If you’re even vaguely into skincare, you’ll know that there’s a strong connection between the lifestyle you lead, and the impact it has on your skin. It’s with this in mind, that led to the development of CHANEL’S newest, and very innovative BLUE SERUM.

Chanel looked to populations living in what’s referred to as ‘blue zones’ – places with the largest numbers of centenarians in their population – as inspiration. Three blue zones were studied, namely: Nicoya peninsula is Costa Rica, Sardinia, and the island of Ikaria in Greece. Factors that contribute to the population’s longevity and great health include a diet of high-quality food, regular exercise – including walking on a daily basis, good stress management, and a strong culture of social bonding, which is an integral part of their life.

Longevity Hotspots

This research led to the development of a serum inspired by the way of life in these blue zones. Stress management, exercise, wellness and diet are the pillars that prompted the CHANEL research team to look for ingredients that contributed the same philosophy of holistic well-being, except when applied to the face. The focus was on the good health of skin cells and their ability to adapt to environmental stress.

Tailor Made Green Chemistry

All this information culminated into a skincare product for all skin types and ages called BLUE SERUM. It contains three actives, each from one of these zones that target several longevity mechanisms in the skin.

Green Coffee From Costa Rica

Green Coffee : Costa Rica

With its incredible antioxidant properties, green coffee works to shield the complexion. Once it has undergone a specific Polyfractioning extraction process, it’s active antioxidant molecules are 70 times more pronounced than those found in regular coffee beans. These antioxidants work to repair the skin by reducing photo damage, boosting collagen and elastin production, and keeping skin supple.

Olives From Sardinia

Olives from Sardinia

And you thought olives were just for eating! These olives from Sardinia are put through a patented Oleo-Eco Extraction process that ensures their essential fatty acids and skin-fortifying polyphenols deliver on their most powerful properties. These actives encourage collagen production. Olives are also a great source of vitamin C – an ingredient that has brightening and radiance-boosting properties.

Lentisk From Greece

Lentisk from Greece

This evergreen plant yields oil that is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. It has a dual benefit in that it is both calming and restorative, aiding in cell regeneration and repair.

How does BLUE SERUM benefit the skin?

BLUE SERUM works to improve the longevity of the skin, helping rekindle its youthful glow. I like how CHANEL encourages women to become active participants in their own beauty with this serum, which aids with the struggle against the signs of ageing. BLUE SERUM also contains moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin derivatives, hyaluronic acid and biocompatible polymers to maintain the skin barrier.

Blue Serum 26

This serum scores major brownie points with me because, as mentioned earlier, everyone can use it – no matter what your age or skin type, and, it’s compatible with all other skincare. You apply the serum morning and evening onto clean skin, using 3 pumps. Warm the serum between your palms, then dab two dots onto the facial contour, cheeks and forehead.

The texture of this serum is quite unique in that it is and aqueous gel-emulsion that absorbs instantly. For a few seconds after application, it feels a bit tacky, but this disappears very quickly. The scent is quite floral when first applied, however, after a few seconds, disappears completely.

Below is the ad for BLUE SERUM, which perfectly captures the essence of what this product is all about.

The BLUE SERUM has just launched and is available at CHANEL counters nationwide and retails for R1710 for a 30ml.



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Clever concept, quite unique. I love Chanel make-up, but have never tried any skincare. Perhaps it’s time?

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