The CHANEL COCO CODES 2017 Spring Makeup collection has just arrived in stores, and I couldn’t be more excited. It was created to celebrate, reinterpret and decipher the five iconic colour codes of CHANEL: red, black, gold, white and beige.

With this collection, Lucia Pica, Global Creative Designer for makeup & Colour for CHANEL, has found a way to re-infuse these classic shades with her own elegant reverence. She’s managed to breathe new life into these colours, and I love how she’s challenging conventional ideas about beauty and makeup.

Through a variety of sheer, sparkling, matte and silky shades, the COCO CODES collection encourages women to reinterpret these classic shades for their own individual style.


If you’re looking to purchase just one item from this exquisite collection, make it the COCO CODE Exclusive Creation (R1025). It consists of four perfect blush shades, united to create intriguing new interplays: two satin shades and two matte shades. They can be worn as blush by blending the four colors together (with a simple swirl of a brush), or used individually for a myriad of beauty effects. And the name of the product, COCO CODE, is beautifully embossed across the palette.

The shades are warm, radiant and very wearable. A slightly peach-hued beige, and even silkier honey gold provide the satin effects. Use as highlighters or increase the play of light across the complexion. The matte shades: a soft caramel beige that can also be used for contouring, and a vibrant pink-red – which give a beautifully natural flush of color to the cheekbones – makes this a palette that you really can use on the whole face.


In addition, Joues Contraste Elégance (R720) is a rosy beige blush, subtly lit with gold, which delivers a subtle hint of an outdoor glow.

The sheer glossiness of Rouge Coco Shine allowed Pica to indulge her passion for layering and surprise. I got Noir Moderne (R610) – one of the collection’s true standouts – a translucent “rouge noir” colour reinterpreted for Spring. It coats lips in a sheer veil of vampy colour that I just adore!


Red, of course, is the most iconic lipstick shade and a color synonymous with CHANEL. I tried Rouge Allure Indépendante (R610), a sophisticated fire-orange red that works incredibly well with my skintone.


For eyes, I received the Les 4 Ombres in Elégants (R920) that contains a ravishing true gold, a warm platinum (ideal for highlighting), a deep, intense brown and an exquisite antiqued gold. I also find the intensity of the deep petrol colour of the Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Noir Pétrole (R450 – Ltd. edition), adds an edge and intensity to my eyes when worn with the shadow.


Then of course there are the nail colours. In my opinion, CHANEL makes the edgiest and most incredible tones that really do set the trend for nails every season.


Le Vernis Longue Tenue Rouge Red (R450) is a fresher take on red. Le Vernis Longue Tenue Blanc White (R450) is a translucent, opalescent milky white. Le Vernis Longue Tenue Beige Beige (R450) is the ultimate rosy nude.

But Pica has one more playful trick up her sleeve: Le Top Coat Black Métamorphosis (R450-Ltd. edition) – and it’s my favourite! This ‘transforming black’ a nail colour-boosting topcoat works like a sheer, inky black nail gloss, adding depth and intrigue when painted over another colour. It works particularly well with Longue Tenue Rouge Red (see image below). With its truly new effects and application, Le Top Coat celebrates the customizable nature of the COCO CODES collection.


The Coco Codes collection is currently available in stores. Do go check it out, there’s sure to be a few items you’ll love.

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Such a cool collection. The blusher looks amazing and the black top coat sounds very interesting.

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