of clothes, but rather far less, and am able to “recycle” clothing items by hand washing them – and avoiding the very expensive rates that hotels charge for doing laundry. I even have blow up hangers, so that I can hang my shirts strategically near the air conditioner to speed up drying. And hotels will always provide you with an ironing board and iron. The space I save I can fill with accessories – scarves, jewelry etc to “change” the looks of my simple black and white based wardrobe.

I always pack our luggage and use the rolling method, I ensure that makeup is kept to a minimum and lotions are decanted into travel size bottles and kept in ziploc bags

I try and pack clothes to wear that are crease-free resistant and always use the rolling method. I take underwear and lip them into scented bags and stuff into sneakers/boots (not bras though).

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