For far too long now, locally made, South African beauty products have taken a backseat to their international counterparts. Thank goodness this is rapidly changing. The South African beauty scene is at a very exciting place at the moment, and it’s so encouraging seeing all the new and very innovative formulas bursting onto the scene and being so well received by the public.

So, I decided to have a long, hard think about which South African beauty products I adore, and absolutely can’t live without. It was hard narrowing my list of 23 products down to just seven, but these are the beauties that deliver on their promise and get big thumbs up from me (and most of the beauty ed’s out there).

Local beauties - Placecol

Placecol Clean Start Face And Body Wash Daily Cleanser R325 for a 500ml

Myself, my hubby and my teen daughter all love this body & face wash that has a gorgeous subtle scent, and light foam. It works to remove skin impurities and body odours, while hydrating the body. I, personally, have only used it on my face once or twice (and it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry at all), but hubby and teen use it on the face regularly, and really like it. I also love the big, 500ml pump action bottle that is super convenient. And the fact that it’s gentle enough for face and body is a BIG plus.

Local beauties - Environ

Environ Body derma-lac lotion R280

This is a staple that all the beauty ed’s and bloggers love. It has a runny, almost watery consistency and works to soften rough areas of skin on the body. It is particularly effective at eliminating dry skin on heels and elbows. A few years back, I gave a bottle to a friend who suffers with Keratosis Pilaris on her upper arms (those nasty hard, red bumps). After just one week of use, she said the improvement was unbelievable. I’ve also used derma-lac very successfully on my bikini line, to prevent ingrown hairs. This product is packed with skin-friendly, super gentle, exfoliation and hydrating agents such as Urea and lactic acid. And, if all that is not enough, this beauty is excellent at combatting very dry skin, brought on by climatic conditions (hello JHB winter). If you haven’t yet tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing, because this really is what we in the beauty industry refer to as a ‘transformative product’.

Purchase Environ at selected spas and salons or check out their website HERE for stockist details

Local beauties - Me&Youth

Me&Youth Quick Makeup Fix R250

I’m all about makeup fixing sprays. Aside from the fact that they prevent makeup from slipping off your face halfway through the day, they also refresh the skin and add a gorgeous dewy glow. But, this little baby differs from the usual crop in that it can be also be used as a primer to feed and hydrate the skin, before foundation application. Obvs, it can also be used after you’ve applied makeup, and I find it especially effective at assisting me with blending and refining my makeup application. Because I’m, (cough) 42 yrs old, powder and concealer tends to settle into my fine lines – but, this baby prevents that. Ingredient wise, it contains rosewater, aloe vera and cucumber extract. Lastly, this beauty is perfectly sized, so fits into one’s handbag (or clutch). Purchase online at and at selected salons.

Local beauties - skin Creamery

Skin Creamery Two-Phase Skin Tonic R420

My love affair with the Skin Creamery brand continues. I swear, they are yet to launch a product (they currently have 5 in their range) that I don’t LOVE! I was most excited and somewhat intrigued to receive this unique, organic Skin Tonic that works to hydrate and condition, while restoring balance to the skin. To use, you shake the formula up, then use around 3 pumps of the product on face and neck (or any areas of skin that needs extra TLC). The texture is more watery than oily, and I find the best way to use it is to apply the product into the palm of your hand, then apply to the skin. You could also apply it onto a cotton pad and gently sweep over the face – this is the method I prefer. In my mind, this product is basically a hybrid between a serum and toner. Use it before you apply your moisturiser.

The man in your life will dig it too, as it’s ideal to calm the skin after shaving. Sun parched skin will also benefit as it has a cooling, soothing effect. Its three key ingredients are:

  • Baobab fruit powder, which is high in Vitamin C
  • Rose water that tones the skin, while balancing its PH
  • Malachite, a mineral-rich crystal extract with powerful antioxidant properties.

This product is also an excellent moisturiser for oily skin. Purchase Skin Creamery online HERE

Local : Six GAFFW

Six Glycolic Acid 8% Foaming Face Wash R415

I love any beauty product that contains Glycolic Acid, as it’s one ingredient that gently yet effectively treats all skin conditions from acne, fine lines and wrinkles, to dullness and oiliness. Glycolic acid works to rid the skin of surface dulling dead skin cells, leaving it looking smooth and radiant. This face wash also contains Vitamin E – an antioxidant – that also offers excellent moisturising benefits, coconut oil, and chamomile extract to soothe the skin. I like that it doesn’t lather very much (products that foam a lot tend to contains sulfates, and these are drying to the skin) easily removes all traces of makeup. You can’t use it on the eye area, so remove eye makeup beforehand. It’s so gentle; all skin types can use it. Six Skincare is available for purchase at selected salon and spas. For more info on six, see their website at

Local beauties - milk solutions

Milk Solutions Tomato & Basil Smoothing Skin Scrub R299

The first thing you notice about this scrub is its delicious scent, which smells like freshly cut tomato & basil. Try resisting the temptation to eat it, because it’s meant to remove dead skin from hands and feet (but it also does a great job on dry, flaky knees & elbows). I really like that this gentle scrub is formulated with fine pumice in a rich creamy base, which applies beautifully and rinses off in a pinch. It leaves my hands and feet feeling smooth, soft and hydrated. It’s definitely one of my favourite scrubs – bonus that it’s a proudly SA brand. Purchase Milk Solutions online at , from or at selected nail bars and skin care centers nationwide.

Local beauties - Myhru

Myhru High! Serum Intensive Vitamin Oil R680

This facial serum contains a concentrated blend of naturally potent oils, high in vitamins, antioxidants and omegas, renowned for their skin-renewing, and anti-aging properties.

You can use it one of two ways: in the morning, mix a few drops with your moisturiser (or foundation) and apply to clean skin. Come evening, apply a few drops onto the hands, rub together and press into the skin as an intensive nighttime treatment.

I love how this skin treatment is super rich and nourishing, without being at all oily or cloying. The formula is made up of Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, Phenolic acids that include Ferulic, Caffeic and Gallic acids – all excellent antioxidants, and Omegas 3,6,9 that soften the skin and aid with the absorption of antioxidants. This serum can be used on all skin types and works to hydrate, nourish, restore, tone, protect and smooth the skin. It’s also free of parabens, fragrance, petrochemicals and colourants, making it a great choice for sensitive skins too. Purchase Myhru online at 


I’ll be spoiling one reader with all seven products, totalling R2668 in value. To enter, leave a comment below this post telling me why you’d like to win this hamper. Please ensure you leave your email address (only I can see it) so I can can contact you, should you be the winner.

I’ll announce the winner on In My Bag Facebook (follow HERE) next week Tuesday 21 February.


Absolutely love the idea of supporting local!

I’d love to win cause I’m proudly South African and local is best

I’d love to win because it’s too much of an amazing giveaway to not be a part of 🙂 some seriously great products, also some I would really love to try.

Hi Candice,
WOW! What an amazing give away… Looks and sounds fantastic! Honestly, I’ve never used South African beauty products & I’d love to start supporting local. Thanks for a really cool blog. Take care x

Whoops. Can’t believe I just spelt my own name wrong (nice one Galia) p.s what’s not to love about local products too ❤️❤️

Wow what an amazing hamper, I would love to win because i love caring for skin and all these products are so fabulous

I’m a HUGE fan of all local products! & I love supporting them too!! I LOVE Skin Creamery and Milk solutions! Have not tried that gorgeous scrub yet though! Skin Creamery I also haven’t gotten around to trying, but I’ve only heard and seen great stuff about that brand!! Myhru High! Serums looks AMAZING too!! I’d love to be the lucky winner of this gorgeous hamper!!??

Hi Candice, I would love to have the opportunity to try all these amazing products out. My skin is in need of some desperate pampering. Working in events I hardly get time to even shop around and find good products for my skin so this is perfect:)

There are so many amazing products which I would luv to try!

What woman doesn’t need this awesome skincare hamper. My skin needs a boost just before Winter Time ?

Oh wow, we are sitting on a treasure chest of amazing brands in South Africa! I would like to win this hamper because I am trying to invest in quality skincare to get my skin wedding-ready before June! Did I also mention that I simply had to enter because I saw my favourite Skin Creamery in there?! I am also trying to live more sustainable and trying to support the amazing brands on our SA soil!

What a GREAT giveaway! Supporting local is so important, not just in the blogging/beauty community but for the country as a whole! I would especially love to try out that Six Glycolic Acid 8% Foaming Face Wash. I battle to afford skincare products that have a high concentration of active ingredients 🙁 The Milk Solutions Tomato & Basil Smoothing Skin Scrub also looks heavenly ♡

I would love to win these beauties for my teenage daugther. We are always struggling to find good quality products for her skin and all of the mentioned products are perfect.

Gasp! A hamper filled with proudly South African beauty products – who wouldn’t want to win that. ? I’m beauty product obsessed lately because I’m turning 30 this year. Yes I know, 30 is still young, but why not start my 30s wrinkle free and with perfect skin! #skingoals

This is a great introduction to local brands – I only recognize Placecol and Environ.
Clearly have been living under a rock and only forking out money on the more well known international brands – well, not any longer!
I would love to try these…

What a lovely hamper! I’d love to try these local products on my difficult skin. Been struggling for years to find a tonic / serum that works for me.

I would like to win this prize because I love proudly South African products. I also need new skincare products to try out to fix my skin problems and this hamper will come in handy as most quality products are expensive.

I love discovering more local products, especially ones with natural ingredients. It’s so important to support local brands!

I would love to try more South African products, I haven’t really tried too many as I usually stick to the French and Italian ones but this would be the perfect opportunity to test it out as currently my skincare regime just doesn’t seem to be working as well for me anymore.

It’s great to see that local products do not have to stand back for the international brands and that they contain the important ingredients. I am familiar with Placecol, Environ and Skin Creamery but would love to try the other brands too.

What an amazing hamper! Would love to win this as wedding bells are a ringing! and my skin needs a little lift-me-up before then. I would be so happy to combat all my fine lines and dehydrated skin before so that my skin looks radiant and youthful on my special day 🙂
Fingers crossed xoxo

Awesome giveaway.

What an amazing gift this would be I would love to be able to spoil myself with theae amazing products

I’ve recently left a very, very long relationship, and I’m back out there…so I need all the confidence I can get. I find that using good beauty products give me a boost. And there certainly are some great products in this hamper 🙂 Thank you again for the amazing giveaways <3

I use Environ products regularly, and I’d love to try more locally produced beauty products and hopefully support them going forward!

It would be such a blessing to win this prize. After a very tough year physically as well as emotionally – I would love to refocus my energy on my skin. I believe the aromas will transport me to an eden in my mind and the effect it will leave on my skin will lift my spirits. I also believe ‘sharing is caring’ and will be sharing my prize with those who carried me through. Thank you for wanting to share your favourites with us.

OMG I’d love to get my hands on these products. Confession: I had no idea that these were proudly SA products. I’d like to think that I take good care of my skin and what better to it than supporting local while at it. I’m always game to try new things and if things work out I’ll definitely fill my toiletry basket with our very own homegrown products.

I would love to win this amazing products really need to start looking after my skin.

Awesome giveaway ? ? ?
Perfect for my face

Simply because I’m going through a hectic time in my life and would love to be spoiled.

Proudly South African and loving it! I think i deserve to be spoilt 🙂

My hubby is working away, so missing him a lot this Valentine’s day. 🙁 I need a little pampering and this prize would be the bees knees. Please pick me! 🙂

Wow, I never get to spoil myself with good beauty products but I do realise the value in them and want to make a start, perhaps this will kick start my beauty regime. What a spoil, you always showcase the nicest looking products, for once it would be nice to try them:-)

I would really appreciate winning this hamper. I’ve put my kids first and have been running out of pampering products this would be so great to pamper me up again.

Officially my last week as a non-mom and the exhaustion and excitement is starting to kick in now! I definitely think these lovely local products will help me ease into my soon-to-be #momstatus and allow me to indulge in a bit of me time inbetween newborn baby duties!

Hi Candice. I cannot say that I deserve this give-away, but I really want it. ; )
Jokes aside. There is nothing better than quality, export worthy products standing their ground alongside international brands. Would love to share(receive) the love!

Proudly south African! As I’m reading your blog about these products I realise they are just want my skin needs and I have been wanting to change ny current skin care routine and products as I’m not getting the same effect from them face and body needs these so bad

These products are amazing and local which is every better…and since I do not have a Valentine, as cliche as it may be, I would also love to get a little something and be spoilt – so this will make me feel all that extra love on the inside if I win 🙂

Local is Lekker ?.Would love to win this hamper as my skin needs a boost!

I’d love to win these products because i know you wouldn’t share them with us if they weren’t amazing! I’d love a pick me up today and that’s a purely selfish reason for wanting to win 🙂

Seeing all these local products just makes my heart explode with pride and joy! And being the lucky winner of this incredible hamper would mean the world to me as I’m such a big supporter of all things local! And also because these products are incredible ofcourse! ?

Wow! What an absolutely awesome collection of beauty products. Would love to try out this collection!?????

I know how absolutely amazing the products from Me&Youth and Skin Creamery are, so I 100% trust your judgement. Would love to try out the other brands and see which of them suits my skin perfectly to potentially become a long-term consumer. Also just a huge fan of supporting the local small businesses! 🙂 ♡

Hi there! I would love to win this hamper as these products are excellent, and as I am in my forties I have had to start looking after my skin more. Unfortunately quality products are quite pricey these days, so this would be a spoil! x

Woww would love too win this for my skin lovely hamper fingers crossed

I’m all for supporting local brands. These products look like an absolute treat which my body could use.

tjoh tjoh tjoh, as we say in local parlance (and in keeping with the local is lekker theme �?�)

That is quite the beauty haul.
Would love to be the lucky recipient of such a fantastic giveaway.

I would LOVE to win this hamper.

Winter is coming and even though I’ve never had problematic skin, hormones + life has given me breakouts of note together with the usual chicken skin (keratosis pilaris…sigh) that I’ve been ashamed of all my life… I’ve decided I’d rather sort my face out instead of my arms like I do every summer….so my derma-lac from environ (which is all product that actually WORKS for my arms), and funds have gone to supplements and decleor these past few months.

You have put together the best skin care products South Africa has to give… I’m drooling over the DERMALAC and all the other products look amazing…MYHRU…SKIN CREAMERY… ME&YOU…all brands I’ve drooled over and has been on my wishlist when things look up…The skin is the largest organ of the body and should be cherished… faults and all.

Please make my 2017 a skin loving year and bless me with this prize… I cherish my skin… It’s spoiled and pampered and even though it’s not perfect… I love it anyway. And you would make me the happiest woman out there… I cannot think of a more deserving skin to win this prize 🙂

Awesome giveaway that will be perfect for my face and skin. I will be purified and cleansed of impurities by the Placecol Clean Start Face and Body Wash Cleanser, soften my hard places with the Environ Body Derma Lace Lotion, look beautiful with the help of the Me & Youth Makeup Fix used to hydrate and refresh my face as well as primer to bonus me with a gorgeous dewy glow, moisture my face with the watery texture tonic that will hydrate and condition as well as add balance to my oily skin with the Skin Creamery Two-headed Skin Tonic, wash my face with the Six Glycolic Acid Forming Face Wash and boost my dull, wrinkled and pigmented with a boost of the lots of vitamins and antioxidants, Pamper my whole body with some exfoliating scrub from the Milk Solutions Tomato & Basil Scrub leaving my skin feeling gorgeous, soft and smooth, and last I would nourish and give food to my face by using the Myhru High Serum Intensive Vitamin Oil loaded with potent oils and free of parables to hydrate, restore, tone, protect and smooth my skin.
All my skin needs would be fulfilled and I would feel great.

Because local is lekker 🙂

Hi Candice!

I would love to win these local beauties!
I’m very passionate about locally produced goods, and I’m always keen to try new things and give an honest review on products.
I’ve used Environ before and obviously love everything about them, and Placecol included.
I’d love to try the other products in your collection.

Please let me win 🙂

Local is always lekker 🙂 and what an awesome spread of great products.. Have heard amazing things about placecol.. but never used it. Also that Me&Youth Quick Makeup Fix.. I would absolutely love that. I don’t get time to freshen up my make up during the day.. so this quick fix would be so cool.

Would love to win some ‘local is lekker’ products!

Anyone else want to hear what the other 16 products are? Have heard of most of the these local products, and love them. Looking forward to trying out Milk Solutions and Myhru! Please tell us the rest. Thanks

I so need something for my skin, been on new meds and my skin feels terrible. Could do with skincare products that don’t cost the earth.

I would love to win as I am a proud supporter of South African products. I would also love to try these new products.

I’ve only tried 2 of these local brands. Would love to try the others ?

I’d love to win this hamper because I totally believe in supporting Proudly South African products. More importantly, a skincare developed locally will l have full understanding of our skin needs, taking into consideration a lot of factors including our skin types, our climate and our prevailing skin concerns. With this in mind, the right product is then developed with “us” in mind than just a focus on making profits. I have had the pleasure of using Environ once a long time ago, and I know their products are backed by guaranteed quality. I think it’s time we as women (the major purchasers and users of beauty products), start buying locally developed products so we can show the rest of the world that we are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

I love local products because they are usually produced without any nasties, not tested on animals and the owners are personally in the process. I transitioned to local products over the last year and have not regretted it. I am currently using the Skin Creamery Two-Phase Skin Tonic and love it. The Me&Youth Quick Makeup Fix is on my list to try and the Milk Solutions Tomato & Basil Smoothing Skin Scrub sounds so nice! Thank you for always keeping us up to date with what is happening in the beauty world, Candice. [p.s. I am not entering the competition ;)]

Post pregnancy melasma, saggy skin and wrinkles!!! Oh let me count the ways I hate you!!! I have tried to live with you…..but this relationship is becoming abusive where I even talk to you!! So Dear Candice, please hook me up with these amazing local spoils made especially for the proudly South African in my skin…and perhaps next Valentines day I will love my skin again

I would love to win this awesome hoard of local beauties! I am a new mum and desperately need some pampering! These products look great and would help me look and feel like a yummy mummy instead of a natural disaster!

There are so many goodies in here I’d like to try but in particular, the skin creamery tonic and the environ derma-lac! I’ve recently been introduced to urea and would love to try it out in a thinner product.

I would love to win this hamper, because all of the products mentioned is products I have wanted to try for the longest time. I love supporting local because they develop product that works for our skin in South Africa. They know the problems caused by the climate as you mentioned (the Joburg winter) and they design the product with those problems in mind. As a result I have often found that local products work so much better for my skin.

I would absolutely LOVE to try all of these products.

Happy Valentine’s Day <3 <3 I so have my eyes on the Six Glycolic Acid 8% Foaming Face Wash. My sister's wedding is coming up and I am one of her bridesmaids 🙂 I so need to start working on my skin to rid the skin surface of dulling dead skin cells. I ofcourse also need to look my best on the day with smooth and radiant glowing skin 🙂 And this hamper was put together just for me 🙂

I would love to try these products because I have been looking for local gems but was cautious and weary. Now that you have helped me locate good products, I’m keen. products approved by you are worth a try.

I’d love to add more local products to my skin care product stable!

Gosh how I need this Myhru High! Serum Intensive Vitamin Oil
My sister told me about this competition as my wedding is coming up and I am in panic mode already! I am a primary school teacher and always in the sun. I so need to get my skin, my skin tone and everything else corrected soon, before my big day. This prize is a Godsend and couldn’t have turned up at a better time as I need extreme intensive treatment 🙂
My skin is in dire need and longs to be hydrated, nourished, restored, toned, protected and smoothed. My heart is screaming out for this TLC hamper but my skin all the more 🙂

I just love products which are organic and especially locally produced. Organic products make ur skin so soft and clear and also smell great!! I am currently using the Oil Milk Cleanser and Everyday cream from Skin Creamery which I had the chance to test and buy @ Kamers last year. Just loving it so far! I would absolutely love to try their Tonic as well since it is for a more oily skin like mine.
The other products in the goodie bag i have done some reading on and it just sounds great! I would love to give them a try as well. Myhru intrigues me alot!

I’ve been using Paula’s Choice skincare range which is all about natural ingredients and debunking the myriad of beauty product myths. Using their products and making the effort to go ‘green’ has been an enlightening education and made me even happier with my decision to be better informed around the choices I make. There are many wonderful international products that serve this purpose but are either not available in SA or really costly to maintain over the long term and unfortunately, the local supplier for Paula’s Choice is no more so the door is wide open for new options; I’ve literally been despairing with each desperate tube squeeze of my last bit of product so the timing couldn’t be better. I far prefer the idea of supporting local artisans and feeling true value for my money as opposed to costs inflated by import duties and often unreliable supply. And I’m a big FTN fan, for their products and excellent service.

My mom have introduced me, from an early age, to South African beauty products such as Justine’s Tissue oil, Avroy Shlain face creams and Annique’s facial wash during my teens. But what a fresh new introduction from you and these awesome home-grown beauty finds. We are so indoctrinated by large European brands that we forget we have some of the best products manufactured right here and with our climate in mind. Thank you for reminding me to keep them in mind next time I visit my beauty counter. Hopefully one day my children can also say their mom introduced them to tried and tested SA products.

Such good local products, who would not want to try?? Proudly South African, support local.

It would be nice to try out local products, plus they all look gorge

I would love to try these fabulous SA products.

I’m always on the lookout to try new products and this would be the best way to try them. besides, i trust your judgement 🙂

It’s so wonderful to support local not just for the sake of it but because the products are really amazing and stand up against the best! Would love to add these to my arsenal.

I would just love to try all the local brands – especially the Me&Youth Quick Makeup Fix ….. 47 (cough cough)

OOH this is SUCH a lovely giveaway! Getting into my 30s i am becoming more and more aware of how important it is to take care of my skin but with 2 little toddlers do not have a lot of time for facials etc and so would love some pampering. On top of that I am so passionate about entrepreneurship and believe it will be what takes South Africa forward, so its fantastic to see all the new brands coming through.

It would just be such an undeserved spoil : )

Wow I ould be so excited to win this hamper; the products look amazing! No that I’m 33, I’m starting to notice that my skin needs a little more love and caring products like there, and I know the sooner I start, the better!

Wow! What an informative read on local products I definitely need to get that Environ Derma-lac , for ingrown hairs; I serious get them on the weirdest places.
Me & Youth Quick Make-up Fix is on my list of things to get and love the fact its local, local is lekker after all.
I would really love to win this awesome giveaway to treat my face and body (and hubby’s too) and too share the love and recommend it too my friends and family.

I’d love to win because I am proudly South African and I love supporting locally! I’ve tried some of the brands mentioned and love them.

I would really love to try out the Milk Solutions Tomato & Basil Smoothing Skin Scrub, since i have neglected myself at bit lately and this product would seem like such a great product to use and i know it would smell amazing, since i love using basil in my cooking.

I’m doing all the cooking in the house, since my Mom can’t stand to long on her legs (she’s in her early 70’s) and i just don’t spend time caring or taking the time to look after my self. Most of my life i tend to make everyone else be happy and i have always wear a mask so that no one would know how i really feel or are. I would always stay i’m still breathing or kicking or i’m fine, but to be honest i’m not.

Some day’s or should i rather say most days i just don’t want to wake up or just want to be in bed and don’t want to see another day, feels like everything are falling apart.

Thus this product would be a great way to shred away dead skin and would give me a better looking skin.

I would love to win this because local is lekker! I’ve been abroad for a year and so having some South African products in my routine would be amazing. Also, my skin is super sensitive and these products look lovely and gentle 🙂

Love the idea of supporting local ‘cos local is mos lekker.
Also realy being wanting to try the Skin Creamery Two-Phase Skin Tonic and here’s a perfect opportunity.
Holding thumbs.

I’d love to win this hamper. It would be the perfect spoil for before my first baby arrives in April. Going to need all the pampering I can get!

I believe that it’s important to support local brands and I feel that we don’t have to take a backseat to international brands when it comes to quality and efficacy! I would love to win this hamper as I have had my eye on some of these products for a while. As you know from Twitter I have my eye on the SkinCreamery’s tonic so I would love to win the hamper for that alone! Also, I’ve seen Milk Solutions products around but never knew they were homegrown, so cool!

Supporting Local is a priority for me. These products would be awesome to boost my skin prior to winter

Love these local SA brands. I am especially in love with The Skin Creamery and would love to add the Skin Tonic to my collection.

I would love to win this hamper as this may be the changing moment in the life of my skin since I still wash my face with soap and apply Elizabeth Annes aqueous cream only. Time to try something new!

I would love to try these products. As a single mother of a 6 year old girl, u dont often have the luxury to try out new products. These ones look amazing, and im sure the will feel like a wonderful treat.

Being 42 and still struggling with adult acne and yes those fine lines and wrinkles….. all your local products seem tailored for my needs! If anyone’s skin needs this fabulous boost and love it’s mine!

Nothing better than supporting our own local products, they are truly amazing! I am an absolute believer in a good skincare routine and would love to give these products a go ?

As an avid supporter of local brands, I would love to try these products out and see if they become part of my daily routine.

Oooh I am loving the anti ageing/aging product and eradicating wrinkles as well as looking younger and I need the dermalac for my feet pleeeaaasse, also have never used a fixing spray before, would love to try that too 🙂

Each of these products sound so stunning! I simply love your reviews – I find them to be really spot-on – so am super keen to try ALL on your list! Thanks for the great advice!

What an awesome give away! I never knew there were so many local brands. Id ise each and everyone of them. The Placecol is perfect for my tween son who is showing signs of heading into those acne years. Id have to hide the Environ body derma-lac lotion from my 3 year old daughter, shed rub it all over her body! A makeup fijxer is essentially in these hot summer days in humid Durban. The skin creamery two-phase skin tonic would be a well deserved luxury for m especialy since I have oily skin. I have all the ailments for the Six glycolic Acid to work on! A body scrub is essential for the coming winter, or just before I top up my fading summer tan. The Myhru sounds like an all round winner – so many different ingredients! Choose me please!

I would love to win this hamper as it would give me the opportunities to try these awesome proudly South African products. My skin also seriously needs some good pampering as I rarely have time to spend on such luxuries being a busy working woman. I am also always looking for South African products as I love supporting local talent!

Thank you for a lovely review, I have purchased so many products in the past , because of your reviews and recommendations. The product that
I look most forward to to try is the Environ derma-lac lotion for the Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms. The nasty bumbs on my arms is really something I have to live with and out of my three childrens(2 daughter and my son) , my poor son has it too!

I just hit 46 and a huge dose of reality…. I need all the help I can get.
I think the Placecol Clean Start facial and body wash is probably a great first start for me.
Environ Body Derma-lac lotion just sound so good – I plan to include that in my routine going forward.
You and Me quick make-up fix – sounds incredible – but would be pushing me out of my comfort zone – but I need to try this…
Skin Cremery and Six – you’re on my shopping list!!!

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