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When I first became a beauty editor almost 13 years ago, I used to literally study the beauty sections of magazines like Allure, Red and Vogue. It seemed there was so much available internationally that we hadn’t even heard about here in South Africa. One brand I kept reading rave review about was Cetaphil. I was intrigued.

Then, on a beauty trip to San Diego with La Mer (to learn about how the kelp used in La Mer’s ‘miracle broth’ is cultivated) I found myself in the bathroom of the brand manager’s hotel room. And, not the local brand manager – the NYC brand manager. What struck me most was that amongst her many La Mer products strewn across the bathroom vanity was a bottle of Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Lotion. ‘Wow’, I thought – ‘this must be amazing stuff if the brand manager of La Mer NYC uses it’. I HAD to buy a bottle and managed to stop off at a drugstore en route to the airport. And guess what? My friggin’ suitcase got lost – never to be found! I had to wait 5 years for the brand to come to SA before I could finally try it!

I’m happy to report that the Gentle Cleansing Lotion (R180.00) – a mild, non-irritating formula that soothes skin as it cleans has become a staple beauty in my house, and is well loved by the whole family.

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I like that the Gentle Cleansing Lotion is designed to work with all types of skin (but I wouldn’t recommend it for very oily skin). It’s a mild, soap-free formulation that doesn’t have any fragrance (one of the biggest irritants) and gently dissolves dirt and oil. This is NOT a foaming formula, rather, I’d compare it to a cream formula – just not as heavy. I also recommend removing any longwearing makeup prior to cleansing the skin with this. Remember, while this formula will remove basic makeup, it’s a CLEANSER not a makeup remover!

I like that this formula is so gentle, even babies can use it! It was the cleanser I started my daughter out on when she, age 11, needed a gentle formula to clean her skin (she’s since moved onto the Cetaphil DermaControl range, but more about that in another post.)

If you take anything from this post, let it be the following: this cleanser is great for dry, sensitive and reactive skin types that really suffer when the cold settles in. It is also a fantastic option for moms with tween’s that are looking for a very gentle, yet effective cleanser for their kids. It won’t strip the skin of its natural or protective oils, yet will clean it effectively.

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You use the Gentle Cleansing Lotion by applying a little product onto dry skin. You then gently massage the product over the face and neck, and either remove it with tissues, or with warm (not hot) water. For super sensitive skins, I recommend the tissue-off method, as this leaves a thin, transparent film on the skin that will protect its moisture barrier. While I think it is best applied to dry skin, you could absolutely use the formula on wet skin too – like when you’re in the shower.

So, if you’re looking for a gentle, well priced, fragrance free skin cleanser that the whole family can use, try this one.

You can purchase Cetaphil at Clicks, Dis-Chem and all leading pharmacies nationwide. Learn more about Cetaphil at swearbycetaphil.co.za

Have you tried any Cetaphil products – what are your thoughts? I’d love to know.


Hey, I use that, for me and my daughters! Best for sensitive skin!

I’ve always heard great stuff about Cetaphil and this blog reinforces that, thanks Candice. Can’t wait for your blog post about Cetaphil for oily skins.

Yes – I use the Cetaphil Cleanser and for under R200 it is a bargain. I little goes a long way.. But I haven’t tried any of the other Cetaphil products yet.

I haven’t tried any Cetaphil products yet but definitely going to give it a try.


You mention that you started your daughter on this and she has now moved on to Cetaphil DermaControl range.

I would like to start my 15 year old daughter on something like this. I have been looking at some organic options but have not decided as yet. She has minor breakouts from time to time but I would like her to get into a routing of looking after her skin.

Your advice will be appreciated.

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