Thank you for such a detailed and honest review of this procedure. I’ve been fascinated by microblading since it hit our shores but I’ve always felt that the cost, discomfort and precautionary steps and risk was not worth it. I’m glad I read this because it confirms these thoughts. While your brows do look fantastic, I don’t think they are more fantastic than they were when you’d done them yourself. I’m going to stick to the old fashioned way of sporting fabulous brows. Easy on, easy off! Have a great weekend!

I was planning on surprising my mom with a voucher for this procedure, as it is her birthday soon. This post shed light on the fact that it isn’t just a small procedure or something you merely surprise someone with. Thanks Candice! Guess I’ll have to chat with mom first.

I agree with Janet – I don’t think I will get it done (also as the “waiting period” until your brows start looking decent is quite long, and I don’t know if I would be comfortable going to work looking like that). BUT I have to say, you are positively GLOWING, and if I looked as good as you do in that first pic, I’d be flaunting my brows as much as possible. Your skin is flipping flawless, what do you use to look after it and what foundation do you use?

Thanks for the comment Janet. I had to be honest and upfront, as this is quite a procedure to undertake and SO many women are interested in having it done. One really needs to do one’s research beforehand, and find a REPUTABLE artist. And, I agree with you – while my brows look great, I also think they looked just as good before. What I do like, is that now I have a good shape to work with. But, like I said in my post, the whole reason I had microblading was because I didn’t want to have to perfect / pencil them in daily. Anyway, I’m a beauty blogger and it’s my job to try all these new thing out 🙂

Thank you so much for this. I have been toying with the idea of doing microblading. I think i will give it some more thought.
You look amazing and your brows are great.
I am your age but I look as if I could be your mother☺
As per one of the other comments please share your skincare routine and foundation used.

Hey Shelley, thanks for the comment. I suggest you chat to mama first about getting it done, and make sure she’s onboard and knows what to expect. It’s quite a procedure. And you know how insecure I was feeling about them the day after (LOL). I was actually contemplating posting that pic of the two of us, so readers could see how bold they looked, compared to your brows.

Hi Emma, thanks for your lovely comment 🙂
The waiting period is VERY long and brows do look VERY bold just after. I’m also told I’ll go through a similar experience after my touch up (#faceplam)!
I use A lot of different products on my skin as I’m constantly trying new launches. At this moment though, I’m just using Dermalogica (Age Smart) range and giving it a good test (loving the results). I’m actually loading a post about it on Monday. Also, I think it could be my new Prevage anti-ageing foundation that’s giving my skin such a gorgeous glow (it’s blady brilliant!)

Hi Jolene, such a pleasure – glad you found the feature informative. Microblading is something you need to research and be 100% sure you know exactly what you’re in for. If you love a bold brow, the it should definitely be a consideration.
Currently I’m using a range of products from Dermalogica’s Age Smart range (which I’m LOVING) – will be loading a post about them this coming Monday. However, I think my skin is looking so dewy & glowing thanks to the new Prevage anti-ageing foundation – I can’t rave enough about it. Post on it coming soon 🙂

Hi Candice,

As you know I recently did Microblading and I can honestly say its THE best thing I have ever done. I had NO pain at all on my first session and my touch up was a little uncomfortable but nothing like a tattoo. I will say, my biggest advise is to ask around regarding who to go to and try get references.
Also know what you are in for with the healing stage:-)

Hi Jannine, I know you loved yours almost immediately after, and I’m glad to hear you describe it as the best thing you’ve done. I agree with you, one needs to see various examples of the work of the artist you choose to go to – this is SO important. I’ve been quite lucky with my healing, as I hardly scabbed, didn’t have any discomfort, and experienced minimal itching. Then again, I was very thorough with my after care routine. I’m looking forward to my touch-up and finally seeing the end result.

Candice, your skin/complexion is beautiful!

Thank you for the insightful article on microblading, I’ve always wanted to try it but I really don’t know if I have the courage to go through with it. I have thick eyebrows which needs filling, I’m happy to fill it with a pencil.

Your eyebrows looks good though, I like the bold brows on you!

Cnadice, you are photogenic. I think your brows look amazing. Thank you for this hinest review. I will stick to my eyebrow wax and tint.

Thanks for the comment, lovely Lalannie. If you’re unsure, then eyebrow wax and a tint is the way to go 🙂

Thanks Megan, been using Dermalogica for the past few weeks and am very impressed with how my skin looks. Regarding microblading, I think you need to be very aware of what the process entails, and ensure you’ve done your homework when it comes to finding the right artist. I also think if you have very thick brows, stick to penciling them in as having them microbladed will result in VERY BOLD brows for a few months.

I’ve been reading up on microblading quite a bit, but this is by far the most honest and informative post I’ve come across! Thanks a bunch 🙂 and I truly hope you do love your brows after the second appointment!

THANK YOU!!! Amazing blog my babe!

Fab feature Candice! Debbie is a fantastic artist for doing this procedure, that is for sure. I would go today to get it done if I could, but unfortunately I have very oily skin and am not sure it’s the right decision for me. I do dream of full thick eyebrows though 🙂

I really enjoyed reading your honest assessment/experience, Candice.
I’ve been toying with the idea for the longest time, ever since I came across it (and write about it) the first time.
What made me hesitate is the aftercare (no water touching my eyebrows for weeks) and the fact that there is a very definite “shape/look” to the micro-bladed brows. It is quite permanent (a couple of years at least) and what if this particular shape goes out of fashion? Remember those pencil thin lines that some women are still stuck with from over-plucking when it was fashionable?
However, I do think it is a total godsend for women who have lost their eyebrows due to illness or chemo treatments.

I had mine done 4 years ago by an amazing Austrian chick Shila from 90210 Durban. I loved them from the minute I got them and I must say yours are amazing too they look great on you. They define your face beautifully.

Thanks Annemie, glad you found the post informative. I’ll most definitely do a second post after I’ve had my touch-up, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Thanks Kimmie 🙂

Hey Karinda, thanks for the comment. Yes, I agree – Debbie is fantastic. She’s precise, works steadily and is very honest. It’s a pity that you can’t get it done, but Debbie did stress that on oily skin, the pigment just doesn’t hold – even when you do permanent tattoo. Let me know your thoughts once I’ve had the touch-up. XXX

Hi Elsa, you’re absolutely correct, it is a GODSEND for women who’ve undergone chemo or lost their brows due to illness. I also wonder what I’ll do if the brow trend changes (although I think the bold brow trend still has a few years), but luckily they only last 2 years. Regarding the after care, it was a MISSION!!!! I’m still not sure I made the right decision, but I need to see it through. I can’t wait to see what they look like after my touch-up. XXX

Thanks Ann 🙂 So glad to hear you loved your almost immediately. You must have been one of the very first SA women to try it, meaning you are BRAVE! Day after day, I like mine more. hopefully once I’ve completed my touch-up, I’ll be LOVING them.

You were a complete life saver. I went to have my eyebrows done on saturday but after reading your blog I felt much more prepared for it and did not have an absolute heart attack on sunday when I woke up and saw my crazy dark sharpie eyebrows. Can’t wait to see what they will look like once they are all healed. Thanks 🙂

Okay wow, your brows look AMAZING though!!!

I had mine done and I definitely was not one to outright RAVE about it. I really liked mine but the pain was so intense, I couldn’t move my face without cringing for days afterwards! I did like the results but it definitely is not something I would fork out R2,500 for unfortunately 😉

Loved your honesty.
Thank you for sharing your experience. I just cannot justify the cost involved if something isn’t really going to work the way I thought it would. Then I’d much rather buy products and fill them in myself 🙂

I really hope the follow up goes better for you and your brows come out looking more filled than last.


Hi Niecole, thanks for the comment and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. It is costly,a nd there is a lot of upkeep involved. But I have to admit, almost 3 weeks later and I’m liking my brows even more than I did last week.

Thanks for the comment, Rayne. Luckily my experience wasn’t too painful. I’m quite shocked yours was so intense – did your artist not use a topical anaesthetic? I’m starting to really like my results (almost a month later), but I STILL need to fill in and perfect my brows daily, so really, what was the point? The whole reason I had them done was so I didn’t have to faff with my brow! And I agree, it is pricey, given all the upkeep.

Hi Natalie, glad the post prepared you! I hope your brows are looking good and healing well. I’m actually starting to really like mine (3 weeks later), but still unsure if I’m ready for the touch up…

I’m getting married in 6 weeks and I just had them done. Right when I looked in the mirror I started crying. They just looked so thick and dark. I’ve been panicking ever since. I just wanted to lightly define my brows and. Now I’m seriously regretting it….and I’m getting g married. Did they fade quite a bit and shrink?

I had microblading done today and Im also thinking about cutting a fringe!!! They are so thick and dark… I look like I originate from the middle east!!! I also had my eyeliner as well as lips done..also today and I’m happy with the results… but I feel like my small face is overloaded with eyebrows… eveytime i look in the mirror (hoping the view will change) I immediately see a dark prominent stripe across my forehead. Im so stressed.

Once my brows are healed up can I resume my favorite exercise–swimming in a pool?
Will choline compromise the pigment? If not–what week in the process would be safe to swim?

Thank you for the honest review! I’ve just had mine done and feeling the same way you do. They are very bold and dark. I’m day 2 in and I feel like it looks like permanent makeup. I really hope it lightens and starts to look softer and more natural. Please will you post pictures after your 6 week touch up.

I am on day 2 of microblading I forgot and used tap water instead of distilled water on one brow then caught myself and immediately redone with distilled water do you think it will be ok I don’t want to get infection.

Thank you for your oh so honest review of micorblading! I had mine done yesterday and am experiencing the same exact emotions. I like the then I don’t then I do then I obsess over brows on ig. I know I will love them in a month and I do like the shape. I feel the initial dark pigment is what’s really overwhelming and when it calms down, I will be fine! So glad I won’t have to do my brows daily with makeup. Next are lashes. I am a work from home Mom with a toddler so most days don’t have a lot of time to get dolled up. Thank you again for such a real and honest share!

Hi Diana, thanks for the comment and I’m SO glad you enjoyed the post! Hang in there – it took me 6 months to really embrace mine. Now I love them and am finally (after a year) ready for the touch up. I’m also getting lash extensions soon, as not having to apply mascara on the daily speaks to my idea of minimum effort, maximum impact 🙂

Hi There,

I am day 2 of having my brows done and I have gone to a really well known artists (have multiple friends who have seen same girl). I am feeling exactly the same, as though my brows are far too thick / dark. I can see you have since cut that fringe so I am wondering how yours turned out after your touch up appointment?

Did they thin out once swelling subsided?



Im 46 just did microblading 2 days ago. I had very thin light eyebrows. Im a dirty blonde. I specifically asked for lighter and not thick.. too big of a jump from what i had. I could live with the shape but the darkness has really got me. I just dont want to face people that see me every day. Its way dark. I understand it will fade but how do i get through this beginning 2 weeks ?

Hi, just had my brows done on Tuesday, today is Friday. Woke up with throbbing and feeling super itchy. They have little blisters and are discharging some yellow fluid. I’m guessing infection but have no idea how or why. They are super dark and ugly thick. Do not like them at all currently but I know in time they will look better. Just concerned about possible infection at the moment. Treating them with triple Polysporin ointment. Not sure if anyone else has gone through this?

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