I’d say I have about 8 fragrances that I absolutely LOVE. They are my go-to scents and I never tire of them. Sisley Eau Tropicale (R1700 for a 100ml EDT) is one. It launched two years ago, and I instantly fell in love with its elegant blend of citrus, florals and musk. The atmosphere of a tropical rain forest after a downpour is the inspiration behind this scent, and one really gets that hit of freshness from Eau Tropicale.

Now, because I love this scent so very much (and I use it sparingly), I try reserve it for use only during the spring and summer months. And it really is such a lovely warm weather scent.

Sisley eau tropicale ga:3

Eau Tropicale opens with exotic floral accords of frangipani, hibiscus and passion flower and spicy hints of ginger and bergamot. Heart notes of tuberose, Turkish Rose and violet leaf really become evident after about 20 minutes, but you can still smell hints of the frangipani. The dry down is warm and sensual with sexy patchouli and comforting cedar wood.

I adore the zesty, fruity tropical top notes that work so, so well with the bold floral accord in the opening. While there is a hint of sweetness, it’s not cloying at all – I think this is due to the spicy ginger note. Usually I despise any sweet notes in a scent, but with Eau Tropicale, they just work.

As the fragrance develops, the alluring tuberose notes starts coming through – but it’s really light and is softened with Turkish rose and delicate violet leaf.

This is a scent that will work for any occasion – day or evening, work or play. It’s light, sexy, chic and not overpowering. It’s a sure bet if you’re looking to gift a special someone in your life with fragrance.

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I’ve got one 100ml bottle to give away, valued at R1700. To enter, leave a comment below this post, in the comments section, telling me why you want to win this scent. Please ensure you include your e-mail address (only I can see it), so I can contact you, should you be the winner. I’ll announce the winner next week Thursday 2 February.


Since I have to save for my daughter’s Winter School Uniform and my big wedding day, purchasing perfume is off limits for now.
Winning this would simply mean that I get to smell good and feel confidant again 🙂

I would love to win the Sisley Eau Tropicale because I know it would be ultimate perfume for my trip to New York in Spring this year and I love the fact that it’s not an overpowering perfume so it would great for my travels 🙂

I love that it goes with every occasion! Its not overpowering and sexy! Sounds divine!

The review on the perfume sounds too irresistible not to own one!! I would love to experience the aroma of this perfume 🙂

I’d love to win as all my fragrances are running low and also to explore a new scent

Its Summer and every woman needs a yummy scent. Would love to win this

I would love to win this…this perfume seems so exotic and will be perfect for everyday wear!

2017 is my milestone 50th year…as a woman, both sexy & chic…the new Sisley Eau Tropicale and I have much in common. The scent will be with me day & night through work & play…celebrating my 50th birthday on the 16th of May and as its in winter and the scent “Smells like summer” what more could a woman wish for.

Have my anniversary coming up in March … Planning a secret night get away for my husband and myself … This wonderful fragrance will add that special something to the evening mood ?

I would love to win this product, as I always avoid sweet florals, and go for the soapy clean scents, and have not yet found a fragrance on this note.
Trusting your love for this scent, is appealing to me. Fruity and zesty sounds Perfect!

spring and summer is my favorite seasons, now i can smell like it too

I would love to win this fragrance to save and use later in the year during winter! The summer floral scents will keep summer fresh in my memory when I am cold in winter!

I’d love to win cause this scent sounds perfect for me in every way and perfect for everyday, day or night.

I Would Love To WIN The Sisley Eau Tropical Giveaway I Would Love To Soak Up The Smell and Feel All floral and Sexy With,A Scent That inspires Me It Is Awesome and What a Fabulous GIFT I Just Love and Enjoy Your Blog and Love To Read All Your Amazing Facebook post it is Truly Spirit Food For My Day!! To WIN This Sisley Eau Tropicale Giveaway Would Be A True Celebration in My Life and I Would Kick,Start 2017 Smelling Wonderful!!!

I adore this scent! I would love to win, as I am quickly running out of favourites (eek!)
Fingers xx

scent that will work for any occasion – day or evening, work or play. It’s light, sexy, chic and not overpowering just perfect and i love the atmosphere of a tropical rain forest after a downpour i would love to win it

I would love to win this perfume as i have never tried it and it will be great to try this summer on vacation

I would LOVE to win this scent for my Mom, Nikki Katz. She loves perfume and is unemployed at the moment. All her perfume has run out. Would love to brighten up her day and see her smile with this incredible prize. Would be nice to give her a little something back for all she does for me. My mom is my best friend, my rock, my everything. I would take a bullet for her. She is always there for me, a shoulder to cry on, a person to laugh with and share my most intimate thoughts. I could not have asked for a better mom. A truly inspiring lady whom I adore as well as the best granny to my two beautiful girls. I don’t know where she finds the energy to be the person she is. She can cook like a dream and I always get me bags, i love her to the moon and back. She is the most selfless person and is soo generous without ever asking for anything in return. The beggars by her house always wave at her when she drives past as she gives them bread etc nearly every day. I really don’t know where I would be today if i didn’t have my beautiful mom. I LOVE HER and the best part is she loves me unconditionally.
MOTHER (moth.er) muther ~ a verb : to love, nourish, protect, teach, comfort, guide, nurture, support, embrace, cherish, reassure. All the things my gorgeous MOM does.

I would HAVE to be honest and say that i’m not really a perfume kinda gal because i just cannot find a perfume that’s subtle enough for my liking, The Sisley Eau Tropicale sounds absolutely perfect for me as it’s light and softened and not overpowering. I would LOVE to try it as it sounds like it’s just been made for ME <3

I love that it has notes of citrus, florals and musk. For me citrus is always a winner. Would love to experience this fragrance as I have never even seen it before 🙂

I love to try different scents and I would love to add this to my collection.

This fragrance sounds sooo refreshing abd fresh. Perfect for summer.

I am a lady who uses perfume daily and would love to try this one !.. my dress is not complete without a spray of

Thank you

I absolutely love the midnight blue / lilac colour at the bottom of the Sisley Eau Tropicale bottle. Looking at it makes me feel happy. So I think smelling the fragrance will make me feel happy. And I need a pick up while in the midst of a really, really tough break-up 🙁

My eldest daughter would like this for the past 3 years I have not bought her a birthday present because the money went for school. She never complains such a sweet person

Would love to win this just for myself as I love the floral scents in perfume and what a way to start your day off with floral accords to lift up your day ♥

Hi there! I would love to win this beautiful fragrance as it looks amazing and sounds amazing! Especailly for this hot summer of ours, can smell stunning regardless. My current fragrance running deadly low…. eek

Hi I would like to win this for my mum she is a pensioner and can’t afford any expense perfumes she is 72 years old and she does a lot for everyone I think she would like this just want to put a smile on her face thank you

The exuberant notes of bergamot, exotic ginger flower, hibiscus, frangipani and passion fruit sound so inspiring. Would love to win so that I get to experience this awesome combination.

I have recently quitted my job as it was not giving me the fulfilment I needed. Instead I was miserable everyday and my health was detoriating due to this. If I am granted the opportunity to win this fragrance, it will uplift my spirit and give me hope that there is hope in my future ahead. The scent of summer freshness is exactly what I need right now.

I need a nice floral fragrance. this sounds perfect

I would love to win this because the fragrance reminds me of a place far far away from the crazy world that i find myself in right now.

There is nothing better to lift a mood than a beautiful frangrance that lingers throughout the day on my skin. I would love to win because I love being in the best mood thanks to an exquisite fragrance

Firstly the bottle is beautiful and would look amazing in my perfume collection and secondly I love fruity, floral, musk perfumes would love to add this to my collection sounds like it smells amazing.

I love all the floral,fruity,spicy notes,i like thats its soft and not overpowering♡♡♡

I absolutely adore the Sisley brand and especially love the floral scents – so this one would suit me so well! My perfume was stolen at the end of last year, so this would go down a treat!

First thing that caught my attention when I saw this post, EAU TROPICALE ?? I am a big lover of a fresh, tropical scent and I can’t think of a better perfume to wear during the last few months of summer ?? The reason why I would love to own this beautiful bottle of perfume is because smelling good is very important to me, it uplifts me when I’m feeling down, it enhances the senses so much that it is possible to just forget about everything around you for a few seconds while you take in the smell and be reminded that there is still beauty out there! A simple spritz of perfume works just as well as anti-depressants, if not better ? I literally cannot go anywhere without smelling nice, not for other people but myself. It uplifts my soul and makes me happy ?

I love collecting perfumes and I wear different scents daily. I feel that as much as you put effort into dressing, you should also wear a scent thar will compliment your personality. Sexy, not over powering is my kind of choice.

Id so love to win this…my wedding is coming up and I am sooooooooooo excited. Id love for this to be my new scent as a new wife 🙂

Well, I think this Eau Tropicale EDT is what I have been looking for as I am pregnant again, and cannot really stomach any strong fragrances. Plus I think as much as its a summer fragrance, I’d probably use it for all seasons as it’s light and flowy. I think my passion for flowers and anything floral is best expressed in the fragrances that I wear, and the Eau Tropicale would be the best addition to my collection.

I haven’t worn perfume since 2012 – no jokes! This sounds right up my alley; and I really need to find my new scent – it’s becoming quite ridiculous!
I’d love to be recognised by a beautiful smell… and have it linger as a memory to those around me!

I’m dying to know what this smells like, the packaging looks decidedly Yardleylike and I find it hard to imagine it smelling classy, though Sisley make amazing products so it must be good, right? If I win this it won’t be kept on my vanity, instead in my drawer 😉

I’m a girl on a budget with a taste for luxury. I love smelling good and would love this one. Just look at the bottle and the colours – very attractive. The floral scent will go well with my girly personality. All that is missing is a flower in my hair.

I would like to win this perfume as I have none at the moment and I am sure that it has a lovely smell !

I wouldn’t mind winning this – to be honest I do not know the brand but am intrigued by your description of the scent to give it a go.
Holding thumbs

This fragrance sounds so amazing….. ❤❤❤ I’m crazy about Citrus and floral notes ????? I would love to be a winner, because I never have the privilege to own a expensive fragrance and it is my biggest dream to have just once in my lifetime a fragrance that makes my feel like a million dollars woman ❤❤❤

HI, I’m a winterbaby, the 3-week-rain-in-CapeTown is my best thing ever!! I struggle to find scents I like wearing in summer, its either too sweet, or too heavy for me. So this citrus base sounds fabulous, and I’d love to try it out and tweet the living daylights out of it 🙂

2 of my favourite flowers/plants I have in my garden are hibiscus and frangipani and I love a scent that is different – but stunning 🙂

Hi Candice-Lee, I absolutely loved how beautifully you used words to introduce the scent! I could almost smell the lovely elegant and exotic flavours of Sisley Eau Tropicale! Thank you for sharing!
Why do I want to win this scent? I am a woman! I love to smell nice and this scent is all new to me. It would be a privilege to win a bottle and to sparingly indulge in the luxury of a new scent which you so beautifully described on your blog!

I’m eeking out the last bit of my current bottle of perfume ~ would love to try something new – and this just sounds divine!

I love anything with Rose , so am quite intrigued to try this with the Turkish rose accents.
Hope to win.
Thanks for the giveaway.

I just love tropical floral scents that make me think summer will never end! I’d love to try this fragrance!

I have had not one, not two, not three, but ten of the most traumatic years of my life… it would be so nice having something special happen to me once like winning a perfume. Thank you for bringing excitement!

I would absolutely love to win this scent. I’ve always wanted to try this perfume but I could not as I am just a university student on a budget. This would be the perfect fresh, floral scented perfume for the summer. Would Love to win this.

This is a fab giveaway, I would love to win this scent for my upcoming anniversary that hubby and I are celebrating in Mauritius. I think this beautiful scent would make everything so perfect! I simply love it.

Totally sold that it’s magnificent! Would love to feel as mysteriously beautiful as the combination of scents that unwrap themselves so elegantly. Having never heard of it myself I would delight in surprising my friends with this inspiring product.


I’d love to win this scent because I love fragrances with sweet and fruity notes! I’ve always wanted to try Sisley fragrances but unfortunately they’ve always been above my price range 🙁 the Eau Tropicale sounds like the perfect scent for me and I’d love to give it a try this Summer!

I’ve been wanting to spice up my scent, and this sounds just perfect!

This fragrance sounds like it epitomizes me right now. Also, I am a lover of all perfumes.Fingers crossed, hoping for a win 😉

This will be the perfect go-to summer fragrance making the last days of summer so much better!!

I would love to win this as it is my Moms 90th birthday in April and with her being a perfumaholic I can think of no better gift than this

wow I am crazy about perfume and that is why I would love to win this so that I can own a decent genuine perfume

I would love to own a good bottle of perfume instead of always buying the “fake” ones

This would be a perfect gift for my wife as she loves perfume so much and even wears it to bed, she cannot afford such a wonderful perfume so this would be a first for her.

I love Sisley fragrances and saved up my bonus two years ago to buy one. I still have about two uses left so I understand you completely when you say you use it sparingly. I would be over the moon if I won a perfume from this amazing brand.

What a super exciting give-away. One of the products on my beauty bucket list is a SISLEY product and I would love to tick that box this year.I know it is a very superior but also very expensive beauty range.My other reason for wanting to win the Sisley Eau Tropicale perfume is that I am celebrating my 50th on 1 March and the closest I will come to a tropical island(in my dreams!) is a spritz of Sisley eau Tropicale!

Reading this write up makes me get a real feel for this beautiful scent, it sounds amazing!!!

I could picture myself on a tropical island ? just soaking up its wonderful smells, relaxing on the beach or near a beautiful blue pool….

I love floral, fresh scents and this one wouldn’t disappoint!

I am entering with the hopes of a chance to win this for my wife. She absolutely loves frangipani and floral scents and quite honestly, I don’t think she has ever owned such an expensive perfume. It would make a lovely anniversary gift for her 🙂 thank you

I just adore perfume (who doesn’t) and would love to try this – the notes of ginger and hints of frangipani have me drooooling!!

PS: With all the glorious rain we’ve been having in-between sweltering days, this scent inspired by the atmosphere of a tropical rain forest after a downpour suits our current atmosphere perfectly!!!!


Okay… you can if you really want to 🙂

I am a busy mama, doing all the usual mama stuff…so something special and gorgeous just for me would be FANTASTIC!!!! XXXX
I would love to win the Sisley Eau Tropicale. If I can’t visit the Rainforest…at least I can pretend i’m there…right? 🙂

I would love to win this scent… it’s made for me!

Tropical… fruity scent… I would wear it all year around. I LOVE sweet scents that makes people smell twice… Turning heads to take a second whiff of the amazing scent that is Sisley Eau Tropicale… transporting you to a tropical wonderland… walking on a sandy beach in my hometown that is the Cape… huge sun hat…. barefeet in the sand… sea salt curls… LOVE SUMMER

PS: Grade 1 has made me poor for the whole of 2017- so there will not be any fragrance purchases except drug store brands unfortunately… Would love to win this till the phase blows over…

The first thing that got me interested was the citrus. I love the freshness of citrus on me and it really makes me feel able to live life to the fullest.

The second thing I did is Google for testing on animals: and they don’t! It is so hard to find scents that are both beautiful and don’t harm animals.

I would aabsolutely adore trying this, and I really suspect that I could have my ssignature fragrance (although my bank balance might object : it will have to be a bottle a year)

Scent will be perfect reminder of my recent island getaway

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