It’s a new year, and the perfect time to invest in a new scent. I’ve rounded up my 13 favourite fragrances that have recently launched, and there’s something for everyone.

So First Van Cleef & Arpels

So First VC&A

I still fondly remember the first perfume created by Van Cleef & Arpels in 1976. My mom wore it for many years, and I loved its unique (for that time) aldehyde floral accord. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of these iconic notes, the house recently launched So First. I like its modern floral signature that’s both airy and sophisticated. Top notes include bergamot and magnolia, while the heart notes are made up of a bouquet of white flowers – most notably fresh freesia and frangipani, which enhance the fullness of the fragrance. Sandalwood and organic bourbon vanilla serve as the backdrop to this sumptuous floriental.

  • R710 for a 30ml EDP
  • R1090 for a 50ml EDP
  • R1415 for a 100ml EDP
  • Available at Edgars, Red Square and selected Woolworths Beauty outlets.

Gucci Bamboo EDT

Gucci Bamboo

I recently gave this scent to my bestie to try. When I asked her about it, she said it was her favourite scent EVER (and I’ve given her a LOT of fragrances over the years). She went on to say every time she wears it, people comment on how amazing she smells. “It’s just my best, best, best,” she says. The inspiration behind Gucci Bamboo is…you guessed it: bamboo – one of Gucci’s most celebrated design features. Gucci Bamboo EDT is lighter than the original with a modern mandarin note. Sicilian Bergamot and Mandarin are layered over crisp pear and orange blossom in the top notes. Delicate Ylang-Ylang and Casablanca Lily co-mingle in the heart, with an infusion of jasmine petals creating a dewy floral finish. Sandalwood with a refined grey amber accord strike a complementary contrast to this inherently feminine fragrance. The warmth of Tahitian Vanilla and pure white Musky notes wrap the scent in a smooth, creamy texture.

  • R1005 for a 30ml EDP
  • R1400 for a 50ml EDP
  • R1790 for a 75ml EDP
  • Available at Edgars, Red Square and selected Woolworths Beauty outlets.

Coach Eau de Parfum

Coach EDP

Coach Eau de Parfum is one of those fragrances that I fell in love with upon first spritz. It has wonderfully uplifting top notes of raspberry, pear and pink pepper that manage to not smell overwhelmingly fruity. But it’s the heart notes that I really like: Turkish rose, Gardenia and Cyclamen. These give this scent a sparkling, yet sensual and feminine energy. The base notes of musk, Cashmeran woods and Sandalwood ensure the fragrance lasts a good 6 + hours and leaves a beautiful trail wherever you go. This scent is inspired by the spontaneous energy and downtown style of New York City. The gorgeous bottle is a tribute to the heritage of the Coach brand. If you love musky fragrances (Narciso Rodriguez, Kiehl’s Original Musk, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely) you will adore this one.

  • R795 for a 30ml EDP
  • R1190 for a 50ml EDP
  • R1490 for a 90ml EDP
  • Available at Edgars, Red Square and selected Woolworths Beauty outlets.

Bvlgari Rose Goldea

Bvlgari Rose Goldea 11

If you tend to gravitate towards rose-based scents, then Bvlgari Rose Goldea is for you. The fragrance story goes like this: Cleopatra has always been a great inspiration to Bvlgari. She favoured roses, seeing their scent as an extension of her unique personality – her fragrant identity, if you will. On the evening she seduced Mark Antony, she supposedly surrounded her bedside knee-deep with rose-pink petals. Bvlgari Rose Goldea is for women striding in Cleopatra’s wake – She is mesmerizing, alluring and self confident. The scent opens with a mix of floral, fruity and musky undertones. Pomegranate – one of the top notes – is immediately detectable when you first spray the scent. A few seconds later, subtle rose comes to the fore. As the scent develops, the rose theme continues and you really get those light and bright notes. The jasmine, peony and peach play a supporting role, but are not very prominent. The final accord of the scent includes notes of musk, sandalwood and vanilla, lending a sensual expression to the fragrance.

  • R830 for a 25ml EDP
  • R1660 for a 50ml EDP
  • Available at Edgars, Red Square and selected Woolworths Beauty outlets.

My Burberry Black

My Burberry

I adore this intense and sensual interpretation of the iconic fragrance, My Burberry (which is still one of my favourites). While the classic trench inspired the original; My Burberry Black finds its inspiration is the black Burberry Heritage Trench Coat (it’s one of my dreams to own one, but at a cool R25 000, I can’t see that happening anytime soon). The notes include jasmine, candied rose, peach nectar, amber and patchouli. This scent is darkly dramatic, warm and captivating. It’s more sensual than the original, with just a touch of sweetness (that works beautifully) so I’d wear it for evening.

  • R850 for a 30ml EDP
  • 1190 for a 50ml EDP
  • R1695 for a 90ml EDP
  • Available at Edgars, Red Square, Woolworths

Sì Le Parfum

Armani Si Perfume

The Giorgio Armani Sì range of fragrances just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. While I love them all, the new Sì Le Parfum is my favourite yet. Also, because it’s such a classic scent, it really is seasonless and would make a great signature scent. There are two key reasons why I love this particular one: The first is because it’s an actual parfum. Most fragrances these days are either eau de toilettes or eau de parfums – it’s very rare to find an actual parfum – and when you do, it’s usually in a teeny, tiny size (like 10ml’s). Also, a parfum lasts hours longer than its counterparts – in fact, all you need is one application. The second reason I love Sì Le Parfum  is because it’s a Chypre Floral. Now, Chypre refers to a classification of scents that are warm and dry. Sì Le Parfum has a very sensual character thanks to its seductive ambery notes. The fragrance opens with notes of blackcurrant essence, enhanced by bergamot. The delicately blended heart notes of frankincense and jasmine absolute are softened by fruity velvety accents of osmanthus absolute. The amber accord intensifies the scent, while vanilla and patchouli essence wrap the skin in radiant warmth. Sì is made using the highest perfume concentration with 25% essential oils. This is a fragrance that a mature, sophisticated and elegant woman will enjoy.

  • R1905 for a 40ml Parfum
  • Available at Edgars, Red Square and selected Stuttafords stores

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum

GivenchyDdahlia Divin

I like how this scent is warm and sexy, but in a very subtle, understated way. Again, I think it’s really seasonless as will work as well in the cooler months as it does in summer. Givenchy Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum opens with a sweet mimosa note enveloped by creamy vanilla, but I really love when the heart notes of sambac jasmine and rose burst forth. As the scent slowly wears off, the warm base notes of vanilla, Tonka bean, musk and sandalwood become evident. What I most like about this scent is that it’s rather potent and long-wearing and really, just a few spritzes last the whole day.

  • R1030 for a 30ml EDP
  • R1140 for a 50ml EDP
  • R1765 for a 75ml EDP
  • Available at Edgars, Red Square and selected Stuttafords stores.

Arlesienne EDT by L’Occitane

L'Occitane Aelesienne

L’Occitane makes some spectacular scents. For a few years now, my favourite has been the Neroli & Orchidée EDT, but that changed when I smelt Arlésienne. Classified as a musky floral, Arlésienne’s top notes include bergamot essence, saffron extract, Galbanum and a Hawthorn accord. I love the way these top notes add a sparkling freshness while contrasting with the bold and crisp greenness of the galbanum. The heart notes are May Rose absolute and Violet leaf absolute and I enjoy the way the rose lays over the spicy saffron in the top notes. The violet leaf notes bring an unexpected green and slightly aromatic note to the juice. The base of White Musk, Ambrette and Sandalwood give the scent a beautiful, feminine depth and unique charisma.

  • R990 for a 75ml EDT

Hermès Eau de Neroli Dore Eau de Cologne

Hermes 8

There are two things I love: Hermès, and the magical smell of Neroli. Both come together in this incredible creation by perfumer jean-Claude Ellena simply called Hermès Eau de Neroli Dore. In this scent, Neroli – extracted from orange blossoms – plays a leading role while saffron has been used to heighten its lively, enveloping freshness. The result is an eau de cologne that’s green with freshness, exploding with notes of orange, and finished off with a slightly woody signature. The only issue I have is that it’s unisex – meaning my hubby is regularly (read daily) spritzing himself with it!

  • R1645 for a 200ml eau de Cologne. Available at selected Stuttafords & Edgars stores.

Lanvin Eclat de Fleurs

Lanvin Eclat de Fleurs

This is the perfect summer scent and is meant to conjure up the euphoria of a sunny stroll filled with flowers and joy. Lanvin Éclat de Fleurs is classified as a fruity floral and contains notes of pear, freesia, jasmine Sambac, rose, white musk and sandalwood. The note that really takes the starring role is the pear, and it’s evident throughout all the stages of the scent. The freesia and rose gives the scent a radiant vibe, while the musk and sandalwood are very transparent. I reckon this scent will resonate with younger women in their early twenties. It’s very pretty, but not quite as delicate as (my old favourite) Éclat d’Arpége with its lovely lemon and lilac theme.

  • R795 for a 30ml EDP
  • R995 for a 50ml EDP
  • R1295 for a 100ml EDP
  • Lanvin is exclusive to Dis-Chem stores


The Body Shop Kahaia White Flora

Body Shop kahaia White Flora

Inspired by Polynesian Islands, The Body Shop Kahaia White Flora is a delightful, somewhat heady, floral bouquet of jasmine Sambac, Kahaia flower and creamy benzoin. The juice of this scent reminds me of those intense night blooming flowers waiting for the sunrise. Also, it’s only at night that the Kahaia bush emanates its alluring and intoxicating night flower scent. This is a sexy bouquet of white flowers that you’ll no doubt love wearing.

  • R500 for a 50ml EDP

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Nectarine Blossom

Arden Green Tea Nectarine blossom

I’m yet to come across anyone who does not love the original Elizabeth Arden Green Tea – it’s just such a wearable, accessible and totally stunning scent. Every year, the brand launches a limited edition version with interesting new and hip ingredients. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Nectarine Blossom is classified as a fruity floral fragrance, and this is evident when its sparkling top notes of peach, bergamot, exotic fruits and green tea literally burst forth. The heart notes continue on the fruity theme with nectarine and nectarine blossom that’s mellowed a bit by green tea. The dry down is really lovely as you still get the citrus notes, but they are accompanied by a hint of musk, giving the scent a pretty, somewhat flirty personality. This is THE perfect everyday summer scent.

  • R425 for a 100ml EDT

Balmain Extatic Gold Musk

Balmain Extatic Gold Musk

Aside from the spectacular flacon of Balmain Extatic Gold Musk – meant to evoke the white silk dresses from the Balmain collection – this fragrance is daringly delicious. Described as an elegant floral with a woody, musk character, the top notes include bergamot essences and aldehydes (green, herbaceous notes). The heart notes include exotic tiara flower mixed with sensual cashmere wood. The base is warm and creamy and is made up of sandalwood, resins and animalic musk, giving it quite a sexy vibe.

  • R995 for a 60ml EDP
  • R1195 for a 90ml EDP
  • Exclusive to Truworths & Foschini beauty outlets nationwide.

Tell me, which of the above are you keen to try? I’d be very interested to hear.


what a wonderful collection of fragrances… will be hard pressed to just choose one …. xx

Such pretty styling!

Thanks Liezel – had a LOT of fun creating this post 🙂

Glad you enjoyed the post, Debra and thanks for the comment 🙂

Hello! Kahaia by the Body shop looks very different and interesting!

Hi Mareca, it is, IF you like VERY heady (read strong & powerful) scents. I must admit, I spritzed a bit onto my wrists yesterday and initially loved the scent. However, as it developed, it left a vaguely chemical smell which I didn’t like. Maybe it just didn’t react well with my skin’s chemistry, but I’d advise you to TRY IT FIRST, BEFORE buying it. Have to be honest here 🙂

Your description of Coach speaks to me. The energy of New York, is bound to inspire something great. Sounds like an incredible bouquet, the different notes must develop into a beautiful scent, from roses to woods, nice.

Hi Ayanda, thanks for the comment. I’d go so far as to say that Coach was one of my favourite fragrance launches of 2016 – it’s just so wearable: not too sweet, not too fruity, just the right blend of uplifting florals and woods. This is the kind of scent that EVERYBODY comments on when you wear it. A great contender for a signature scent, me think. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts once you smell it, Ayanda. Do let me know.

I’d definitely want to try the Gucci Bamboo.
nice post = thank you.

My first would be Gucci Bamboo EDT and the second So First Van Cleef & Arpels

Thanks karen, glad you enjoyed it. You can’t go wrong with the Gucci Bamboo – it’s SUCH a lovely scent. Also try the Coach (think you’ll like it a lot). X

I am so so so intrigued to know what Gucci Bamboo smells like on me…you are definitely the best friend to have to present this as a gift to your bestie 🙂 I love learning about the latest fragrances particularly at the beginning of the year to keep my perfume chest updated. Ive always loved the smell of vanilla and musk and sandlewood but would like to try out the Tahitian Vanilla on my skin 🙂 I am also so keen on Bvlgari Rose Goldea as it also has my favourites musk, sandalwood and vanilla but Id love to know what this smells like on me as well with the subtle rose undertones. I guess its time for me to stock up and update my treasure chest of scents 🙂

You’ll enjoy both, Kim 🙂

I’d definitely would love to try My Burberry as for me, the Burberry brand on it’s own oozes sophistication and I know that they never disappoint. Like you, I’d probably want to wear it in the evening, for a cosy dinner with my partner, enough to leave him enticed for the entire evening. Also, the price is honestly not so bad considering that this is Burberry.

Hi Joles, the Gucci Bamboo is divine – fresh, floral with with a hint of juicy green notes – a great summer scent. The Bvlgari Rose Goldea surprised me, as while it’s a rose based, the addition of musk, sandalwood and vanilla take it up a notch, making it quite special. Also try the Dahlia Divin – think you may like it.
Thanks for the comment 🙂

Hi Buhle, I was actually quite surprised by My Burberry Black as when I first spritzed it on, I didn’t like it so much and found it a bit too sweet. However, as it developed, the scent grew on me. By the evening, I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist as it had mellowed into this sophisticated, slightly edgy but still very wearable scent. I don’t think it’s for everyone, but if your body’s chemistry works with it, it is a winner. XXXX

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea for sure! <3

Still one of my favourites Laura 🙂

Ooh! The Hermes sounds delicious and seems quite well priced for a 200ml. Maybe this will be my fragrance for 2017 🙂

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum I love perfumes. My recent buy was Chole. You should also try Givenchy Organza. This is my all time favourite.

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