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I was recently sent some lovely natural and vegan Organique products from

Organique is a Polish brand that prides itself on producing natural, healthy and environmentally friendly cosmetics for body, hair and face. The brands formulas are free of aggressive preservatives and foaming agents and are based on natural extracts, making them safe and mild. All three products I reviewed are EU certified Vegan products, so contains no animal by products. See more about the Viva Vegan accreditation HERE

Organique creamy whip orange

First up is the Organique Creamy Cleansing Whip Orange (R155) – BUY HERE which is, in essence, a body cleanser. I adore its consistency, which is exactly like cake icing – just look at the image above. The formula is infused with the most incredible, citrus scent and the lather has an orange colour. This product reminds me of something you’d find at a Lush store – fun, innovative and unique.

It is super easy and fun to use too; simply add a little product to a sponge or facecloth, lather and wash. The fact that there is more than 30% glycerine added to the formula, ensures that it really hydrates the skin. If there is one product from the range I suggest you try, it’s this – what a joy to use!

Organique moisturiser 1

Looking for a face moisturiser that is Vegan and appropriate for all skin types? Well, look no further than the Organique Pumpkin Ultra Hydrating Cream (R365) BUY HERE. This lightweight moisturiser is perfect for dehydrated, dull or tired skin. The formula contains pumpkin pulp extract, that’s rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, amino acids and also works to exfoliate the skin. It’s full of antioxidants thanks to beta-carotene and vitamins A,C and E. A low molecular hyaluronic acid has also been included for optimal hydration.

organique savon 1

The Organique Moroccan Savon Noir (R279) BUY HERE is quite something. When I first ordered it, I was warned that it is a VERY natural soap with an unusual texture and smell. I was cautioned that most people don’t like it and I probably wouldn’t either.

Well, let me tell you; I really, REALLY like it. When it comes to beauty products, I’m fascinated by traditional formulas and love trying them when I get the chance.

Organique savon noir

This traditional soap is also known as Moroccan “Savon Beldi – a natural plant soap of black olives and olive oil, made using traditional methods. This soap is gentle on the skin, has mild exfoliating properties and can even be used on very sensitive skin. Although I use mine on my body, you can also use it on the face.

The consistency is different…a bit like a gooey paste (snot-like, as my daughter called it) that becomes a creamy, soapy mass when mixed with water. I apply a small amount of the savon to my sponge; lather it up and voila – a lovely hydrating foam that gently cleanses. The smell is very natural and one can definitely identify a strong pure olive aroma. I quite like it though, but I’d think kids wouldn’t be that enamored with the look or smell, making this an adult treat.

Aside from Organique, there are some really cool other brands available on like Wema, Victorian Garden, Organic Rooibos and Pure Beginnings, to name a few.


Keen to try the creamy orange whip and savon noir. Well priced too, but how long does a tub last?

If you use it every night, I reckon a tub should last about two weeks. But, you could stretch it to three. Mine went really fast because both the hubby and daughter laid into it with gusto, much to my irritation.

Thank you Candice for keeping us updated with cruelty-free products and more so natural products like these. We get bombarded with familiar names and seldom hear about these amazing brands. I am so keen to try the Organique Creamy Cleansing Whip Orange.

Such a pleasure, Lalannie. There are SO many amazing smaller brands out there, but because they don’t have huge advertising budgets, we often don’t hear about them. I have no doubt you will adore the Creamy Whip Orange, I do. Best thing is that it is so gentle on the skin, and Vegan. Thanks for the comment 🙂

I love Organique products. I use the Creamy Whip in “Milk” SO GOOD! I also love the full pumpkin line for hydrating… I also love their BB cream.

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